Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency Exchanges are increasing in number and popularity all around the world. The staggering amount of request for buying and selling cryptocurrencies processed daily by the top cryptocurrency exchange represent billions of USD in revenue. The massive monetary volume managed by the Top Cryptocurrency brokers, and the ever-increasing number of new investors looking for the best trading platform, as well as the increasing number of professional forex traders investing on Bitcoins, have created the proliferation of thousands of  platforms. It makes difficult for some investors to identify appropriately the best place to buy or sell Bitcoins or the best Cryptocurrency exchanges for their financial needs and their forex trading.

What Is a Cryptocurrency Exchange?

A cryptocurrency Exchange is a place where traders or Investors can buy

Top Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cointal takes a new approach to the world of cryptocurrency exchanges by minimizing the cost of middleman and offering a peer-to-peer marketplace. However, this approach is so new that it is the very first peer-to-peer Ripple and Ethereum marketplace. The name of Cointal has been shortened from “Coin Portal”. However, it is a logical name for such a platform.

  • Coins 5
  • Margin Trading No
  • Debit/Credit Card Deposit YES
  • Bank Wire Deposit YES
  • Coins Deposit YES
  • Advancement Level Easy

It is a popular option that is used for trading Bitcoin as the site is user friendly and it offers the most expanded range of payment methods that are available online.

  • Coins Bitcoin
  • Margin Trading NO
  • Debit/Credit Card Deposit YES
  • Bank Wire Deposit YES
  • Coins Deposit YES
  • Advancement Level Easy

KuCoin is Hong Kong based company that charges extremely low fees for trading and different withdrawal methods. In addition to that, the crypto deposits are absolutely free of charge. While this is the same approach as many other exchanges, the trading fees of KuCoin are really competitive and impressive.

  • Coins 100+
  • Margin Trading No
  • Debit/Credit Card Deposit No
  • Bank Wire Deposit No
  • Coins Deposit 100+
  • Advancement Level Middle

The site works in a somewhat different mode compared with the conventional cryptocurrency exchange. Unlike other exchanging sites. Localbitcoins its peer-to-peer marketplace where you can sell or buy your bitcoins in your region (Location).

  • Coins 1
  • Margin Trading No
  • Debit/Credit Card Deposit YES
  • Bank Wire Deposit YES
  • Coins Deposit YES
  • Advancement Level Low

Binance is a chinese based company, lunched in middle of 2017, in the beginning of 2018 have 2billion USD of capitalization! Binance platform its very safe and professional, fess are very low, and that makes Binance the best cryptocurrency exchange!

  • Coins 252
  • Margin Trading NO
  • Debit/Credit Card Deposit NO
  • Bank Wire Deposit NO
  • Coins Deposit 252
  • Advancement Level Middle

Cryptopia is an New Zeland based company. Its not only cryptocurrency exchange but also an online shop that you can buy stuff for BTC. Cryptopia support many currencies incl. USDT. Cryptopia have low fees 0.2% and very professional platform

  • Coins 536
  • Margin Trading NO
  • Debit/Credit Card Deposit NO
  • Bank Wire Deposit NO
  • Coins Deposit 536
  • Advancement Level Middle

Its propobly the oldest cryptocurrency echange in US, it support 4 coins major BTC/ETH/BCH/LTC. Coinbase rich 1B of revenue in 2017, 66% more than expected. Company located in usa its one of the safest cryptocurrency exchange.

  • Coins 4
  • Margin Trading NO
  • Debit/Credit Card Deposit YES
  • Bank Wire Deposit YES
  • Coins Deposit 4
  • Advancement Level Very Easy

YoBit was found in 2015 in Russia. It have long list with coins. There is also oportunity for cryptocurrency arbitrage. Prices on YoBit are high that mean you can buy coins in another exchange and sell on yobit, than exchange on YoBit. YoBit accepting also Payeer deposit method.

  • Coins 480
  • Margin Trading NO
  • Debit/Credit Card Deposit YES
  • Bank Wire Deposit NO
  • Coins Deposit 480
  • Advancement Level Advanced is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges. It was Lounched in 2013 in London, since than cex platform was rebuild and made more professional incl. margin trading future. Also is very safe platform!

  • Coins 21
  • Margin Trading Max1:3
  • Debit/Credit Card Deposit YES
  • Bank Wire Deposit YES
  • Coins Deposit 21
  • Advancement Level Easy

BitMEX was launched in 2014 and it operating worldwide. Bitmex offer margin trading, well know financial investment by forex traders. BitMex offer leverage up to 1:100 on Bitcoin ! Other currencies leverage from 1:5-25. You can buy also regular coins without margin trading with low fees 0.2%

  • Coins 9
  • Margin Trading YES!
  • Debit/Credit Card Deposit NO
  • Bank Wire Deposit NO
  • Coins Deposit 9
  • Advancement Level Advanced

or sell their Cryptocurrencies. It is an online platform where the registered users trade their forex actively. The trade can be made for regular banknotes or fiat money, or for other cryptocurrencies. There is virtually no difference between an airport or local bank forex office and a top Cryptocurrency exchanges platform in the way how they operate; the main difference is most of the time the Cryptocurrency Exchange is 100% internet based or it provides its forex services through an online platform. Therefore, the forex trade is made 100% online.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Cryptocurrency Exchanges can be subdivided into several subcategories depending on the types of service they offer to their users, the acceptance of new traders, the employing a fix or open market EXCH rate for their trading, the variety of assets available to trade and the fees they charge. Additionally, they can be subclassified based on its reputation, safety, Payment methods and geographical zones or countries where they are allowed to conduct business.

Most Popular Types of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Regular or Standard.  
Regular or Standard Cryptocurrency Exchanges are the traditional and fundamental forex market, or those, which operates following the elemental stock market procedures, in which the traders sell their assets for regular money (fiat money), or for another cryptocurrency, in a similar fashion to any other forex market.
The benefits of the Regular or Standard EXCH:
·Most regular or standard allows the user to trade their cryptocurrency into regular government money or to buy new cryptocurrency paying for it with regular money from their bank account or credit cards.
·Regular or Standard EXCH display the rate for their forex, representing the current market quotes, and it fluctuates according to the offer and demand.
·They use as the base currency the Cryptocurrency and as the quote currency is either the USD or EUR.
·Standard EXCH can use any of the major forex currencies or even the exotic ones for the EXCH, e.g., BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, BTC/GBP or BTC/JPY. In the previous example notice the Bitcoin is being quote in the major world currencies as it would be offered by any Regular or Standard Forex dealer.
·Regular or standard are increasing in number, and they can be found in any internet search or even in some of the principal world cities and financial markets.

1.Peer-To-Peer or Direct Trading Cryptocurrency Exchange

Peer-to-peer or Direct Tradings are free market platforms or trading centrals, where buyers and sellers meet to trade or offer their assets freely. As its name implies peer-to-peer or Direct Trading, facilitates the connection and direct negotiation between the buyers and sellers.
 The principal characteristics of the peer-to-peer or Direct Trading Cryptocurrency Exchanges are:
·Peer-to-peer or direct trading does not have a fixed market price or a fixed rate for any of the cryptocurrencies offered.
·Direct trading Sellers can ask any possible price at which they will sell their forex in any world currency.
·Direct trading buyers publicly post the price at which they want to buy a determined asset.
·Most direct trading allows and promotes the direct negotiation between sellers and buyers transferring to them the EXCH rate setting to speed up the negotiation.
·Direct trading confers all the control to traders; sellers are always free to set their selling price.

2.Top Cryptocurrency brokers

Top Cryptocurrency brokers work similar to any other forex broker or over the counter forex dealer. Top brokers are online platforms in which anybody or the traders can sell or buy their Cryptocurrencies. Most Top brokers are open to new users, and they can handle a significant volume of orders for both selling and buying.
The benefits of Top Cryptocurrencies brokers are:
·Top brokers can be used by anybody to trade.
·The rate is set by the broker. Most of the time the EXCH rate is similar to the market quote plus or minus the broker premium or fee. Therefore traders can only buy or sell their assets at the broker quote price.
·Top broker has a minimum volume for forex trading.

3.Cryptocurrency Funds

Cryptocurrencies Funds are pools of professionally managed capital invested in publicly tradable Cryptocurrencies. The Funds are a way of investing that is becoming more popular and with immense financial potential. The two funds most widely used are:
·Cryptocurrencies Publicly Traded Funds in which any trader can buy a share or participation in the fund and hold it over time or sell it to get some revenue.
·Cryptocurrencies Private Buy-And-Hold Funds, They are available by invitation or by private offering from a top Cryptocurrency broker, the participation is limited, and the investment amount usually is higher than 100.000 USD

Top Cryptocurrency exchange

  Being a Top Cryptocurrency exchange recognized by the forex traders’ community is a difficult task. The aggressive competition for catching the ever-increasing number of forex investors, demands titanic efforts to be Top Cryptocurrency exchange. New traders can be fouled by fancy ads and sophisticated websites designs, which invite them to risk their capital by using a noncertified or unsafe forex website. The choosing of genuine Top Cryptocurrency exchange means the world for traders; this decision has a tremendous impact on both the potential revenue the forex trader can get and the safety of his investment.  For this reason, we highlight the essential features a top must have to be considered a real one by professional traders.
The Essential Features Any Top Cryptocurrency Exchange Has to Offer Are:
·The Top online website will be available 24/7. It must have an easy to use interface and fast responding platform.
·The Top are entitled to conduct business in your region or country
·The Top provides live streaming updates for each forex EXCH rate.
·Top provides top-notch security for the trader's information, and all the trades make on it.
·The payment methods offered by a top must include a wide variety, such as the most popular e-wallets, wire transfers, credit cards and Bank direct deposits.
·Tops entirely disclose each transaction fees to allow traders to calculate the final cost of any order placed on it.
·Top receives and processes orders immediately reflecting the latest EXCH rate accurately.
Top Cryptocurrency broker
A top Cryptocurrency broker is a reputable and well known online trading platform in which anybody can register to trade their forex assets. The Top Cryptocurrency broker can be easily found by reading the several users reviews on it, which is one of the fastest ways to identify a top broker, as well as, by word of mouth among professional traders. In order to facilitate your top Cryptocurrency broker choosing and let you know how you can be confident your chosen one is a real Top broker, we will describe the elements you need to evaluate before you trust your investment on it.

How to Choose a Top Cryptocurrency Broker

·Top broker Safety and transparency. The first element to evaluate by anybody who wants to do business is always, how safe your investment will be and how transparent it will be handled. Every User has to go over the top Cryptocurrency broker license to conduct business and the regulators' entities which oversee its operation. Traders are advised to use only well-registered forex brokers with proper government regulation and financial watchdog agencies supervision to avoid any scam.
·Top broker reputation, as we have stated, the easiest way to get real information about any business is to read about the registered users reviews, comments, feedbacks and professional evaluations. Any top broker has thousands of positive reviews from professional traders and hundreds of users, who describe how they operate and the pros and cons of it.  Traders must investigate the broker´s reviews before making any payment or start trading on it.
·Top broker trading platform; nowadays there are various technical tools and price charts displays, which optimize the revenue generation by allowing the trader to anticipate the rate trend. Moreover, an easy to use and fast to deploy from any device trading platform is a required feature in any top x broker. Furthermore, the time for processing orders and the permanent live rate is mandatory to be considered before you choose your top x broker
·Rates of the top x broker, you have to review the rate offered by you shortlisted top brokers and compared those between them and with the official forex market. There are reports of rate variations of up to 17% between the brokers, and this amount is considerable for your revenue. The closer the rate offered is to the forex market, the better for your investment.
·Fees, any business activity incurs some fees to make the deal.  Trading involves some fees, which have to be reviewed before you decide to invest any money, a top broker will disclose all the fees involved in any transaction in advance and most of the time they don't charge any trading, deposit, or withdrawal fee.
·Payment methods; each top x broker, offers different payment methods, which include popular e-wallets, wire transfers, direct bank deposit, and credit cards, the same methods are accepted for deposits. You must be sure it offers your desired payment method.
·Verification requirements. The trading is known for its hard to track transaction record. However, if you want to make an investment of this and trade forex, a top broker will require getting your personal and bank information; on the same token, you must verify your identity either by sending them an official government identification form or emailing some documents. This step is critical since you might not be allowed to make any money withdrawal from your account, until your account is thoroughly verified. Before you make any payment or money deposit, be sure you have evaluated the verification requirements and the process for it. We highly recommend having your account verified before you start the forex trading.
·Geographical service area or geographic restrictions for the top broker, the licensing authority which entitles the forex broker to conduct business only authorizes it to provide its forex broker services for a limited area. Additionally, some countries have explicit restrictions on the forex market or the. As a consequence of it, not each top x broker can conduct business in each country, you have to be sure your chosen top x broker is allowed to provides its forex brokerage service in your residence country and it can transfer money to the bank you selected.

The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

The best Cryptocurrency Exchange is the one that provides the most intuitive, easy to learn and fast responding trading platform. The website of the best must be readily available 24/7; the traders must be able to access it from any place around the globe. Most forex traders are aware of the critical importance, and high impact the economic release and important global financial events have on the forex market. Consequently, the ability to trade whenever you need is pivotal for the forex trader revenue and success. For this reason, the best Cryptocurrency Exchange has to process orders immediately after they are posted. It has to offer the best EXCH rate to maximize the forex trader revenue and profits generation. The best EXCH adapts to the forex trader´s strategies and investment plan permitting the total implementation and development of them.

Bitcoin Exchange

Bitcoin Exchange has opened a new investment world for thousands of nonprofessional forex traders, who have made important gains from it. Bitcoin Exchange was evaluated during the past year, as the most lucrative asset. Bitcoin Exchange generated profits of up to 2000%
 With net revenue of more than 2100% percent for some shrewd investors, who hold their position during 2017. On January 1, 2017, the Bitcoin quote BIT/USD was 965.86 USD, and on December 17, 2017, the best Bitcoin exchange was 19,200.67 USD. This staggering price soar of the best Bitcoin exchange has never been seen before with any publicly traded asset. The Bitcoin exchange has been consistently the most valuable currency in the world since April 2011. These incredibly dynamic Bitcoin exchange rates have caught everybody eyes increasing the number of new Bitcoin buyer every single day steadily for the last seven years. The best Bitcoin quote made the first cryptocurrencies forex trader billionaire.  

The Best Bitcoin Exchange

The best Bitcoin exchange is hard to find since there is a ferocious competitive forex market. The limited number of Bitcoins available for trading and the wide acceptance of Bitcoins as a payment method for several services and goods have boosted the amount of the best Cryptocurrency exchange platform and Top cryptocurrency broker with fabulous offers for Bitcoin traders.
Today is required that Bitcoin traders shop around before they choose where to trade their Bitcoins. The best Bitcoin exchange offers exceptionally competitive forex rates. It must represent the latest Bitcoin market quotes accurately. The best Bitcoin exchange does not charge any trading fee. They get their revenue from the Bitcoin spread difference getting from buyers and sellers. As a result, The best Bitcoin exchange most of the time will offer the lowest possible fees with the most accurate Bitcoin exchange rate to attract more forex traders.  

Best Place to Buy Bitcoins

Evaluating the top forex broker or the best place to buy Bitcoin is an enormous challenge due to the permanent escalating competition between them for getting your Bitcoins. We strive to offer you only the most trusted and reputable forex trading platform which have been evaluated and reviewed as the best place to buy Bitcoins. We make continuous unbiased comparison between hundreds of forex broker, trading platforms, and the best places to facilitate your trading experience and final selection.  However, we strongly encourage you to do your job and compares them before you decide since crypto forex offers and promotions vary from time to time. We describe what you need to look for your final choice.

The Best Place to Buy Bitcoins Characteristics
·The best place to buy Bitcoin is definitely the one who offers the fastest Bitcoin transfer speed into your e-wallet at the lowest price.
·The best place to buy Bitcoin has the Bitcoin the exchange rate similar to the current Bitcoin market quote.
·It has to offer a safe trading platform where, your identity, money, and Bitcoin are safe. Therefore, the best place to buy Bitcoins has to supervise the wholly trading process and its safety continuously.
·Similar to a top broker, the best place to buy Bitcoins need to offer several payment methods and take orders around the clock.
·Always is mandatory to review the feedback left by certified register users to be sure everything will be as expected or promised by the top trading platform.
·In short, the best place to buy Bitcoins is the one who gives you the best Bitcoin rate, the lowest Bitcoin mining fees and the fastest transfer speed with the payment method used by you under a safe platform.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange

The Bitcoin revolution has generated all kind of market responses. The financial institutions have joined efforts to compete for a share of the forex market. It has increased the number of Cryptocurrencies offered for public trade. The apparently unlimited financial potential of this emerging market is making its price to skyrocket and reaches a never seen before investment revenue causing that most people and professional trader manifest interest on these assets and become forex traders. Thanks to this wave of new forex traders, the forex broker, the online brokers, and the trading organization are offering a wide variety of financial and investments products as a way to become the best cryptocurrency exchange.

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