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Education Ecosystem Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What Is Education Ecosystem?

Education Ecosystem is focused on the decentralization of learning by using the blockchain. Through their first item, the LiveEdu platform, they will make a project learning library focusing on education in future technology fields including artificial intelligence, digital security, VR and that’s just the beginning, and power it with LEDU tokens.

In request to all the more effectively meet the requests of making these projects available for platform users, the specialized IT infrastructure for LiveEdu will be moved to another decentralized platform. Education Ecosystem will use decentralized storage arrangements Storj and Genaro among others in request to accomplish this.

While providing a video streaming service, for example, LiveEdu, the most critical components to consider are the cost of storage, the speed of delivery and regardless of whether the substance can be delivered directly to watchers instead of by means of an outsider server. Quick substance delivery time/data transfer capacity forestalls freezing and hold up times which can adversely affect the watcher encounter. By decentralizing storage, the most customary data disappointments and blackouts are relieved. Decentralized storage likewise gives an increase in security, protection, and data control.

Project makers on the LiveEdu platform are experienced experts who wish to share their knowledge of future technology fields with interested learners. These project makers are rewarded for creating high quality projects with LEDU tokens. Notwithstanding being rewarded for their endeavors, project makers and learners alike expect that project videos will be secure and effectively open.

Decentralization of the video storage engineering won’t be the final advance as Education Ecosystem continues to work on the LiveEdu platform. Decentralization is vital for the ecosystem as it speaks to the eventual fate of the internet. Thusly, Education Ecosystem is focused on decentralization in all parts of platform development as long as it gives favorable position to the platform users and LEDU token holders.

Education Ecosystem is a decentralized online education platform that endeavors to achieve the pinnacle of the online education industry. It likewise goes by the name LiveEdu and is focused on teaching students about the kinds of technology that are probably going to end up common later on.

The company’s site expresses that it needs to be “next generation next generation “next generation” The whole platform keeps running on a cryptocurrency called LEDU. While Education Ecosystem has just had an ICO, LEDU coins are as yet available for buy on various platforms.

education ecosystem homepage

The Team

LiveEdu is situated in London but its site likewise records workplaces in China, Korea, Japan, and Ukraine. However, there is no other information about the company of the general population behind it on the Education Ecosystem site. There is a video at the highest point of the page featuring a man named Michael who is recorded as the CEO. But there is no last name or some other information about him in the video.

A google look tells us that Michael is really Dr. Michael Garbade, the organizer and CEO of LiveEdu. His LinkedIn profile discloses to us that he went to the University of Denver’s College of Business from 2004 to 2008 and after that got his Ph.D. in 2011 in funding financing from Universität Kassel in Germany. He later established LiveEdu in 2015.


As made reference to, LiveEdu is a learning ecosystem that endeavors to instruct students about the kinds of technology handle that will dominate what’s to come. There are eight fields specifically made reference to on the Education Ecosystem site:

Artificial Intelligence



Data Science



VR and AR

education ecosystem eco

Game Development

The LiveEdu site makes a point to distinguish itself from other online education platforms. In the video, Dr. Garbade states that most platforms take into account beginners who have no base level of knowledge for whatever subject they are studying.

Education Ecosystem endeavors to be different by gearing their educational services toward individuals with either intermediate or master level of understanding. As opposed to learning about another subject from a specialist, LiveEdu users will watch their associates construct real-life projects to additionally improve their knowledge of a subject.

The Educational Ecosystem site expresses the company is at present building a YouTube channel that will be used for online education and expert development. The majority of the educational resources and documents will likewise be available for download. EduLive likewise plans to on-up other online education platforms by offering live inquiry and answer sessions with instructors and a few different features point by point on their site that they guarantee most different platforms don’t offer.

LiveEdu’s vision is to have an internal ecosystem of learners, content makers, community mediators, project quality arbitrators, and API application engineers. That ecosystem will work dependent on the LEDU token. Individuals can use tokens to pay for their membership to projects, give to makers, or demand a Q&A with an instructor.

Project makers, in the interim, will be rewarded with tokens dependent on how regularly their projects are seen. Designers and arbitrators will likewise get tokens for their endeavors. Token holders will likewise be able to cast a ballot on what features and projects will be available later on, giving power to individuals who are using the LiveEdu platform.

It’s through this ecosystem of learners and project makers that LiveEdu is at last hoping to band together with businesses and schools to wind up the pre-eminent online platform for education and expert development.

About Education Token (LEDU)

Education Token (LEDU) is an ERC20 token that lives on the Ethereum blockchain. It is used to power the Education Ecosystem and is a key part of their plan to disturb the $306 billion expert development industry using the blockchain. Education tokens are used as payment for every single financial transaction in the internal ecosystem, and additionally rewards for project designers, learners, site mediators, and API ecosystem engineers. Education tokens are likewise used for governance, giving users the power to cast a ballot on the eventual fate of the platform — not exactly what projects are being made, but rather the features that the development team actualizes and what new project subjects to help. Education tokens will likewise be used in their outer ecosystem to drive transactions with businesses, schools, libraries, universities and online education organizations.

education ecosystem platform

The Verdict On Education Ecosystem

If nothing else, Educational Ecosystem is aspiring in its goal to wind up the best online education platform in what has turned into a focused field. They have additionally completed a fine occupation of distinguishing themselves from the opposition by focusing on the technology of things to come and targeting the individuals who as of now have a construct level of knowledge in light of those subjects.

However, one needs to think about whether there is a major enough market for what they are selling. Would individuals like to look for all the more training on a theme or will they plan to learn at work? Is there enough advantage to seeking further education regarding a matter? Indeed, even one that is probably going to be important for a long time to come. This may not be an advantageous undertaking for a few people, particularly if it implies venturing into the cryptocurrency realm.

Notwithstanding a couple of worries about the long-term sustainability of LiveEdu, it’s a touch of disconcerting to find little information about the CEO and the company itself on its site, particularly for an online education platform. At last, there’s nothing amiss with buying into LEDU tokens and exploring LiveEdu if the thought is appealing to you. However, there is little motivation to trust it’ll turn into the next huge thing in online education.

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