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EtherSport review: How good is this new cryptocurrency platform?

There are numerous profitable and innovative cryptocurrency platforms coming up in the market. EtherSport, a lottery cryptocurrency is different from many similar cryptocurrency services as it is not based on selecting random numbers but includes the exact prediction and determination of sports events results which can’t be changed or influenced by anyone. This basically means that the players or bidders can utilize their analytical skills and prescience to earn an immense profit while paying almost nothing upfront. Not just the players can generate lucrative outcomes by using their analytical skills and guessing game results but they can get an additional kick for watching and getting into that particular sport and supporting their favorite team.

ethersport review

What is EtherSport?

EtherSport is a cryptocurrency platform where individuals from anywhere around the world can put down their money on sports occasions to make an incredibly high profit. The lottery system is done through Ethereum contracts which ensure reasonable and straightforward outcomes, maintaining a strategic distance from any dangers and defilement. EtherSport has various favorable features, for example, security, sleek and simple registration process for users, anonymity, an open and clear procedure of all digital transactions, swift money payout without any hidden charges. EtherSport coin (ESC) is an ERC20 token build on top of the Ethereum Blockchain. ESC tokens can be utilized as platform cash for purchasing lottery tickets; as a mode to get profits of 15% of the fund-raised from every lottery and using the tokens for trading on an exchange. Currently, the ICO token sale is ongoing and you can purchase this wonderful EtherSport token as it is quite manifest that the cryptocurrency is going to get a lot of traction ion the future.

EtherSport involves a love of the versatility and decentralized nature of the Blockchain which facilitates prompt, private and safe transaction with an appreciation for sports. It is a completely a decentralized platform for using your prescience for sports and is based on Ethereum smart contracts and safe Ethereum Blockchain technology. EtherSport allows users to bet and use their shrewd mind on sports irrespective of where they live in the world.

What are the features of EtherSport?

EtherSport will endow two prime vehicles for participation which are “Lottery 11”, an innovative and reliable online sports lottery platform, and a P2P betting exchange which is similar to other betting websites. The P2P betting exchange allows trading with one on one and one-against-all stakes. This will provide an incredible quantity of product diversification, generating revenue streams and accessing differing marketing segments. The lottery consensus is handled through the Ethereum Smart Contract procedure which facilitates the participants a completely fair and transparent result thereby avoiding corrupted result and unnecessary risks and scams. The utilization of smart-contracts also assures transparent and swift payment, eliminating hidden fees and maintaining an optimum level of Security and anonymity.  This all features make EtherSport one of the best and most secure platforms for astute users.

what is ethersport

How EtherSport works?

“We made a decision to make a perfect match between traditional online sports betting and cutting-edge technologies, specifically, Blockchain and intelligent contracts, to ensure the fairness and full transparency of this procedure,” says the CEO and co-founder of EtherSport, Alex Tsymbal. The platform likewise ensures unlimited winning, without any impediments on betting limits. Fast withdrawals, prompt and easy registration with negligible personal information requirements are some of the best things about EtherSport. EtherSport also ensures simplicity of play, with its straightforward lottery framework.

The CEO Alex Tsymbal also claims that “the system provides equality for each participant in the system, and smart contracts ensure the satisfaction of all conditions and payouts.” EtherSport started its “Lottery 11” for testing late in the Q1 of 2018. This will take into consideration preparatory, unsimulated testing. Not long after this, Lottery 11 will be distributed totally, enabling clients to bet ESC tokens on various occasions. By Q2 2018, P2P petting will also be added as an entitlement, where the players can bet against each other and win more for their strategic advancement and analytical skills.

Who is Behind EtherSport?

EtherSport has a strong backing and developer team which comprises of Software developers, marketers, management team, gaming team, advisor apart from the co-founders and CEO. The Co-founder of EtherSport and a successful businessman, Timofei Bezruk has more than 20 years of experience in business and gambling, plus years of experience in the security market and debt obligations. There is another co-founder, Alex Tsymbal who is also the CEO of the company. He has years of experience in cryptocurrency business and an inspiring portfolio. Another co-founder, Leon Astrakhanskyi, is an investor along with being an expert businessman. He has extensive experience and expertise in a range of businesses, including Blockchain and online gambling and lottery projects. Julia Polonska is the CMO of the company who has 15 years’ worth of experience with business creation, development and has served as the managing head for many companies.

In total, the group of professionals in the company has decades of experience in gaming, gambling, software development, marketing, and management. There are many marketing and financial advisors which include some great name in the crypto market. The advisors include technical advisor Frank Bonnet, business advisor Hansko Leek, gaming advisor Melcom Copeland, marketing advisor Mike Balagna, business development advisor Gary Baiton, security advisor Gene Libov, and advisor Max Krupyshev.

ethersport team

What Is ESC?

ESC is the cryptocurrency token of EtherSport platform and is called as EtherSport Coin. It is an ERC20 token and is built on the top of the popular Ethereum platform. When the ICO started, many investors bought token at the start of the ESC token sale. The ICO for the token sale of EtherSport Coin is still ongoing and anyone can buy it using Ethereum. For allowing the users to deliver funds, ESC needs to get everything running. In the near future, we can expect to see a drastic change in the application of this ERC20 token and the token will have numerous purposes in the coming months.

The ESC tokens are the currency of the EtherSport platform and it is the digital asset which users will utilize to buy lottery tickets on the platform. The ESC tokens are also a mode of investment that gives bounty in the form of dividends of 15 percent of the cryptocurrency money raised from each betting or lottery. You can also trade ESC and store it on many coin exchanges and digital wallets respectively as a speculative commodity. As it is an ERC20 token, you will be able to store it in any ERC20 compatible wallet like MyEtherWallet and hardware wallets like Ledger Nano S, Trezor, etc. There is also a scheme for the people who invest in the ICO token sale as they will get a permanent and good profit from every single lottery thereby making it financially savvy and shrewd decision to invest. The token pre-sale started on Nov. 13, 2017, and the ICO of ESC started on Nov. 21, 2107. The ICO terminated on Dec. 20, 2017, and raised 400,000 US dollars.

ESC ICO details

EtherSport platform has made its ICO quite easy and straightforward to participate as long as you meet a few simple requirements. There are only two main criteria that you need to know about, and you could be able to buy EtherSport without any hassle. The ICO also started with some interesting features at the end of 2017. Participants will also be able to get access to the great MVP platform after the completion of ICO. For participating in the ICO, you need to have a minimum amount of 0.002 ETH. The ICO participants can only make ETH contribution and any other cryptocurrency sent for the purchasing or ESC contract will be void and the particular cryptocurrency coin will be wasted. The platform also laid up a rule that the participant should not buy ESC from cryptocurrency coin exchange. Expect from these tow rules, there is nothing which you needed to know. The EtherSport lottery platform will be based on actual sporting events which are genuine and away from outside interference. Instead of lucky guessing, the players need to use his analytical skills and generate enormous profit. Currently, the platform is up and during the ICO, it was providing the user with a 50 % bonus on all ICO token sale purchases.

ethersport token sale

What issues is EtherSport solving?

Contrasted with different betting platforms presently accessible, EtherSport makes it extraordinarily easy to register. Moreover, security is guaranteed as clients don’t need to share any personal data, and this information is never held by an outsider framework, for example, those with different platforms. While some betting platforms put constraints on the sum that an individual can win, that is not the situation with EtherSport. Regardless of whether you turn out to be extremely capable at EtherSport, your reward and winning will be boundless and will never be constrained. You additionally won’t see any breaking points in the betting amount. In the case of winning, it is extremely cheap and easy to withdraw your cryptocurrency back to any digital wallet. As a result of its utilization of Blockchain innovation, EtherSport gives a transparency that is unparalleled. The outcomes are completely straightforward just like the payout structure and system. There are definitely no shrouded charges or controls. The low expenses are obvious from the earliest starting point, so you know precisely what you will get and what you pay.

The first EtherSport game (Lottery 11)

EtherSport is set up to convey constant gaming throughout the day, consistently. Another lottery ticket will turn out every four hours making it a constant way to earn an immense profit. The framework has the most famous sporting occasion and events from around the globe, so you are certain to locate the one you are most enthusiastic about. The framework is also simple to utilize. You can simply get a lottery ticket with the line of your picked event which you want to focus on. Foresee the outcomes and hold up to check whether you win a prize or big stake.

The principal diversion mode to be produced is a straightforward Lottery 11. In this lottery, you see 11 random occasions in a scope of games, from football to tennis to baseball. You just pick which group will win or if there will be a tie between the two teams in each match (three alternatives you get in total).

What Does Lotters Do?

In EtherSport, lotters are the individuals who make the lotteries. They begin the procedure by distributing their lottery tickets, which players purchase and fill. As a lotter, you win 15 percent of all assets gathered from sold tickets for that specific lottery. In that capacity, it can rapidly turn into a straightforward yet productive approach to acquire cash.

How Are Profits from Lotteries Divided?

To guarantee that everybody engaged with EtherSport makes a benefit, the framework is set up to isolate the profit from lottery deals in a transparent manner. 55 percent goes to the players as rewards. Another 15 percent goes to EtherSport to keep the practice and pay its representatives. Another 15 percent goes to the lotters, as already specified. The last 15 percent is disseminated among the token holders. This last component is the reason why taking part in the ICO will bring benefits in the coming future.

Is Ethersport a scam?

By looking at all the possible aspects, it is difficult to doubt the integrity of the website. If you have questions like is ethersport a scam? Or is it legit? Then, let me tell you that the website has provided all the necessary documentation like proper whitepaper, website, team and ICO information and kept it very clear and transparent. The fees are shown upfront and many people have earned real and profitable outcomes out of it. So, it is difficult to question the platform’s integrity. There are countless sports betting websites but very few of them are similar to EtherSport and offers benefits like this. Because of this, it is better to join the platform right now and generate outstanding figures.

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