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Dimcoin Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Blockchain technology stands to be the forerunner of DIMCOIN as a real “industrial transformation.” It is almost certainly that the cryptocurrency market has undergone gigantic developments from when DIMCOIN advanced in there.

This perception is from the way that DIMCOIN includes its colossal characteristic of progress. To be exact, this is halfway DIM cryptocurrency and offers access to what is known as DIM-Ecosystem. It implies that a customer is in a situation to exchange DIMCOIN to each satisfactory cryptocurrency and level monetary standards within the ecosystem.

The framework has its development in view of a mechanism called Proof-Of-Importance (POI). This consensus mechanism assembles qualities that are accepted to be of significant worth for the entire economy.

What is DIMCOIN?

The Data Interchange Module cryptocurrency is a blockchain based shared, amount submitted, secure, private and powerful computerized medium of exchange created on NEM platform. The DIM resources comes in two renditions with interesting capacities.

DIMCOIN, is a theoretical coin

DIM Currencies, these are proportionate to the fiat monetary standards that they are changed over into.

The DIM Ecosystem offers services, for example, cryptonisation (virtualisation) of value, trading in cryptonised offers and resources, cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto-fiat cash exchanges, internet business, plastic buys, business transactions, and item trading. These capacities and services can be gotten to through PCs and hand-held gadgets.

dimcoin homepage

DIMCOIN Special Features

Productive exchange of monetary forms in any ecosystems is an incredible factor worth acknowledgment. DIMCOIN engineers put this into consideration. They, along these lines, concocted novel features that guarantee that it suits all the digital forms of money and level monetary standards.

They likewise strived to ensure that DIMCOIN will suits all customers be it an individual or an institution. The features empower clients to get into the crypto-data market effortlessly. Once marked it, make certain of acknowledgment of Bitcoins, Dash, customary monetary forms, Ethereum, Litecoin, NEM, and Tether.

dimcoin project


It is significant that the DIMCOIN comes in esteem modification in the DIM ecosystem. All things considered, the estimation of these DIM Currencies is immovably appended to the estimation of the set denominated fiat monetary forms. Within the DIM-Ecosystem, resources are esteemed and denominated in DIM Currencies.

Assorted variety Of Services

The DIM Ecosystem services are diversified because of the way that DIMCOIN has its feet stamps in level monetary standards and cryptographic forms of money.

These services offered include cryptonisation (securitization) of value, stock exchange trading, cryptocurrency exchange, platinum cards acquirement, crypto-level cash exchanges, inter-business transactions, value trading and administration and even web based business.

Responsibility for cryptographic cash offers entry into the natural framework and the services in it. At a customer’s solace, the enrollment and control of the cryptographic forms of money turn into a straightforward reality.

dimcoin secrets

Client Convenience

Use of the natural community assembles convenience for individuals and associations alike. There will be no compelling motivation to pull back cash and oversee tallying change after installments, making customers’ lives more invaluable.

Customers won’t need to send enormous measures of money out of their wallets, which can be dangerous, contingent upon their zone.

Associations that will use the DIM-Ecosystem will be asked to acknowledge the DIM Currencies as a sort of payment procedure, along these lines expanding the pool of organizations that customers can buy from utilizing which the DIM Currencies.

First class Security

DIMCOIN has created from the exercises learned before. Engineers took a genuine consideration of the customers’ security. By center men elimination, the national banks remain to be the sole holders of the considerable number of finances. By use of present day frameworks, the realness of the transactions remains unhackable.

Reinforcement mechanisms have been set up to guarantee that lone a customer gets served, and service is available whenever. In addition, (DIM) cryptocurrency is a p2p, amount submitted, secure, private and strong computerized medium of exchange. Its cryptography has its base on the Elliptic Curve Cryptography, which ensures security and speed.

dimcoin chart

DIMCOIN Background And Foundation


DIMCOIN got its establishment laid back in the year 1792. In the ongoing past, the modifications was the fate of perceptible in the market. It was in 2012 when the possibility of p2p began. Later in 2013, a company was doled out the assignment of coming up with an ecosystem, much happened in this period of development.

The development was shown in 2016 when DIMCOIN went into real presence. Around the same time, every one of the securities and warehouse wallet got obtained. The game plan on initiation of ICO started.

DIMCOIN Recent Developments

As a technology, it invaded the market in full in 2015. Today, they are on the commencement to dispatch ICO. It implies that DIM will interconnect an assortment of monetary forms in a similar ecosystem. The developments are in four main stages which will be executed starting from 2017 to 2020. In 2017, they go for having 50 organizations recorded on the HYBSE.

They likewise need to offer DIMCOIN in three wide exchanges. However, a reprogramming of HYBSE will complete. It will stamp the first stage. In 2018, they will significantly center around pushing for the usage of HYBSE into blockchain and the dispatch of it in an Android framework.

In 2019, they focus no less than a 1% part of worldwide trading to advance in a DIM ecosystem.

DIMCOIN Goals And Objectives

DIMCOIN’s main role is to raise the productivity of the cryptocurrency exchange, with a colossal increase in the speed of access. Likewise, the company is driven by a goal of being a quick developing, user most loved and most solid cryptocurrency arrangement.

Key Highlights


The current worldwide securities exchanges are electronic in nature. However, it is as yet not sufficiently snappy for our regularly changing world. After requests are coordinated, it can take days for them to be executed.

It is difficult to buy resources, for example, shares from remote markets using customary roads, for example, banks and securities exchanges

Transferring shares between backers and investors using current banking frameworks is as yet difficult.

The listing forms for organizations are exorbitant and confused. This keeps a lot of SME organizations from participating.


In the DIM Ecosystem, the issues experienced in the worldwide securities exchanges are eliminated through the use of the NEM blockchain. Using DEPOTWALLET and HYBSE, orders are coordinated rapidly and, within minutes, booked. Users never again need to sit tight days for requests to be executed.

DIM Ecosystem

It consists of the following segments:

DIMCOIN Foundation:

A non-benefit association that has oversight of the DIM and DIM copyrights will oversee Creation, administration, distribution and oversight of the DIM.


It is the essential wallet to Buy, offer and oversee stocks, investment funds and wares and deal with every one of your benefits including digital forms of money also.

Computerized Exchange Platform:

Through which individuals can buy DIM Currencies by exchanging fiat monetary standards. WISEConsulting — a department de change for the DIM cryptocurrency and furthermore the maker of the exchange is an authority company that distributes and oversees cryptonized data.

HYBSE Exhcange:

Trade, buy and offer values using DIM Currencies. It is an online stock exchange offering backers and investors an elective trading platform.

DIM Currencies (NEM Mosaic Token):

These are advanced money for the DIM Ecosystem and web based business and their transaction within the ecosystem is free of cost and is pegged against the fiat cash it’s change rates are driven by market transformation rates.

DIMCOIN (NEM Mosaic Token):

It is Speculative advanced coin in light of NEM technology having an amount responsibility of 9 billion coin. The DIMCOIN will be available on significant cryptocurrency exchange platforms, and will be allowed to drift and be exchanged p2p.


Stage 01 — (2017)

Formation of cryptocurrency called DIMCOIN and dispatch of DEPOTWALLET in

January 2017. HYBSE exchange service up and running. WISEconsulting was

incorporated. Venture into EU and North America. Market DIM with the dispatch of the ICO in

Stage 02 — (2018)

Profits pay-outs. Move HYBSE into the Blockchain platform. Dispatch

platinum card and in addition mobilw trading App for Android. Start

OTC (over-the-counter) trading. Venture into Asia.

Stage 02 — (2018– 2019)

Have 1% offer of the worldwide trading done on DIM Ecosystem.

Usage of DIM ATMs. Listing DIM Ecosystem on worldwide stock

markets. Grow to South America and Africa.


Roelf Barnard — Chief Financial Advisor

Katarina Katic — Chief Financial Officer

Andre Heydenrych — Compliance Advisor

Stanley Luvhani — Compliance Officer Manager

Anne Mercy Minyaho — Operations Advisor

Uros Trajkovic — Public Relations Manager

Nolwazi Mabena — Compliance Officer

Fortunate Mlombo — I.T Support Officer

Robert Ndimande — Corporate Sales Manager

Trevor Kana — Senior Economist

Vivien Tillet — Marketing Manager

Yanga Mapengo — Marketing Officer

Franziska Saischek — Marketing Officer

Amina Williams — Social Media Officer

Josias Sehlapelo — Social Media Officer

Jens Heinemann — Translator

Charlize Booyse — Customer Care Executive

dimcoin team

How To Buy DIM?

While reading this review you must be wondering about how to buy DIM. However, the process is quite simple and you will need to find the best exchanges where you will be able to buy it. At the moment, you can make use of HitBTC to buy DIM.


While this platform demonstrate cases the capability of NEM blokchain platform to be used as the foundation of a financial trading platform and ecosystem, but it remains to be perceived how well it accomplishes the scaling and execution for it to be a genuine worldwide trading platform.

For me the point of concern is the forceful timelines set for the operationalization of the ecosystem and the extent of the applications that DIMCOIN as an ecosystem needs to bring. Given that the establishments for the multi-topography association was set from 2014 but measure of work that they need accomplish is significant.

The HYBSE exchange should be re-design in light of the DIM blockhain platform additionally the team exhibited in the ICO site however looks promising but does not have the mastery of a Blockchain planner which is worrying given the mind boggling nature of the mechanical infrastructure they propose and NEM being a less know platform.

But still with an accomplished administration and warning team and long stretches of trading knowledge the paper as well as the general vision without question make me to be positive on the result of this exertion and I might want to wish them good luck on their ICO.

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