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FluzFluz Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

FluzFluz is a worldwide consumer network that allows users to earn an automated revenue. At the point when the network individuals or ‘fluzzers’ as they are ordinarily alluded to, spend a consumer stickiness becomes an integral factor leading to a sustainable business case for everybody involved.

What is Fluz?

Fluz depicts itself as a “Worldwide Cash-Back Rewards Co-Op.” It’s basically a cashback app that empowers users to construct networks, and causes them adapt those networks by partnering with retailers. Fluz has clients, and retailers need clients, so it’s a commonly helpful relationship, and Fluz’s users get rewarded in the type of money back or crypto payments when they or somebody in their community makes a buy.

Suppose, for instance, that you’re a Fluz user and you visit a participating retailer to make a buy. Perhaps you’re going to Subway to buy a sandwich, to Staples to buy a work area seat, or to Starbucks to buy an espresso (these retailers are declared Fluz accomplices). When you spend, you’ll get a level of the aggregate buy sum as a cashback reward, but different individuals from your community, similar to the individual who invited you to join, and the individual who invited them to join, get a little reward too.

Users can be paid in Fluz points and trade out fiat cash, which is the thing that the company expects most mainstream users will do. But crypto fans and security-conscious users can likewise be paid with one of Fluz’s crypto coins, Fluzcoin, which can be held, overseen, and gotten the money for out for other crypto like Bitcoin or Ether by means of the Fluz app’s worked in wallet. Fluzcoin is a third-gen cryptocurrency that allows for nothing and instant exchanges, in view of JP Morgan’s Quorum tech.

fluz homepage


If that is insufficient crypto for you, Fluz additionally has another crypto coin, FLUZ, which is an ERC-20 token. It isn’t used for money back purposes since transaction fees on the Ethereum network can be high, but holding FLUZ opens head situates in the Fluz center. These head seats will approach the speediest development in easy revenue age. 10,000 FLUZ tokens open a Tier 2 situate, and 20,000 FLUZ tokens open a Tier 1 situate. Fluz expects that these set number chief seats will be highly looked for after computerized resources.

Is This a Pyramid Scheme/MLM? No.

When you read about payouts going to the user who invited you and the user who invited them, it’s normal to think about fraudulent business models, Ponzi plans, and multi-level marketing plans (MLM). But while a few angles work by means of a comparative structure, Fluz is none of those things.

A definite explanation of why is below, but here’s the short form: Fluz users can’t lose cash, because there’s no investment in the first place. It’s a money back app that produces income from real buys made at real retailers everywhere throughout the globe. You don’t need to invest anything or buy anything from Fluz to earn money back rewards, you just need to make the normal ordinary buys you are now making from your most loved stores. No adjustment in shopping propensities is essential, and the app is totally allowed to download.

fluz working


You can’t lose cash on Fluz. There’s no investment or buy-in required.

Fraudulent business models depend on continually adding new individuals to the “base”, and individuals “lower” in the pyramid can never earn more than individuals above them. New Fluz users can earn more than more established users, and they can fabricate bigger networks than more seasoned users. There’s likewise a hard top on the size community any single user can have, which a user who joins whenever could in the long run reach. What’s more, if Fluz quit adding new users, all users would even now have the capacity to continue earning cash in ceaselessness insofar as individuals were all the while using the app for buys at participating retailers.

Ponzi plans depend on incoming money from new individuals to pay back the “investments” of more seasoned individuals, meaning that like Pyramid plans, they have to continue adding new individuals rapidly to remain above water. Fluz doesn’t depend on constantly adding new individuals, and income is created when users buy items they really need from retailers, not by making any kind of investment. You can’t lose cash on Fluz Fluz,and even the freshest individuals joining the consumer community will profit as the greater part of the cashback they create will be kept by them.

Multi-level marketing plans depend on selling you costly garbage, which you’re at that point intended to pitch to your family and companions. That implies that to join, you’ve frequently got to burn through thousands to buy inventory, at that point ponderously pitch your loved ones to offer your overpriced garbage, regularly ending up with hundreds or thousands of dollars in inventory you can’t offer (and ruined connections to boot). Fluz requires none of that. There’s no inventory to buy, no cost to different users you join, and no buy-in or investment to lose. It isn’t even important to influence others to join, as individuals who download the app without an invite code will be “auto-filled” reasonably and equally into the worldwide community, enabling you to earn rewards from individuals you don’t know.

Real Product, Real Team

fluzfluz app

Fluz’s app is now available for download.

Fluz’s point is to wind up a genuinely worldwide money back goliath, and it’s as of now well in transit. Dissimilar to most crypto projects, it as of now has an app up and running on the two iOS and Android, with a five-star review normal as of this writing. There’s still work to be done – right now, the app is focused on Colombia as a testbed, consequently it’s available just in Spanish, for instance – but that is now more than most ICOs bring to the table, and that is only the beginning.

Having made progress with the test-app (50,000 users in Colombia with small marketing exertion), Fluz is currently setting its sights on the US, and has banded together with high-end app engineer Scandiweb to reinforce its app for the US market. It has additionally effectively declared a long rundown of retail accomplices over the world, and it is noteworthy. It covers essentially everything, from computerized services like Hulu to eateries and supermarkets like Chipotle and Whole Foods to retailers ranging from Best Buy to Cabela’s, thus significantly more. Truly, look at this outline of only a portion of the accomplices Fluz as of now has on board:

But maybe the most grounded selling point for Fluz is its authority. The company was established by Stefan Krautwald and Maurice Harary, both experienced tech business visionaries who bring long stretches of C-suite official experience to the table. Furthermore, Fluz’s warning team includes a plenty of experienced, associated pros, including investor and business person Keith Teare, who was one of the organizers of TechCrunch. What’s more, if you’re interested in learning more, individuals from that team are routinely available on Telegram to answer any inquiries you may have.

fluz cash out

FluzFluz Cash Back Network

One of the ways that consumers advantage from this network is through empowerment where a consumer buys from retail accomplices to anchor the best arrangements. Thusly, a consumer earns rewards which can be used on the network or are sent to their wallet.

Another gain for the consumer and network is earning rewards once they buy anything on the site. You likewise earn money back rewards when anybody that is in your network makes a buy. Having a chief seat on the highest point of the network gives the consumer a chance to earn rewards when anybody below them makes a buy.

fluz platform

FluzFluz Token

This company that is benefiting the two vendors and consumers around the world plans to issue FLUZ tokens that will give holders a head situate on the network. Below are the subtle elements of the token sale:

ICO begin date: December eleventh, 2017

Add up to tokens available:204,780,000

Token ICO price :0.1 USD

Greatest buy :10, 000 USD

Monetary standards acknowledged: BTC, ETH

Use Of Token Sale Funds

To begin the company’s tasks in the US market, the company requires some type of capital. According to the Fluz ICO white paper, the returns will be used as demonstrated as follows:

41% – Branding and marketing

10% – IT infrastructure

6% – Legal and financial overhead

23% – Gift code inventory

20% – Personnel overhead

fluz calculation

FluzFluz RoadMap

The ICO will keep running from December eleventh 2017 after which investors can anticipate that their tokens will reflect following 5 working days once the group sale authoritatively closes. At some point in January 2018, the company intends to dispatch its network into the US consumer market and bringing in more accomplices. During this period, Fluz additionally plans to start application for a permit for its token.

In March 2018, the company will negotiate with vendors and begin the on boarding process. Quick forward to June 2018, token holders chief seats will be given need and general society exchange listing of the FLUZ token. Multi month later in July, the company plans to operationally dispatch into the US market.

fluz earning

Striking FluzFluz Partners

The network’s main quality is having both expansive and little dealers in their network since this pulls in more consumers and furthermore adds to the quality of the company’s business model. Trustworthy brands that have grasped the model are Amazon, Nike, new adjust, Uber, Puma, Victoria’s Secret, Mobil among numerous different vendors.

Here’s a tribute from German Huertas the CFO of Nike in Colombia, ‘The business model of Fluz has allowed Nike to drive extra income to our stores in a sustainable manner.’ It will interest to watch the execution of the FLUZ token once the network is propelled in different markets.

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  1. Fluz Fluz founders do not wish to meet your expectations, they wish to exceed it! Ive been with the community since ICO and I must say they have never failed to deliver on every milestone. Currently, we have the 2nd Beta of the app which will be transactional next early q4. Too good to be true is a common reaction that comes from new joiners or inquiring minds, well, let me tell you folks it is as real as it gets.

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