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Is District0x A Good Investment?

District0x Review

District0x is a network which serves as a group of decentralized marketplaces and communities and they are known as districts. However, it is powered by Aragon, IPFS, and Ehtereum, and joins a growing list of platforms that are designed to facilitate transactions and more. It will let you create your own decentralized communities and marketplaces on the blockchain by making use of Ethereum smart contract. However, it allows anyone to deploy a district on the network free of charge.

Team behind this coin consists of developers from all over the world and creates a truly global community. The founder and lead developer of this platform is Matus Lestan. However, he has been developing throughout his life and is also passionate about decentralization. He also worked as a freelance developer for around a decade before his current to improve and spread the Clojure-Ethereum ecosystem.

Joe Urgo is the co-founder of this platform as well as he is in charge of operations and the CEO and founder of However, he also spends most of his time in exploring the decentralized business models as well as token based governance structures. Well, the other members of this wonderful team also have similar impressive experiences.

district0x homepage


You must be looking forward to know about the traits of District0x. Each district within the district0x platform is a marketplace or community which acts as a decentralized and completely autonomous organization within the network. However, each district is able to filter, search, list, post, rank, reputation, invoicing and payments.

The framework of d0xINFRA sits as the core component of each district. However, this framework is a stack which is made up of smart contracts and front end libraries from Ethereum. They are distributed after that on IFPS and power the actual functioning of every district. However, when it comes to the development of d0xINFRA, its developers made it open and extendable. This enables districts to plug in auxiliary modules which are helpful to improve the functionality and create their own unique features.

District0x News

When it comes to the news about District0x, it is obvious that everyday recent news is coming about it. However, only one district is fully launched at the moment while others are still under development. In 2017, Ethlance was launched. This is a marketplace for job which is also decentralized like other districts will be in future. However, it aims to provide listings for those who are looking for all types of jobs. It ranges from steady careers to freelancing opportunities. Well, this first district will be operational forever.

You must be familiar about Name Bazaaar which is under development at the moment and it will be the second district which will be completely operational. However, this peer-to-peer marketplace will enable users to exchanges the names that have been registered by making use of the Ethereum Name Service. Well, this district has the aim to make purchasing and finding ENS names simpler.

The third district which will be deployed soon will be the Meme Factory and it will allow all the users to create rare digital assets by making use of Ethereum blockchain. However, users will be able to immediately post these assets on a marketplace to exchange them. This marketplace will be in style of a bulletin board for usability and simplicity.

The team behind the district0x project plans to continuously deploy new districts which will be added to the network. However, these districts will operate as sandboxes which will be helpful to refine the d0xINFRA framework. It will also be helpful for users and non-users to show around the world that how useful the decentralized markets and communities can be. In short, District0x is a hot topic and every single day you will see recent news about it.


DNT had a high ROI possibly due to its ICO had a proportional allotment structure. However, there was single pool of tokes up for grabs and the total ETH amount raised was helpful to determine the issuance rate of DNT per ETH. It works on a simple principle, the more people will contribute will be helpful for the participants to get more. According to an assumption, around 43,169.47 ETH (13M) was contributed as well as 1 billion tokens were minted and 600 million were distributed among the contributors. However, 13,898.71 DNT was issued per ETH which contributed at $0.0145 each.

On Monday 21st August 2017, the second highest daily close for the DNT was recorder following the ICO. However, on Saturday, 21st October 2017 DNT had a high daily volume. This happened after the positive news as the world moved past China’s Bitcoin. However, the price was dropped gradually as the price of Bitcoin went to hit an all time high value of $6180 as the impending forks drew closer.

However, on Saturday, 06th January 2018, the highest daily close in for the DNT – BTC pair B00002944 was recorded. This could have resulted from the crash of Bitcoin back in December. On Wednesday, 7th March 2018, the lowest daily close in for the DNT – BTC pair B0000023 was recorded. It happened during sideway consolidation of BTC.

Will Others Be Able To Create Districts?

At the moment, only the project team of District0x is able to create districts. However, this will change in the near future. It is expected that developers will soon launch a district creation platform. Anyone on the internet will be able to quickly create their own district once this platform is released.

This network is designed to be free of censorship and intermediaries which will give internet citizens that ability to build whatever they want. However, those who are interested can vote on any district they will like to launch next. It can be done with the help of community proposals which will allow the users to suggest districts and vote on the existing suggestions.

What Are District0x Network Tokens?

The district Network Token is also known as DNT. However, it is a token which is used for staking. It will allow the users of a district to get involved in decision making process. These tokens can be used to join a district and participate in governing it. However, the number of DNTs a user stakes in a district directly corresponds to his or her voting rights in a district. However, these voting rights can be used to participate in all decisions of a district. Decisions include code of conduct, branding, how fees are collected, which auxiliary modules are used, and more.

what are district0x

Decentralized Marketplaces

The whitepaper works on the real world examples like AirBnb and Uber, whose business models circulates around the collective power of their users which is opposite to monetizing their own solid assets.

The team of this network has established veterans of the crypto industry, see potential in such pseudo decentralized frameworks. It also wants to see users who are participating in the decision making process.

However, the main problem looks like it is that cohesion in the communities that is hard to get without some entity calling the shots as well as to speak. However, it was until the Ethereum blockchain was opened the door to a new radical approach. This network also enables anyone to create a district. It offers basic operations like searching the content, creating posts and ranking users which are provided to the user. Well, the idea is that they can build their own platform easily.

It is different from many ICOs that are working nowadays and selling vaporware. However, there are fully operational districts which are launched on the Ehtereum mainnet.

District0x Wallet

If you own this famous district0x coin, you must be looking forward to store your coins safely in a wallet or anything else that will be helpful for you to secure your coins balance. Well, you are at the right place where you will be able to get enough information about what you are looking for all over the internet. However, there are several cryptocurrencies as well as number of wallets is also increasing with every single passing day.

You can make use of myetherwallet in order to store your ethereum tokens and DNT. However, you need to ensure that your private key is safe. Well, it is recommended making use of Trezor or Ledger Wallet if you are looking for more security.

You can also store you coins and token on Exodus. However, Exodus announced recently that they would be supporting District0x coin. You can also buy them for there.


The team of District0x has a reputation for being some of the most transparent and communicative developers in the cryptocurrency market. However, they are also sharing their company salaries spreadsheets which can be seen by anyone. Well, they also offer dedicated transparency page with public links to:

·Wages paid: All the wages paid to the members of their team are made publicly available.

·Multisig Wallet: All the contributions to project are stored in a multi sig wallet at a particular address.

·Project Roadmap: They offer a public roadmap for all the planned key milestones of the company.

·Github Repository: District0x is a project which is open source and works under the Eclipse Public License.

where to buy district 0x


District0x has a strong vocal community which spreads with 47K+ followers on Twitter as well as they have 4100+ members in their Telegram channel. However, they don’t really own a strong Reddit community like other coins projects do. They have around 6500+ subscribers at the time of writing this review. However, the developers of this project are praised regularly for communicating with their followers on all the social media platforms as well as on Medium. However, their collaboration with other projects that are working in blockchain is extensive. They also partnered with Aragon as well as they are working on 0xintergration.

As they progress further through their roadmap, the team is looking forward to create more districts to showcase their platform’s potential. However, they will undoubtedly continue to network with more projects in crypto.

District0x Reddit

District0x has a strong network all over the social media and internet space. However, they don’t really have a large number of subscribers on their Reddit channel but still people are happy with the network and the team has received some wonderful reviews regarding their dedication to the network. Well, this network is famous among the users due the level of transparency that they offer to their users. In short, it is a network which is trusted by large number of people and the team behind this project is working hard to improve the level of trust among the users.

Is it Legit?

Well, whenever we are talking about the cryptocurrency and projects related to it. There is only question that pops up in everyone’s mind “Is it legit?” As far as we know about this coin and according to users that are working with this network, it is legit. When it comes to the transparency, they are offering things which are not offered by any other project. So, you can trust that this network is legit and you can invest in District0x. However, don’t forget to complete your homework before investing in any cryptocurrency project.

Where to buy District0x

If you are looking forward to invest in District0x coin then you surely need to know more about the exchanges where you can buy or sell your District0x coin. However, you can make use of these exchanges:

Binance – Check Review

HitBTC – Check Review – Check Review


District0x looks to be a great project to invest in. However, it has a strong creative team of developers who are devoting to create a system that will be helpful for people all over the world who are looking forward to see more decentralized web. Well, this network is already proving to be a valuable tool for the job seekers and employers with Ethlance.

However, this project will become more beneficial with more districts launch. The DNT has already seen a big rise in the value since District0x ICO and it will rise even further as more districts will be launched by the team. However, it will offer ability for the general public to start creating their own districts.


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