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Is Enjin Wallet Safe?

Enjin Wallet Review

Enjin Wallet is a high quality and high security based wallet which is available on IOS and Android mobile for Ethereum based token, Litecoin, ZeroEx, Bitcoin and Enjin Coins. It is basically designed for coin ERC-20 based cryptocurrencies. However, it was specifically created to support the coins that are running on the ERC-20 protocol which makes things easy for the users to receive token from ICOs. Enjin Wallet supports multiple coins just like Jaxx, Coinomi and many other wallets that support multiple coins. What makes Enjin Wallet more demanding is its feature to support ERC-20 coins only.

Enjin wallet homepage

However, it is the first Android and IOS wallet which supports ERC20 coins. It has the ability to supports multiple coins as a mobile wallet. It is known as the world’s most secure cryptocurrency wallet which is available in the market for IOS and Android device with the ability to support multiple coins like ETH, BTC, ENJ, LTC and all other ERC-20 tokens. However, it also offers a unique smart UI which evolves on the fly to suit your needs and it also employs modern security measures to turn your smartphone into a hardware like secure wallet.

More encouraging thing about Enjin Wallet is that it doesn’t hold nor it has full or partial access to your funds and you will have the complete control over your private keys. You can always restore the funds of your wallet on any device with the help of 12 words passphrase. This smart wallet also supports multiple languages, it supports over 31 different languages and users can switch between languages at any time. However, QR codes are also provided in order to make the transactions even easier by scanning codes to generate the wallet address or receive payments.

Enjin wallet comes with a unique security keyboard which won’t store your history or leave any trace about your password to maintain a high level of security and privacy for your account.

Privacy And Security

It is a top secret keeper that won’t request you for any private information in order to open an account. However, your information such as age, name, e-mail and mobile number are the requested by the wallet to create an account. There will be no KYC bureaucracy to access your funds, no identity linking, no IP association, no transactions tracking and you will remain totally anonymous. Every user will remain blind to other users. However, Full time privacy is guaranteed and there will no traceable identity.

In order to get an account, you will need to download the IOS or Android Mobile application and then install. You will just need a password and a private key phrase to use your account. You will choose a password and private key will be given to you by the wallet. It will remain safe and personal. That fact is that if you private key phrase is lost, you will lose your account and your private key won’t be recovered like the forgotten password that you see on other platforms which need your private data.

Every user will get a separate private key phrase which will be generated automatically by the app during sign up. However, your private key phrase will leave your device only if you will uninstall the app or clear the data of app. It offers strong wallet encryption as well as guarantee that your funds will remain secure under your control. However, you will have authority to change your previous password by putting the previous one and then entering the new one twice.

You can restore your wallet if you’ll change your device. It will only need your recovery phrase and you will get access to your wallet. Once you will provide the private key phrase, you can click ok and your account password will also be request, once the two are filled correctly, your wallet will be restored with your balance.

Enjin wallet has been designed with high quality security features which include:

·It has a secure keyboard which is designed in a way that it will prevent any kind of data sniffing or keyloggers. It features an option to randomize the keys for enhanced level of input protection.

·It offers two independent layers of cryptography which are responsible to protect the keystroke and any personal data. However, hardware 256 AES encryption is implemented on the lower level and software encryption is used at the application layer.

·It offers memory encryption which means encrypted memory and any important characters are deleted from the system memory.

·It offers screenshot and video blocking features. Enjin Wallet has secure window layout at the OS level which stops any screen recording attempts by the hackers.

Usage And UI Review

Enjin Mobile Wallet offers a cool user interface. It is user friendly and transparent. However, all the coins names are neatly listed and arranged in this wallet. You will see the balance of each coin displayed at the front. However, it offers detailed transactions with custom transactions fees and limits. You can add or remove a coin anytime if they are no longer to be displayed in your list.

enjin wallet design

The usage of this wallet isn’t really difficult to understand because it has the procedures that are well arranged and they can be used by anyone who already deals any altcoin wallet. However, transaction fees can be edited, but each of them has a limit in which they can’t go lower than while sending out funds from the wallet.

Total Security

Imagine having to build a cryptocurrency wallet which will be used by hundreds and millions of people around the globe.

How can you complete this challenging task? Where to begin?

The most important thing to consider in order developing an online wallet is its security. The first thing to keep in mind is its security and this is why it is loved by millions of people around the globe because it offers more security than any other online wallet available in the market.

Exchanging Coins

The easiest method to utilize Mint smart contract is to dispatch an analogue of the domestic game cash. The liquidity of such money will be given by a consistent rate of trade for ENJ tokens, and its dependability is like ENJ (“Bancor value floor”, Exchange Rate parameter in Mint smart contract). The released cash will have genuine esteem, which does not rely upon the game or the chairman, as the reverse trade for the ENJ token is possible under any conditions.

The ​Enjin ​”Smart” ​Wallet

The key component of the atmosphere made by Enjin is the “smart” wallet. It is the connection between the dealer and the purchaser, joining in-game transactions, the outside condition and the Ethereum blockchain. Enjin wallet is based on the current light wallet plan and cooperates with client trusted games and web addresses. Utilizing the wallet, the client will have the capacity to purchase/sell ENJ tokens, custom сoins and custom resources (things, amplifications, and so on.).

Notwithstanding the web version, the team is planning further to release a portable wallet for iOS and Android to encourage the confirmation of exchanges and verification.

enjin wallet coins

The wallet is multifunctional; Enjin offers the following functions:

Using the platform API for trusted websites/games

Any platform can make use of Enjin API, however, to work with the client, they should be listed as trusted. The client creates this list, and afterward can utilize synchronization, notifications and transaction requests for in every one of the trusted platforms.

Confirmation of exchanges by Trusted Platforms

The transaction confirmation strategy for tasks on the trusted platform is given by the wallet to enhance the security of transactions. The client sees data about the transaction on the fundamental wallet and confirms/rejects it.

Transaction limits ​and ​thresholds

This capacity is likewise intended to secure the client from undesirable transactions: when a transaction happens that does not meet the conditions specified in the wallet, the user will get a notification. Conditions can be explained.

Utilizing brilliant contracts in background mode

The technique for the arrangement and confirmation of transactions in a smart contract happens in background mode. This is particularly valid regarding the developing interim of confirmation of transaction in Ethereum. The team has dedicated an entire segment to the depiction of this issue in the documentation. Enjin sees an answer in enhancing the mechanical productivity of the Ethereum arrange because of the normal updates (Casper and Raiden). The two updates are relied upon to show up in late 2017 – early 2018.

Maintain Automatic Payments

Utilizing modern purse technologies, Enjin will have the capacity to direct programmed transactions on the system, the security of which is given by Ethereum. When you purchase an in-game thing, the player will be naturally sent an confirmation of the transaction to the trusted platform. The client can set up programmed transaction confirmation relying upon the set principles.

The general plan of an exchange with a trusted platform is given below:

Game ​Integration ​& ​SDKs

In order to form an Enjin Payment platform, platforms (games, websites) that help venture services and blockchain engineering are required. Enjin will offer designers its own Open-Source SDKs, APIs and game engines solutions.

Open-Source ​SDKs:




iOS ​Swift

Android ​C#

For ​the ​web, ​PHP ​and ​NodeJS ​SDKs ​will ​enable ​the ​creation ​of ​custom ​APIs ​and ​web administrations ​used ​by ​games ​and ​websites.

Enjin offers designers solutions in the most famous games and engines: Unity Plugin, Minecraft Plugin, Unturned Plugin, and Unreal Development Kit 4. The key module for Enjin is Minecraft, as this is the place the greater part of the people group is thought around. Also, the Minecraft design is neighborly to the presentation of Create and Manage Virtual Goods benefit

Different administrations (Subscription, Escrow, TopList)

Using brilliant contract innovation, Enjin is intending to actualize an innovation based administration for paid memberships. The owner of a server or a website, utilizing Subscription Smart Contract, can make an assortment of items in view of the standard of paid membership – this can be access to content, premium lists, and so on.

All information on Subscriptions is generated on the smart contract, and the smart client wallet itself will make payments after the introduction of the transaction between the supporter and the content owner.

Another available administration with regards to trade custom resources is the natural escrow framework. When exchanging things, it permits securing the parties from misrepresentation, disposing of autonomous middle people, as guarantors of the transaction, to the administrations of which the players occasionally resort. The possibility of ​​escrow is recognizable and is utilized as a part of numerous blockchain ventures; on account of Enjin gaming environemnt it is an extra player assurance from the loss of proprietorship.

Additionally Enjin proposes to execute blockchain into the rating framework (TopList benefit): games, servers, tribes, and so on. The utilization of blockchain engineering will tackle the principle issue of online appraisals – the likelihood of one-sided assessment because of the centralized nature of the services. It utilizes a unique type of smart contracts, which includes a few different systems for recording votes.

The maker of a smart contract can settle on a decision between a democratic vote count (one voter – one vote) or plutocratic (the quantity of votes relies upon the measure of the gift). He will get all receipts (ENJ tokens or custom coin), and the framework will consequently create the best list. The money related advantage of the makers of Ranking will invigorate rivalry in the administration, which is positive fundamentally for the group. Then again, the members in the ranking can fortify their group to vote and make up for the costs themselves.


Overall the experience of this wallet is extremely secure and good. However, it is challenging to go deeper with experience because an ideal wallet is a set-it and forget-it type of experience. The team has done great job of implementing the accurate security features that will make you feel comfortable by using it. However, a simple statement but we are taking discussion about money here. When it comes to mobile, this is a kind of implementation we really need.

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