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Electroneum Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What is Electroneum?

The Electroneum team makes acquiring cryptocurrency as straightforward as downloading an app. By breaking down the obstructions around acquiring cryptocurrency, Electroneum trusts they can spread their coin far and wide. There are incalculable individuals that need to buy different coins but aren’t willing to send ungainly selfies with their international ID to a site they don’t know anything about. There are likewise the issues of linking bank accounts and paying shockingly high expenses. Electroneum feels they have the arrangement and in this guide, we’ll go over how they expect to bring cryptocurrency to the majority.

How does Electroneum work?

Electroneum, additionally alluded to as ETN, is worked off the Monero codebase to consider transactions on a decentralized blockchain. Like Monero, Electroneum has some worked in privacy features. One of the main reactions of Bitcoin is that the adjust of each wallet address is open and effectively accessible. This issue is fathomed with Electroneum’s stealth address, a one-time open key that “keeps beneficiary’s funds from being linked with their wallet. That address can be reviewed by an outsider to demonstrate the transaction happened. (With the sender sharing their general visibility key).

The beneficiary gets their funds through their wallet’s private view key which examines the blockchain. Once recognized and recovered by the wallet, a single-use private key is made (corresponding with senders open key).

The beneficiary would now be able to spend those funds using their private spend key. This happens without the sender, beneficiary, nor the sum executed openly linked.”

If you’d jump at the chance to peruse more about the privacy innovation behind Monero and Electroneum, we recommend our Monero direct here.

Transactions are moderately quick with dynamic charges in light of the level of movement on the network. You can look at the current blocks here. By far most of the blocks have under 0.2 ETN in all out expenses and new blocks are included around consistently.

The Electroneum codebase tries to stay away from effective ASICs having a tremendous favorable position over CPU miners. The mining uses a memory bound calculation to attempt and empower CPU mining, giving normal users simple access to ETN. The capacity to give everybody access to this coin will be a recurring subject all through this guide.

Electroneum Homepage

Mobile App

Electroneum’s most noteworthy differentiator is using a mobile app to bring in new users. It is as of now accessible on Android and is coming to iOS in 2018.

Electroneum App Login

The app gives access to a computerized wallet and the capacity to send and get ETN. For additional security, you likewise have the choice to make offline paper wallets. It’s suggested you spread your coins out over a few paper wallets in case you lose one.

Electroneum Wallet

The app incentivizes you to impart your insight into Electroneum to the world. Any individual who invites 5 companions to join the app is participated in into a challenge to win 5000 ETN. The new users you invited are additionally qualified to win.

Mobile Mining

The most interesting element, as of now in beta testing, is the capacity to perform mobile mining. The app will enable your telephone’s CPU to take part in reproduced mining. This won’t cause your telephone to warm up or lose significant battery life. The mining will likewise use an insignificant measure of your internet data. Despite the fact that your mobile mining won’t really help affirm new blocks on the blockchain, regardless you’ll get rewards. The app still requires the use of your CPU to show individuals about the association between the energy of your PC and the capacity to mine. In the long run, they would like to change over a portion of the mobile miners to full miners on a PC. Using the telephone’s CPU additionally keeps individuals from simulating a large number of emphasis of the app on a PC to get free coins.

Mobile Mining

But why pay individuals to do virtual mining? “The mobile miners bring the utility of viral marketing to Electroneum. It’s imperative to recall that they aren’t bringing blockchain utility, they’re bringing a different utility – they’re bringing on users at an absurdly low CPA and allowing Electroneum to have viral development.”

There are more than 400,000 downloads up until this point, and that is without the iPhone users.

Electroneum Synopsis

History of Electroneum

The Electroneum ICO achieved their hard top of 40 million dollars during fundraising. Their Github discharge was November first. However, before the dispatch of the mobile app, they were hit by a distributed dissent of administration (DDoS) assault. The team needed to close down their servers and work more than 26 hours in a row to manage the assault. In the end, after some deferral, ICO investors were distributed their coins and Electroneum continued working towards their objective of spreading ETN to the majority. More than 690 million ETN were transferring during the initial 24 hours, requiring just 430 ETN in charges.

Electroneum Team and Progress

Electroneum calls itself the principal British based cryptocurrency. The team of 12, situated in Kent, is driven by Richard Ells, the fellow benefactor of SiteWizard and James Atkinson is the leader of the Electroneum Development Team with more than 10 years of involvement in development. He’s leading the charge on the Electroneum App. Awesome regard is given to Dean Cole, the “individual from the team with the minimum rest… consuming mammoth amounts of caffeine.” He maintains and builds up the servers required for mining and transacting in Electroneum.

Electroneum team

The Electroneum team effectively searches out organizations to additionally spread ETN. They as of late joined forces with XIUS, a media transmission payment monster. Electroneum wishes to use this organization to advance the use of their mobile mining app as an approach to counterbalance the expenses of owning a smartphone.

BMedia, a Japanese based online networking and internet business company, has likewise banded together up with Electroneum. BMedia’s 500,000 Facebook adherents and month to month reach of 10 million users will assume a key role in ETN’s marketing design.

The company Fanfare gives out prizes and rewards to users that transfer their own recordings about the items they adore. Electroneum has joined forces with them to ideally one day remunerate their users with ETN.

Online Gaming

The Electroneum team would like to supplant in-game monetary standards, for example, World of Warcraft gold, with ETN. Imagine the greater part of the finished missions and sold things paying out in a currency that can without much of a stretch be changed over to different digital forms of money or fiat. This would urge players to play more, as well as the gaming company could charge expenses on depositing and withdrawing ETN from their ecosystem. Creating a game that publicizes ETN as an in-game currency could likewise end up being a viable marketing device. One mobile game right now in beta testing involves trying to fly a rocketship to the moon while collecting ETN. At the point when the player kicks the bucket, they need to watch a video ad to help fund the ETN remunerated to the users.


There are a few gambling sites effectively accepting Bitcoin, but the issue is that it’s difficult for the vast majority to obtain it. The larger part of online gambling happens outside of America, where it’s particularly difficult to gain Bitcoin. Most nations don’t approach Coinbase or Gemini and their nearby exchanges frequently have 7% expenses or higher. Electroneum by and by plans to diminish erosion and encouraging gambling destinations to acknowledge the currency.

Electroneum Mining

As said already, due to the ASIC safe nature of the Electroneum mining calculation, it’s as yet achievable to mine coins with simply your CPU. You can finish a snappy download and join a mining pool immediately here. The normal block remunerate is around 7000 ETN.

Coin Supply and Sustainability

The team saved 4.4 billion ETN for investors in the ICO. The individuals who shared the ICO and interpreted significant information got a combined 20 million ETN. The center 12 man team likewise held 20 million ETN for funding purposes. There’s a circulating supply of 5,967,959,479 ETN that will in the end achieve a most extreme supply of 21,000,000,000 ETN through prizes to the miners. 21 billion coins were picked over Bitcoin’s 21 million for psychological reasons. They felt users would be more fulfilled earning full coins as prizes and would incline toward making buys in integer esteems. After the greater part of the coins are mined, miners will even now have the capacity to benefit by collecting the transaction expenses.

Electroneum upgrade

A Simple Mobile Friendly Coin

Cryptographic forms of money can in any case be an intimidating investment for the individuals who have never used them. Individuals need to get used to ideas that are once in a while ever used in their everyday life. Subsequently, there still remains a certain boundary to appropriation.

The specialized necessities and abilities required to mine cryptocurrency are considerably more progressed. Not exclusively do the users need to know to set up and maintain a mining rig, but they likewise need to spend a considerable amount for the best equipment.

However, with Electroneum an insignificant smart telephone is all that the user requires.

The idea driving Electroneum is to only download their mobile app which will give you instant access to the Electroneum network. Using the customer application on the telephone, you would then be able to mine the cryptocurrency with the telephone’s CPU.

This straightforwardness originates from the extensive initial supply of coins combined with the two decimal use.

Electroneum Specifics

With digital forms of money, the supply of the coins is determined from the earliest starting point and is either pre-mined or mined after some time. For instance, the aggregate supply of Bitcoin that will exist is 21m coins.

This implies as we approach the aggregate supply top, the price of Bitcoin is probably going to appreciate significantly as request exceeds supply. Additionally, Bitcoin will continue to be denominated into littler portions in order to encourage trade and payments.

Essentially, in order to constrain the supply of the coins, the specialized protocol will alter the mining difficulty in order to ensure that no more miners can deliver the coins. This change happens in an ongoing premise and subsequently requires significantly more propelled processing energy to mine the coins.

With Electroneum there will be an expansive supply top of more than 21 billion coins. This implies there will be a lot of coins to be mined before they ever approach as far as possible.

They have additionally used a specific protocol which can’t be effortlessly abused by ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) mining chips. These are basically mining hardware that is created specifically to mine and they have cornered the entire Bitcoin market.

Electroneum Timeline

Use of CryptoNote Protocol

Something that Electroneum have done that makes them rather one of a kind is that they have manufactured their own particular blockchain. A large portion of alternate ICOs have manufactured their applications with Ethereum smart contracts.

With regards to the protocol that they have chosen to use on their blockchain, the engineers have settled on the built up cryptonote protocol. This is a similar protocol that is in use by well known privacy coins, for example, Monero XMR and Bytecoin.

Aside from making the Electroneum mining safe from any ASICs, the CrypoNote protocol is additionally amazingly secure. Using the absolute most developed innovation out in the open key cryptography, the CryptoNote protocol can conceal transactions from general visibility.

There are additionally various other more specialized preferences that the CryptoNote protocol has, for example, versatile block breaking points and smooth discharge. We won’t cover them here but you can read about how it chips away at the official site.

Unified Mobile Mining

The possibility of users being ready to mine their own particular Electroneum using a mobile telephone isn’t altogether new. There have been different digital forms of money that have endeavored mobile mining with the standard calculations that apply to those coins.

However, these had a tendency to have some reactions on the telephone. The execution of the telephone tends to plunge and it rapidly drains the battery. Now and again, the telephone would likewise overheat because of the intensive tasks that were occupying the CPU.

Consequently, when we found out about the Electroneum mobile mining, we were interested to find out how they figured out how to modify the protocols in order to maintain a strategic distance from these issues.

Trading History

ETN’s ICO price was 1 penny, making individuals a 10x profit for their investment. However, with the coin still in its infancy and the mobile mining still in beta testing, it’s too soon to completely remark on the price. It’ll be interesting however to watch out for the arrival of the iOS form of the mobile app and if that has any impact on the price.

How To Buy Electroneum?

There are various options when you are looking to buy a coin. However, if you are looking for the answer about how to buy Electroneum then you will surely need to read this review carefully. Well, if you want to invest in this cryptocurrency then you will surely need to how to buy Electroneum. You will surely be looking for the most trustworthy and reputable exchange to buy the coin. You can make use of KuCoin to buy this coin. This review will be helpful for you to know everything about how to buy Electroneum.


If you are new to cryptocurrency and having inconvenience joining exchanges, downloading the Electroneum app and trying to win free coins could be your entrance into the crypto world. If boisterous costly ASICs intimidate you, at that point look at the Electroneum CPU mining. Despite the fact that Electroneum is named after the electron, it’s difficult to be negative about its future.

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