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Dovu Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Dovu plans to make another circular economy using data as the fuel. Find out how the blockchain-based platform works today in our Dovu review.

What Is Dovu?

Dovu is an ecosystem powered by data. The blockchain-powered platform means to make another circular economy where data is used as the fuel.

The thought behind Dovu is straightforward: we approach a larger number of data today than we’ve at any point had previously. However, we experience difficulty sharing and transferring that data proficiently. Dovu needs to change that by breaking down fringes, making it simpler to share data, while additionally maintaining a high level of security over that data.

Dovu uses a special cryptocurrency to fuel its ecosystem. That cryptocurrency will allow for the consistent transaction of data between consumers and portability services.

One of the proposed manners by which Dovu can be used is to share your portability data. You could share where you drive, for instance, and allow organizations to get to that information. Adequately, this implies you’re being paid to drive your auto. You would then be able to spend those rewards on movement, services, and transport the world over.

The final product is a circular economy involving free development of goods and individuals within our urban areas. Dovu is the ecosystem binding transport data to the new economy.

In more clear terms, Dovu is a data sharing platform. The company’s first item is a versatility based data sharing API marketplace, where users can share portability data in exchange for DOV tokens.

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How Does Dovu Work?

Dovu is the ecosystem that interfaces transport data – like how our vehicles move and where they move – with an economy.

A portion of the key features of that ecosystem include a Dovu-associated vehicle, the Dovu coin, the consumer, the Dovu protocol, and the Dovu marketplace (and future DApps made for that marketplace).

We’ll speak more about every one of these segments below.

Dovu Features

Circular Economy:

Dovu makes various notices of its “circular economy”. Essentially, that implies Dovu is applying blockchain technology that will change our thinking about data and portability. The blockchain can be used to verify esteem contributed independently whether you’re an enterprise or an individual, which implies everyone will be reasonably rewarded for their contribution to the portability ecosystem.

The Dovu Ecosystem:

There will be four critical parts of the Dovu platform, including the Protocol (which will govern how data is exchanged and how esteem is attributed to data), the DOV token (which allows for payments within the platform), and the Dovu API marketplace (which is the first DApp created by Dovu). The Dovu protocol itself is open source. It encourages the development of portability related DApps. The DOV token, in the mean time, depends on Ethereum and is used for transactions within these decentralized apps.

Getting Data Moving:

Dovu imagines a future where each company is a data company. For instance, ride sharing organizations like Uber gather data like climate and request data to ascertain pricing. They likewise get to mapping data for routing and geolocation data for planning. Dovu imagines an ecosystem where this data is shared and sold between organizations and users, helping to make a more productive data-driven world.

Democratizing Data:

More noteworthy access to data quickens innovation over the economy. Using blockchain technology, everybody can partake in the versatility ecosystem and get rewards for their contributions. Members get rewards in the type of DOV tokens.

The World’s First Mobility Cryptocurrency:

The DOV token can be spent in decentralized applications (DApps) based on the Dovu protocol. Transactions are encouraged with consistent payments crosswise over versatility services. For instance, the same secure worldwide token can be used whether you’re riding the transport or train, renting a bicycle or auto, or sharing your own vehicle or vehicle data.

Dovu API Marketplace:

The Dovu API marketplace is the first decentralized application based on the Dovu protocol. This marketplace means to simplify access to transport-related data. The marketplace will be open to three gatherings, including data proprietors (an individual or association that claims a few data); data suppliers (an individual or association that takes possessed data and supplies it through some sort of reported API), and data consumers (an individual or association that interacts with the Dovu platform to consume data from data suppliers – these individuals would in all likelihood be designers).

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Who’s Behind Dovu?

Dovu is a London-based company established in 2016. The company is driven by CEO Irfon Watkins (Founder), CMO Arwen Smit (Founder), COO Krasina Mileva (Founder), and Head of Product Alex Morris.

Watkins is a serial business person who has established and sold organizations over the API range. Prior to founding Dovu, Watkins was organizer and CEO of Coull, an automatic video advertising company processing more than 15 billion demands every month from more than 118 nations. He has 20 long periods of experience as an official.

The company has gotten investments from InMotion Ventures (the investment arm of Jaguar Land Rover) and Creative England (a government-sponsored fund from the UK).


Applying blockchain technology will change our thinking about data and versatility.

Because blockchain can verify esteem contributed independently, regardless of whether you are a corporate or an individual, everyone will be decently rewarded for their contribution to the portability ecosystem.


The DOVU Platform consists of the following segments, the DOVU Protocol (detailing data interchange and attribution of significant worth), the DOV token (for payments within the platform) and the DOVU API Marketplace (the first dApp created by DOVU).

The DOVU Protocol is open source and encourages the development of versatility related dApps. In light of Ethereum, the DOV token is used for transactions within these dApps.


In the 21st century, each company is a data company. For instance, ride hailing organizations use climate and request data for pricing, mapping data for routing, and geolocation data for planning.

Democratizing DATA

More noteworthy access to data quickens innovation. With blockchain, everyone can contribute to the nature of the versatility ecosystem, and be rewarded for their contribution. This reward is the Ethereum based DOV token.


The DOV token can be spent in decentralized applications based on the DOVU protocol. Imagine consistent payment crosswise over versatility services: one secure worldwide token for riding a transport or train, renting a bicycle or auto or notwithstanding enabling you to share your own vehicle or vehicle data.


Innovation in the transportation space will increasingly begin with data and APIs. With each new feature, a designer needs to consider if it is worth to build up the underlying technology in-house, or if it bodes well to use outer building blocks. First to interface blockchain technology to APIs, the DOVU API Marketplace simplifies access to transport related data.

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How To Buy Dovu?

While reading this review, you must be wondering about how to buy Dovu. Well, the process is quite simple and this section will help you to know how to buy Dovu. First of all, you will need to find the exchange where you will be able to buy Dovu. At the moment, you can make use of HitBTC and LAToken to buy Dovu.

Dovu Conclusion

Dovu is a data exchange marketplace that is at present focused on transport-related data. The protocol’s first decentralized app is the Dovu API Marketplace, which simplifies access to transport-related data. It allows organizations and individuals to share data in a synergistic domain and earn DOV tokens for their contributions.

Eventually, Dovu is amazingly, one more blockchain technology that expects to bring blockchain to the majority – including individuals and companies who depend on transport-related data. You can learn more about Dovu by reading through the company’s whitepaper. Something else, the company’s ICO is booked to begin toward the beginning of September.

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