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Docademic Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What Is Docademic?

The DOCADEMIC PLATFORM is a single internationally sourced healthcare service platform for the general population that begins with free Human Doctor-AI helped Video Telemedicine service (DOCADEMIC APP) as of now in use in 20 nations by a huge number of users and a related suite of AI helped instruments and interpersonal organization for the medical community (Docademic for Doctors). Combined, these deliver the highest level of free essential quality healthcare allowing any individual to get to the advantages and knowledge of healthcare that technology currently allows.

The DOCADEMIC PLATFORM’s DOCADEMIC APP is based over DOCADEMIC’s existing, patient data routing and AI helped advances destined to be blockchain empowered. With its effortlessness of use It turns into a definitive resource for any individual who needs introduction in a health-related issue—a one touch framework that associates any patient with a Doctor through Video Telemedicine for nothing, from any nation a user is situated in. All patient information will be anchored on a blockchain and speaks to an immaculate On-Ramp to healthcare services on a blockchain. In correlation, other healthcare related blockchain projects don’t have a compelling On-Ramp to healthcare services. With our free Telemedicine service we can get the majority to profit by blockchain technology in Healthcare.

The DOCADEMIC PLATFORM’s DOCADEMIC FOR DOCTORS informal community offers Ongoing Medical instruction, Patient referrals, Tools for doctors regular practice, and Real Time Reporting of epidemiological data for our customers and researchers. Serving all customer sizes and necessities: The DOCADEMIC Platform combines it’s DOCADEMIC APP and DOCADEMIC FOR DOCTORS informal community to determine high-end services, for example, real-time geographic epidemiological data reporting, Automated AI-Driven treatment and analysis recommendations for Doctors in institutions or private practice, huge access to patient populaces for deterrent crusades, and DOCADEMIC’s propelled restrictive Tools, for example, its AI-helped Electronic Health Record and Digital Vademecum.

docademic homepage

A general local Token:

The MEDICAL TOKEN CURRENCY, MTC is the fuel that self control all services DOCADEMIC gives. We are now in chats with Healthcare institutions, Governments and accomplices to make MTC the favored Token for their own upcoming and existing medical services, as they relocate to decentralized platforms. We imagine MTC will be used in the more extensive Healthcare industry and some other industries for different purposes including payment and settlement.

The ultimate objective:

DOCADEMIC is building a strong, worldwide Healthcare utility—a propelled platform the whole patient populace and medical community will use to incredible favorable position; where anybody can take an interest as users and Token holders.

DOCADEMIC will turn into an entire healthcare ecosystem for the overall patient/Doctor populace with computerized get to.

How Does the Docademic Medical Token MTC Work?

Docademic Medical Token Currency MTC tokens will be used to buy healthcare items and services from the Docademic platform.

You can get to the Docademic platform through mobile apps for iOS and Android.

The main goal of the Docademic app is to give free medical help 24 hours every day, 7 days seven days. Patients can remain in constant contact with their doctor or any medical expert. With the press of a button, Docademic’s app will give free medical help from certified doctors, 24 hours per day, 7 days seven days.

Data administration is additionally an essential piece of the Docademic platform. The company gives users access to their electronic health record, or EHR. Patients can instantly and effortlessly refresh their health data, at that point share that data with confided in healthcare suppliers.

Doctors can profit by the platform by accessing extraordinary healthcare apparatuses and resources. Docademic offers more than 600+ diaries from around the globe, classified by forte. They likewise have a “Vademecum” (a handbook) that includes refreshed medication prices at nearby drug stores. These services are given to doctors to free.

Patients are urged to refresh their Docademic health data to get better, more customized service. Refresh and finish your medical history – like prescriptions you’ve used or hypersensitivities you have – to get more specific proposals and recommendations from doctors.

docademic app

Docademic Benefits

Docademic intends to give powerful advantages to patients and doctors. A portion of the promoted advantages of the platform include:

For Patients

Proficient Medical Assistance Instantly:

Patients can use Docademic to get instant medical help from a certified Docademic doctor. Service is quick and simple: all you require is a smartphone and an internet association.

Free Assistance:

Docademic gives customized medical help to free. You get essential healthcare checkups for nothing, but you’ll have to pay for included healthcare services – like if you have to come in for treatment.

Refresh Info for More Free Assistance:

Give more information about your health data within the app to get ongoing free medical help on a month to month premise.

Simple Record Management:

Docademic means to give consistent electronic health record (EHR) administration. You can likewise use Docademic to gain access to every medical proposal and suggestions made by doctors.

For Doctors

Finish Vademecum for Doctors:

“Vademecum” is regularly used in Spanish-speaking nations to allude to a handbook for a specific calling – like a doctor’s handbook of medical medicines. Docademic gives an entire Vademecum to doctors, allowing them to find everything they have to know about specific meds and medicines in a single tick.

Get More Patients:

Doctors can connect with more patients through the Docademic ecosystem. Patients can get a free checkup from the doctor, at that point visit the doctor face to face for paid healthcare services.

600+ Medical Journals:

Docademic likewise gives doctors free access to 600+ medical diaries. The platform professes to have the biggest list of medical diaries with real-time refreshes, which implies doctors are dependably at the cutting edge of the medical field.

docademic platform

Who’s Behind Docademic Medical Token?

Docademic is driven by Charles Nader (prime supporter and CEO). Charles contemplated medicine at Anahuac University and was acknowledged into a one-time Stanford University program called “Technology Enabled Blitzscaling.” Charles applied the exercises from that program to Docademic. Today, Charles gives discusses healthcare, including the application of blockchain and AI in the healthcare field.

Docademic was originally known as Doctordice. The company was established in June 2012. The company appears to have been originally situated in the San Francisco Bay Area but is presently situated in Mexico City.

Other recorded individuals from the Docademic team include Isao Hojyo (COO), Arturo Diaz (CTO), and Alejandro Meza (CFO).

docademic team


2012 Q2 is incorporated under Sidrese SA de CV.

2013 Q1

Propelled DoctorDice.Com

2013 Q2 turns into the biggest Social network for doctors in LatAm

2014 Q3 gets acknowledged by different business quickening agents Including Society 3 and 500 Startups

2015 Q1 moves toward becoming Docademic to more readily accomplish its overall vision during Society3 quickening agent in San Francisco.

2015 Q3

Docademic CEO Charles Nader gets acknowledged into “Technology Enabled Blitzscaling” Program at Stanford University given by LinkedIn Founder Reid Hoffman, Former Mozilla CEO John Lilly, and business creator and Venture entrepreneur Chris Yeh.

2016 Q1

Docademic applies new system to grow and introduce new services using blockchain and AI and grows first Free day in and day out Video Telemedicine help service on the planet available in the App store and Play store.

2016 Q3

Docademic Launches Docademic APP a Medical Assistance service, and rapidly extends to 5 different nations in LatAm. Lawful and administrative is secured by Hogan Lovells LLP team in LatAm.

2017 Q1

Docademic Medical Assistance service is a win and further extends to 15 more nations. Totaling 20 nations. Gets great reviews in App Store and Play store.

2017 Q2

Docademic begins sales of its Geographic health screen (GHM) and Direct focused on notification framework (DTM) to Private Industry and Governments.

2017 Q3

Docademic manufactures Regulatory agreeable system with lawful firm Foley Lardner LLP to offer services in the US.

2017 Q4

Docademic Inc. incorporates in the US.

2017 Q4

Docademic begins plans to begin offering service in California.

2018 Q1

Docademic MTC Token Sale

2018 Q1

Support for tokens and token listing on cryptocurrency exchanges

2018 Q2

Dispatch of Docademic Marketplace inside Docademic Platform

2018 Q2

Dispatch of Docademic Platform in US

2018 Q4

Dispatch of Docademic Platform in Europe

2019 Q1

Dispatch of Docademic Blockchain and Medical Coin (MC)

2019 Q2

Dispatch of Docademic Platform in Asia and Middle East

2019 Q3

Advance venture into rest of world and increase in services and items offered in marketplace.

docademic roadmap

How To Buy MTC?

While reading this review, you must be wondering about how to buy MTC. Well, the process is quite simple and this section will help you to know how to buy MTC. First of all, you will need to find the exchanges where you will be able to buy MTC. MTC is available on various exchanges like KuCoin, IDEX, TopBTC, LAToken, Sistemkoin, LBank, YoBit and

Docademic Medical Token Currency MTC ICO Conclusion

Medical Token Currency, or MTC, is an advanced token used to take part in the Docademic platform. Docademic is an existing app for iOS and Android gadgets. You can use the app to get to free medical services from doctors and healthcare experts in your general vicinity. You give patient data to the app, at that point get customized proposals in view of your one of a kind health data.

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