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Guide To GAME Credits

GAMECredits Review

GameCredits is also known as GAME which is a project that is based on blockchain and it aims to become a single payment solution for the online gaming community. However, on the official website of the project, the team has shared their mission to become the universal currency for 2.6 billion players around the world. They want to empower players and developers though big or small to further grow at 100 billion dollar gaming industry. They are accelerating the wide adoption of decentralized cryptocurrencies as a better substitute for the government issued fiats.

Under this model, players and developers will have the priority over the distributors, vendors and other middleman. However, the team hopes to become a universal gaming currency. It will liberate the gaming landscape from uneven distribution of profit. They team also aims to even-up the competitive e-sports landscape with MobileGo which is a utility token attached with GameCredits. They hope that MobileGo will promote the culture of e-sports where revenue is driven by the participation of gamers but not by the big sponsors as well as encourages wider competitive participation among the gaming population around the world.

game credits review

What Is GAME?

The main focus of GameCredits is to bring more convenient gaming experience for the players and to produce more reasonable revenue model for the developers. However, the currency aims to provide following:

  • Convenient payment integration.
  • Maximum deposit limits.
  • Deposit option for multi-currency.
  • A transferable currency for multiple platforms and games.
  • Secure blockchain technology for in game purchases.
  • Wide events for e-sports for fast payouts and quick matchups.

Generally, players will have an all around payment method for all of their favorite games, one that enforces the security and accessibility. However, it will potentially offer developers different benefits like:

  • Quick payment processing.
  • User based scalability.
  • Enhanced fraud protection and security regarding blockchain.
  • Greater commission for sales.
  • Cross promotion with other games.

The major focus of GameCredits is to provide reasonable and quick payout for the developers. It is totally different than the industry standards that are set by Google Play and Apple. However, it will only take a 10% fee for any game that is sold on its marketplace known as GPlay.

what are gamecredits

Talking about GPlay, GameCredits has various products and iterations that are helping this project and its team to fully understand their vision. These products include the backbone of multifaceted ecosystem of GameCredits and they include:

GNation: According to official website “Every third person is a gamer” and GNation is looking forward to unite these gamers from all over the world into a single community. Therefore, GNation will work as a borderless gaming nation state that will bring together all the developers and players from every corner of the world.

GPlay: GPlay is the app store as well as a gaming marketplace, this store allows the players to buy the available games by making use of GAME coins. However, it also provides 90% payout to the developers for selling games on the platform.

GameGG: This project is still under development, but it will be an online competitive e-sports platform. With the help of this platform, every gamer though amateur or pro can matchmake and play against other players that are on the platform.

GWallet: It is a cryptocurrency wallet which players can make use of in order to store their GAME. However, they can pay for in-game purchases or make use of this wallet for online e-sports matches.

GExchange: Well, this exchange is still under development, this exchange will feature crypto and fiat pairs for GAME coin.

GShare: It is a charitable extension and the team hopes that it will extend the impact of GameCredit outside the crypto and gaming empire.

How Does It Work?

GameCoin is a way that will help in the monetization of free gaming. The whitepaper of this coin explains that the majority of gaming revenues comes from almost 10% of users. Nowadays, developers are trying to monetize the remaining 90% of users. It claims to have found a way by making use of blockchain technology.

Generally, the idea of this platform is to allow every game developer for creating their own cryptocurrency. However, this currency will be used for in-game money. However, the developers will be able to create this currency virtually without any cost to them. It is just a digital token having value in the game. As the time passes, it will circulate through players and the token will have value because it will be used to pay for purchasing in-game items.

Simply, this coin plans to make it easier for the developers to establish a secure currency for in-game purchases. It seems like these cryptocurrencies will work as forks on the GameCoin blockchain. Every developer will have the ability to make their own fork so that players will be able to apply easily for their GWC token to any game of their choice.

Team Behind This Project

GameCredits has a team of seasoned players as well as professional gaming nerds that have been in this field from several years.

Sergey Sholom is the CEO of this project who has a Ph.D. in mathematical modeling and he founded Datcroft Games Ltd. Back in 2014. However, he is also responsible for creating Pixel Wars which is one of the first games that were listed on GameCredits’s GPlay store.

Maxim Sholom is product director of this project and he holds 12 years of experience in the flied of gaming. He has helped to produce such successful games like Get the Gun and oversess the development process of the GameCredits Mobile Store.

Currently, the only roadmap about this project is available at the whitepaper of this project. However, many other milestones have run their course but it does indicated that the team has a plan to focus to integrating decentralized matchmaking and decentralized tournaments in the first quarter of 2018.

One of the things that make it unique from other cryptocurrencies and related systems is that the team behind this project is players at first. However, they got into the field of computers due to gaming and then programming. They have established a company in Belgrade, Serbia back in 2016. However, now they have around 100 people on the team that are working in 10 different offices in five different countries.

gamecredit team

How It Helps To Prevent Cheating

While designing this platform, the developers considered the fact that estimates between 50 to 99% of virtual goods purchases as frauds. However, this platform is blockchain based and all the transactions are permanent, so there will be no chance of fraud. This is wonderful news for the players and developers as they won’t have to lose any money that they should earn from the games. In the meantime, it will also help the players as they don’t have to play against cheaters who will bought power ups fraudulently and other in-game increases in order to get an unfair advantage.

Other Advantages

Users will have the choice to be invisible and perform their transactions anonymously with the transaction to be done via GameCredits. Users won’t have to face any privacy issues at all but the blockchain still provides security.

However, the payment system from this project will also dramatically increase the transactions speed. A credit card transaction can take as long as 60 days to process. However, you can make use of this platform to exchange hand within just 60 hours.

How It will Be Helpful For Developers?

Although there is some overlap in the benefits by this platform for the developers and players as well, it makes more sense to take a look at both developers and players separately. Developers will have the ability to receive their payment more instantly and it will provide them more financial security. However, there are also limitless deposits offered by the platform. So there will no restriction on your revenue potential. The commission charged by the platform is extremely low. However, both Google and Apple will take 30% of your profit and it only take a third as much and it will leave you with 90% in your hand.

Of course, you will also have the lack of worry about scams and frauds. Everything will be recorded on the blockchain which will ensure the security and prevent those frauds and scams regarding your purchases. However, there is also no concern about the reverse transactions due to the ledger of the blockchain technology. Every transaction will be recorded an immutable.

gamecredits mobilego

Who Can Make Use Of GameCredits Wallet?

The GameCredits platform makes use of GWallet which is completely free and it provides the utmost security. However, you can access this wallet with the help of your web browser. You can download it for Linux, Mac and Windows. This wallet is a universal wallet that provides solution for all of your gaming needs.

How To Mine?

Users will have the ability to mine GAME if they want. However, the BlockTime is 90 seconds and there will be a retarget for each block. Well, the maximum number of coins is 84 million and the reward for each block is 12.5 coins. Currently, there are five mining pools.

Where To Buy GameCredits?

Alternatively, you can buy GameCredits from one or more than 10 exchanges. However, the easiest way to buy GameCredits is to purchase Ethereum or Bitcoin on Coinbase  then make use of Chagelly in order to change these for GAME and send them into your wallet.

Register At Coinbase

Those who are new to buy cryptocurrency, it is recommended that they should make use of Coinbase for their first purchase. It is really easy to use and fully governed by the US Government so that you know it is one of the safest exchanges to buy your coins and most reputable places to buy cryptocurrency from. However, Coinbase also offers the ability for buying Litecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum with via debit or credit card or by sending a bank transfer. However, the fees charged for the cards will be higher but you will get your currency instantly.

You will have to go through some identity verification while signing up as they have to follow strict financial guidelines. You need to ensure that you will be credited with $10 in free bitcoin once you will make purchasing of $100.

In order to get registered, you will need to “Sign up” button where you will get a registration form where you will have to enter your name, email address and then choose a password.

Coinbase will send you a link through email in order to verify your email account, once you will click the link provided in the email you will be redirected to the verification page. Then you will have to provide your phone number and a photo of your ID. It can be driving license, passport etc.


GameCredits is a project that aims to provide payments solutions and advantages to the gaming industry. Therefore, there are various players that are excited about this project and they are showing a great interest in this project. Many players are looking forward to invest in this cryptocurrency and therefore they will have the chances to grow as the project aims to improve the industry and its standards. Players will have the great access to many other features that are offered by this project. However, it is a great venture for the players and this is the reason why players are showing great interest in this project. People are asking for opinions from other gamers. According to our research, this project will grow further as it has a promising future for the gamers and developers.


GameCredits or GAME is on the edge to transform the way people pay for the games. It will improve the experience of both developers and gamers. It will work as a single token for all games and users won’t have to buy multiple cryptocurrencies and get other benefits. In the mean time, everyone involved benefits from the enhanced security of the blockchain technology.

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