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Finnoq Review – ICO Guide

In the financial industry, opinions are driven by halfway overseen associations. These opinions, in this manner, have the power of influencing the entire market. Hence, there is a requirement for a protocol that will offer exhortation in light of these opinions, and Finnoq is the arrangement. Finnoq is a protocol that is decentralized for providing crowdsourced exhortation on financial items, services, and instruments. An open source protocol was produced for the aggregate development of opinion in the finance industry.

What is the finnoq protocol?

The Finnoq protocol delivers a superior reason for choices by leveraging the knowledge of the group and game hypothesis principles. The protocol is an open source digital infrastructure for decentralized opinion markets where engineers approach. Each designer can manufacture their application over the Finnoq. The engineer will have the capacity to pick modules from the service layer. Modules are the extension between the Finnoq Core and its end applications and speak to different kinds of voting parameters. Formats are additionally created as pre-defined gatherings of modules, demonstrated to execute for an end application. All modules can be effortlessly integrated into an application with an institutionalized API.

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Use Cases

Aggregate Ratings

In the financial and blockchain industries, powerful and unified on-screen characters depend on market members’ certainty. They shape market conduct through high-mass volume buys and convincing marketing. This makes repeating bubbles, foundational disappointment, price unpredictability and token sale tricks. Picture incentivized opinions forming a fair aggregate outcome, providing straightforwardness in financial and crypto resources. By giving power to a decentralized community, trust can be reestablished crosswise over industries, revitalizing markets that persist prosperously for all, of all shapes and sizes.

Financial exhortation and assessment

The future of financial warning is huge data, but numbers are just piece of the photo. An ideal financial item or service prescribed from the group is more hearty for everyone than the thoughts of an individual financial consultant. Visualize financial items and services assessed among a differing gathering of individuals, forming aggregate opinions for an individually-focused on and customized result. The opinion development process makes better information before making transformative financial choices.

Industry-specific market studies

Subjective inclination while conducting customary market research is all over the place. In how addresses are asked, as well as when, why and in what setting can deliver configuration imperfections. Obtaining dependable data is precarious, and influencing the respondent on mischance can twist an investigation’s outcomes. Instead of having inadequately planned research, picture dependable and cost-saving reviews using opinions from the group to guarantee unprejudiced data. By understanding the reality of what end customers really need and need, a streamlined methodology for compelling efforts and initiatives can be put into movement.

Thought age for item development

Innovation and ingenuity will continue to push our societal skylines and abilities. Along the way, intense and new thoughts require bolster from a community of entrepreneurial tutors. Imagine a worldwide community, individually brainstorming and decentrally providing that additional push for your thought, from origination to dispatch and the models in between.

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FNQ Token Model


The FNQ Token approves members to be part in the “opinion development process”. Keeping in mind the end goal to obtain rewards, FNQ must be put away in a stake contract.


All FNQ stakeholders choose in which bearing the Finnoq protocol steers.


The FNQ Token is the fuel of the Finnoq protocol. Any predictable exchange of significant worth within the ecosystem is made in FNQ.

Finnoq is comprised of two noteworthy essential layers: the center and the service layer.

The Finnoq center speaks to a fundamental layer used in community-based compromise. The center additionally allows development of applications used in aggregate rating of different financial items. The service layer, then again, empowers engineers to integrate modules that can be used by applications created in the center.

finnoq token

Issues in the Finance Industry

In the cutting edge world, markets can undoubtedly be managed by opinions, productions, and assessments of individuals with more influence. This denies the little stakeholders to give their opinions about certain parts of the market and the finance industry.

At the point when specific associations effortlessly control and control the opinions, they have a tendency to have a ton of power and can, in this way, influence extensive parts of the market through and through. This comparatively denies different players in the market the privilege to incorporate their thoughts productively and advantageously. Subsequently, a misshaped opinion favoring the unrivaled minority is set up.

Finnoq Solution

The issues as mentioned above can be settled by the arrangement of a midway sorted out protocol for opinions. A community is in this way settled to administer how opinions are shaped and how choices are touched base upon by every one of the stakeholders in the market. The premise of the protocol is altogether based on the following models:

Swarm Intelligence

In this model, numerous individuals within the community meet up to give opinions and choice. This is a superior route contrasted with single individuals deciding for an entire market. Different emotional opinions are changed into a more point by point and aggregate proclamation.

Finnoq center

The Finnoq center is the focal point the protocol offers aggregate counsel in the industry.

User Controlled Data

The data that is made through the protocol is decentralized and scrambled cryptographically. A data hash is then composed off to go about as a proof on the blockchain for straightforwardness purposed. The community choices can be rewarded using a substantial numerical incentive model in the type of FNQ Token.

Blockchain Agnostic

The blockchain layer brings security and straightforwardness to the entire protocol. The blockchain likewise has different capacities like:


  • Production of safe FNQ stake contracts.
  • Creating transparent votes.
  • Enabling changes to be made to the protocol.

The Finnoq center will, however, be using Ethereum blockchains in its initial stages.

finnoq layer

Choice Based on Game Theory

The data available is encoded and afterward put away in a decentral put. This data is then composed on the blockchain where each user controls their data remotely.

FNQ token

The token is the center of Finnoq keeps running on Ethereum blockchain making beyond any doubt that the platforms work in a crypto-efficient way. All voting techniques and rewards are delineated in the FNQ. The token is used in authorizing work execution, making choices and in the making of payments and rewards.

finnoq services

ICO Details

Ticker: FNQ

Accepting: ETH

Nation: Austria

Date: 08/09/2018 – 07/10/2018

Limited: USA, China, Korea, Iceland, Japan, Ecuador, Bolivia, Libya, Syria, Cuba, South Sudan.

finnoq distribution


Dispatch of Finnoq Alpha

Dispatch of Finnoq Alpha, where a decentralized voting on different subjects will be made Start of the FNQ open token sale

Finnoq Core Layer – Testnet

The functionalities of the Finnoq Core Layer can be assessed on Testnet

legitimate future of the Finnoq protocol

Set up a Foundation to guarantee the legitimate future of the Finnoq protocol

Production – first form

The first form of the whole Finnoq protocol will be distributed

ecosystem fund

Beginning of the ecosystem fund, bolster gave to projects using the Finnoq Core

finnoq roadmap


A typical source of influence is seen from the well known faces who spread wrong and one-sided realities without really considering the data behind the same. The point is to settle this issue with watchful data appraisal that depends on aggregate articulations which would allow the future users to take better choices.

About the Project

A smart way is formulated by Finnoq to pool all the aggregate opinions of influencers which depend on real-life data. This is full-proof and would assist the future users with making the most out of it in their choices. This platform depends on Ethereum blockchain that elevates smart contracts to be appointed at right places with no issue. The ecosystem works with an ERC20 token called the FNQ token which has likewise voting rights implanted in it.

finnoq protocol


Florian Kögl

President and Founder

Georg Felber

COO and Founder

Stefan Thallner

Head of Development

Smit Pandit

Full Stack Developer

Marc Melchor

Full Stack Developer

Jean-Laurent Wotton

Head of Marketing

finnoq team

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