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Everus Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Everus is another tech company that makes blockchain answers for enormous data, telecom, retail, healthcare, philanthropy and training. The company offers services that are secure, completely straightforward and can be proficient and solid.

What Is Everus?

Everus is a blockchain technology that can be used for the making of real answers for issues that influence numerous industries and fields. Fundamentally, what the company will do will be to make new items and arrangements that can be used for organizations.

The company has chosen to pick the blockchain technology because it is considerably more straightforward than a large portion of the innovations are and is totally solid if you fabricate a solid and dynamic network of individuals who are interested in being a piece of it.

Additionally, the blockchain technology settles trust issues that can without much of a stretch appear in every one of the markets that require indifferent transactions and is highly productive and secure. If you need precision, blockchain may be an answer, so that is the reason the company has picked it.

everus homepage

Everus Enterprise Blockchain Technologies, Mall and EVR Coin Products

Up until this point, Everus has created four main items that will be sold by the company. They all use the blockchain technology to offer more for the client. One of this items, potentially the main one, is Ethereum-bases ERC20-powered EVR token. The tokens will go about as the main cash in the company’s items.

EverMO is a platform for traders that can work both online and offline. Its main goal is to cross over any barrier between consumers and vendors in a worldwide scale. DataNoodle is another item. It tends to be used to make prescient analysis and to comprehend the user conduct better. Fundamentally, this item is tied in with using machine learning to anticipate drifts and comprehend the market better.

Finally, there is Yottahash, which is a cloud mining platform that can be used to get EVR tokens. You can buy an apparatus or use your own home PC and earn cash by mining tokens.

The company has just released its wallet and plans to release its blockchain in June. A charge card will be available in October and some different features like the BaaS platform and P2P financing will be available on 2019.

Everus Services

The company offers different items, as well all in all parcel of services that can be gotten to through the Everus platform. These services plan to take care of numerous issues that can be found on the planet with the guide of the blockchain technology.

Everus has services for training (with an accentuation in consumer knowledge), finances (keeping data secured), enormous data (investigation and real-time data), healthcare (enhance the effectiveness of health structures), telecom (network unwavering quality) and retail (coordinations and keeping track of the most imperative transactions that your company makes).

everus services

Who Is Behind Everus?

These individuals are the ones in charge of the company: Srinivas Oddati (author, CEO), Ravi Kumar (VP – Strategic Partnerships in USA and Canada), Ananga Sundari Ponniah (Head of Operations), Myer Iyemman (Legal Counsel), Rajesh Jannavarapu (Data Expert), Mohammad Shazri (Chief Analytics of Big Data).

The main counsels of the company are Dato Sri Devarmany, John Meyer, Sanjay Basu, Chris Schold and Tom Naramore, which are managers and CEO at imperative organizations like PayCaddy, Mitek Systems and Oracle.

everus team

Is Everus a good investment? Is it safe to put my cash into EVR?

No, it’s anything but a ‘good investment’ to buy Everus, and given the market unpredictability it is certainly not sheltered either. We would encourage you to not to consider buying or trading Everus as an investment but simply hypothesis.

It is certainly conceivable to benefit from an increase in the estimation of EVR – and if you short the coin you may even benefit from an accident in the market.

However with such a great amount of uncertainty in the market all the better you can do is make an informed figure with regards to the heading of the price or the temperament of the market. If you’re not informed on the fundamentals that is quite near a gamble.

Keep in mind, your capital is in danger.. Trading conditions can change whenever without earlier notice. Buying, holding or trading is a high hazard action that may incur significant misfortunes over a brief timeframe

Blockchain initiatives for real-world arrangements

Everus Technologies plans to lead the way, not only for real-world applications, but rather real-life arrangements.

Everus Technologies is a blockchain technology company situated in Malaysia that plans to pioneer the across the board reception of blockchain around the world. The world is continually shifting and the rise of this technology opens up new roads and strategies for conducting activities. With a large group of items custom fitted to offer world-changing arrangements, we expect to give a consistent ordeal and a positive progress for all.

everus platform

Why decide on blockchain?

In our current reality where information is disseminated in a moment or two, data must be verified and exact. The decentralized idea of blockchain implies that all data is verified in real-time, creating an intrinsic obligation of trust.

Reproduced over different hubs within the blockchain network, data is unchanging and lasting, and will never be lost. Blockchain technology will likewise lower costs and diminish manpower.

everus blockchain


Security, straightforwardness and effectiveness are signs of blockchain technology, and Everus items expect to meet and surpass those qualities. As governments, financial institutions, securities commissions and other approach creators begin to see the advantages of blockchain, Everus tries to connect the consumer-controller hole with arrangements that oversee and help consistence.


Proficiency is of principal significance, with Everus arrangements leveraging on blockchain technology to enhance existing procedures and services. Developing real-world initiatives that use blockchain technology and smart contracts, Everus expects to tackle issues in regions, for example, debacle help, governance, financial instruction, and some more.

everus rewards

How To Buy Everus?

While reading this review you must be wondering about how to buy Everus. However, the process is quite simple and this section will help you to know how to buy Everus. First of all, you will need to find the exchanges where you will be able to buy Everus. At the moment, you can buy Everus from Cryptopia and C-Cex.

Everus Conclusion

This company offers arrangements that can be used particularly for traders who are interested in using investigation that will assist them with understanding their clients better and to make arrangements that will drive their sales forward. If you are interested in this, at that point Everus can definitely be a good alternative for you.

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