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Risk Warning: Your capital may be at risk

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eToro is one of the leading and best-voted internet broker. The eToro trading platform has more than 4.5 million of registered traders or active eToro users’ accounts. eToro reviews are full of favorable and positives comments, which praised the easy to use and trader friendly eToro trading platform. The eToro trading platform has developed various unique features such as eToro social trading, eToro follows and copy trading, eToro forex, eToro binary options and others that are the traders favorite and the main reason of the all-time high eToro traders’ preferences and acceptance.  The present article evaluates the eToro broker review, eToro internet broker features eToro licenses, eToro trader support, eToro trading platform, any allegation about eToro scam, and any valuable information needed to appraise the eToro internet broker and its convenience for your trading needs.


eToro Broker

eToro is the leading internet broker which developed the social trading revolution. eToro trading platform was designed to simplify the complex stock and forex market trades and make this highly technical financial instrument available to anybody who wants to take advantages of it. The eToro internet broker has developed a complete trading course, with explaining in layman terms the essential trading and market concepts and how to read and use the technical tools required to anticipate a market momentum. eToro invests in developing a colorful display which simplifies the trading for beginners and delivers a user-friendly eToro platform where the traders can educate themselves and become better traders, while they can interact with others and copy or just watch what the most successful traders do and how they do it. Practice trading by using the eToro practice account and get profits for anticipating the asset’s price or market movement direction.

eToro Broker Review

After going over thousands of certified eToro account owners eToro broker review, we found that most of them are positive. eToro broker review highlights the eToro social trading feature as the most welcome and best perceived by traders. eToro broker review shows a consistent trust in the internet broker transparency and business model. eToro users are aware that the platform follows the European financial legal system and industry guidelines. eToro Broker review is packed with hundreds of post celebrating the user-friendly eToro trading platform.

eToro Broker Review on the eToro Trading Platform

It is common to find the eToro broker review on the eToro trading platform reporting it as simple to use, with enough market information to make the best market choice. The eToro reviews said the eToro trading platform was developed with the final trader in mind. eToro reviews consistently described the eToro trading platform interface as very intuitive and with the essential indicators and oscillators needed to perform various technical analyses efficiently. The eToro trading platform is very flexible, and it can be adjusted to meet most traders trading preferences.

The eToro trading platform offers a game like an experience for novice traders, who can just select in which financial tool they want to invest, and the eToro trading platform interface will offer some basic settings accordingly to the trader level. The beginner or novice level are designed like a video game with a colorful display and simplify the graphical representation of the complex market indices, exchange rates, and quotes. The eToro Interface can be customized.

The eToro trading platform can be accessed from any part of the world by an internet-connected device. Additionally, there is an eToro mobile App, which enables access to the eToro trading platform, from compatibles tablets or smartphones to ensure the eToro traders never miss a trading opportunity.

The eToro trading platform allows the trader to set copydtrader an innovative social trading tool, which executes market orders replicating the selected trader. Most eToro reviews praised the easy for using eToro trading platform interface. It can be used by anybody regardless his market or previous financial experience. A 5th-grade child can understand the call to action selection, and the market quotes and indexes are displayed in the friendliest possible way.

The eToro trading platform is as complete as any trader could bargain for. It has all the technical tools you might need. The eToro trading platform pedagogically oriented settings make the trading experience enjoyable and goal oriented, with the profits generation goal in mind. The market information is broken down to make it more understandable for a beginner trader, and the use of graphics are frequently perceived as self-explanatory of the intended delivery information.

etoro platform

eToro Broker Review on the eToro Webtrader

The eToro webtrader is preset in a similar fashion, as the gamer’s platform in which the trader can select its trader level from beginner or novice until expert and the price charts and various graphics display complexity will automatically adjust to it. These preset parameters are the easiest way to start trading with the right amount of information the trader could handle base on his expertise level. Nevertheless, the trader is in complete control of its trading experience. He can select a more conservative or classic display in the event that he prefers a more straightforward eToro webtrader display.

eToro Webtrader synchronized with the trader portfolio and trading style. eToro Webtrader is intuitive and automatically follows the trader preferences and trading style adjusting itself to simplify the trader investment portfolio management and monitoring the market movement. Furthermore, any feature or parameter of the eToro trading platform can be fully customized by the trader.

eToro Webtrader maximizes the information delivery from the market and economics reports, allowing that the trader communicate or discuss with the others eToro traders through the eToro OpenBook chats rooms or forums.

eToro webtrader can be used by the eToro account owner from any part of the world after he eToro sign in into his trader account. The entire eToro Webtrader platform can be used with all its features and trading modalities. The eToro webtrader can deploy social trading at the trader desire capacity at any moment and in any place. Moreover, the eToro App enables the use of eToro webtrader from any compatible smartphone.

eToro Broker Review on the eToro Traders Score and Continuous Evaluation

eToro platform is monitoring each trader performance permanently and assigns an evaluation grade, which can be used to self-assessment of the trader experience level, win rate, and strategy risk. The grade or evaluation score given by the eToro platform consider the trader success and compares with the other 4.5 millions of registered traders. Traders can expect to improve their score over time as a prove of improvement of their trading skill, market anticipation accuracy, and technical tools better understanding. Most eToro traders evaluated this scoring system positively and repeatedly include it in their eToro review.

eToro REVIEW on the eToro Market Hours

EToro trading platform is open for business 24/7. However, most of the trading is performed when the world’s markets are conducting business; It is from Sunday at 2300 hours until Friday at 2100 hours GMT. There are some variations for particulars currency pairs or commodities, which trading hours depend on their countries markets operation hours and for this reason, the trading hours might vary for them. Notice that eToro cryptocurrency can be traded 24/7.

eToro Review on eToro Safety

eToro sign in page requires the trader email account and password to access the eToro account. The eToro broker will verify the trader identity and keep all the personal information safe, and it won’t be shared with any other financial entity. There are not unauthorized access reports to the eToro accounts. The eToro App share the essential security features of the eToro broker internet website and eToro trading platform. Although the is not token or image verification, the eToro safety follows the industry standard. The eToro platform accurately posts the traders orders, and the traders can select the price expected price moving directions and maturity time. The eToro review on eToro safety is satisfactory with no problem found.

Is EToro Safe?

Absolutely yes, EToro broker review on the safety and transparency of the eToro internet broker found that the platform is fully regulated by the government and financial regulatory agencies. eToro internet broker fully complies with the industry standards. eToro Europe and eToro UK have their own funds, which all time meets the European Capital Requirements Regulation stipulations to operate as a broker and execute the order on behalf of the millions of eToro registered traders.

The fastest way to answer to the eToro safe question is to open eToro demo account or eToro practice account for free and try it for yourself. Once you eToro sign in you can access to the eToro trading platform, which gives you access to all the eToro trading tools and investment modalities available from the eToro broker. Therefore, you can review if eToro is safe and any possible concern you might have. To the date when this review was made no safety fault was found on the eToro broker internet.

etoro banner

Is eToro Licensed?

Yes, it is entirely licensed. eToro Europe and eToro UK are both authorized and entitled to offer the internet broker services, and their activities are covered by the regulatory agencies insurance coverages.

Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (Cysec) licenses EToro Europe. The eToro Europe headquarters address is 4 Profiti Ilia Street, Germasogeia, Limassol, Cyprus. Every eToro trader registered on the eToro Europe LTD. Is covered for up to 20.000 USD

eToro UK is registered and licensed by the Bank of England Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under the number 583263. The eToro UK headhunters are located at 5 Fleet Place, London EC4M 7RD and principal place of business at 42nd floor, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AB.

Is eToro Legit

Yes, of course, eToro internet broker is entirely legit, with more than 4.5 millions of active registered users from 170 countries around the globe. The eToro UK and eToro Europe are fully entitled to accept, process, and execute trading orders on world’s markets either by themselves or by hiring a third party. The eToro internet broker segregates its users account and their deposited money, separating each trader money from the others and the eToro to ensure the integrity and safety of individual investment capital.

The various eToro financial products and investment modalities are entirely regulated and approved for public trading. The eToro OpenBook and eToro Copytrader are execution orders’ service for which eToro Europe and eToro UK are fully entitled and authorized to process or execute on behalf of the eToro traders.

There Is any Evidence of eToro Scam

Not at all, the eToro trading platform is managed with absolute transparency to reflect the trader’s choices and market selections. The eToro webtrader reflects the orders place accurately by the traders. The revenues and profits are deposited into the trader account immediately after they are available. Additionally, any transaction eToro fees are fully disclosed on the eToro website portal in advance to any transaction. The eToro trading platform self-updates in real time with the latest market quotes and relevant information. The trader is total control of the trading calls to actions and orders placement. The eToro orders

eToro Broker Review About EToro Scam

etoro banner 2After going over thousands of certified eToro account holders eToro reviews post, no evidence of any scam, swindle, fraudulent activity or deceptive behaviors were found on eToro Broker. Neither eToro Europe nor eToro UK has been charged or commended for any illegal activity or financial wrongdoing. eToro broker review on eToro traders money management found that eToro segregates the money from the individual’s traders and separates those from the eToro own money accounts and financial resources to ensure management transparency and 24/7 traders money availability. eToro operates under the top European regulators’ supervision.

eToro Forex

eToro Scam allegations are not found in any regulatory agency or supervising government body. The eToro webtrader, eToro trading platform, eToro Copytrader and eToro OpenBook are completely compliant with the broker’s regulations, and They are used daily for millions of traders without any notorious incident.

eToro forex is more than just an online forex market or a forex trading platform. eToro forex not only provides the best indicators, oscillators, technical tools, and the wide variety of price charts but also it offers a forex trader community eager to share its trading knowledge and forex techniques among its members.   The eToro forex is one of the fastest growing trader community, and the number of active traders’ accounts is increasing each day.

eToro forex put the knowledge of the crowd to everybody service inside the OpenBook community. eToro forex social trading is adding more customer each hour, who wants to take advantages of the most experiment and successful forex trader knowledge.

eToro Forex Trading Platform

eToro forex trading platform was designed to optimize the information delivery speed in order to ensure the minimum delays and maximum market movement anticipation. eToro broker updates quotes and the various price charts in milliseconds. The Forex eToro trading platform includes multiple technical tools allowing forex traders to perform their technical and fundamental analysis on the eToro trading platform from any internet connected computer and transforming any computer into a sophisticated trading station.

The New eToro – Product Overview

eToro Forex Trading on The EToro App

The eToro App allows traders to place their eToro forex trading orders on the go and gives entirely access to the eToro forex trading platform technical tools and various graphics displays. eToro forex understand that time is a valuable resource in the financial markets, for this reason, the trader can keep connected while they are away or on the go and be sure they won’t miss a forex trading or investment opportunity.

eToro Forex Graphics and Unique Trading Areas

eToro forex trading platform considers the trader level to offer unique approaches to the various investment products eToro broker provides. A trader can select the traditional and elaborate price charts display with most indicators and technical tools displayed on those, or he can choose the unique eToro trading areas. The eToro exclusive trading areas are video game like trading platform, which simplifies the trader market choices and information management with colorful and animated displays.

There are four major eToro forex trading areas specially designed for beginners’ traders and those novices with little or no knowledge of forex indicators, oscillators, and sophisticated technical tools. In these four main areas, the eToro trading platform uses a video game-like interface, in which the trader needs to make the future market anticipation, and the graphical representation is animated. It is similar to display a price chart with the forex quotation indicated on it, but the animated characters make easier to understand for the beginner eToro trader.

EToro forex race, The trader race against the others and the display will show your money character running to the finish line in a marathon area designed to deliver the exchange rate of the three major currencies a trader wants to buy or sell the exchange rate will determine who wins. EToro forex The dollar trend, the trader needs to anticipate the dollar movement, and the display will show two or more coins going up or down depending on its exchange rate in USD.

EToro forex The Globe trader, the trader picks two or more currency, and the display will show two or more countries’ currencies performances with a small window in the top of each one to press a see an entire exchange rate and forex market information breakdown.

EToro forex match. The trader picks a currency pair, and the display will show a tug war with each currency pulling on its side with real-time market updates, facilitating to track your investment performance. The currency winner will be determined by the exchange rate.

The four major eToro forex trading areas are the simplest way to trade and keep a record of all your transaction with the outcome of each of them. Additionally, the eToro trading platform will assign each trader a graded score, which will inform how well he did, comparing his trading history and comparing to other traders. Most account holders reported those features as user-friendly and efficient trading tools on their eToro reviews. Traders evaluated very well the several graphics displays and the scores offered on the eToro trading platform or eToro webtrader.

eToro Demo Account

eToro demo account allows anybody to start trading like a professional broker without risking any money and learn to use the eToro webtrader for free. The eToro demo account can eToro sign up with essential information and an associated email account and phone number. Once you eToro sign up, you will be immediately taken to the principal eToro webtrader, and the eToro dashboard will ask you if you want to trade for real or practice trading. The eToro demo account gives you unrestricted access to the state of the art eToro trading platform and its unique trading features for you to test and evaluate them.

Learn to Trade with the eToro Demo Account

Once you registered your eToro account, you only need eToro sing in to start learning for free. Select the practice trading options and all the market information, and the various technical tools will be offered on your trading dashboard. Anybody can take advantages of the fake 100.000 USD eToro demo account assigned for practicing on its eToro webtrader. Learn how to read and understand all the indicators, memorize, and recognize the most frequent price pattern. A trader can obtain and process the information display on a candlestick price charts, the trading charts, and the various trading lines. The eToro demo account is the first step any trader regardless of his trading expertise level must take before entering the market with real money. eToro demo account is the best tool for personal trading knowledge assessment

etoro demo account

eToro Demo

eToro demo offers the possibility to test the eToro trading platform with all its features for free. The eToro demo gives access to the eToro webtrader, eToro OpenBook, eToro social trading, and others unique investment opportunities of the eToro trading platform ultimately. Anybody considering in investing in trading must use eToro demo. Using eToro demo, the trader can evaluate how accurate his analyzes and market anticipations are. He can calculate his winning rate and the eToro broker will assign a score, which summarizes his trading level, accuracy, and compares his level with the other millions of eToro traders. eToro demo is the safest way to experiment the trading tools and the real market conditions without paying a single cent for it. Using the eToro social trading platform and test the eToro OpenBook and eToro Copytrader is risk-free with your eToro demo account you only need to eToro sign up to open your eToro account.

eToro Bonus

etoro banner 3

eToro bonus is a monetary reward deposited into the trader eToro account after a money deposit is made by the account owner. The eToro bonus can be from 100 USD to 1000 USD per deposit. There is no limit to the number of eToro bonus a trader can get during the year. The only factor the eToro broker considers to give the eToro bonus is the total amount of money per deposit. eToro bonus is deposited into the trader account, and he can use it immediately to place orders or increase his investment capital.

eToro bonus is also offered to the best and most copied eToro traders, based on their performance and trading ranking. The eToro broker provides eToro bonus to new and formers customers to show them the broker appreciation for conducting business on the eToro trading platform.

Additionally, to the eToro bonus, the eToro broker offers to refund up to 20% of all the trader spread commissions. It can be substantially, and eToro internet broker is the only world broker who shares his earning among its users and account holders giving back to the eToro traders community. Taking advantages of the eToro bonus is the easiest and fastest way to increase your investment capital risk-free.

eToro app

eToro app allows traders to take their trading station with them anywhere in the world. EToro app can be download from the google play store or the Apple store, and it works fine on Android or IOS operating systems. Thanks to the eToro app trader can take the social trading network with them and enjoy of more than 1000 different investment opportunities by trading on the forex market, stock market and commodities Copyfunds, OpenBook, and copy each order the leading investors placed. The eToro App is the perfect extension of the eToro desktop version with a similar interface and synchronizing investment portfolio. eToro traders are sure they will always be informed about the market updates and any market or economic release. The eToro App updates the market quotes and allows to perform the technical analyses and use the technical tools from the eToro trading platform.

eToro app put the world’s market at everybody fingertips

The eToro app opens the financial markets to anyone, and its social trading network allows any user to learn, listen, and take part of the thousands of business conversations and market discussions that take place on the eToro trading network. Beginners traders who have a 9 to 5 job, or are working full time, can take advantages of any free time or commute time to learn trading or place their orders. Moreover, professional traders can rely upon they will have permanent access to their trading markets using the eToro App regardless of where they are located as long as they have internet access.

eToro App Advantages

  • The eToro app is 100% free
  • The eToro app can be directly downloaded into yoursmartphone from the Apple store or Google play store
  • The eToro app transforms your tablet or smartphone into a trading station
  • The eToro app allows you to have a money management plan similar to the most successful and expert traders by setting the automatically copy and trade of them. Therefore, every order placed by your selected trader will be copy and place on your account without any delay. It gives you the trader’s expert level instantly to anybody.
  • Join the Popular Investor program and earn 2% management fee, enjoy 100% spread rebate and a many more VIP benefits.

The eToro App Enables its Users to:

1.Choose top traders to copy, and set automatic fund management.

2.Get real on-time notifications about market events.

3.Get market updates in real time with less than a second delay.

4.Invest in Stocks

5.Invest in currencies or eToro forex market

6.Invest in Indices and Commodities

7.Invest in ETFs

8.Invest in Toro’s next-generation product – CopyFunds

9.Place market orders or make modifications to current orders at any moment when permitted.

eToro Trading

eToro trading is the overall simplification of the trading process and the opening of the previously seclude trading investment opportunities to anybody. eToro trading is the latest financial revolution with the incorporation of the revolutionary concept of the social trading,  eToro trading bring the ultimate eToro trading platform and the eToro webtrader into a game like an interface to make it more accessible for new traders. The eToro trading is the stock market adaptation to the newly integrated and always interconnected and social networking society. The eToro trading takes in consideration the trader’s preferences and financial level to offer the various setting. It offers hundreds of different customized adjustments to adapt the eToro trading platform to the trader’s investment style and trading strategy. eToro trading has been evaluated as the most accessible and most user-friendly trading platform. The eToro trading can be used by anybody with any educational background or trading knowledge

eToro Trading

eToro Minimum Deposit

etoro deposit methodseToro minimum deposit depends upon the account owner country of residency. eToro minimum deposit can be as low as 50 USD for most world areas. However, there are some regulatory agencies restrictions, which impose a 1000 USD eToro minimum deposit for particulars countries. Notice that the minimum deposit amount restriction might only apply for first-time deposit. After your account is verified and after your first deposit, the eToro minimum deposit is 50 USD. However, traders must be aware that the total amount deposited each time is evaluated for eToro bonus, for this reason, is advisable to make a more significant deposit to get the eToro bonus and increase the traders’ investment money instantly.

To learn what the eToro minimum deposit requirements for your country or region are, you only need to enter into the eToro broker platform or eToro website and select the minimum deposit bottom on it or the deposit option on the eToro webtrader and learn the minimum amount accepted for your country. Remember that the eToro minimum deposit after your first one is 50 USD, and you can make it with any of the accepted payment methods.

What ARE the Payment Options for the eToro Minimum Deposit?

eToro broker accepts the leading worlds payment methods. The trader can choose from several payments methods to fund his account, the major credit cards, bank or debit cards are accepted, and the money is available instantly after credit card approval once you have passed the verification process or after 24 hours if you have not verified your identity yet. China UnionPay, Giropay, Neteller, PayPal, Skrill Limited UK, WebMoney, Wire Transfer, Wirecard, Yandex are accepted the money will be available in the trader’s account from one second after payment to up to 4 days, depending on the payment method used. The time delay is sufficiently disclosed before you make any deposit or payment to ensure you are in control of your trading account.

eToro Deposit Bonus

EToro deposit bonus is a money deposit into the trader’s account by the eToro platform offered to traders who make a deposit equal or greater than 400 USD. The eToro deposit bonus can be from 100 USD to 1000 USD. The eToro deposit bonus amount is determined by the total amount deposited at once. The trader may get an eToro deposit bonus each time he makes a new deposit into his account as long as he meets the minimum amount of money required for the eToro deposit bonus giveaway.  Furthermore, the eToro broker continually gives eToro bonus to the eToro customers or traders, Increasing the investment capital to increase their profit generation potential.

etoro banner 3

eToro OpenBook

eToro OpenBook is the social trading revolution, with eToro OpenBook, the trading learning process is speeding up and placing orders is simplify to straight forwards steps. Every trader register at eToro broker is sung up in the eToro OpenBook. Therefore, every single trade or order will be shared among the eToro community. Simultaneously, any trading activity of the eToro OpenBook community is available for any member to consider, compare, or copy it. eToro OpenBook is a revolutionary way trade considering the trading orders, technical analyses and strategies of the most successful traders of the entire eToro broker.

What is eToro OpenBook?

eToro OpenBook is a state of the art eToro social trading platform. The eToro OpenBook makes public and available for any of its member all the traders’ activities for them to consider what the others are doing. The eToro OpenBook creates the concept of social investment, in which the traders can browse the list of registered users, and they can select the traders with the best trading score, profits generation, and trading success to see what they are doing, and how they are doing it. Moreover, any trader can copy the trading strategy and all the market movement or order place by any member. Traders can set automatic order placements and entirely replicate the trading schemes of the best user or any user he may choose as a consequence each time the copied trader gets profits or ends in the money. The copier traders get profits too in the same invested proportion. The eToro OpenBook instantly confers the broker and market expert level of the person from who they are copying to each of the copier traders and all the benefits and risk of his investment is proportionally equally shared.

eToro Openbook

Advantages of eToro OpenBook

·eToro OpenBook Traders can test it for free opening an eToro demo account, which only requires to eToro sign up

·The wisdom of the crowd is available for all members of the EToro OpenBook. You just need to eToro sign up to be part of it.

·eToro OpenBook new traders or beginners can get instant insight, ask a question and interact with proven expert’s traders to whom they can mimic or replicate their trading strategy and market orders’ placement in real time, increasing the trader’s level and technical analyses capacity instantly.

·eToro OpenBook, additionally, to all the benefits someone can get from copy from successful traders, you can get expert advice, and they might correct some of your trading mistakes. This kind of support could cost you thousands of dollars and several hours of tutoring, but eToro OpenBook gives all that for free for your benefit and personal gain.

·eToro OpenBook shows comprehensive statistics about each customer in their profile avoiding misrepresentation of false impersonations. This feature avoids following blindly or to the wrong trader. eToro OpenBook shows the win rate, loss rate, the risk level at which the trader operates, how many traders are copying or following him and even the other members’ evaluations or what they like or dislike about the trader or the trader’s strategy.

·eToro OpenBook People Discovery search tool allows searching for particular users or by statistics to evaluate possible traders to follow. You can search by investment portfolio, win rate, order placement frequency, operational markets, risk level, country of residence and even you can search for verified identities or people who disclosed their real names. eToro OpenBook gives you total freedom and control of who you want to follow.

·Get feedback; you can use the eToro OpenBook just to interact or socialize with other traders. Get feedback about your strategy, clarify doubts, ask questions or exchange markets insights. There are even some areas or forums just to talk with people who share your same interest. eToro OpenBook is much more than just copy what successful traders do. It is a real investment think tank

·eToro OpenBook is the social trading platform, which connects people from 170 countries to maximize their profits generation potential. eToro OpenBook is commonplace for traders and people whose primary goal is to get profits and make money from market investment.

·You can leave or opt out the eToro OpenBook social trading at any moment and return whenever you consider it. The eToro OpenBook can be used as your personal investor adviser.

eToro Copytrader

CopyTrader with eToro OpenBook, you can copy others market movement and invest like a professional automatically with eToro CopyTrader.

eToro copytrader is the iconic feature of the eToro social investing platform. You can trade with the support and trading experience of the most extensive pool of global investors at no cost to you. eToro CopyTrader was launched in 2011, and this trading tool revolutionized the internet brokers and online trading.

What is eToro CopyTrader?

etoro banner 2eToro CopyTrader is an excellent trading tool, which allows you to copy all the present and future trades or orders placed by up to 10 different traders from the eToro OpenBook either automatically or after you push the authorization bottom to copy the order. EToro CopyTrader will copy and keep the same ratio or percentages per trade as the original trader. In other words, if the trader places an order for 10% of his investment capital buying GBP, the eToro copytrader will reproduce the exact order and adapt it to your money management plan or investment capital. Therefore, It will place the same order on your behalf but with the 10% of your investment capital.  Consequently, if you are following trader X and he invests 100.000 USD on EUR, and the 100.000 USD represent 30% of his investment capital, the eToro copytrader will place a similar order with the 30% of your funds. If your funds are only 1000 USD, the order will be placed for 300 USD on the same position. Placing an order with the similar ratios or percentages maintains the same potential profits generations for both traders, Trader X and you that are copying from him.

eToro CopyTrader not only saves you thousands of hours reading financial information and practicing complex arithmetic and statistics formulas but also it delivers the best market information already reviewed by several successful traders for you to use it at your entire convenience. The eToro copytrader is similar to answer a test with an open book. You don’t have to worry about drawing a conclusion from the market information or identifying complicated price charts or reading oscillators etc. The only thing in which you are required to focus is in choosing the best and most accurate successful traders to follow and copy from them. eToro CopyTrader provides complete access to thousands of traders strategy and investment plans as well as order placement for your consideration.

How to invest using eToro Copytrader?

1. Open an eToro trader account (you can use an eToro demo account too)

2. Go over the trader profile and eToro score of the top trader on eToro OpenBook

3. Select The trader that you consider the most successful and which strategy and risk level suits your trading style

4. Set your investment capital or the amount of money that you want to invest in this trader strategy. The total amount that you place will be considered the 100% investment capital. You can set any amount that you consider adequate for up to 10 different traders at time. Not matter if the set amount is 100 or 100.000 USD the eToro Copytrader will apply the ratio or percentage based on the trader from whom you are copying.

5. Select the option to eToro copytrader and choose to copy:

a) CopyTrader Copying all trades the eToro trading platform will offer the possibility to copy the current trades the trader placed before and has not reached their maturity term yet.

b) CopyTrader Copying only new trades the eToro trading platform will copy any new order placed by your selected trader and put the same percentage of your investment money on the same position

6. You can manually close any trade copied, and the money from it will be credited back to your copytrader account. (certain conditions may apply)

7. The expiration date and price movement anticipation will be replicated accurately as the original one. Furthermore, if the trader changes any of those, those changes will be reflected instantaneously on your orders.

eToro Copytrader has the same risk as any market investment or trading order, for this reason, there are two additional modalities to decrease potential losses and the trading risk.  The eToro copytrader Copy Stop Loss (CSL) and pause copy.

What is eToro Copytrader Copy Stop Loss (CSL)

eToro copytrader Copy Stop Loss (CSL) is the same social trading in which you can copy from the trades other traders are doing but with the added feature to preset the amount of money you are willing to lose or risk in a particular trader you are copying or the market orders you copied from him.

eToro copytrader Copy Stop Loss can be adjusted to your comfort zone with and visual display that simplifies its use. The Trader only needs to set how much money he is willing to risk or lose moving downward the dollar sign until it reaches the desired amount after the original investment reached the stop loss point it will close the copy and save the balance avoiding any further money loss and reducing the investment risks. Most traders set the eToro copytrader Copy Stop Loss at the 95% of the original value, meaning that they are risking only 5% of the invested money thanks to this eToro feature.

eToro copytrader Copy Stop Loss is like and lifesaver, which will be automatically deploy when the trader you are copying from makes a wrong market anticipation or the orders he placed are in opposite direction to the expected market or asset’s price movement direction. The eToro copytrader Copy Stop Loss prevent that the wrong analyses done by the trader you are copying from produces large losses on you. It is similar to the stop point or emergency exit point when the market experiment a trend reverse or the technical analysis done failed to anticipate the next asset’s price moving direction. eToro copytrader Copy Stop Loss is the safest way to use copytrader, particularly when you are unsure why the trader is investing in a specific asset.

eToro Pause Copy

eToro Pause copy allows you to stop copying any future trade from the trader you are following without closing the current open position that you wish to maintain. This feature can be used when you want to try a different trading approach or change the trader you are following or stop following a trader whose strategy is no longer appealing to you. eToro Pause Copy can be used for periods when you prefer to evaluate the trading outcome of the trader you are following, or you want to take a break from copying him. Notice that eToro Pause Copy just stops the imitations of future orders. It won’t affect the previously order placed or limited the lost they can produce.

eToro CopyFunds

eToro CopyFunds is the latest eToro trading option and revolutionizing financial product. eToro Copyfunds is similar to have a hedge fund or an investment fund managed by hundreds of successful and expert traders. eToro CopyFunds minimize the long-term investment risk and offer great revenue potential. There are currently two types of eToro CopyFunds.

etoro copyfunds

eToro Top Trader CopyFunds

Top Trader CopyFunds is the investment of the top eToro traders with the best performing and more time sustainable traders chosen to manage the fund and trade accordingly.

eToro Market CopyFunds

eToro Market CopyFunds bundle together CFD stocks, ETFs and commodities under a solid market management strategy.

eToro Sign up

eToro sign up requires only a couple of minutes, you just need to provide your name, email account, and a telephone number. The eToro sign up can be done for an eToro practice account or a real eToro trader account; both accounts are opened simultaneously once you signed up for an eToro account. Since eToro is the first and largest social trading platform, anybody can eToro sign up using either his google account or his Facebook account. The instructions for the entire process are in 10 different languages on the eToro sign up web page. As well as the eToro interface is offered in 10 different languages to ensure you can enjoy the many benefits, financial products and trading modalities eToro broker offer as soon as you finish you eToro sign up process.

eToro sign up opens a world of possibilities and connect you with millions of professionals traders from more than 170 countries, who are living around the globe, which are eager to share their trading knowledge and market insights.

eToro sign up on eToro UK

eToro sign up on eToro UK is only available for residents of the United Kingdom; the eToro sign up on the eToro UK process is similar to the eToro sign up on the eToro Europe or the regular eToro internet broker platform. The main difference is that besides being residents of the UK, anyone who wants to sing up on eToro UK must deposit 5000 USD with eToro Europe LTD. Despite the large monetary difference in the first eToro Minimum deposit, the eToro UK trading platform, operational markets and financial products are the same as the eToro Europe.

eToro Sign in

eToro sign in gives you total access to your eToro account and all the eToro trading modalities, technical tools, and the eToro social trading platform. You can eToro sign in from any computer or smartphone and use the eToro trading platform from any place to ensure your investment are growing correctly, or your open position are moving in the right price direction.

Traders can eToro sign in using the eToro app from any compatible smartphone. Once you eToro sign in into your eToro trader account, you can manage your eToro investment portfolio and be sure that you won’t miss any trading opportunity for being on the go or away from your usual trading station. You can receive market updates as soon as they are posted on their respective markets.

eToro sign in can be done with the user Gmail account or his Facebook account. If you forget your username or password, you can recover it in just seconds, or you can contact eToro customer support or the eToro help desk to get help to access your eToro account.

eToro Login

eToro login from your mobile thanks to the eToro trading app, eToro Mobile trading interface duplicates the desktop eToro features. Millions of traders eToro login while they are on the go and place their orders or review the latest market quotes and updates. eToro login can be done with the email and password, the Gmail account or the Facebook account. The three eToro login modalities offered by the eToro broker are for the trader convenience.

After eToro, login traders can enjoy all the eToro webtrader technical tools, financial instruments and the social trading. The eToro login page has the standard industry security measures to prevent the unauthorized access to your account or personal information.

Thanks to the eToro copytrader, you can trade even without eToro login into your eToro account since the eToro copytrade will replicate the trades done by the traders you are following automatically if you set it up.

etoro banner

eToro Fees

eToro fees are completely disclosed on the eToro webpage and the eToro trading platform. The eToro trading fees are simple to calculate, and most of them are built into the trading spread to make more accessible for traders to consider the eToro fees. The eToro fees used to be lower than other internet broker and they are calculated in the base of the number of pips in which the trader invest, in an effort from the eToro internet broker to keep low the trading cost for the eToro users.

Withdrawal eToro fees are 25 USD, it is fixed. There are eToro fees for currency conversion into USD if you make your deposit or fund your eToro account with another currency different from USD.

There are not eToro fees for opening an eToro account, using the eToro demo or eToro practice account, reading the learning material, using eToro copytrader or eToro OpenBook are free of charge.

eToro inactivity account fees. The deposited accounts are charge 5 USD inactivity eToro fees after 12 months of inactivity or 12 months without any new deposit on it. The eToro fees are deducted from the account balance, but eToro broker never takes any money from the eToro traders open position or holding assets. The eToro non-deposited account inactivity fee is charged after 4 months of inactivity.

The eToro fees structure is rather simple to understand and to calculate. eToro internet broker as an expression of appreciation for the eToro customers, eToro may refund up to 20% of the eToro spread fees to most of its users.

What Is eToro Spread?

EToro spread is the money difference, expressed in pips, between the buying and the selling price for any asset.  The pips are lower for the most popular trading assets. Indeed, there is a negative correlation between the traders’ interest and trading volume for particular assets or currency pair and its spread cost. The opposite also applies; the more exotic a trading is, the more expensive the spread is, in comparison to the most popular.

What Is a pip for eToro Spread

Pip is the minimum difference between the buying or bid price and the selling or ask price in the four decimal position of it. In other words, if you buy an asset at 1.0000 USD and its price varies to 1.0001, it is equal to one pip. Consequently, if its price varies to 1.0015, it is equivalent to 15 pips and so on. To calculate the number of pip or the pips variation you only need to remember the four decimal variation. E.g., 1 pip equals to 0.0001, 2 pips equal to 0.0002, 3 pips equal to 0.0003, 10 pips equal to  0.0010, 100 pips equal to 0.0100, a thousand pips equal to 0.1000. The eToro spread is explained in great detail in the eToro webtrader and the eToro trading platform.

eToro Deposit

EToro deposit is a flawless and straightforward process. eToro customer can use several payment methods to fund their accounts. eToro deposit can be made from the customer credit card, debit or atm card, wire transfer, electronic wallet, and various reputable payment services. The first eToro deposit can take up to 24 hours to be credited to the traders eToro account due to regulatory agencies and government verification requirements. After the customer verification is done, the eToro deposit can be available immediately if it is done by credit card or bank card.

Can I Make an EToro Deposit to a Third Party ?

eToro broker cannot accept or process third party deposit due to regulatory agencies restrictions. The eToro deposit must be made from the account owner banks or payments services. If the account owner wants to use his/her spouse payment options, first his spouse has to be included in the account and pass the eToro verification process, afterward, the account can be a joined account and the payment method from any of the account owner will be accepted to fund the eToro account.

Get eToro Bonus with Your eToro Deposits

eToro deposits can get you an eToro bonus, which is additional money credited into your eToro account as a  gift in appreciation for conducting your trading business with the eToro, internet broker. The eToro deposit bonus is given each time the eToro customer makes a deposit equal or greater than 400 USD.

There are not direct eToro fees for deposits, the only eToro fees deposit related are the bank associated cost to process and received the customer deposit fees and the conversion fees. Otherwise, eToro deposits are fees free.

eToro Withdrawal

eToro withdrawal request is fast and easy. The eToro account has to be identity verified in order to process the eToro withdrawal. You should verify your eToro account as soon as possible to avoid any delay in your eToro withdrawal request. Once the eToro withdrawal is processed the trader will receive an email notification and an account notification on the eToro trading platform informing to which payment provider your funds were sent.

eToro withdrawal can be requested at the eToro account owner convenience anytime and for up to the maximum amount of money deposited into the eToro account. The only limitations are the leverage or collaterals he might have.  The account funds are withdrawn using the same method the eToro customer used to make the eToro deposit. If the eToro internet broker platform cannot use the same payment method used by the user when he made the eToro deposit, a secondary or alternative payment method will be asked to process the eToro withdrawal request.

eToro withdrawal requests are processed in 24 hours or less. However, there is a time delay from one to five days to get your money refunded due to bank or credit card processing times. EToro withdrawal time frame per payment method is available on the eToro webpage or the eToro trading platform under the portfolio section. Remember additional delay may occur if your account is not verified.

eToro UK

eToro UK is the same eToro trading platform and the social trading experience offered to the UK residents only due to the Financial Conduct Authority, which regulated the security market exchange and trading financial instruments provided by the eToro UK internet broker. The financial conduct authority insurance will pay up to 50000 USD to the eToro UK account holders in the case of broker incapacity or financial insolvency. It is the main reason why the eToro UK is only available for the UK residence. There is not any difference from the eToro trading platform of the various trading modalities or financial products.

eToro Uk Trading Platform

The eToro Uk trading platform is the same as the eToro Europe, with all the benefits, technical tools, and trading options. The interface is the same, and the dynamics don’t change among both trading platform.

Can eToro UK Account Holder Use eToro OpenBook and eToro CopyTrader?

Yes, they can all eToro account holders are automatically included on the eToro OpenBook social trading platform after they eToro sign up. However, any trader can opt out at any time. eToro copytrader is widely used by the eToro UK traders, and there is no restriction or variation to their European counterpart.

eToro Broker Review Summary

· eToro broker is one of the leading internet broker worldwide with more than 4.5 million of active traders

· eToro broker is more than just a trading platform. The eToro broker invests in developing the social trading concept, and eToro has adequate the eToro trading platform to social trading and share crowd knowledge.

· The are unique products offered on the eToro platform that are developed to enhance the trading capacity of all the eToro traders. The most popular among them are the eToro forex, eToro OpenBook, eToro Copytrader and eToro CopyFunds.

· The eToro trading platform interface and the display were designed to resemble the video game experience to facilitate the initiation in the markets and trading of the beginners and new traders. The eToro trading platform offers four Forex trading areas that simplify the market choices and information processing needed to place orders.

· eToro broker and the eToro webtrader can be accessed from any internet connected computer or using the eToro app from any smartphone compatible device.

· The eToro trading platform can be tested by anybody who eToro sign up into an eToro account for free. The eToro demo account provides complete access to all the eToro features, trading modalities, and the eToro social trading.





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  1. Without any expierience you can start trading on forex, platform can automaticly copy trades from another users while you are offline, this is fantastic option when you are at work for example 🙂

  2. Im using etoro from about a year. I was start as a beginner and i was copy trades from another users, in the same time i was looking on charts how people who I follow making profitable trades, and now I dont need to follow professional traders, now I can do it my self!

  3. Im trader from about 7 years expierience and I can say that eToro platform is very advanced and also very easy to use. Give 5 stars

  4. eToro I think is the best while you dont know how to trade on forex , than you can use social trading to trade automaticly. I was starting like that.

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