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Hackspace Capital Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Hackspace Capital is a quickening agent system took into account hardware new companies. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Hackspace Capital?

Hackspace Capital, found online at, is a fund-based platform that finances hardware new businesses.

The company’s token sale for HAC tokens propelled on September 19 – but it goes on for 24 hours. Hackspace Capital will have one crowdsale every month, and every sale will most recent 24 hours.

Hackspace Capital was established in 2017. The company has collaborated with an engineering quickening agent called EnCata. Hackspace Capital will invest in and create technology for new companies identified by EnCata. The hardware new companies are relied upon to be “the most promising beginning period technology hardware and associated hardware new businesses”.

Hackspace Capital likewise plans to fill in as an online shop where individuals can secure products and services made by Hackspace Capital new businesses.

hackspace capital homepage

How Does Hackspace Capital Work?

After EnCata identifies hardware new companies, Hackspace Capital will invest in those organizations. Together, EnCata and Hackspace Capital will control these new businesses through the way toward creating a model, marketing financing efforts, and selling products internationally.

How does Hackspace Capital take a hardware startup from the thought stage to the final phases of product dispatch? Here’s the fundamental procedure outlined by the company:


Most hardware technology products flop long before they achieve the market – even the splendid products. This makes it difficult for inexperienced startup teams to exceed expectations in the simple specific manufacturing and business forms expected to transform a thought into a product. Hackspace Capital gives new businesses thorough help and offices to control a product from the beginning periods of idea development to the final phases of international sales and marketing.

EnCata Design

Hackspace Capital has formally joined forces with EnCata (short to engineer Catalyst), or, in other words development service. The company gives configuration engineering and prototyping work. They’ll additionally give consultancy service in the type of proficient materials rundown and manufacturing procedures. The final product is that new companies are guided “through the unsafe way from demonstrated plan to working model with full outline and manufacturing documentation.” EnCata’s offices give full-service engineering support, including an outline office, project office, R&D offices, and industrial machinery for model manufacturing.

EnCata Marketing

EnCata has a different, committed marketing company. The company gives thorough marketing service to all Hackspace Capital new businesses, including branding, development, and execution of marketing efforts. They additionally give SMM, photo and video production, and full help for crowdfunding efforts crosswise over different platforms.

EnCata Manufacturing

As made reference to above, Hackspace Capital has industrial machinery on location for model manufacturing. However, for bigger scale manufacturing, the company has joined forces with makers in worldwide manufacturing focuses, letting them control each phase of large scale manufacturing.

International Sales

Hackspace Capital enables new businesses to offer products internationally, building up coordinations and activities focuses around the world.

The Hackspace Capital Track Record

Up until this point, EnCata has alluded 10 hardware new companies to Hackspace Capital. The company has invested in one of those organizations, and is completing due ingenuity and preparing investments for five extra new businesses.

The new companies are by and large piece of the “associated hardware” market. Think smart gadgets and different gadgets that associate real world reason with intelligent programming.

The Hackspace Capital Token Sale

The Hackspace Capital token (HAC) sale propelled on September 19. However, this isn’t your run of the mill token sale. Hackspace Capital is launching 12 token sale sessions (when every month). Every token sale will most recent 24 hours.

There’s an aggregate supply of 1 billion HAC tokens. The tokens have no fixed price, and the estimation of the tokens will dependably be endless supply of the token sale once the sum total of what tokens have been distributed. Tokens are distributed 5 days after each finished session.

A sum of 51% of HAC tokens are assigned for open sale through the token sales. 39% are saved for current and future Hackspace Capital projects (the hardware new businesses), 5% are saved for marketing, bounties, counselors, and bonuses, and 5% are held for Hackspace Capital organizers and workers.

How Hackspace Capital HAC Works

Their accomplice, EnCata, is entrusted with identifying new businesses worth funding. From that point onward, Hackspace capital will invest in the startup. From that point onward, both Hackspace and EnCata will control the new businesses through model creation, marketing, and sale and distribution of the product.

How the Basic Process Works

The platform has outlined the fundamental procedure that they will use to move a startup from the thought stage to its final stage.


Most technology organizations flop even before they ever get the opportunity to make their products. It is particularly so when a startup is comprised of individuals with extraordinary thoughts but little experience. Hackspace offers these businesses with the help they requirement for them to build up a toehold in the market.

EnCata Design

EnCata is the official accomplice of Hackspace Capital. The company aids the identification of new businesses and the production of working models. Other than that, they offer consultative service on the manufacturing methods. EnCata has R&D offices, project office, and the machinery for model creation, which they make available to the startup.

EnCata Marketing

EnCata has a different marketing company that handles all marketing exercises for the new businesses. They offer services, for example, photo and video production, branding, and execution of marketing efforts. Other than that, they will offer full help for crowdfunding on different platforms.

EnCata Manufacturing

As of now made reference to, they have the industrial machinery to allow for the making of working models. They additionally have organizations with worldwide makers. This allows them to get the opportunity to large scale manufacturing easily.

International Sales

Hackspace capital, by means of its organizations, will enable new businesses to get their products to international markets.

Their Record Thus Far

EnCata has just alluded ten hardware new businesses to Hackspace. The platform has just invested in one of the organizations and is conducting due persistence with the goal that it can invest in five different new businesses.

How Do Hackspace Capital Tokens (HAC) Work?

HAC token holders will have the long-term ideal to exchange tokens on the Hackspace platform at a 20% rebate to market price for goods and services delivered by the Hackspace network of organizations. In addition, they’ll have the capacity to do as such 3 months before the products and services formally enter the market.

HAC token holders can openly exchange tokens for different digital forms of money or fiat monetary standards. HAC tokens can be sold on the Hackspace platform.

The company trusts that the capacity to buy Hackspace goods and services at a 20% rebate – and 3 months early – will give a fluid situation and solid worldwide interest for HAC token venders.

Who’s Behind Hackspace Capital?

Hackspace Capital is driven by CEO Mikhail Zhyvets, CTO (and CEO of EnCata) Oleg Kondrashov, CFO Michael Tavis, and CCO Dr. Petr Dudin.

You can connect with the company by email at

Hackspace Capital Conclusion

Hackspace Capital is a startup quickening agent focused on hardware new businesses – specifically, associated hardware new companies (in spite of the fact that the company may stretch out later on). To bring the products to market, Hackspace Capital has collaborated with EnCata, a full-service engineering firm.

Hackspace Capital is seeking to raise funds through an ICO. The ICO has an extraordinary structure: there will be 12 ICO sessions (one every month), every one of which keeps going 24 hours. The most recent session was on September 19.

You can learn more about Hackspace Capital and their hardware quickening agent project at

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