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Divi Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Divi is a blockchain and smart wallet that intends to conquer any hindrance between the crypto world and the overall population with a specific end goal to empower across the board cryptocurrency appropriation. Here’s our review.

What Is Divi?

Divi means to make crypto less demanding for the majority to use. Discovered online at, the platform plans to conquer any hindrance between the crypto world and the majority.

The Divi technology allows individuals to make private, instant transactions with one of a kind usernames, instead of difficult to-recall crypto addresses. Your username will likewise have social features – like the capacity to include photos, skins, “pockets”, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The username framework will be used on the Divi blockchain and wallet.

The blockchain is booked for release in April 2018. Before the release of the blockchain, the designers are selling DIVX tokens, which will in the long run speak to DIVI tokens on the Divi blockchain. DIVX tokens are based on the Ethereum blockchain and are ERC20-consistent.

divi homepage

How Does Divi Work?

One of the key features behind Divi is the “layered masternode framework”. That framework involves five levels that can be setup with a single tick – at home or in the cloud. The company portrays it as “like printing your own particular cash.” There are Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond levels.

In the interim, Divi’s new lottery block technology anchors the network. 11 members can win up to 5,000 DIVI consistently. The winnings will be stored specifically into users’ wallets.

The platform is based on another custom blockchain. That blockchain stores names and metadata along with transactions. With the present blockchain networks and cryptographic forms of money, you normally don’t exchange much information during a transaction – you simply know the beneficiary’s wallet address. With Divi’s wallet, every transaction will include extra information. This will allow the wallet to interface and identify the collector of funds to be sent, displaying a photo or logo and other information that includes an extra layer of security.

That “extra layer of security” alludes to the way that users can abstain from sending funds to the wrong place. Today, if you send cash to a bitcoin address, and one character is incorrect, at that point your funds could be lost for eternity. With Divi, you can see the essential profile information of the individual receiving your cash.

Today, there are two kinds of Divi tokens, including DIVI tokens and DIVX tokens. The essential use of DIVX tokens is to hold them until the Divi blockchain and network is prepared to go live, at which point you’ll have the capacity to exchange them for DIVI.

divi blocks

Divi Features

Divi publicizes the greater part of the following features in its “smart wallet”:

Simple to Use:

Divi is designed for mass appropriation, which is the reason convenience is a key goal. Divi replaces confusing, hard-to-recollect addresses with an intuitive username framework.

Earn While You Sleep:

Users can give their coins something to do while they sleep. They can stake them on a masternode. The more you stake, the more DIVI tokens you get consequently. It resembles storing your coins in a savings account.

Decentralized Marketplace:

Divi users can take control of their coins by selling goods and services in the market. This feature is just available to DIVI holders.

Live Community:

The Divi community allows users to draw in with blockchain specialists and community individuals 24 hours every day, 7 days seven days.

Masternode System:

Divi depicts its framework as “the world’s first layered masternode framework”. This framework urges users to store and buy more DIVI to increase their earnings.

New Ways to Transact and Manager Money:

Divi expects to be something beyond a wallet. It has a vaulting feature, a savings account feature, numerous pockets, and approaches to naturally part incoming funds between accomplices.

Credit Card:

Divi plans to issue a credit card or charge card that is specifically associated with your Divi wallet.

Multi-Sig Support:

Divi’s smart wallet will have multi-sig bolster, which implies the capacity to require numerous signatures on every transaction made with the wallet.

divi wallet

How Are Tokens Used?

DIVI tokens will be used for three center capacities:

Earning Tokens with Masternodes:

You can earn more tokens by installing the masternode programming on your PC.

Earn Tokens with a Staked Wallet:

You can earn tokens by leaving tokens in your Divi wallet. The more Divi you keep in your wallet, the more you’ll earn. Your wallet will likewise be used to help transactions over the network.


You can spend DIVI tokens in the online market.


Who’s Behind Divi?

Divi was established in 2016. The company plans to release their blockchain and mine the beginning block in Q1 2018, with dynamic development on the project taking spot all through 2018. In the whitepaper, however, the beginning block date is normal on April 1, 2018 and not in Q1 2018.

Key individuals from the team include Michael Greenwood, Geoff McCabe, and Nick Saponaro.

divi team

User app

The app will be the place everything is controlled. As a matter of course the most confounded settings and crypto expressions would not be noticeable in Divi to make it less demanding for new users to comprehend crypto.

Everything will be shown so you ought to never need to pull up an adding machine. You will have the capacity to show in whatever cash you need and potentially even numerous monetary standards without a moment’s delay (hint devs). There will be features that allow you to store left finished parts in a savings bank or give to foundations( Divi will have some philanthropy features incorporated with it).

New users will be guided by basic terms that can either be extended or drifted over to get a more definite explanation (ideally this makes it into the app as it was only a discourse I had with one of the devs now).

Ideally the app will likewise take into account propelled users and have a propelled mode.

It will be available on mobile and work area forms.

divi mobile


Divi has an extremely one of a kind approach to masternodes. There will be levels with small bonuses for running higher level hubs. This allows even small players to run a Tier one masternode. Hubs won’t require static IP’s. They likewise plan to have an extremely straightforward masternode setup that anybody can do with just a couple of snaps called The MOCCI (Masternode One Click Cloud Install). This is finished and prepared to go but needs testing once the blockchain is live.

The hubs and staking (POS) additionally run a lottery framework where 11 fortunate individuals for each week will win a reward of 250 DIVX and one will win 2500 DIVX. This is a work in advance and they need the lottery to be a for each account as opposed to what number of tokens you are holding and the correct points of interest will be worked out during the beta stages.

divi masternode

Other cool features


Divi will have something called pockets. So you can have your main address which is unmistakable to the world but not really linked to you if you don’t need it to be. Much the same as some other blockchain, you can examine it and see the action but the individual controlling that is mysterious except if they make themselves known. At that point you can have private shrouded stashes that nobody can see inside. The points of interest around this are still in question as the tech behind this may require a shut scrambled sidechain or something comparative.

Accessible addresses

Need to find say a shop or company. Scan for it and find it by its name. It will show things like user ratings, links and so forth (I accept kind of like google does) is it verified and so on so individuals cant setup counterfeit shops and address.

Talk with Owners of wallets

Initially it will forward essential info like an email address but in the end a real time talk would be incorporated. This is absolutely discretionary and you would have the capacity to debilitate this feature.

Oraclet System

Field for future features. At present you can put things like tiny URL in there so there is additional info linked to your wallet should somebody seek you attempt to make a store to your address.

Programming interface

Association with significant exchanges for converting DIVI to different coins. (If Divi bolstered multi wallet works this would open up significantly more entryways).

Demand Money/Billing

Send or timetable messages within the wallet with a link so a contact can without much of a stretch pay you, and even pre-choose what stash you need the cash saved into.

Auto Split

At the point when cash comes in, you can have it consequently re-distributed to different wallets or pockets according to preset rates.

Extraordinary for business accomplices


Using the Auto Split feature, you can have the duties for the items

you auction naturally split into a different pocket.

Piggy Bank

Need to spare cash for something uncommon? Consequently

set a small bit of your income into a pocket that even YOU can’t

access until a future date.

Booked payments.

Could be used to pay for things like memberships and so forth.

Feature they have to include

If you could do this with say an ERC20 bolstered transaction for consequently sending a transaction to an ICO so you don’t need to be alert at imbecilic long periods of the night. Again depends on multi wallet integration and supporting this capacity would require additional development. This is more impractical thinking on my part instead of a present feature. I have sought and not by any means think of an answer for this. Despite the fact that it could be effectively actualized by different platforms moreover.

Blockchain and tokens

The Divi Project is a decentralized Proof Of Stake (POS) and masternode protocol/cryptocurrency and ecosystem. So you can earn tokens by staking in your wallet or by running a masternode.

You will ready to use Divi to spend in online markets and fees will be produced each time you make a transaction. You will likewise use it to do different premium alternatives, for example, customizing your addresses. Divi will use a part of the ICO funding as incentive to get online stores to use it. They as of now have conditional organization manages a couple of online stores.

A large number of these will be restrictive to Divi which will draw in new users. The plan is to have cool and exceptional stuff that you can just buy with Divi. Truly cool thought if they can pull it off. The past experience of a portion of the team individuals will be invaluable here.

Divi are building their own particular blockchain which will be totally open source. They are not a fork of a specific blockchain but rather use a few as building blocks, for example, Pivx and namecoin. I made the inquiry and it would be extremely difficult to construct this on the Ethereum network or some other network. By and by I think Neo would very be the most effortless one because of its adaptability. But having their own particular blockchain technology makes it that substantially harder for somebody to copy their thoughts.

How To Buy DIVI?

While reading this review you must be wondering about how to buy DIVI. However, the process is quite simple and this section will help you to know how to buy DIVI. First of all, you will need to find the exchanges where you will be able to buy DIVI. At the moment, you can make use of Cryptopia to buy DIVI.

Divi Conclusion

Divi is a shiny new blockchain that intends to combine numerous blockchain features into a single platform while improving on various parts of the technology. It plans to offer the best features of DASH, for instance, along with a simple to-use UI. The general goal is to make a blockchain and cryptocurrency that appeals to a mass group of onlookers.

A key piece of that goal is Divi’s development of a smart wallet, a wallet with interesting savings features and a multi-layered masternode framework on the Divi blockchain. That wallet – and the blockchain – will append profile information to every transaction. Instead of sending cash to an unknown bitcoin wallet address, you can send it to a verified profile with customized qualities.

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