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Foreground Review: A challenger or just an Entrant?

We all know how important affiliate marketing can be for evolving your business and getting more customers to buy your product. But, the process of affiliate marketing is not as easy as it may seem because of countless hurdles in the way. Not just it can be very expensive, but the result can be obscure. So, instead of following this ineffective and extravagant affiliate marketing technique, you can opt for a platform called Foreground. The foreground is an effective and complete decentralized affiliate marketing and advertising solution which can really uplift your sales and business. In this comprehensive review, you will get to know what is Foreground, how Foreground works and is it really a deal breaker or not.

what is foreground

What is Foreground?

The foreground is a platform which can revolutionize the whole affiliate marketing process by reducing the cost associated with it drastically. It is a decentralized platform which connects the publishers with the advertisers on both the traditional marketing websites and on the decentralized web (web 3.0). The project is quite in a buzz right now due to the groundbreaking approach of bridging the gap between the publishers and advertisers without paying the costly mediators and proprietary browsers. In Foreground referral marketing platform, the advertisers can generate revenue by creating promotions, defining the payment tracking, and monitoring their ad spends on the Blockchain itself. This is a complete solution for ICO and goods affiliate marketing which uses the ultimate cost per sale (CPS) network where the affiliating middleman is replaced by Blockchain. The marketing platform is built on the top of Ethereum Blockchain where the advertisers and users (affiliates) have own set of advantages over the traditional and expensive method of affiliate or referral marketing.

There are smart contracts which can organize the rules and protocols of the network allowing fast, reliable, efficient and immutable payments between the two end users.  The advertisers can sell their ICO token, Foreground is an effective platform which allows instant affiliate campaigns with just three lines of code. Another great and efficient benefit for advertisers and publishers is that the former can process the payment to the latter automatically as soon as the purchase of the ICO token or any good is made. Also, it let you market your ICO or token sale with just three lines of code.

How Foreground works?

Understanding how Foreground works is very simple and straightforward as you don’t need any technical knowledge for it.  Here are the steps involved which will help you understand how Foreground works.

Step 1: Creating promotions directly on the Blockchain

The process starts with an advertiser creating a promotion and advertising directly on Foreground Blockchain. This can be done by simply submitting the details which are images, text and other important information to the Blockchain by utilizing the foreground decentralized application (Dapp). Along with the details, the advertiser has to submit their Ether which will store on the Blockchain and will be used as payment to the publishers whenever any purchase has been made on your ICO token or product by the listing of the Publisher.

Step 2: Publishers find the advertisement in the Foreground Dapp

Once the promotion is step up, the Publisher can make use of the decentralized application (Dapp) of Foreground to find and host the promotions and the advertisement s by the advertisers.  The foreground Dapp is a platform which also allows the publishers to create images, text affiliate links and the Banners for the advertisements.

Step 3: Smart contracts for efficient and easy conversions

Whenever a purchase is made on the website or mobile app or Blog of the advertiser, the advertiser utilizes the open source tools from Foreground Dapp to determine if the purchase is made with the help of any publisher. As the publishers are automatically paid in the form of Ethers for their conversions and affiliate marketing, the advertiser knows about it. This is in accordance with the logic programmed in smart contracts. The smart contracts protect the integrity of both publisher and advertiser and maintain a trustworthy relationship between the two parties. The amount of the payment is set by the advertisers and can be based on payment tiers and other stated factors when the advertisement made the promotion on the Blockchain.

Step 4: Reporting feature

The Foreground Dapp endows reporting privileges for both advertisers and publishers the best thing about Foreground is that the conversions are completely secure with the Foreground decentralized Blockchain network. This also ensures that the data is totally accessible by any of the two parties, resulting in transparency and a great alternative for affiliate programs.

That’s it. This is how Foreground works and anyone can become an advertiser to kick off their business and publishers to earn some serious money.

foreground ico

How can you become an Advertiser with Foreground?

As Foreground provides accessibility to the payment terms, spend tracking and easy way to get your product recognized, you must be wondering how you can become an Advertiser. The Blockchain ensures optimum level of security with ease of payment and transparency. Also, you can engage in a Cost per Sale network without including a middleman and throw some cash towards him. Foreground assures that the advertisers will receive guaranteed Return on Investment with the automated smart contracts.

After understanding how Foreground works, becoming an advertiser is even simpler. Simply, you have to send an email to the section of the Foreground homepage and you will get the relevant information in a matter of a minute. The creation of promotion is again simple as you are backed by a strong and helpful customer support to help you in each and every step.  You have to simply follow the instructions and clear your minutest query if you are not confident about it. This is because the information will be on the Ethereum Blockchain making it public and visible to everyone.

How can you earn money by being an affiliate or publisher?

Again, for becoming an affiliate or publisher, you don’t need more than the advertisement referral link.  As you get the Foreground referral link, you can post it on your website to earn Ether as soon as you drive traffic to the advertiser’s website and funnel the referrals to purchase the product. The process is analogous to ordinary referral marketing/ CPS network technique where you refer an offer and is paid for encouraging the sale.  If you have any query along the way, you can contact the Foreground team and get the answer within few minutes.

Who is behind Foreground?

The developers of Foreground include the professionals many years of experience in software development. It is the umbrella of productive Edge which is a Chicago- based digital consultant which endows complex software solution to the clients all over the globe. Rick Feiner is the CEO and founder while Shane Van Coller and Sergey Illin are the technical architects. It includes Micheal Grandy as a designer and Evan Roth as the technical advisor.

Advantages of Foreground: What Problems Does Foreground Seek to Solve?

The main aim of the foreground developers is to make the process of affiliate and referral marketing sleek and cost-efficient for the ICOs advertisers and reliable for publishers.  The whitepaper of Foreground states that all the advertisers spend around $7 billion on affiliate marketing every calendar year, but unfortunately, almost 40% of the money spent by them never makes it to publishers. This is because the affiliate market is managed by middlemen whose incentives are far more than the efforts of the publishers. Also, this makes it difficult for the advertisers to see a good return on investment on their affiliate programs.  The middlemen can be the network or service provider who takes a large chunk of this money decreasing the publisher incentive and asking higher funds from the advertiser for converting the traffic into earnings. To root out this exploitation, Foreground worked in creating a decentralized Blockchain based system which is free from any middlemen making it cost-effective and easy for both advertiser and publishers. The Foreground’s whitepaper states the following advantages of the platform and the addressed problems of the traditional referral marketing method:


This is indeed the best thing about Foreground. It facilitates extremely low advertiser fee and extremely high affiliate commissions as the Blockchain system is completely automated. There is no enrollment fee, No data feed fees, and No API fees make it an extremely reasonable option for referral marketing.

Dapp and web 3.0 ready

Everyone knows how popular and proliferating the web 3.0 decentralized apps are. The foreground is one and the only platform which provides the ultimate solution for affiliate and referral marketing by utilizing both traditional internet and the rapidly emerging web 3.0 decentralized apps ecosystem.

Control of Program

The complete control of the affiliate program is not by any middlemen but by the individual advertiser. They have full control of the affiliates who are allowed into their campaign.

Program Restrictions

The Centralized networks decide who can be added to the platform, whereas the Foreground operates as an open source platform where each advertiser or publisher can decide who they would like to partner with.


The credibility of the Foreground platform is determined by the participant in the affiliate marketing process. The reputation of the platform is completely based on the history of conversions for publishers or the series of payments for advertisers. The company claims that the conversion rate for both advertisers and publishers is 100 percent.

Access to Affiliates

Not just the platform allows you to access everything and enjoy great features; there is also a privilege for the Advertisers and affiliates to interact with each other in a well-organized manner using an intuitive and standard interface on the Ethereum Blockchain.


The advertisements, conversions, payments, promotions and all Metadata are made public and are completely transparent to allow tangible support to publishers.

Support and Services

Foreground aims to foster support and services as it is mentioned in their whitepaper that “advertisers using the Foreground network must manage their affiliate programs as if they were working directly with their affiliates because they are.”

Reconciliation of Payment

The payments are made in Ether instantly after the purchase is made. Also because of the Ethereum Blockchain, all the transactions are safe and are controllable by the users.

What is DEAL token?

The DEAL token is the token used on the Foreground Platform. The DEAL token is for the advertisers to them attractive discounts for using this marketing platform. 1 Deal gives you a discount of 80 percent on the website which will be up to 0.5 ETH. The advertisers will invest in Deal because it will offer great discount on the advertising costs and can also be exchanged on many cryptocurrency exchanges in the near future. There is a total supply of 675,675 tokens, out of which, 500,000 (74%) are offered to the public.  The Soft cap of DEAL is 1,500 ETH while the hard cap of the DEAL token is 333,000 which come to be around 25,000 ETH. Of the total supply which is remaining, 10 percent goes to the development team, further 10 percent to the partners, 4 percent to the strategic investors and the remaining 2 percent for bounties (rewards).

The Foreground ICO

The Beta version of the platform was launched in November 2017 which was specially planned for token sale and ICO. The Foreground ICO started on 28th November 2017 and ended on 19th December 2017 where the minimum purchase limit is 1 DEAL. The price of 1 DEAL was in between 0.5 to 0.8 ETH.

foreground platform


The main and fully featured version will be launched in the third quarter of 2018 where the advertisers and publishers will be able to enjoy the benefits of Additional image formats, Tiered payouts, Whitelisting publishers, Multiple Attribution Methods, Additional reporting Improvements and Manual conversion Approval. As you can instantly start an affiliate campaign with just three lines of code without including middlemen, the process is sleek, straightforward and the most important, it is extremely cost-effective. This affordable alternative for marketing will definitely leave a positive impact on the industry as it is simpler, cheaper, transparent and efficient way of reinstalling trust in the affiliate marketing.


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