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Epiktoken Review – ICO Guide

What Is Epiktoken?

Today, digital platforms work as shut off ecosystems and brands are divided, operating in storehouses with little availability. As the online gaming and internet based life spaces continue to develop quickly, there is an untapped opportunity for digital platforms, for example, video games, interpersonal organizations, and messaging services to improve their product offerings by collaborating with brands to create marked virtual goods. The issue with creating a thriving marked virtual goods marketplace is discontinuity. BLMP is solving this intricate business issue by creating an immense joint effort network of worldwide brands and digital platforms to encourage the licensing procedure.

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BLMP plans to test an assortment of big business programming solutions that will take care of the issues of transaction versatility and secrecy ranging from existing proofs of idea to upcoming new blockchain frameworks to a half and half open/private permission-based blockchains.

About Epiktoken

The EPIK token enables consumers to buy authorized virtual goods and furthermore earn tokens from the two brands and digital platforms. EPIK tokens are ERC-20 utility tokens that are integral to the Air-framework. It goes about as a medium of exchange to execute and process changes in responsibility for goods. The BLMP platform uses a proposition based framework to make here and now cooperation licensing understandings between IP holders and digital platforms. EPIK tokens are consumed while initiating proposition in the framework to disincentive terrible on-screen characters and lessen network spam. Once a proposition is acknowledged by an IP holder, the proposition is finalized on-chain and extra smart contracts tokenize the authorized virtual good things on the blockchain using ERC-721.

EPIK Tokens are utility tokens that encourage the creation distribution and sale of authorized virtual goods in digital platforms, for example, video games, mobile games, virtual reality, enlarged reality, informal organization gifts, and marked emoticons.

How Do The Tokens Work?

Using the blockchain technology, brands will have the opportunity to offer their virtual goods through have digital platforms, which will go about as retailers for the virtual goods. Blockchain records every one of the transactions in this way brands, digital platforms, and consumers can track the development and history of the bought virtual goods. This outcomes in straightforwardness and makes common trust between every one of the gatherings involved in the transaction.

After both the brand and the digital platform have conceded to the terms of the transaction, smart contracts are executed so as to mechanize the procedure of creation, tokenization, distribution, and transactions of these virtual goods things between all gatherings.

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Blockchain Licensing Marketplace (BLMP)

Moreover, the EPIK tokens power the Blockchain Licensing Marketplace (BLMP) B2B blockchain licensing platform. BLMP is a blockchain based that gives transaction processing services and esteem expansion through proficiency, traceability, and security. The platform goes for linking the intellectual property licensing industry with digital platforms through leveraging crypto-token technology based on blockchain keeping in mind the end goal to encourage the proficient production and exchange of liquidity in the digital ecosystems.

Moreover, BLMP tries to make a joint effort network whereby licenses of a transient sort are made and implemented on the blockchain. These licenses will empower digital platforms to furnish their users with a certain measure of virtual goods available to be purchased.

BLMP will likewise direct the production network of the virtual goods ideal from the minute they are made, tokenized, and authorized up to when they are delivered to the clients. It will likewise go about as an intermediary of the transactions between parties involved in the sale of the virtual goods things, guarantee that each gathering satisfies their commitment, and get pay safely, straightforwardly, and effectively.

Advantages Of The EPIK tokens

For Consumers

The tokens empower users to buy authorized virtual goods and earn tokens through the faithfulness programs from the two brands and digital platforms that go for incentivizing current clients and attracting new clients.

The EPIK tokens can be used over the different games and networks within the BLMP ecosystem. The tokens additionally empower the tokens proprietors to exchange, offer, buy, or gather modified or restricted release virtual goods.

For Digital Platforms

The tokens will give digital platforms capacity to introduce new substance into their games, which will increase their income and perceivability. It will likewise offer them with the capacity to attract new clients.

For Brands

The EPIK tokens empower brands to earn extra income through new marketplaces, obtained from the existing IP. The brands will likewise not need to incur costs since they just need to approve or dismiss proposed virtual goods and get sovereignties when the goods are sold.


May 2018

Air Beta testnet Launch Crypto Games Conference, Kiev, Ukraine Blockchain Gamer Connects, San Francisco, CA Licensing Expo, Las Vegas, Nevada

June 2018

Blockchain NW, Seattle, WA Asiagamefest, Singapore, SG Air Beta mainnet Launch ICO Announcement E3 Expo, Los Angeles IP and Game Content Seminar, London, England LIMA Mindmix, London, England

July 2018

Rise Conference, Hong Kong, HK Comic Con, San Diego, CA

August 2018

ICO main sale (TBA) Token Issuance ChinaJoy, Shanghai, China Gamescom, Cologne, Germany PAX West, Seattle, WA

epiktoken roadmap


Victor David, Author, CEO

Casey Lau, Author


Eli Y, Innovative DIRECTOR






Francesca Bauti, Visual DESIGNER

Ritzlynd Lee, Visual DESIGNER

Kirsten Thompson, Correspondences MANAGER


epiktoken team


The EPIK utility token will be used to encourage the creation, distribution, and sale of authorized virtual goods on BLMP. By leveraging the technology of blockchain, brands will have the capacity to distribute their virtual goods through a network of virtual economies with digital platforms acting as retailers. By using the EPIK token for transactions, BLMP intends to empower brands, digital platforms, and consumers to track each bought authorized virtual good indefinitely with full straightforwardness. This builds up uniform trust between all gatherings involved on BLMP. Once both the brand and the digital platform come to assention, smart contracts are made to consequently deal with the creation, tokenization, distribution, and transactions of these virtual goods things between all gatherings.

About EPIK Token

BLMP is solving this perplexing business issue by creating a huge coordinated effort network of worldwide brands and digital platforms to encourage the licensing procedure. BLMP is particularly situated for development because of associations with set up licensing organizations, for example, Evolution and BDLabs with a combined aggregate of more than 1,000+ customers, accomplices, properties, and brands. Each time a brand or digital platform joins the BLMP network, the greater part of their fans or users individually can take an interest in the network too. A snappy analysis at Dapradar can demonstrate the blockchain community that it is exceptionally far from significant consumer reception and one of the main missing segments is business reception. Imagine a future where clients could use the same crypto token over all participating digital platforms to buy virtual goods. To buy virtual goods, clients would essentially make another account once and afterward approach that account within all participating BLMP digital platforms.

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This client account would be secure and setup without the requirement for the client to completely comprehend crypto wallets. Not exclusively does this indicate exponential reception and considerable advantages to the blockchain community in general, but additionally it proposes that BLMP is developing what could possibly turn into the most broadly used application on Ethereum.

Parameters Of The ICO

Token: EPIK

Token protocol: ERC20

Token supply: 200,000,000

Token price: TBA

Tokens sale date: 01 August 2018 – TBA

Acknowledged payment techniques: ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC

Hard Cap: 38,000 ETH

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