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Experience Points Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What is Experience Points?

Consider the possibility that you could go through life earning experience points for simply going about your day. Picking up staple goods (+500XP), shooting the bull with your buds on your most loved messaging app(+200XP), or sitting down for dinner with your sweetheart at your most loved Asian-American combination gastropub (+1000XP).

If it sounds like you’ve entered some IRL video gaming scene, don’t stress: this isn’t some virtual reality-ruled oppressed world like Ready Player One. It is, however, a rewards framework that will influence life to play out like a RPG– a pretending game where the part is your own and the game is life itself.

It’s called Experience Points, and as its mission proposes, it needs to bring XP off the screen and into your day by day routine. The project is building a sharing economy for all parts of life, anything from day by day buys to tourism, all determined by the XP coin. With Experience points, distribution is restricted just to reception and acknowledgment; if an industry or service embraces the project’s model, you can earn XP coin for your regular experiences.

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How Experience Points Works

As one may expect, Experience Points has some prompt significance for online gaming networks. It’s coin, XP, offers gaming ecosystems a self-sustaining monetary model where it can be used for buys, in-game rewards, and player-to-player transactions.

However, the Experience Points team needs to take this model and superimpose it on to real life interactions and transactions. Essentially, consumers and community individuals can be rewarded in XP for interacting with a service or element that has embraced the Experience Points platform, for example, attending a show or buying a feast at an eatery that uses XP. Users would then be able to spend their XP at participating areas, allowing them to take the experience they’ve gain and set it back into the XP-based economy.

Experience Points uses

Ultimately, Experience Points is looking to join performing artists from all kinds of different backgrounds and encourage collaboration between any industries willing to receive it. The finished result would be a real-life experience economy that links gaming, tourism, consumer industries, web based life, entertainment, and more into a unified ecosystem.

Experience Points Pentanode System

With a specific end goal to secure network integrity and guarantee distribution of XP crosswise over focused industries, Experience Points utilizes a five-crease hub framework. Every hub satisfies a specific capacity for the Experience Points ecosystem.


Experience Points works under a Proof of Stake model, so the masternodes serve your ordinary PoS consensus meachanism. They guarantee (approximately) a half yearly quantifiable profit and require a minimum 50mln XP to work. Hubs that hold more than the minimum will get the same hourly return (approximately 2,800XP). This disincentivizes hoarding and urges users to set up more hubs to help the network.


This hub requires 1bln XP to work and guarantees an approximate 200% yearly degree of profitability. However, the 1bln submitted XP will be consumed after setting the hub to shield administrators from dumping coins when they achieve a profit target. This guarantees just genuine investors who have confidence later on of the project will search out supernodes.


These hubs will be distributed to sellers, retailers, and shop proprietors who need to embrace XP for payment as well as limited time reasons. They’ll work like masternodes, with the exception of that the stake can’t be part up, sold, or moved. Staking rewards will be used to distribute XP to clients per the merchant’s circumspection, but these rewards will be capped at 150% of the original stake to ensure that funds are really being redistributed and aren’t laying lethargic.


Devnodes resemble salesnodes aside from the online world, and they’ll be allowed to engineers to use with their online items. Like Salesnodes, the staked XP can’t be separated or moved out of the node– the administrator can’t get to the funds by any stretch of the imagination. They must be distributed through the XP API to advance flow among platform users, and for devnodes, any staking rewards that are not redistributed within 10 long stretches of being earned are immediately singed. This is intended to urge designers to draw XP into the framework and quicken the coin’s appropriation on their platform.


Geonodes interface Experience Points users to the physical world. These hubs will be in charge of distributing XP to individuals who visit a specific area, landmark, or other fascination. Just by showing up and scanning a QR code, you could get XP for visiting a prominent vacationer hot-spot or a museum, insofar as it’s associated with a geonode.

experience points world

Experience Points Use Cases

It ought to be noticed that salesnodes, devnodes, and geonodes are staked with the specific motivation behind circulating XP for the ecosystem’s adopters and consumers. All things considered, the coins are successfully (not actually) consumed when staked as they are removed from the circulating supply and used exclusively to redistribute staking rewards for users.

These rewards could be distributed over various industries, and here are only a couple of cases of potential use cases:

For salesnodes:

Say Molly claims an eatery called Smack Yo Mama Mac. She needs to make a rewards framework for her eatery, wherein for each 10 suppers a client buys, they get 5,000XP. They would then be able to use the XP to buy their next dinner if they want. In another case, Angela runs a back rub and hotspring spa in New Mexico. With Experience Points, she sets up a referral program that honors clients 3,000XP for each new individual they bring to the spa.

experience points features

For devnodes:

Carl runs a dialect learning messaging app that allows its users to interact with individuals in multilingual visit rooms. If one user offers another user accommodating dialect coaching or tutoring on the app, that individual can tip the other in XP for the help. Carl likewise runs a formula sharing app. Using XP, Carl can rewarded formula contributors for their augmentations to the application’s formula book.

For geonodes:

The visitor office in Edinburgh needs to energize sightseeing, so they choose to set up an Experience Points geonode for this reason. Rewards could take numerous structures, including awarding users per remove strolled on the Royal Mile, giving them 4,000XP for hiking Arthur’s Seat, or gifting them 2,000XP for visiting Edinburgh Castle.

Experience Points Team and Roadmap

On the project’s site, the main team information comes as a rundown of pseudonymous, emoticon spoke to individuals without LinkedIn profiles. This has given a few investors pause before, but for what it’s justified regardless of, the team keeps a functioning Discord, Telegram, and Github. If they’re genuine, it appears that they’d rather remain unknown.

The project’s guide appears to center around perky comedic representations to get its goals over, and these goals include simple turning point portrayals and to some degree solid deadlines. For 2018, the team would like to handle worldwide on-boarding by offering designers and businesses a unit to begin with their own particular hub, set up an Experience Points market for service/item listing and payment, and make an independent engineers entryway for the XP ecosystem.

Experience Points Trading History

At the pinnacle of the 2017/2018 occasion bullrun, Experience Points topped into the best 100 with a $1bln market top. The way things are presently, the coin is positioned #270 on CoinMarketCap with an asking price of almost a large portion of a penny.

How to Buy Experience Points

While reading this review, you must be wondering about how to buy XP. Well, this is common if you are thinking to invest  in this coin. This section will help you to know how to buy XP and where to buy it. At the moment, you can make use of Cryptopia to buy it.

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Where to Store Experience Points

The main wallets available for XP are the center wallets offered on the project site. These include software wallets for Windows, Mac, and Linux, along with a mobile wallet for Android and a paper wallet.

Gaming cryptographic forms of money

Since a year ago December, there has been an increase in the esteem, volume, and price of virtual monetary forms identified with gaming applications. The video games speak to an industry that uses blockchain integration and prepared to happen this year. Game credits have likewise attained new statures over the $6.00 stamp. Regardless of the esteem and flawed authenticity, Experience Point (XP) have drawn their incentive to the video games identified with virtual monetary forms. Investors have put their assumptions that 2018 is the time of game coins. Immense developments slated for game projects move down these opinions past the price appreciation. The developments are set for dispatch as right on time as next month.

There have been couple of initiatives by Experience Point team in offering a store, a game, and a spigot. The store gave by the virtual cash empowers users to buy XP gift cards. The game that uses gift cards confronted feedback as it pays the players in XP coins. The game is affirmed to pay players who attain high scores. The challenging part is that the game breaks effortlessly, in this way making the one XP per play unimaginable. The good news is that the spigot appears to work. You can use the spigot and have the capacity to earn five to fifty XP like clockwork.

The Experience Point team will soon offer a plugin that would empower game engineers to execute XP. In their present declaration, there were various viewpoints that will constitute of another reboot declaration. The team will likewise dispatch a XP reward framework in the beta rendition. It is an extraordinary thought for them as the center segment of the coin is kind of challenging to the development team.

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Final Thoughts

In its present phase of development, Experience Points is more outfitted towards online gaming platforms and services. Its upcoming development pack will make it simpler for engineers to integrate the coin into their games for in-game rewards and buys, and also giving users a coin to build up a player-driven economy.

Adopting this token for gaming intentions is a certain something, but seeing XP in real world use is another. A cool idea? Perhaps, even if somewhat eccentric. Impractical to think that the idea will turn into a reality? Conceivably, but everything relies upon regardless of whether a few retailers, businesses, and industries see an incentive in using a model like XP to incentivize business. If they do, and a couple make history, who knows how far it will go (and who/what it will get along the way).

The greater part of this stated, the absence of team straightforwardness has grieved a few, while others say you simply need to get involved in the Experience Points community to get some screen time with the people behind the project.

Assuming the project is genuine, watching it extend will be an experience in its own right. If it expands well, who knows: it might imply that your next excursion to New York could give you XP for taking a trek to Ellis Island or crossing Time’s Square.

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