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Eidoo Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Eidoo is a multi-currency wallet with a crossover exchange worked in. Find out how it functions today in our Eidoo review.

What Is Eidoo?

Eidoo, discovered online at, depicts itself as “a blockchain resource encounter”. As a general rule, it’s a multi-currency wallet with some nifty included features – like various leveled deterministic help and an undeniable cryptocurrency exchange.

The wallet is accessible online for nothing from the iOS application store or from the Google Play Store for Android.

Generally, Eidoo plans to make it less demanding for users to deal with their blockchain-based digital resources. At this moment, the wallet focuses on Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. However, in the future, the company plans to include bitcoin offer (the bitcoin wallet is planned to dispatch in Q1 2018).

Eidoo is preparing for its token sale. You can take an interest in the token sale through the Eidoo application. The token sale is booked to occur between October 4 and October 16, 2017.

Eidoo is headquartered in Switzerland, and the company (Eidoo SAGL) is incorporated under the laws of Switzerland.

eidoo homepage

Eidoo Features

Here are a portion of the features accessible on the Eidoo application:

Store Ethereum and ERC20 Tokens: Most Ethereum wallets likewise store ERC20 tokens. All things considered, they’re founded on the same blockchain. Eidoo underpins Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. You can send and get digital monetary standards through the wallet application.

Private Keys Managed By the User:

The user in responsible for managing the private keys. The private keys are encoded on your cell phone. They’re not held by Eidoo.

HD Support:

Eidoo offers various leveled deterministic structures, which implies you can make sub-wallets to keep your main wallet address private.

eidoo wallet


Your Eidoo funds are secured with a single reinforcement passphrase.

Simple Management:

Eidoo makes it simple to send and get digital monetary forms, read QR codes, and offer your address with companions.

Contact Lists:

Eidoo can store the Ethereum addresses of your contacts in a single, institutionalized manner.

Token Recognition:

Eidoo consequently recognizes all tokens upheld by the Ethereum blockchain. A portion of the tokens will fly up with their name and logo. If Eidoo doesn’t perceive a specific ERC20 token, at that point the token will in any case be accessible through your wallet – but insights about the token might be recorded as “obscure”.

Ethereum Transaction History:

Eidoo demonstrates a rundown of all transactions you’ve made in Ether or different ERC20 tokens.

The Eidoo Exchange:

Eidoo has an implicit, decentralized exchange. It’s a half breed exchange where you can cross-exchange between ETH and ERC20 resources with a “mechanically steady nuclear result” (nuclear swaps). Eidoo underscores low charges.

In general, Eidoo aims to be the most straightforward approach to deal with your benefits on the blockchain.

Eidoo hybrid exchange

Who’s Behind Eidoo?

Eidoo is driven by CEO Thomas Bertani, CTO and Co-Founder Marco Polci, COO Andrea Benetton, and Founder Natale Ferrara.

The official name of the company is Eidoo Sagl. The company is situated in Chiasso, Switzerland. It was established in 2017.

As far as a guide, Eidoo discharged its Ethereum and ERC20 token wallet in August 2017. The token sale is taking spot all through September. Half of the exchange is planned for culmination before the finish of 2017, while the bitcoin wallet is booked for discharge in Q1 2018, with a DApp module coming in Q1 2018 too.

Edioo Sagl is part into two teams – including the Ethereum wallet team and the bitcoin wallet team. The Ethereum and bitcoin wallets are relied upon to be separate applications (again, the Ethereum wallet is accessible today, while the bitcoin wallet will be accessible by Q1 2018).

eidoo team

The Eidoo Token Sale

The Eidoo token sale is booked for October 4 to October 16, 2017. The company will discharge EDO tokens. You can buy tokens and take an interest in the ICO straightforwardly through the Eidoo application.

It’s decent to see that Eidoo has a completely functioning wallet that is accessible to the general population preceding the token sale. In numerous cases, organizations dispatch an eager token sale with no MVP set up.

During the ICO 20 million EDO tokens will go on sale at $2.30 USD per token. Eidoo is accepting ETH in exchange for EDO Tokens. EDO tokens will be promptly distributed to every token holder, and token holders are allowed to exchange these tokens toward the finish of the ICO period.

There will be an aggregate supply of 100 million EDO tokens

Eidoo is an invisible connection between individuals and Blockchain which is limiting the interaction between bitcoins and all individuals. It is introduced to protect the best approach to buy, transmit, spend and exchange digital forms of money without depending on some other dominant influence. There are certain instruments are expected to control the cryptographic forms of money and Eidoo give to their users everything, which includes wallet, half and half exchange, token sales, check card and some more. This are altogether done to make Eidoo the most simple application to use and the additionally make it acclaimed platform for exchange of cryptographic forms of money.

What is ICO?

Do you know what ICO is? The term remains for Initial Coin Offering. Indeed you took care of business! Initially it has cleared its way from wallet to ICO another route for Blockchain based start-up. The main motivation behind why nowadays the ICO are enticing the market more is one can without much of a stretch maintain a strategic distance from the demanding capital-raising system which required entrepreneurial and banks.

Token Sale:

Good news for all iOS and Android users, Eidoo has propelled its token sale as of now which is ending soon. All individuals will get it through their portable application. Thusly to understand that all individuals need to take after some certain means of downloading:

One simply need to download the application (Google Play Store) or (Apple Store)

At that point you needs to exchange ETH sum from Eidoo wallet and appreciate EDO tokens. (1 ETH = 130 EDO)


Eidoo takes after a straightforward vision which will lead them to succeed. How about we know them:

A simple to use, quick and adaptable are the key of Ethereum implantation.

In light of just the standard of ERC20, EVM contacts and with an established token system the way toward financing is readied.


With the assistance of secured, walk capable long haul arrangement Bitcoin execution should be possible.

Alongside new decency i.e. RGB and off-chain confided in totaling of net revenues has been chosen and open source funding process began.

To finish up with Eidoo we should all realize that it is multi-currency and a HD wallet which was made by team of individuals from Switzerland. One can use the wallet to send, acknowledge and heap every one of the tokens. Then again if you jump at the chance to assist your chief with endowing tokens, at that point you can without much of a stretch exchange within the application. Every one of the difficulties of the project is to assist normal homes with advancements where networks have issue interacting because of different vision. This aides in organizing different advances through a select user involvement. It is a body which has united both technology and administrations that exist in this day and age as of now in a different manner.

WALLET DESCRIPTION digital currency wallet is accessible for Android and iOS. Customers that need to get to their wallet through an internet browser can’t do that. A marginally antagonistic viewpoint from that side, but considering that the vast majority of the general population who are interested in the cryptographic money industry have a cell phone, that isn’t an obstruction.

The absolute most critical features of the wallet are as per the following:

  • Support for ethereum, bitcoin and all ERC20 coins, which are stored in the wallet with a single reinforcement passphase.
  • All private keys are overseen by the user and are encoded on the gadget.
  • The Eidoo’s Recovery Tool offers a high security level.
  • Thanks to light design, no full hub is required.
  • Hierarchical deterministic help, which implies you can make sub-wallets with a specific end goal to keep your main wallet address classified. attempted to make a shared belief for innovations that find it difficult to coordinate because of different dreams and have assembled an apparatus that oversees different advancements by means of a special user encounter.

Upsides and downsides intends to make a friendly situation for individuals interested in digital currencies, through applications that are intended to be user friendly. The right now have bolster for ethereum and ERC20 tokens.

It terms of the negative perspectives, they don’t have right now bolster for bitcoin, but as the company asserts, that will be done in the primary quarter of 2018.

eidoo roadmap

List is a moderately new e-wallet that stores ethereum and ERC20 tokens. The company plans to expand its domain by including bitcoin bolster since Q1 2018, which is an uplifting news for clients.

The Eidoo wallet has been intended to meet the multicryptocurrency needs of the digital customer and currency broker. More internet business buys are being made in digital currencies and tokens. Different from standard monetary forms as a store of significant worth, tokens are keen gets that can have a wide range of features. For example, tokens used to buy air flights with XYZ airline may consequently be modified to issue air miles and additional things remittance.

The Eidoo wallet as of now holds bitcoin, ethereum and ECR-20 tokens (an ethereum token in light of a propelled security protocol). It has been intended to be open and acknowledge different cryptographic forms of money in the future. The wallet gives the standard features, including a portable application, private keys and the capacity to acknowledge both BTC and ETH. Extra esteem included administrations include a platinum card and implicit exchange. Businesses can put their own image on the wallet.

Eidoo’s multi-resource wallet gives numerous favorable circumstances over single currency wallets:

Inventory control

Cryptocurrencies are not esteemed in an indistinguishable route from fiat monetary standards by the vast majority, although the mindset is rapidly changing. As bitcoin prices take off, you all of a sudden got a portion of those ‘bitcoins’ a couple of years back when they were exceptionally shoddy but have no clue where they are today. Regardless of whether you could recollect the name of the site where you purchased the bitcoins, it is likely old. Those bitcoins purchased for $0.003 in 2010 are currently trading for over $4,000! So also, most bonuses and prizes, increasingly issued as tokens by organizations, are never spent by their proprietors because they sit in overlooked records. It is anything but difficult to disregard or lose virtual tokens if you don’t have a wallet. Eidoo’s versatile multicurrency arrangement plans to prepare for every one of your coins.


A multi-wallet needs to accomplish more than total your digital resources in a single place. Eidoo has beaten the technology obstacles to providing genuine interoperability among monetary standards, along these lines reducing contact costs, for example, high expenses and commissions related with transactions. The straightforward, intuitive interface enables the user to lead consistent transactions.

Currency chance

In the present market, dealers regularly need to first exchange digital forms of money crosswise over wallets and exchanges. Spreads and expenses differ significantly crosswise over cryptocurrency exchanges. By storing and trading monetary forms on a similar platform these additional expenses can be maintained a strategic distance from.


Each digital wallet uses different security protocols and features. If you use different wallets with various security features, your digital personality and resources will probably be powerless against robbery. Eidoo’s digital wallet for multicryptocurrencies uses propelled security features, ensuring your coins are securely stored. You will be requested to pick 12 words to secure the virtual private keys of your Eidoo wallet. If you lose your private key, not at all like the days of yore when you could consider your wallet lost or stolen, the Eidoo Recovery Tool can recover your key.

The wallet additionally has its own particular implicit exchange. Regardless of whether you need to do some theoretical trading or hedge your presentation to gainful resources, the trading capacity is integrated into the wallet.

How To Buy Eidoo?

When you are reading review about a coin, it is obvious that you will think about how to buy Eidoo. Well, if you are looking forward about how to buy Eidoo then you will need to read this section to know how to buy it and where you will be able to make a successful purchase. At the moment, you can buy Eidoo at Binance and HitBTC.

Eidoo Conclusion

Eidoo is a multi-currency, HD wallet made by a Switzerland-based team of developers. The wallet propelled in August 2017 as a standard Ethereum and ERC20 token wallet. You can use the wallet to send, get, and store tokens. Or then again, you can exchange tokens within the application to help deal with your investments.

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