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Ecobit Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

EcoBit is a blockchain technology company that has a multi year plan to ensure the earth. Find out how this United Nations-upheld company works today in our review.

What is EcoBit?

EcoBit is a goal-oriented project that as of late finished its ICO on June 15, 2017. The project has support from the Malaysian government and the United Nations.

All through the ICO, EcoBit has released its EcoBit tokens to venders around the globe. Data on the official site demonstrates that the association has raised over $4.58 million USD through its ICO.

The new business has far reaching plans to conserve nature on an international scale. Their ICO had specific funding targets. At 2,000 BTC, for instance, EcoBit propelled an aquaponic cultivate and a spirulina cultivate.

Future fundraising targets include an EcoBit Hotel and ecotourism initiative and a carbon credit or carbon counterbalance program. In January 2017, the Malaysia State Government allowed EcoBit a multi year stewardship more than 1 million sections of land of tropical rainforest in northern Malaysia.

ecobit homepage

Advantages of EcoBit

EcoBit guarantees the majority of the following advantages to early sponsor:

High Return

Greener Future

Healthy Living

Advantages and Perks

Green Education Hub

As the association’s legitimate site explains, “environmental change and an unnatural weather change is real, it is happening just before our eyes at an exceptionally widespread pace and it is up to everybody [sic] of us to do our part to put a stop to this.”

Despite the fact that EcoBit, patrons can invest in sustainable natural projects. Those ecological projects have the long-term goal of reducing carbon footprints, helping in the healing procedure of the planet while likewise allowing you to earn an alluring profit for your investment.

EcoBit has officially stood out as truly newsworthy for being the first company to be granted 1 million sections of land of tropical woods. That timberland will be used for the REDD+ Carbon Market, and will likewise be safeguarded as the world’s most seasoned tropical backwoods. That rainforest has been nominated as an UNESCO World Heritage site.

Protecting that woodland implies that EcoBit has just maintained a strategic distance from 800 million tons of CO2 every year for the following 30 years. It likewise implies they’ve ensured 916 creature species and refuted the natural effect of 6 million autos.

EcoBit Features: How Does It Work?

Here are a portion of the key features of the EcoBit ecosystem:

EcoBit Blockchain Card

The EcoBit Blockchain Card professes to be “the world’s first execution of paying to and receiving of EcoBit on a smartcard.” The card is likewise the first usage of blockchain on a smartcard using NEM technology. EcoBit uses the NEM blockchain. There’s an EcoBit wallet that you can use to interact with other EcoBit wallets on smart gadgets and work areas. The EcoBit Blockchain Card can be used in the EcoBit ecosystem to pay EcoBits to anybody – like when recycling jars using the EcoBit Recycling Vending Machines. It can likewise be used to make payments for goods and services online, in-store, or at EcoBit Vending Machines. There’s a reward and reward framework to urge users to buy more EcoBits.

ecobit features

Real Sustainability Projects

EcoBit has likewise contributed to real eco-accommodating projects around the world. Preceding the ICO, EcoBit had just initiated stage 1, which involved receiving one million sections of land of tropical backwoods from the Malaysian Government. That woodland was given to EcoBit for a multi year time span. Instead of simply sitting on that wilderness, EcoBit will adapt the wilderness by using it as a major aspect of a Carbon Offset program. This makes an income stream that will increase interest for EcoBits later on – at any rate, according to

Other upcoming projects include launching spirulina ranches, natural homesteads, unfenced ranches, and EcoBit Sanctuaries.

Proprietors of EcoBit tokens can appreciate natural create like fish, fish, chickens, vegetables, and organic products if they visit an EcoBit Sanctuary area. This service is allowed to EcoBit proprietors according to what number of EcoBit tokens they possess.

Traceability of Produce Supply

EcoBit uses NEM blockchain technology to tracks the certificates, development, and records of the nourishment production network. Today, it very well may be difficult to follow sustenance in a dependable and legit way. EcoBit makes it simple for consumers to follow their nourishment back to the point of origin in a solid, decentralized manner.

Proof of Stake (PoS) Bonuses

EcoBit uses a PoS idea where the platform rewards EcoBit proprietors with bonuses when they clutch their EcoBits for over a half year. After that half year time frame, your reward will consequently be computed on a professional evaluated premise. Like clockwork, EcoBit makes an open declaration about bonuses and credits them naturally. This gives you a chance to use EcoBits as an investment vehicle just by holding onto them.

ecobit pos

Can Recycling Program

One of the features we’ve just found set up for the EcoBit ecosystem is the can recycling program, where individuals can reuse jars at company vending machines in exchange for EcoBits. Other limited time occasions have seen the dispatch of bicycles that can power juicers – so users can pedal a bicycle to make their own organic product smoothie. These limited time occasions have been taking spot crosswise over Malaysia.

The EcoBit 30 Year Plan

Scarcely any new businesses can flaunt having a multi year plan. EcoBit has effectively outlined the first three periods of its initiatives. Truth be told, stage 1 is as of now total:

Stage 1)

On January 10, 2017, the Malaysian province of Kelantan granted EcoBit over a million sections of land of carbon-rich, high-conservation esteem tropical rainforest. The rainforest is about 6 times the measure of Singapore

Stage 2)

The second period of EcoBit is called EcoBit Sanctuary Asia. It will be an eco-accommodating resort found not as much as a hour from downtown Kuala Lumpur. EcoBit token holders will have the capacity to visit the resort and access certain services for nothing, in light of the quantity of tokens they possess.

Stage 3)

In the third stage, EcoBit will imitate their EcoBit Sanctuary Asia in different nations and continents. They plan to grow their eco-depend on Europe, the United States, Africa, and Australia. At this point, the company plans to be a definitive “EcoBit Global Ecosystem”.

About EcoBit

EcoBit is a blockchain new business devoted to improving the world. The company has a multi year plan to ensure Malaysian rainforests while likewise improving natural sustainability around the world.

Key individuals from the team include Ambassador (R) Dato’ M. Redzuan Kushairi (Technology Advisor), Ambassador (R) Data’ C.H Saw (Policy Advisor), and Tang Too Siah (Board Advisor).

What are the goals of EcoBit Coin?

EcoBit guarantees investors high returns and access to a healthier life and a greener future. Also, purported green instruction focuses will be set up to teach individuals about ecological mindfulness and natural security. With EcoBit Coin, loan specialists can invest in sustainable natural projects. These projects have the long-term goal of reducing the carbon footprint and supporting the healing procedure of the planet.

EcoBit has officially stood out as truly newsworthy as the first company to have gotten 1 million sections of land of tropical backwoods from the Malaysian government for a long time as a trusteeship. Protecting the timberland implies that throughout the following 30 years, EcoBit will stay away from 800 million tons of CO2 for each year. It likewise implies that they have secured 916 species and invalidated the natural effect of 6 million autos. This woodland will most likely remain as the most seasoned rainforest territory and was in this manner assigned an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Which capacities and parts does the EcoBit Coin offer?

The first projects funded by the fundraising were Aquaponic and Spirulina Farms. EcoBit likewise offers token proprietors an assortment of features and advantages. The company has considered numerous projects, for example, the recycling of jars on the EcoBit machines. Consequently, the user gets Ecobit coins credited. Advance thoughts were exhibited at different limited time occasions in Malaysia.

For instance, proprietors of EcoBit tokens can buy natural items, for example, angle, fish, chickens, vegetables, and organic products from one of the EcoBit Sanctuary locales. This service is free for EcoBit proprietors, depending on what number of EcoBit tokens they claim. The company uses NEM Blockchain technology to track the nourishment production network’s certificates, developments and records. This allows consumers to follow their sustenance dependably and decentrally to the origin.

An integral piece of the project is the EcoBit Blockchain Card. The card is the first execution of a blockchain on a smart card with NEM technology. The smart card can be used as a payment framework in the EcoBit ecosystem, both for online transactions and in the asylum. EcoBit Coin additionally uses a proof-of-stake model. Token proprietors will be rewarded if they keep their EcoBit Coin for over a half year. Payments are made naturally at regular intervals to the separate wallet of the user.

How To Buy ECOB?

While reading this review, you must be wondering about how to buy ECOB. Well, the process is quite simple and this section will help you to know how to buy ECOB. First of all, you will need to find exchanges where you will be able to buy ECOB. At the moment, you can make use of exchanges like YoBit and Cryptopia to buy ECOB.

EcoBit Conclusion

EcoBit is a one of a kind blockchain idea supported by the Government of Malaysia and the United Nations. The project as of late finished its ICO, which saw the sale of around $4.5 million USD worth of EcoBits. Preceding the ICO, the startup had just been conceded a multi year responsibility for million sections of land of tropical rainforest in Malaysia. It plans to adapt that rainforest by using it as a feature of a carbon counterbalance program.

Future initiatives for the startup include launching eco-accommodating resorts (where EcoBit token holders can visit for nothing) along with natural homesteads and sustainable agribusiness initiatives.

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