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Goodomy Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Goodomy, found online at, needs to help free you from banks, credit cards, interest rates, and fees. Find out how they plan to do that today in our review.

What Is Goodomy?

Goodomy is an existing cryptocurrency (recorded under the image GOOD) that means to make another advanced money for everybody.

The cryptocurrency needs to enable users to free their cash, allowing them to maintain a strategic distance from banks, credit cards, interest rates, fees, and the sky is the limit from there.

The project was first declared back in June 2017. As of March 2018, Goodomy (GOOD) tokens had a market top of approximately $3 million USD, placing them at around #650 on the rundown of the best digital forms of money according to CoinMarketCap. There’s a circulating supply of 457,350,000 GOOD out of an aggregate supply of 888,000,000, with a present price of around $0.006 per GOOD. The price of GOOD hit an untouched high of approximately $0.01 back in January 2018 preceding settling to its present level.

Goodomy professes to release “a progressive new app” on May 24, 2018. However, it’s not clear what that app will achieve.

What makes Goodomy different from the several different digital currencies available today? How about we investigate how it works.

goodomy homepage

How Does Goodomy GOOD Cryptocurrency Token Work?

Goodomy professes to be “good cash” – subsequently the name. The GOOD token is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. The token isn’t mined. ERC20 tokens are sent from the Goodomy smart contract.

Goodomy depicts itself as “the first usage of the ‘social blockchain’ network topology”, claiming the platform “makes it simple for anybody to exploit blockchain technology.” Obviously, that is a greatly unclear portrayal. However, the maker of the platform claims you can consider it to be a greater amount of an “umbrella” for different online services – including their Shopomy platform.

A portion of the center elements of the platform and the GOOD token include:

Consumers Get 20 To 100% Off Everything:

Goodomy has a “progressive business model” that allows consumers to “get up to a 100% markdown when they make a purchasing using Goodomy,” explains the official site.

Equally Distributed Authority:

Authority over the economy is distributed among the overall public, set under the control of individuals like you. As a token holder, you have authority over the eventual fate of the platform.

Steady And Increasing Value:

The more individuals that join the network, the more steady the Goodomy economy progresses toward becoming and the all the more buying power token holders have.

The Goodomy ecosystem is fixated on a marketplace called Shopomy. Transactions on that marketplace are free for buyers and dealers. It’s a frictionless situation where customers can interact with traders while using GOOD tokens as a payment mechanism.

There’s additionally something called “Retail Mining”, or REMI, depicted as “a path for businesses to give incentives to consumers to mine for Goodomy.”

At last, there’s moderately little information about Goodomy available online. The site doesn’t have a whitepaper – it has a “video whitepaper” that is 11 minutes long. The company likewise claims to dispatch a “progressive” app on May 24, 2018. That app guarantees to “change the manner in which you use cash, until the end of time.”

goodomy deposit

Goodomy Features

A portion of the key promoted features of Goodomy include:

Free Transactions:

All transactions on the Shopomy marketplace are 100% free for the two buyers and venders.


Get Goodomy in seconds at confided in retail stores far and wide. It’s not thoroughly clear what Goodomy’s site implies by this. However, you can buy Goodomy from real exchanges like, which has GOOD/BTC and GOOD/ETH sets.

Nearby And Social:

Offer manages the Goodomy network by taking a photo or a fast 1 minute video. Give and get tips in GOOD tokens.

Set aside extra cash:

All items recorded on the Shopomy online store are marked down “something like 20%”. Users can get a good deal on garments, foodstuffs, hair styles, and that’s just the beginning.

Post Listings Easily:

Make new listings in less than a minute, effortlessly adding pictures or videos to your item portrayals.

Greater Liquidity:

Business proprietors can increase their liquidity by accepting Goodomy.

SMART Accounts:

Businesses can agree to accept Goodomy using smart accounts, allowing businesses to briefly tokenize their inventory by means of “Streak Inventory Tokenization Events”, or FITE. It’s a route for buyers to amplify an incentive with consumers or P2P transactions.

goodomy features

Who’s Behind Goodomy?

Goodomy is being produced by a man named Antoine Sorel Néron. He’s a Canadian inventor, business person, and author of various new companies. He was additionally the project lead for Karmacoin in 2014. Karmacoin may have been the world’s first ICO (Antoine professes to be the “inventor of the initial coin offering” online). You can see Antoine’s LinkedIn page here.

Other recorded individuals from the official team include Carolina Rueda (Economist, Goodomy South America) and Fiorella Carbajal (Business Process/Six Sigma, Goodomy South America).

goodomy app

Goodomy Conclusion

Goodomy is some kind of blockchain ecosystem with an overwhelming number of dubious goals posted online. The ecosystem has no whitepaper – it essentially simply has a 11 minute video that portrays the general goals for the platform.

We know Goodomy needs to “eliminate banks and fees”, for instance. We know they need to make a decentralized marketplace, and that they need to dispatch “another kind of cash.”

Everything is by all accounts building up for some progressive app that will be released on May 24, 2018. It’s indistinct what that app will do or how it will work. However, you can remain tuned to for the most recent information from this project.

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