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ECC Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What Is ECC Network?

This a shiny new platform that is intended to help you in the new digital world by creating an interminable universe of potential outcomes. The platform is completely open sourced, composed on an innovative multi-chain platform. One that is intended to work at an entirely financial center for giving usefulness to the users who are transferring cash on the platform.

ecc homepage

How ECC Electronic Cash With Trustless Network Services Works

The platform depends on an open-sourced ecosystem. One that is considered to be leap forward and innovative, spreading over various chains. The network is based around finances and will likewise serve to make a strong establishment that can be used later on for business innovations.

The greater part of the general population who use the services can depend on them being actualized with a significant part of the focal point of the platform being on the user encounter. They need it to be an agreeable, easy to use condition where there are different possibilities for business applications. Furthermore, in the meantime, they will maintain a protected and sound decentralized place for cryptocurrency users to hang out at.

The designers of the platform are using a multi-chain engineering capacity that is their leader. It can be used for document transferring, storing and is completely decentralized to message and transferring cryptocurrency. It works at the highest point of the platform too.

Users who exploit the services can send and get coins and data by entering their monikers instead of the long address that are normally connect with wallets and cash exchange.

That, as well as ECC is just the beginning, all things considered, At the point when the development of the platform and its establishment are finished, with the simple to use interface, and open sourced platform, designers without bounds will be capable make more up to date services more than ever on the existing network. It’s an exceptionally exciting idea and should make for some cool apps in the industry.

ECC is attempting to create great new changes in the industry on technology that is as of now in presence. They will achieve every last bit of it with add up to protection and security all through all the blockchain technology.

The main goal is to move network services from the internet to blockchain technology. With the new multi-chain conceivable outcomes used by ECC, they say it’s extremely conceivable and will be helpful for everybody. Security and well being will be more than ever on the new blockchain based network.

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ECC Network ICO Details

According to the information, there never was any ICO offered by the company. It may looks strange but now you can buy this coin from various exchanges if you do have intentions to invest your money on this coin.

Who Is Behind ECC Network?

Now, there is no information on the team behind the company or where they are found. Without more information, it’s difficult to call them a business or trust them. Trustworthiness and straightforwardness go a long path in business, particularly when it’s based around cryptocurrency and a decentralized network.

What Is The ECC Multi-Chain And How Does It Work?

The Multi-chain works by having numerous blockchains work all the while and in parallel to the main payment chain. Basically what this does is it allows every individual service, for example, email, instant messaging, and document stockpiling, to work without anyone else blockchain and not stall the singular main chain. Users of the framework can be a piece of specific services or not, accordingly reducing network strain and capacity prerequisites. For instance, you could register with just the messaging service and email, so you won’t have to download any information pertaining to the record stockpiling chain.

Ecc multichain

Another extraordinary feature of this plan is that various substances can really run their own network services. Speculatively speaking, two document hosting organizations can each run their own particular competing record stockpiling blockchains, both associated with the ECC main chain. Every money related exchange are executed on the main chain just, and once finished send affirmation to the service chains. If, for instance, you needed to pay to have a record facilitated, your payment of ECC gets steered through both the service chain and the main chain, after the transaction clears, a notification it is sent to the service chain marking to tell it the transaction happened. The outcome is that both blockchains reference each other and confirm the transaction happened. This is appeared in the picture below.

The magnificence of this outline is the expandability, which ultimately opens up the ECC main chain to an entire grouping of potential outcomes and services. For the stakeholders, this means more benefits. As more transactions are prepared through the framework, stakeholders will wind up receiving bigger and bigger payouts from the transaction fees.

Who Is Behind ECC?

The team consists of ten individuals drove by lead designers Greg Griffith and Bruno Alano.

Greg Griffith – Greg got into digital currencies at some point in 2013. He was inspired to get involved when he saw somebody running a mining rig at his nearby LAN focus. Greg has been working as a product engineer for as long as couple of years before he chose to commit his opportunity to ECC.

Bruno Alano – “I Started Developing When I Was 8 Years Old, And When I Was 10 Yrs Old I Started Working With A Friend On A Big Project Called BrAthena (We Had A Lot Of Names In That Time), Purely With C++. We Had Coded For About 2 Years, And Wrote About 100k CLOC. With That, I Was Recognized By The Biggest National Television Company In Brazil (Globo), And When I Was 15 Years Old I Was Invited By The Finland Government To Do Some Workshops There. There I Met Some Guys, And Started My Career In Deep Learning Research, Working With Amazing Guys From Different Parts Of The World (From Self-Driving Cars With Some Guys In CommaAI, To Other Institutes Like OpenAI From Elon Musk). From that point forward, I Started Cooperating With Some Researchers In Google Research, Where At The Same Time I Ran A Startup In Brazil (Being CTO) Called Neurologic, Where I Worked On Applying Deep Learning Into Behavior Psychology, And We Received Investment From Some Venture Capitalists.” (Slightly Edited For Grammar)

At the point when Did ECC Begin? Where Is It Now? Where Is It Headed?

ECC has had to some degree a rough beginning. The coin was made in March of 2014 by a man named “hostmaster”. The original coin appeared to serve a significant number of an indistinguishable capacities from the present ECC does; creating an informal organization of users, making it simple for first time crypto users, and inexpensive transaction costs. The coin touted itself just like the “Energy Conservation Coin” or “Ecological Conscious Coin”, among different names, including “Web based business Coin”, according to hostmaster. The coin was additionally intended to increase open consciousness of natural concerns, and was just mine-capable in pools as an endeavor to conserve energy. Also, using proof-of-work to make the initial coins at that point switching to proof-of-stake was intended to relieve any ongoing mining costs related with conventional blockchain technology, specifically high energy use. They even planted trees!


First crypto planted trees, no doubt, not one year from now but rather now. ECC planted 35 Tillia Tree for a green future :- )

It wasn’t until the point that August of 2014 that ECC was swung over to now lead engineer, Greg Griffith. As he explains it, the original ECC experienced a few forks and eventually broke. The earlier project engineers likely lost interest/couldn’t settle it and deserted the project. Griffith saw an opportunity to try it and within a couple of months had the wallet functioning again. It just so happens, the exchange ECC was on shut, and the project went calm for an additional couple of years. During this time, Griffith was occupied with gaining knowledge on cryptography, development, and blockchains, all while working on ECC as an enthusiasm project. It wasn’t until the point that September of 2017 that Griffith started working all day on ECC.

At this moment ECC has a market top of $64,741,750, with a circulating and final supply of 25,000,000,000 coins, and a for every coin price of $0.002590. They have a very much outlined and utilitarian wallet for Windows and Linux (see site), with a Mac wallet coming soon, and their site is at present being redone, pending release the finish of January 2018. You can visit their Telegram and Slack (enter your email), and in addition their dynamic Github, and generally new subreddit here.

ECC is preparing to dispatch their ANS or Address-Name Service, a feature that will dole out usernames to wallet addresses, assessed within the following 1-2 months. This feature will certainly put ECC a long ways ahead in the social circle with respect to different digital forms of money (see final contemplations area for additional on this). Over the ANS, the team is working on test launching its multi-chain framework, testing the capacity to send messages over the chains, testing the chains stockpiling scaling and abilities, setting up Electrum servers to work with mobile gadgets, and integrating trader services.

Ecc roadmap

Essential Information

ECC has been completely mined, no new coins will be made, consequently there is 0% inflation.

Staking rewards are paid for by transactions fees.

ECC is an extremely community driven coin. Numerous users have contributed to help take the coin to the following level, for example, designing their new site, building the OSX wallet, and visual depiction.

The coin has a substantial and extremely dynamic Slack community.

The designers are not effectively funded right now.

There was no ICO.

There are no smart contracts.

ECC is a “publicity less” coin. You will rarely ever find the team patting themselves on the back for their work. They appear to trust in getting the item out and letting it justify itself with real evidence.

ECC Service

How To Buy ECC?

While reading this review, you must be thinking about how to buy ECC. Well, if you are looking forward to invest in this crypto then you will need to know how to buy it. However, first of all, you will need to know the exchanges where you will be able to buy it. You will need to check this list of exchanges to know more.

Final Thoughts

One of the biggest downsides of crypto to the beginner user is it’s all numbers. You don’t send cash to “Chris”, you send it to 0x9a5BE4b9403f473Fdd560B4D6df80211b7C5d07E, and that can be extremely off-putting for anybody new to how wallets work. Crypto is an exceptionally unpersonalized framework right now, in numerous cases intentionally, but ECC is attempting to make it more use well disposed. I trust that their naming service, while by all account not the only coin with such a feature, definitely separates them from the dominant part of digital forms of money out there, particularly ones that are intended for shared transactions. Creating convenience and aiding in selection for ordinary users is any digital forms of money key to progress.

While ECC may not be the first coin seeking to overhaul web services (See NXT and Ardor), it is certainly a standout amongst the most focused, community driven, and dedicated coins I have reviewed. During my review I could contact a few community individuals and designers all itching to answer my inquiries concerning the technology behind ECC. (Extraordinary because of @yoseff, @JoeMelon, @csmartins, @altj, and obviously @griffith on Slack)

Keeping in mind that the ECC main chain is intended to help a lot of side chains, I trust that they will encounter a development spurt as an ever increasing number of designers begin to use it. Features and usefulness will continually be included resulting in new thoughts and new side chains being made by engineers. Some may state that ECC is the “WordPress of digital forms of money.” It offers fundamental usefulness and allows you to expand on that.

By and large, I think in light of its incredibly community driven help, development straightforwardness, expansive market space, and achievable goals, I trust ECC will be a solid contender to NXT/Ardor by late 2018, mid 2019.

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