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GATcoin Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Gatcoin professes to be “the greatest marketing innovation since the invention of points.” Find out how it works today in our Gatcoin review.

What Is Gatcoin?

Gatcoin is a devotion program that combines the advantages of a conventional faithfulness program with the computerized tokens of a blockchain economy. The platform gives fluid, tradable, retail shopping incentives.

Retailers join the network, and can issue their very own marked computerized tokens to a mass consumer gathering of people within minutes. At that point, the platform uses “focused on airdrop” technology to drop computerized tokens to target socioeconomics dependent on their shopping interests and geographic area anyplace on the planet.

Clients can use those retail tokens to buy items, get rebates, or guarantee rewards from shippers. Tokens can likewise be uninhibitedly exchanged on the Gatcoin cryptocurrency exchange.

Gatcoin’s introductory video asserts that the normal individual is an individual from 30+ different consumer incentive and dedication programs. Gatcoin imagines a future where points, coupons, and incentives can be sorted out in one place – even crosswise over retailers and around the globe.

gatcoin homepage

How Does Gatcoin Work?

The key feature behind Gatcoin is the “A-Drop”. The A-Drop guarantees to be a noteworthy marketing innovation. Essentially, it involves “dropping” points onto a consumer’s mobile gadget – like how you AirDrop documents between Apple gadgets.

At the point when a retailer A-Drops advanced tokens onto a consumer’s telephone, the consumer will get a pop-up message in a flash. Consumers are urged to spend their tokens at that retailer’s store.

Beside A-Drop, Gatcoin considers itself to be a devotion program administration platform. By and large, Gatcoin needs to make it simple to oversee shopping incentives. You transfer coupons or reliability points, at that point Gatcoin changes over them into computerized tokens. At that point, you can spend your computerized tokens at brands and businesses over the Gatcoin network. Up until this point, Gatcoin professes to have joined forces with 21 major brands and 60,000 retail locations.

You can spend tokens to buy items, recover gifts, or get rebates. You can likewise exchange tokens if you needn’t bother with them, or clutch tokens as a store of significant worth.

Gatcoin Features

Here are a portion of the center features and segments of the Gatcoin ecosystem:

Gat Network:

The Gat network will consist of worldwide, high-speed blockchains where retail tokens circle and A-Drop to clients around the globe.

Gat Wallet:

The Gatcoin mobile wallet can be used to oversee and spend your retail tokens.

Gat Marketplace:

This is a mobile shopping entryway where clients can spend retail tokens for real items.

Gat Exchange:

The Gat exchange is a full-featured cryptocurrency exchange where the general population can gain retail tokens with Gat Coins and partake in the Gat Network to buy items.

Gat Foundation:

The Gat Foundation is an independent, non-benefit association situated in Singapore.

What makes Gatcoin different from other blockchain-based unwaveringness programs that are seeking to enter the market? The company overplays its A-Drop technology, and the way that it’s a worldwide, tradeable ecosystem. Gatcoin has additionally as of now banded together with significant brands – including SK Planet Japan’s COTOCO gift and coupon business and 21+ noteworthy organizations all through Asia.

gatcoin features

Who’s Behind Gatcoin?

Gatcoin is driven by Founder and CEO Simon Cheong. Other key individuals from the team include Professor Wei-Tek Tsai (Senior Executive Advisor) and Co-Founder and Chairman Anthony Huang.


Carry n-play Any retailer can join our worldwide distributed shopping platform, transfer items, and issue their very own marked computerized tokens to a mass consumer gathering of people within minutes

Directed airdrops A-DropTM technology dispatches advanced tokens to target gatherings of people by statistic, shopping interests, and geo-area anyplace on the planet

Tradable Retail tokens can be used to buy items, get rebates or guarantee rewards from dealers. Tokens can likewise be openly exchanged on our digital money exchange making them highly fluid and intrinsically profitable to the consumer

Technical Details

Technical segments: GAT Network – Global high-speed blockchains on which retail tokens flow and A-DropTM to clients anyplace on the planet GAT Wallet – A beautifully-planned mobile token wallet that clients use to oversee and spend their retail tokens GAT Marketplace – A mobile shopping gateway where clients can spend retail tokens for real items GAT Exchange – A full-feature cryptographic money exchange where retail tokens are traded on an open market for GAT Coins, and GAT Coins are traded on an open market for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other major digital forms of money GAT Foundation – An independent non-benefit association situated in Singapore


Worldwide Platform:

Our network is open to all shippers in any piece of the world. This gives GATCOIN significant reach and a worldwide business platform

Restrictive A-DropTM:

Patent-pending cryptographic money distribution system that objectives groups of onlookers by statistic, shopping interests and geo-area. Message pop-ups ready clients of token receipt like a flash. A-DropTM releases extraordinary innovation and innovativeness in retail advanced marketing

Tradable Tokens:

Merchant tokens are tradable for GAT Coins delivering prompt intrinsic incentive to clients. Trader tokens will dependably be profitable to consumers regardless of who issues them, and whether the consumer uses them or not

Solid Business:

GATCOIN completes business, and will dispatch retail tokens covering a network of 60,000+ retail locations and 21 marks in Asia through SK Planet Japan’s COTOCO gift and coupon business. That is only the beginning


Aug 2017

Listing applications with various digital currency exchanges far and wide to exchange of GAT Coins post Public Token Sale

Sep 2017 – Jan 2018

Private/Public Token Sales of 200,000,000 GAT Coins

– Private Sale on 28 Sep: 70m GAT

– Public Pre-Sale on 28 Oct: 15m GAT

– Public Token Sale on 15 Dec: 115m GAT

Nov 2017

GAT Wallet App Prototype (Proof of Concept) propelled to show token course, token spend, token exchange

Dec 2017 – Jun 2018

Continued Development Period

Integration of SLL with GAT Wallet, GAT Marketplace, GAT Exchange

Integration of A-DropTM with GAT System

Integration of SKPJ and Cotoco network customers

Integration of Payment Gateways

June 2018

GAT Exchange open dispatch

GAT Wallet, GAT Marketplace Beta Launch

July 2018 – Sep 2018

Assist Development

De-bugging and testing

Oct 2018

GAT System Full Launch

gatcoin services

How To Buy GAT?

While reading this review, you must be wondering about how to buy GAT. Well, the process is quite simple and this section will help you to know how to buy GAT. First of all, you will need to find exchanges where you will be able to buy GAT. At the moment, you can make use of exchanges like KuCoin and IDEX to buy GAT.

Gatcoin Conclusion

Gatcoin expects to change the manner in which retailers use dependability points and projects. The company is introducing a blockchain-based ecosystem that allows retailers to target consumers with “A-Drops”. Retailers send a message pop-up to the user’s smartphone alerting them that they got computerized cash for that specific retailer.

In the interim, consumers can use the Gatcoin app to oversee dependability points and projects over numerous retailers. They can spend points from the app, or include existing faithfulness points in exchange for Gatcoin tokens.

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