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Detailed Guide About Ethereum Classic

Ethereum has created a great hype among the crypto investors. Ethereum Classic or ETC is the original Ethereum blokchain and it allows the implementation of smart contracts and decentralized applications. However, this project was born out of a solid belief in major principles. It shows the importance of cryptocurrency and the blockchain associated with it.

The Ethereum Classic and Ehtereum blockchain were almost similar up to block 1920000. However, the blockchain and cryptocurrency then changed forever due to infamous DAO.

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What Is ETC?

A smart contract is known as DAO. However, it is abbreviation of “Decentralized Autonomous Organization” which was created on the platform of Ethereum. However, this DAO was basically a venture capital fund where investors were able to vote on how to allocate the capital. This fund was so popular that it attracted almost 14% of all Ether that was in existence at that time and it raised around 150 million dollars.

The advantage and disadvantage of a smart contract is linked with the autonomous execution. However, in such case, the smart contract had a flaw in its design that allowed someone to steal over 3.6 million Ether. Therefore, the creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin and the majority of community needed to perform a hard fork that will roll the blockchain back to the block 1920000. It was needed in order to get the funds back before the hack.

After the hard fork occurred in order to return funds of people, the original blockchain of Ethereum remained and it is now known as Ethereum Classic or ETC. However, the community that continued to mine and support the original blockchain think that there should be an external influence on what was supposed to be an unchangeable blockchain.

How It Works?

In 1994, Nick Szabo invented the Smart Contracts. However, at that time there was no decentralized platform that was able to store the smart contracts safely. Therefore, the blockchain provided a perfect solution and platform for smart contracts. These contracts are built on top of this blockchain and they automatically enforce the rules of any agreement. However, these contracts will possible eliminate countless intermediary services in file storage, banking, identity, insurance and reputation services etc.

what is ethereum classic

History of ETC

In July 2016, Ethereum Classic continued the original blockchain and split from Ethereum. However, it was indicated that the original chain will disappear with time after the fork happened but the trading and mining continued after the fork.

ETC made a “Declaration of Independence” after various attacks in the subreddits of Ethereum. They stated that “we believe in a decentralized, persmission less blockchain, censorship-resistant. We have a strong belief in the original vision of Ethereum as a world computer that will never get shut down, running permanent smart contracts”.

They have clearly stated that there shall be no changes that will be made to the code of ETC that violate all of the properties of fungibility, immutability, or sancity of the ledger. However, ledger or transactions history won’t be reversed or modified for any reason.

Generally, these principles did not comply with Ehtereum and therefore ETC no longer works on the principles of Ethereum Foundation.

Consequently, the ETC that was stolen in the DAO attacks were discarded from the market but surprisingly the price of ETC remained almost stable. Therefore, after all the chaos, the ETC was then able to collect a development team and started working on its own path.

Team Behind This Coin

The Ethereum Classic team designedly holds a lower profile. The shortage of position leader is in line with their core beliefs of ETC being suburbanized and free from powerful human influence.

However, the bulk of this team has over ten years of expertise in computer code engineering and “understand a way to build a system purported to work for years.”

Their “main focus is on creating Ethereum Classic a stable and usable technology. Opposite to plan quick and break things.”

Coin offer and fees

ETC diverges greatly from ETH once it involves mining and coin offer. Ethereum encompasses an inbuilt issue that creates mining with proof of stake tougher over time. This can eventually force all miners to modify to proof of stake. ETC can pause this issue and intends on protruding with proof of stake.

On average there square measure 10-14 second block times with a gift of five ETC per block. Because the block times square measure therefore short, dealing fees square measure comparatively low, with a median fee of about one cent.

Ethereum Classic is inflationary through block rewards till the year 2025 at that purpose the coin offer are capped at 210 million coins. Ethereum has no cap and plans to stay inflationary for the present. ETC believes this financial policy makes Classic a safer investment because the worth of the coins won’t decrease over time as a result of a never ending increase in offer.

Future Plans and Roadmap

The development team continues to figure on the Emerald Desktop billfold, the primary ETC trustless billfold. In 2018 there’s additionally the hope of the release of a mobile version of the ETC billfold.

As the quality of Ethereum Classic grows, there’ll be the requirement for aspect chains to assist quantifiability. There ought to be work on the model later in 2018. You’ll be able to see their full 2018 roadmap on their official website.

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There is little question that ETC can run up against some fierce competition. There’s not solely the apparent rival of Ethereum however additionally the other smart contract supplier. NEO, particularly, has created a reputation for itself within the smart contract area. However, the ETC “community remains less targeted on different technologies returning in direct competition… and a lot of on partnerships and complementary solutions.” It‘s price noting that in comparison to another smart contract suppliers, ETC actually excels in its level of decentralization.

Trading History

ETC systematically ranks within the high twenty for the market cap. When a developer conference in port, the worth spiked up to twenty greenbacks. The coin then saw a spike to over thirty greenbacks when the primary section of a replacement financial policy to get rid of inflation. Whereas the bulk of development and interest lies with the hard fork Ethereum, it’ll be attention-grabbing to examine the consequences of centralization and inflation on the coin over the long-term.

Where To Buy?

You can trade for ETC with BTC and ETH on Binance,, HitBTC. You’ll be able to additionally purchase ETC directly with USD on Changelly.

Where are you able to store it?

The Emerald wallet may be a still in development however you’ll be able to transfer the most recent version here. For a mobile Wallet, Jaxx supports ETC. However, for max security, you’ll be able to use the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet.

What To Expect From ETC In 2018?

Ethereum Classic (ETC) has been in prime ten most listed coins over the past few weeks following the recent come by costs. The cryptocurrency has capable a steep thirty second fall wrecking the hopes of its investors across the planet. However, most of the coins within the market have conjointly capable rough patches.

Ethereum Classic worth caught the eye of the many cryptocurrency enthusiasts attributable to its continuous classic drop from highs of $32 listed on March 1, 2018, to lows of $18.04. On the contrary, it’s not all risky news as presently, Ethereum Classic is correcting higher is has recorded 10.69% increase in worth over the past twenty four hours in step with An optimistic trend line is forming as seen on the daily worth chart and if the crypto market regains stability, Ethereum Classic might regain its position because the quickest rising cryptocurrency in worth.

The fifteenth cryptocurrency by capitalisation, Ethereum Classic (ETC) was engineered on the initial Ethereum blockchain. Moreover, it’s not subject to any intrusions, as an example, hacking makes an attempt, alteration of exchanges similarly as different digital quality scams and manipulations. Ethereum Classic is creating progress within the world cryptocurrency trade.

Currently, the team behind the crypto has already discovered the ways to build some of hardware cases for storage of the coins; the Ledger hardware wallet and also the Trezor hardware wallet. These 2 wallets are created with prime security measures and concerns to make sure that users safely store their ETC. Consequently, their Github page indicates that Ethereum Classic has fifteen mining pools. Besides, it’s been listed on a number of the most important cryptocurrency exchange platforms, for instance on Binance and HitBTC as a gesture of widespread acceptableness.

The digital currency market is incredibly dynamic. Innovations and advances in technology area unit virtually a standard incidence. Therefore, the Ethereum Classic team has positioned itself at the forefront of appropriate technology advances in 2018. They need reviewed and adjusted their long-run interest to their growing community. For instance, the recently grayscale launched Ethereum Classic Investment fund will follow the ETC marketplace for the holders; scale back the fees similarly the prices. Additionally, the Ethereum Community has currently adopted a static cap financial policy.

The team at Ethereum Classic (ETC) has conjointly been increasing and convey on toughened talent. Richard Schumann is one in every of the recent additions to the team. He is responsible for raising the graphics to make sure that finish users have a straightforward time participating with the ETC ventures. On the opposite hand, another team member, Mario Michel is anticipated to regulate the community channels, particularly the new started ETC European nation message. Moreover, Ethereum Classic aims to integrate with the normal electronic cash transfer systems. Recently, ETC was other on Centra Cards to permit users to travel through their ETC with a positive identification.

Future Trends

The dedicated team at Ethereum Classic has created some resolutions in 2018. The developers area unit committed to making sure that the flexibleness of side chains is extremely increased. They’re going to conjointly build Associate in Nursing Emerald mobile wallet; besides, they will be a part of operations and convey forth the similarity of ETC and different digital assets. Ethereum Classic conjointly plans to boost its tradable token; Classic Ether to pave the manner for future developments. As declared earlier, the worth of ETC has been up and down, the software engineer; Pyskell is committed to unearthing the results of these fluctuations and probably attempt to settle them to permit the currency to understand.

It is difficult to predict the fate of a cryptocurrency, Ethereum Classic enclosed. However, the event of side chains can encourage exchanges at no fee. Besides, it’s the ability of being employed in private or publically. Overall, the team at Ethereum Classic incorporates a clear roadmap for the long run of the coin; ETC still incorporates a promising future. Solely time can tell as Ethereum Classic (ETC) goes through the roller coaster within the volatile cryptocurrency area.


Ethereum blockchain is one of the oldest blockchain technology and people always show the best of their interest to invest in this currency. However, there are many people who are afraid to invest in it after the hard fork but still there are many people that are showing more and more interest in this crypto. May be it is mainly due to the high demand and growing price of this crypto that why people are keen to invest in ETC.

Final Thoughts

With ETC, you know you are investment associate in an immutable blockchain. Their team hopes, within the long-standing time, there’s worth in protruding to your principles. With ETH, there’s the standard that they might hard fork once more supported human control. It’s necessary to recollect cryptocurrencies arose out of the ashes of the banking collapse. Satoshi Nakamoto originally designed suburbanized blockchains to deal with corruption within the money sector. “The immutable blockchain was meant to be free from the human tendency to corrupt.” Cryptocurrency thefts have happened before and can happen once more. Wherever can we draw the road of what needs a tough fork? ETH blurred this line whereas ETC has clearly drawn their land within the sand.


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