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Risk Warning: Your capital may be at risk

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There has been much talk going on about cryptocurrencies making them rank among the hottest topics we have in the world today. Considering this, a few people have been left wondering what all the fuss is as far as cryptocurrencies are concerned. To simply put it, cryptocurrencies are digital currencies whereby encryption methods are used in the regulation of generating and verifying the transfer of the units of currency independently without the central bank’s involvement. Being the case, they have grown to become quite popular causing their stock values to continually shoot up and down. As a result, several cryptocurrency exchanges have emerged due to these high-value currencies. They provide an online platform through which you can either exchange, sell, or buy cryptocurrencies for other digital coins or traditional currencies such as Euros and US dollars. Cryptocurrency Exchange is among these platforms that provide these digital currency traders with the opportunity to trade professionally. Some traders have found websites such as the aforementioned, Exchange, to be resourceful in as a far as cryptocurrency trading may be concerned while others have found it to be a complete waste of time. Due to the uncertainty of this site’s usefulness or unusefulness according to its users, we will be browsing through it and its features to come up with an unbiased assessment that will be in the best interest of all future traders who may consider using the site as their trading platform. As we move further on, we will take a closer look at the website’s fees, accessibility, and any other relevant information vital as we dissect it bit by bit. homepage

What is Gate IO? is a new web-based trading platform that was recently launched to aid investors with the particular need to know information about the market. In addition, the website works as a platform whereby investors can make both trades and investments while having a look at a wide range of cryptocurrencies and their trade prices. trades in over 20 different digital coins and is available in Chinese and English, which means that it as well targets crypto investors in China. The sites interest in the Chinese market does not come as much of a surprise considering that a majority of the largest exchanges stopped trading late last year (September, 2017) due to the ban made on Bitcoin among other cryptocurrencies by several government agencies.

The company that runs the site, as well as the brand, is located in Virginia, US. However, as controversial as it is, the company is not overseen by local financial institutions nor does it hold Bitlicense. Though this may be the norm with several other cryptocurrency exchanges, as an investor, you should be careful when trading with companies that are unregulated as it makes you are prone to counterparty risks. comes well equipped considering its reputable trading history, a practical and perfect order book, and good charting among several other significant features and tools. With this trading platform, you have an option of placing an order with your preferred digital coin amount and price, and the moment a matching opposite order comes through, your order either fills partially or fully depending on the order you had initially placed.


Focusing on the sensitive security features most users prefer, offers a two-factor authentication protocol in addition to the typical and fairly encrypted cold storage. With the ever-growing number of hackers in the internet world, history recalls the minimal to null results of crypto-exchange hacking. However, there are no traces of user reviews to back up this analysis.

A newer and improved platform for the cryptocurrency exchange. offers worldwide users with single account options, which do not have fringe trading possibilities. Given the unpredictability of these digital coins, risk form leverage pose a great risk to investors seeking security for their investment plans.

The cryptocurrencies exchange site is been well designed to have quite a smooth user interface, which attracts new investors looking to sign up with them, as well as those who are unable to create an account with Bitfinex, Bittrex, and Binance —relatively similar sites. In addition to this, creating an account with this site is easy and simple considering the good platform they provide their users with for trading, depositing, and withdrawing coins into their respective wallets.

Apart from the slickness that comes with the site, many users have found it to be user-friendly, which is quite the contrary compared to several other cryptocurrencies. Apparently, according to several traders who have had the opportunity to use other sites, most exchange sites face issues with their servers due to massive trade volumes and excitement from both Ripple, popularly known as XRP, and TRON that is popularly known as TRX. For this reason, many traders have found to be a good platform for both new and veteran investors to buy XRPs and TRXs given that they are still taking on new users.

Considering the recent rise and fall of the popular cryptocurrency—Bitcoin, many new investors have come to find a great opportunity to buy as well as sell. Additionally, the site offers a wide range of new coins besides the popular top hundred list of cryptocurrencies.

How to Create an Account with

If you want to create an account with us, be sure to visit and follow the guide precisely.

Firstly, you will be directed to the home page, click on the option NEW USER sign up and further proceed.

It is important to note that the login side should be left empty (on the left-hand side). You are also required to fill in the relevant details on the right-hand side (sign up).

After your request is successful and your account is successfully created, you can now be able to log in from the login side. Do not fill in the details on the sign-up form available on display.

Next, click on the settings tab to enable the 2-factor verification and further secure your account. This enables your profile to be identified from the many profiles available on the internet.

In an instance, you might need to set up the 2-factor verification/authentication, you are supposed to download the authentication mobile application or the desktop application first for efficiency.

From the authentication application, you will be prompted to create an account. This account needs a KEY for further protection/security.

To enable the 2-factor authentication that will be used on your account, you will be required to insert a code that was generated initially at the application on the TOTP. sign up

Device Resetting

In case you need to reset your device, it is an obligation that you disable the 2-factor authentication.


Click on the settings option, next, click on the 2-Factor authentication and disable it with a useable TOTP code.

If you have the useable TOTP code, you can be able to do different functionalities. You can be able to disable your account at any point in time and enable it when you choose using the authentication application. In the instance you may have a broken device and you are not able to acquire a TOTP code, go ahead and acquiesce a ticket and contact the customer care department for further help.

The next time you need to login to your account, a user login screen requires you to input your details precisely. Proceed to input your email address and password to move to the next login step. In many cases, you will be required to input your TOTP code and the login becomes effective.

In case you choose to cancel the process, what happens next?

If you cancel this process, the next time you need to log in, you will not need to enter the TOTP code each time. This is so because the IP address will not have changed altogether. The 2-Factor authentication will still be enabled in your accounts’ history.

What if Captcha error continues?

Significant and slight errors are bound to occur while using internet applications. But what if this specific error occurs?

In the case of Captcha errors, you will be required to change and log in from

Other login alternatives that will come in handy include:

  • and


How to Login at – Login Page:

Just like several other sites offering similar services, you first have to have to sign up with

Creating an account on

You can do so by easily following this link ( Once there, as shown in the image of the site below, on the left side of the page, you will find the login where you can get started with the Cryptocurrency Exchange experience. On the same login box, there is a ‘new signup’ option for new users looking to register with the site. All that is required of you at this point is providing them with your username, the password you would wish to use, an email for verification, a fund password—for both trading and withdrawing and different from the one used for logging into the site, a capture code to ensure that you are human and not a machine, then agreeing to their user agreement by clicking on the tiny box labelled ‘User Agreement’. Once you have gone through all these required steps, your account is created and an email indicating the same sent to the email address you used to sign up.

For already registered users, as can be seen from the site’s login page (, a username or email used when signing up, the password used doing the same, and a capture code to ensure a human is accessing the site and not a machine. As a security measure, it is vital for all of users to log out once done with any business that had led them there in the first place and particularly in the case a public computer was what was used. To log out, on the left-hand corner just next to the ‘English’ icon.

Just like any other site considered to hold vital information that could be used to your disadvantage, automatically logs you out after some period of inactivity. This is one of the security features they have to prevent anyone from accessing your funds or hacking into your account.

Is a Scam?

Scamming platforms has been on a sharp increment over the years. Investors and new users tend to shy away from new investment platforms. However, taking a look at, it is one exchange program that has all the reasons to make it look genuine at every angle. Opinions from thousands of users all over the internet point in its positive impact. No one so far has noted scamming activities with

You can exchange different blockchain assets between users with the improved simple to maneuver layout. These blockchain assets are simply data representing participation rights, assets, and transactions through the matching blockchain networks. In order to ease the exchange of assets (blockchain),’s platform is well structured to make users have an easy time I performing subsidiary services.

Legitimacy is what investors and users seek while operating on online platforms. With the many trading websites seen, many opinions vary. These opinions change in relation to the external forces (mouths). If you make a wrong move/calculation on the platform, do not blame the whole trading platform. Instead look for an alternative trading solution for improved results. Research from statisticians and other trading organizations rank this website as among the leading trading website with ratings that favor both new and long-term serving investors. In the top 50 trading website list, has never missed an opportunity to be ranked highly.

Considering the popularity of this website, we have seen an ever rise in the increase of the amount of traffic transactions exchange. Thousands of users and investors take part in trading assets and finance in Cryptopia is a leading New Zealand based organization, which has quick features and huge support across the globe. Review research has placed the website as one of the few genuine platforms that have many reviews based on its positive results and genuine transactions. However, there have been few cases of cons associating with Cryptopia.

As a user/investor in this website, you will be offered a hustle free trading opportunity. You will be able to make easy deposits, easy withdrawal process, and in cases you might need customer care services, whose response time is quick and sufficient. Due to these features, most people tend to prefer this website as compared to other trading platforms. When online traders need to make transactions, they need a marketplace that caters to their needs. The marketplace in is one of a kind with features that support even the trickiest transactions you can imagine. You will find not only one kind of service offered in the marketplace but thousands of different services and products at your disposal.

The so-called DOT is a unique coin that can be traded at their in-house platform/store. It has been made convenient for users to trade this kind of arrangement for a faster and smooth transaction. Users seeking a website for virtual trading and altcoin currency exchange, this website is tailor-made to suit their needs. Research has shown that the website is gradually gaining popularity in the trading website list of online trading platforms.

Are you seeking a trading platform that can trade more than 4,000 altcoins? is one website that allows its users to trade freely this kind of amount at any given point.

Small-scale Hacking

In a number of instances, it has appeared that trading partners have lost a few of their trading funds and assets due to small-scale hacking in this website. Measures have been taken and currently, preventive schemes have been put in place to ensure that no large-scale losses are encountered. With this move, is considered a safe platform to conduct all your trading transactions. The firewall security feature on the website is up to date to facilitate the security of the ever-growing number of new investors.

How Works

This site is capable of reading the trading market so that it can show and make its users are readers understand trading better. As new users, you will be able to get an insight of what exactly goes on during transactions. The volume, supply, current market price of coins and assets, market supply and fluctuations in the price of cryptocurrencies can be easily understood on this site.

This site also has a graph to list all the changes in token prices. You can be able to monitor prices during the last three days and decide on the exact investment plan. This is quite an advantage because you will be able to have a slight insight of how the market has behaved for the last couple of days.

How to invest in

This question has bewildered many trading investors all over the internet. We say that it is among the easiest platforms to work with online. dashboard

First, you need to create an online account for new users. The process involves creating a username that you prefer/that you will like other trading partners to refer you, next, you will need to have a relevant email that you can access for important information. A cryptocurrency wallet will be the last detail to have. The cryptocurrency wallet will allow you to keep all your assets in place and they will also be visible in’s market.

There are popular cryptocurrencies that are traded online. They include Litecoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. With, you will be offered the opportunity to trade these kinds of cryptocurrencies among other wide varieties of assets.

If you are worried about secure transactions, this site guarantees you a trustworthy platform to conduct all your trading assignments. All transactions are stored in the blockchain. This eliminates errors and miss calculations when it comes to trading. The site also offers the lowest rate in fee of all the trading websites available today. A fee of 0.25 is charged which is very low as compared to other trading platforms. When it comes to making withdrawals, you will not be charged a single dime making it easy for users to withdraw from the comfort they can ever imagine.

With an account, you can compare different market behaviors and also you can be able to monitor how personalized markets behave.


Trading tools (cryptocurrencies)

To compare digital coins and other trading currencies, is seen not to offer the trading currencies. USDT, which is a digital asset, is mainly paired with digital coins that are aided by the US dollar. The key aim is to maintain a 1:1 price ratio. Other key exchange coins that support the USDT include Bittrex and Poloniex. offers a number of coins to its appellation. They include; OmiseGo, LiteCoin, Ethereum, Doge Bat, Dash, EOS, Qtum, Ripple, Zcash etc. These coins are however not limited to Bitcoin. BTC Markets, USDT Markets, and ETH Markets are just but a few trading instruments used for grouping relative coins into various specific categories. As an investor, user, you are offered an opportunity to customize, arrange, and choose the group that suits all your needs, My Markets.

The highest and most traded pair currently on is the QTUM/USDT.

Lowest Initial Deposit

In crypto world, it is unusual to find an offer that gives investors an opportunity to deposit close to zero amounts in figures. is one platform that allows you to deposit any amount regardless of the value. Most forex brokers and stockbrokers in today’s world are characterized by quoting a specific figure for investors in order to begin the trading process.

Leverage will not support leverage in any given way as mentioned earlier. However, as an investor who is ready to take a risk and invest in leverage policies and is included in margin trading, visit Kraken and understand all that is discussed. Besides easyMarkets and IG (forex brokers), other forex brokers offer users Bitcoin CFDs, you will be offered leverage trading opportunities. Note that with this kind of trading arrangement, you will only be trading in plagiaristic financial coins and you will not own the real coins.


Comparing to other cryptocurrency exchanges, research has identified that the total fees are in actual accordance with the other fees offered in other trading platforms. Example. A 0.2% fee will apply to each and every trade executed on When it comes to withdrawals, the total withdrawal fee is accurately deducted from the total amount of asset. The only difference observed is the different amounts relating to different coin choices.

With, you get to enjoy their service with low fees, charged as:

  • No fee for deposit
  • 0.2% fee for trading

If you have escalated to a higher tier, you will enjoy a discount on the 0.2% trading fee.

Tier     Fee discount     BTC requirement

VIP0      No              < 3 BTC

VIP1      5% Off             ≥ 3 BTC

VIP2      10% Off             ≥ 6 BTC

VIP3      15% Off             ≥ 12 BTC

VIP4      20% Off             ≥ 25 BTC

VIP5      25% Off             ≥ 50 BTC

VIP6      30% Off             ≥ 150 BTC

VIP7      35% Off             ≥ 400 BTC

VIP8      40% Off             ≥ 1000 BTC

VIP9      45% Off             ≥ 2500 BTC

VIP10    50% off              ≥ 5000 BTC

  • Low Withdrawal Fee

Withdrawal fee varies for each coin. The fee is low in general. Please log in your account and access the withdrawal page for the coin you re interested to check the fee.

For most coins, the fee is charged per transaction, regardless of the amount you are withdrawing. fees

Payment Methods receives only blockchain transfer methods. For beginners looking for friendly exchange methods with credit card transfers, this method will not suit their needs. Also, Fiat deposit and withdrawal methods are not available.

Making deposits at are free of charge while making withdrawals will depend on the kind of digital coin you chose earlier. All withdrawals will come with varied fee amounts. Example; Bitcoin withdrawal is equivalent to 0.0005 and USDT withdrawal is 5.

Withdrawal transactions have a daily limit plan. You will not be able to withdraw more than 30000 Qtums or 20 Bitcoins in one day. In cryptospace, this is a common occurrence noted by users.

With account holder, you will be offered a free wallet arrangement plan. This arrangement uses both the hot wallet and cold storage mechanisms. The deposit address is not same as the digital asset.

More information about the Exchange outline?

With a fully functioning mobile application system, many internet users (cryptosphere) have come to a conclusion to confirm that is not only a standard exchange platform but it is among the foremost cryptocurrency exchange systems to be developed. In recent top listing cryptocurrency exchange websites, is among the top-ranked exchange platforms. offers one of the best mobile experience platforms to provide its growing users a unique and easy way to carry out currency exchange comfortably. This method is similar to Binance’s method of currency exchange. With a wide variety of unique crypto coins, this website stands out from the rest of the currency exchange platforms. Most of the currency exchange platforms specialize in one or two types of crypto coins, therefore, the number of users is restricted automatically. blockchain

A discount of 10% on

Just like any other business, the main agenda is to maximize profits and minimize loss. The new cryptocurrency frenzy has come into the market to find and make great deals with traders who heavily rely on currency exchange. Coin tracking information from Bittrex account has drafted a report to educate new members on exactly what the whole agenda is.

Let us say as a user, you have paid a trading fee of close to $1350, given a discount of 10%, you will have saved a total of $135 making it quite a substantial amount. Therefore, the higher the investment amount you put, the more you save.

With the few facts stated above, it is clear that is listed as among the dissolute growing crypto exchange platforms of today’s market. If you are a CoinSutra user, you will immediately get a 10% discount on the total trading fee you are planning to invest. The bonus is however available to exclusive new users who have signed in to and have an account.

It is important to note that this discount is valid for a period of 6 months from the day you created an account.

Even if you are a lighter cryptocurrency trading user or a full-time trader, this 10% discount will always ease a bit of amount to incur. and its cryptocurrency exchange mechanisms support the BIFI (Bitcoin file). This file is recently trading at $5 cents. Developers have tirelessly worked to find potential traders to claim these crypto coins with their main agenda balancing between profits and growing membership numbers all at once.

How much can I withdraw?

Maximum and Minimum Withdrawal Plans

For a blockchain asset, the maximum and minimum withdrawal limit are basically calculated with only a single transaction. Depending on the type of coin you are working with, there are different policies that apply to each crypto coin. This is further illustrated on the withdrawal page.

The maximum withdrawal limit cannot be raised unless you submit a ticket offered on the site. However, the daily limit can be raised. – exchange platform – opinions, reviews, and price

Gate Technology Inc. is the main company behind operations. Driven by a motto to deliver secure and experienced services to its ever-growing users, the company has ensured that their bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies meet the required standards and are simple, fair, and reliable. As an investor in, all your assets will be safeguarded and all trading information will be made transparent.

Review on – Exchange Layout

This platform looks appealing to new members. The simple, secure, and transparent information system makes it easy for investors to track their records, make changes where necessary, compare relative competition in order to make well-calculated moves with their assets. The $ markets you will be exposed to include:

  • 2-factor authentication
  • Offline bitcoin Wallet Tools;
  • Immediate withdrawal and deposit on cryptocurrencies.
  • Secure SSL Link
  • 0 fees required on making deposits. Low Fee, Little trading fees, Small withdrawal fees with noncompulsory withdrawal provisions. payout design. This design looks same as the other exchange platforms.

Depending on the amount of asset you are willing to request, the withdrawal amount is equivalent to the asset value. The remaining balance will remain fixed. However, with the remaining balance, you can be able to make withdrawals only if the decimal places are upheld.

There are 4 markets which are available: BTC, ETH, USDT, and QTUM.

New tier mechanism that has applied

According to the information, each layer has a BTC volume obligation. The BTC volume is accurately calculated from trader’s 30-day transaction period.

Below is a list of trading fee discounts (from 50% to 5%) the BTC volume requirement offers.

VIP0 No < 3 BTC

VIP1 5% Off ≥ 3 BTC

VIP2 10% Off ≥ 6 BTC

VIP3 15% Off ≥ 12 BTC

VIP4 20% Off ≥ 25 BTC

VIP5 25% Off ≥ 50 BTC

VIP6 30% Off ≥ 150 BTC

VIP7 35% Off ≥ 400 BTC

VIP8 40% Off ≥ 1000 BTC

VIP9 45% Off ≥ 2500 BTC

VIP10 50% off ≥ 5000 BTC

Fund Authentication/Password?

As a first time user, during the registration process, you are required to enter 2 relevant passwords that can be easily remembered. However, in the case you forget your password, you are given the option of resetting it by clicking the option of “Forgot Password?” Once you are directed to the login screen, you will be required to enter a valid email address you use which is linked to the account.

This fund password is required in order to make withdrawals and overall trading processes. It can, however, be reset by navigating to the Settings tab to be redirected to the settings page. Next, click “change fund password” located on the top left section on the page. Finally, click “change” to continue and reset your password.

It is important to note that your login password should be different from your fund password.

The big question most users find bewildering is whether is better and improved compared to other exchange platforms?

It is quite hard to tell the difference because is a much newer exchange platform in the trading market. You might note that any trading platforms look great and enticing at the beginning. It only needs enough time to determine whether it lives up to its expectations. Keenly observe how the platform reacts to high traffic periods. code(s) and how to use it/them accordingly

The “_” is basically what separates codes to represent the amount assets and coins assume in When a code is generated, it will be represented by the amount of asset.

If you want to understand the coding system in clearly and effectively, you can try to make asset withdrawals and redeem the codes.

How can you withdraw using code?

In order to make withdrawals, there needs to be a certain step by step process to complete the withdrawal.

For instance, take LTC withdrawal mechanism as an example.

First, Access the LTC withdrawal page.

Next, you need to click and check Code box. This will allow you to select and use this withdrawal technique.

Finally, you will be prompted to fill all the mandatory fields and click “Submit Request.”

Below is an example to show you the codes that are generated when this kind of transaction takes place.


You will note that this code consists of two parts which are separated by “-“.

This transaction is automatically recorded as a withdrawal record on your Account.

In order to insert your fund password, navigate your mouse pointer to the section written “valid” once there, you will notice the pointer’s appearance change to represent a “hand icon”. Proceed to left click on the button and a dialogue box will immediately pop up and ask you to enter your fund password.

Next, enter your fund password. You will now have completed the process and you will get the code.

How to redeem the code?

To redeem this code, copy the code and access it on any account.

Enter in the front point (this is the part of the code just before “_”), you can be able to check if the code is usable or not and you can lock it when you like. This step is quite important to help secure your codes whenever you are buying/ making cryptocurrency exchange.

You can also check and lock it prior to making any payments.

The locker will be removed automatically if it is not redeemed within 72 hours.

What info should you include when you want to submit a Ticket to

You are required to provide all the necessary info. A detailed representation of your concern will help support service to process the ticket swiftly.

For assistance with deposit issue:

  • You will be required to possess a account, transaction ID, coin type, and amount

For withdrawal:

  • You will need a account, withdrawal record, and coin type

For general issues:

  • You will need a account, a screenshot if only it is available, and a detailed description of your concern

For coin listing or any other suggestion:

  • You will require a detailed description

Where you should submit a ticket?

  • You should submit your ticket by clicking the Ticket icon located at the top of the webpage in order to access the following page address:

If you are using an android application, get an online account help on the screen of your device, change the language to English when asked by the support icon, tap ON on the top of the current page you are in and click submit to finish the whole process.

Does Offer Wallet Service?

The cryptocurrency exchange site provides all its users with a free wallet. By clicking on ‘Wallet’ icon located at the top of the webpage, you can easily get to access the wallet page after which you can deposit a particular coin through a deposit address that will be generated.

The site uses a hot wallet as well as a cold storage, which means that your deposit address for a digital coin will not be similar to your sending address. You are also advised not to send an asset directly from the site in the case the sending address is of relevance to the transaction in question. For instance, if you are a participant of ICO and the assets are going to be sent back to the sending address.

It is also important to note that depositing a digital coin that is not listed on the site’s deposit page, is irreversible as the funds cannot be returned. Therefore, it is upon you as a trader to make sure that address you are using to deposit is listed on your deposit page as well. wallet


In all virtual currency exchange sites, wallet transactions are considered to be the easiest form of an operation considering that they are not only useful but also functional in as far as trading and exchanging virtual currencies are concerned.

To expound more on the importance of a wallet, a number of traders encounter crashes and particularly when high amounts of cryptocurrencies are being exchanged through wallets causing them to have a bad experience.

Generally, transacting using wallets—be it withdrawing or depositing—are fast, secure, and easy through the various security featured as offered by Gate.ioReddit

The popular website that is familiar to many is known because of two of its outstanding reputations. Its users, who are known as ‘Redditors’, find it to be a good platform where they can always keep abreast with the latest as well as take part in open discussions encompassing around both common and shared interests, get solutions, ideas, or answers from niche communities that are highly engaged.

For new users, who have not yet found a way around the site including its use, it may appear to be more of a platform where sarcasm and snarky comments fly around, anonymity runs rampant, and users engage in bizarre jokes while trying to vote for the best-shared answers in regards to a particular issue.

Being the case with this wild community-based site, a majority of the Redditors have found to be satisfying as far as their experiences were concerned. In fact, some of the cryptocurrency exchange users have even gone to an extent of indicating it to be a site that can be trusted, which is according to the experience they had compared to other sites offering similar services.

Buying, Selling and Trading Cryptocurrencies on

The number of currency exchange has seen a sharp increase from the day cryptocurrencies were discovered. At the moment, many investors have been seen on this platform. These exchanges have offered unique opportunities to investors. Most investors have found to be one platform that enables them to select specific exchange mechanisms and coins. This ability makes one of the few cryptocurrency exchange platforms to be requested by most investors.

When you open for the first time, the appearance will quickly attract your attention. The colorful user interface is astounding. At the home page of the site, you will notice the presence of a market price list, which has almost all types of cryptocurrency coins and an additional trade button adjacent to the coin types. This specific user interface is carefully made in order to attract the most users/investors and potential new users. In other trading platforms, you will notice the use of very dark and extremely white colors to guide users.

As a currency exchange user in, you will not be charged any fee whilst making deposits. To make a trade, you will also be charged lower fees as opposed to other trading platforms. gives you the opportunity to trade altcoin to USDT. You will be able to carry out any amount of exchange using your altcoins into USDT at relatively low amounts of fees. If you compare this feature to other trading platforms, you will note a huge difference. A good example of a trading platform is Binance. This trading platform will only allow the conversion of altcoins to USDT but the conversion will only work with LTC, ETH, Btc, and NEO. is one trading platform that is not only transparent but secure. The customer care team has made it a priority to get quality service that is not characterized by hiccups. All exchanges and trades are carried out effectively. Most users prefer this site to others. If you are a new currency trader, you will need a guide beforehand. I carefully did a detailed guide that will help you trade, sell, and buy cryptocurrency coins

Guide to help you understand better (a beginners guide).

How can you create an account with

First, go to the website.

Secondly, proceed to the navigation bar located on the top-right side of the window and click the sign-up button.

Thirdly, enter your relevant details in full so as to sign-up immediately.

You will now receive an authorization email in your inbox. Proceed to open the email and confirm that the process is a success.

Next, you need to go back to the website (, fill in your username and password and you will be able to log in.

Immediately you are in, click on the username option at the top-right side.

Locate the security option down on the window.

Once in Security-Settings, left click on the 2-Factor Authentication.

With a Google Authenticator on your smartphone, you can be able to set up the 2-Factor authenticator.

To set up your account details using a short message service, provide your mobile number.

You can now be able to start a transaction once your the 2-Factor Authentication is complete.

How can you Deposit funds with Gate. io?

First, click on your username which appears on the top-right corner of the screen.

Along the left sidebar, notice the Withdraw and deposit button.

Clink on “deposit coins.”

Once you click, a list of cryptocurrency coins in will expand.

Proceed and click the buttons labeled ‘withdraw/deposits’ located on opposite ends of the currencies.

Move ahead and click on ‘deposit button’. This will permit you to access the wallet-address of specific crypto coins.

The address obtained once the process is complete can be used on whatever kind of exchange to obtain the real coins.

How can you Withdraw funds from Gate. io?

Below is a detailed guide on how to make withdrawals on the site:

First, click on your username which appears along the top-right corner of the cover.

Along the left sidebar, notice the Withdraw and deposit button.

Click on “withdraw coins.”

Once you click, a list of cryptocurrency coins in will be available.

Proceed and click the buttons on ‘withdraw/deposit’ located on opposite ends of the currencies.

Go ahead and click on ‘withdraw’. This will allow you to access the wallet-address of specific crypto coins.

The address you obtain will be used to exchange cryptocurrencies. Enter the amount of coins you want to withdraw and confirm the whole process in order to proceed.

How to Trade Altcoins and BTC on

To make a trade, go to the coin deposit and withdraw page, scroll the window and find the trade button located next to the withdraw button.

Decide the currency you want to trade and click trade button. Choose either buy or sell.

From the live orders present, you can get the buying and selling price of currencies.

Before making any move, have in mind that you need to go for a low buying price and a high selling price to make maximum profits.

To view the history of all the transactions/trade done, navigate to the order menu on the right-hand side of the screen.

Your funds’ information will also be visible on this screen.

If you need to trade currencies, the markets button located on the left side of your screen makes it possible.

Gate. io Wallets.

Go to the Wallets button. (Located on the top-left side of the gate. io screen).

Click on the wallets button and a coin page will automatically open to show you the balance in all your wallet.

CRYPTO-CURRENCY: All that you need to know

Buy Low, Sell High.


This is the concurrent purchase and trade of an asset in order to profit from an alteration in value. It is the general trade that returns by exploiting the value/price changes of equal or related financial tools on diverse markets. –

Once you know what Arbitrage is, you should care how its performance matters in currency trading. If you have gone through the whole trading process, you ought to have a full analysis about cryptocurrencies and how investments are done indirectly or directly. Direct involvement includes buying cryptocurrencies and trading them/holding them. If you work with steem, you will be interested in steemit making you trade indirectly. However, arbitrage affects the price of the cryptocurrencies and not you as opposed to earlier economic debates.

Below is a good example of how cryptocurrencies are traded with arbitrage.

For the sake of BCD (Bitcoin Diamond), you will find BCD on the Gate. your platform and exchange it for an approximate amount of $20 US Dollars. Nevertheless, in Binance, you will be able to sell it at close to $98 US Dollars. Even with the fees and taxes, you will incur during withdraws, you will still make enough profits.

It is important to note that the prices of trading assets can become unstable instantly. But 2018 is here to offer both unquestionable and skyrocket prices for your investment assets.

Top 100 Active Market List of Cryptocurrencies offered by

  • Bitcoin- BTC
  • Ethereum- ETH
  • Ripple -XRP
  • Bitcoin Cash -BCH
  • Litecoin -LTC
  • Cardano -ADA
  • NEO -NEO
  • Stellar -XLM
  • EOS -EOS
  • Dash -DASH
  • Monero -XMR
  • Ethereum Classic -ETC
  • NEM -XEM
  • VeChain -VEN
  • Tether -USDT
  • Lisk -LSK
  • Qtum -QTUM
  • Bitcoin Gold -BTG
  • OmiseGo -OMG
  • Nano -XRB
  • Zcash -ZEC
  • Binance Coin -BNB
  • Steem -STEEM
  • Verge -XVG
  • Bytecoin -BCN
  • DigixDAO -DGD
  • Populous -PPT
  • Stratis -STRAT
  • Dogecoin -DOGE
  • Siacoin -SC
  • RChain -RHOC
  • Waves -WAVES
  • Status -SNT
  • Maker -MKR
  • Waltonchain -WTC
  • BitShares -BTS
  • Electroneum -ETN
  • 0x -ZRX
  • Decred -DCR
  • Aeternity -AE
  • Veritaseum -VERI
  • Augur -REP
  • Ardor -ARDR
  • Revain -R
  • ZClassic -ZCL
  • KuCoin Shares -KCS
  • Komodo -KMD
  • Hshare -HSR
  • Ark -ARK
  • Gas -GAS
  • Basic Attention Token -BAT
  • Loopring -LRC
  • DigiByte -DGB
  • Zilliqa -ZIL
  • Dragonchain -DRGN
  • Dent -DENT
  • Bytom -BTM
  • MonaCoin -MONA
  • Aion -AION
  • Syscoin -SYS
  • Aelf -ELF
  • ReddCoin -RDD
  • Polymath Network -POLY
  • Byteball Bytes -GBYTE
  • Golem -GNT
  • Nebulas Token -NAS
  • FunFair -FUN
  • Kyber Network -KNC
  • Factom -FCT
  • Bitcore -BTX
  • Ethos -ETHOS
  • ChainLink -LINK
  • Dentacoin -DCN
  • IOStoken -IOST
  • GXShares -GXS
  • ZCoin -XZC
  • Power Ledger -POWR
  • Nxt -NXT
  • Kin -KIN
  • Cindicator -CND
  • Pillar -PLR
  • Bancor -BNT
  • Particl -PART
  • Request Network -REQ
  • Enigma -ENG
  • SmartCash -SMART
  • Neblio -NEBL
  • BitcoinDark -BTCD
  • WAX -WAX
  • SingularityNet -AGI
  • Vertcoin -VTC
  • Raiden Network Token -RDN
  • Quantstamp -QSP
  • Ignis -IGNIS Mobile App

The cryptocurrency exchange site that has shown a lot of promise this far considering it offers its traders with all the major coins comes with a mobile app as well. Due to its functionality, it allows the user to make trades anywhere and anytime meaning that you can easily buy or sell cryptocurrencies while on the move. Using their mobile app, traders can also withdraw or deposit funds from and into their accounts using AliPay. The mobile app comes in two versions depending on the phone’s system; Android and iOS.

About Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano

For the better part of last year, bitcoin, ether, and ripple attracted the most attention from investors. Nevertheless, this does not come as a surprise considering they have ranked as the most valuable cryptocurrencies by market cap and their present market net worth closing in to close than a good $30 billion. However, the swift declines in their prices in January are proof that things can quickly take a turn.

Currently, the reason behind the cryptocurrencies instability is as a result of a fair share of investors, who have the slightest clue of what they are getting into, and an overheated market. In the near future, however, instability is expected considering better, faster, and newer blockchains will emerge taking the place of less optimized, slower, and older ones. Although Bitcoin and Ethereum—blockchains supporting ether transactions—are at their prime, Cardano, a third generation blockchain, is intended to become the ideal version of today’s technology.

Introducing Cardano

This cryptocurrency is a public blockchain that is not only decentralized but also a fully open source similar to Bitcoin. This brainchild came to exist as a result of a project undertaken by three entities: IOHK (Input Output Hong Kong), Emurgo, and the Cardano Foundation, which is a non-profit organization. Although Cardano is still at its infancy stage and thus yet to release publicly all the updates necessary, it has an advantage of being the first blockchain to ever be peer-reviewed. It was developed from scratch with the aim to overcome limitations such as scaling, privacy, and regulatory limitations of the blockchain technologies in existence.

Here is a different way to view this: the first gen blockchain to introduce cryptocurrencies to the public was Bitcoin although until today has its downsides. Ethereum, a second gen blockchain, has had the advantage of launching after learning from faults experienced by Bitcoin. While it was able to overcome particular obstacles faced by Bitcoin, it has also experienced a fair share of its own problems.

Cardano plans to use hindsight as a power to go ahead and beyond its predecessors.

The Pros and Cons of Cryptocurrency Exchange


  • Has a functional mobile app that comes in Android and iOS versions
  • The trading platform is relatively nice and user-friendly
  • The fees offered are competitive
  • Offers a wide range digital coins
  • Offline Bitcoin Wallet Technology
  • Cryptocurrencies instant withdrawals and deposits


  • The site is unregulated
  • The company behind the trading platform is new and thus there is limited information regarding it
  • Fiat money transfer is not accepted
  • Leveraged trading is not acceptable’s Final Verdict

The million-dollar question after reading through this review is whether this cryptocurrency exchange website would be a good fit for you or not. To provide you with a short answer, in this case, means being direct with the information gathered according to its users and site so far.

Considering the website is relatively new, you should put in mind that it offers traders with a wide range of cryptocurrencies that they can choose to either buy, sell, or trade. Yet, on the other hand, compared to other sites offering similar services, nothing can be said to be innovative or even necessarily new as far as it is concerned. The truth of the matter is that just like the other sites, is an investing and trading site like the others out there.

Since it a new site and many have yet to try it out, there are not a whole bunch of reasons as to whether or not you should consider using it as opposed to the others. However, if you decide to go ahead and give it a shot, you should at least check out whether it suits your needs as a trader or investor.

In a nutshell, nothing has so far indicated that the site is a scam. Besides, from the look of things, the site appears to be sure enough to be used by any investor out there who wishes to do so.

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3 User Reviews

  1. Im trading on this exchange about 3 months and never have any issues with withdrawals or deposits. Low fees makes this exchange very competitive according to others. Highly recommend

  2. was good however no more.
    Exchanges that change the rules with no notice are scams.
    I have coins on and now I must give up my passport info to get them out. I have no plans to travel to What if I do note have a passport??? Do they want to steal people’s identities??? I do not know these people and never consented to KYC, KFC or anything else.
    Extortion … theft … breach of contract … Is this a scam????

    • Please notice that if crypto exchange company want passport or any documents to confirm your identify that means good for you because company follow Europan rights, it means that if your turnover is over 2000euro you must confirm your identify. All payment companies including PayPal requiring documents to proff your identify.
      Surly its not a scam, they just follow law.

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