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Gladius Token Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Gladius, found online at, means to diminish stack times and give security against DDoS attacks. Find out additional about how the platform works today in our review.

What is Gladius?

DDoS attacks are increasingly becoming a problem for any business with an online nearness. A distributed foreswearing of service (DDoS) attack can bring a site, online service, or ICO to its knees in minutes. That prompts lost cash, lost consumer trust, and a PR emergency.

Gladius needs to take care of this problem using a decentralized solution. That decentralized solution allows users to secure against DDoS attacks. Users can use Gladius to associate with “security pools” close to their area.

Gladius plans to offer users a simple to-use interface and powerful insight apparatuses, enabling anybody to ensure and quicken their site.

There are two main goals of the Gladius network: to decrease content loading times for sites (by allowing sites to pick servers in specific geographic areas) and eliminate the danger of DDoS attacks (using a decentralized network instead of brought together servers that are anything but difficult to target).

gladius token homepage

How Does Gladius Work?

Gladius means to give the solaces and ease of use of customary insurance services, bundled into a simple to-use interface with powerful insight devices. With Gladius, anybody can secure and quicken their site.

There are numerous components of the Gladius ecosystem, including:

Gladius Desktop Client: Rent your PC’s extra network data transmission and start earning Gladius Tokens.

Gladius Web Portal: Monitor attacks and transfer speed use while likewise gaining insights into your activity, all from a simple to-use online interface.

Gladius Network Pools: Browse the marketplace and pick a pool that suits your financial plan, area, and accessibility.

Using these frameworks, Gladius empowers anybody to ensure and quicken their site. You can depend on a decentralized network to protect your online service against DDoS attacks.

In terms of payment, the site proprietor pays the pool manager through a smart contract. At that point, funds are distributed to individuals from that pool (the hubs) through a smart contract. The level of payment relies upon the manager and data transfer capacity. A little measure of payment goes to supporting the Gladius network.

gladius token working

Features and Benefits of Gladius

Gladius publicizes the majority of the following features and advantages for users:

Help Businesses Safely Grow in Size:

Businesses can scale their assurance easily by changing to another security pool.

Inspect Transactions:

Every transaction is public record, so you know if you’re getting a good arrangement.

Oversee Gladius Tokens:

Check your parity, buy tokens, and get tokens through your online wallet.

Lease Bandwidth:

A lion’s share of internet associations go unused more often than not. Gladius allows users to adapt their unused or under-used internet associations by running a Gladius hub.

Make Pools:

You can make pools, set prices, oversee hubs, and profit by advertising better service to organizations seeking DDoS assurance.

Quicken Content:

Speed up access to your site by caching static substance near each customer. Gladius gives you a chance to pick the geographic area for each pool.

Stop DDoS Attacks:

Gladius stops DDoS attacks before they draw near to your server.

Envision Requests:

See the area of real-time activity, the measure of movement your site is receiving, and current rates, among other real-time movement info.

gladius token network

Work Details

They are directing towards proving themselves as the best towards protecting services. They are serving users to ensure and quicken their sites. There are various fundamentals of Gladius network. Give us a chance to investigate them:

Work area clients:

to earn Gladius token one needs to lease their PC’s reserve network.

Online interface:

screen attacking and data transfer capacity hone while procurement of vision into ones activity then this is a simple to use web-based interface.

Network Groups:

browsing through the market put and choosing the best spending that suits one is favorable position. This includes spending plan as well as position and openness.

Gladius grants anybody to monitor and revive their site with the assistance of these frameworks. One can rely on a brought together framework to maintain security of their user online office against DDoS attacks.


Gladius isn’t just protecting one from DDoS attacks but it is making it faster and less demanding for an individual to achieve all aspects of the world.

The standard of business scale can develop from nothing into something with the assistance of security gathering. This is useful in case of keeping track of public transaction.

This all so gives wallet to keeping track of equalization inquiry and transaction of tokens online. This allows its users to earn income from their unused or under-used internet associations by providing the Gladius hub.

With the assistance of Gladius, the users can make pools, set prices, oversee hubs, and improve by advertising service to organizations seeking DDoS assurance. Gladius stops DDoS attacks before they draw near to the user’s server.

This aides in locating the real-time activity, the measure of movement the user’s site is receiving, and current rates, among other real-time activity info.

In terms of payment, the site proprietor pays the pool manager through a smart contract. At that point, funds are distributed to individuals from that pool (the hubs) through a smart contract. The level of payment relies upon the manager and transmission capacity. A little measure of payment goes to supporting the Gladius network.

gladius product

Who’s Behind Gladius?

Gladius framed in mid 2017 as a team of understudies from the University of Maryland College Park. The founding team includes Max Niebylski, the original originator, Alexander Godwin, prime supporter, and Marcelo McAndrew, fellow benefactor.

In terms of a timeline, Gladius is aiming for a delicate network dispatch on October 31. A full-featured CDN and DDoS insurance network is booked to touch base in March 2018. By then, the Gladius network is relied upon to be fit for handling a few gigabytes of associations for every second.


October fifth Pre Sale

The dispatch of our private presale and the start of our outward fundraising. Accredited investors will have the opportunity to kickstart the Gladius network from ground zero.

October 31st Soft Network Launch

The first publically available form of the Gladius network that everybody can get their hands on. Put your Gladius Tokens to use in our alpha platform.

November first Public Token Sale

Our first and just public sale of tokens for the platform. Exploit early coin multipliers and get in right on time. Just a fix number of coins will exist!

March 2018 Full DDoS and CDN Launch

The beta release of the Gladius network. Completely featured with the foundations of our CDN and DDoS relief services.

August 2018 Full Public Launch

The first authority public release of the network. Sites and businesses of every kind will have the capacity to use our network to accelerate and ensure their locales. Full help and help included.

December 2018 Further System Optimizations and Stretch Goals

The final fancy odds and ends of the platform. From the different stretch goals, to projectile proof security, and everything in between.

gladius token network

How to Buy Gladius Token?

While reading this review, you must be wondering about how to buy Gladius Token. Well, the process is quite simple and this section will help you to know how to buy Gladius Token. First of all, you will need to find the exchanges where you will be able to buy Gladius Token. At the moment, you can make use of exchanges like KuCoin and IDEX to buy Gladius Token.

Final Thoughts On Gladius

DDoS attacks are a constant danger to online businesses and service suppliers. Regardless of whether it’s an ICO or a web based business entry, DDoS attacks can prompt colossal misfortunes. Gladius intends to give users a simple method to ensure against DDoS attacks using a decentralized network. Users can agree to accept pools through the Gladius network. They pay hubs on the network in exchange for their data transfer capacity. DDoS attacks don’t have a brought together server to attack, and the site can remain up regardless of whether various hubs are attacked.

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