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DigixDAO (DGX) Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What is DigixDAO?

DigixDAO intends to make another cryptocurrency sponsored by genuine bars of gold. DigixDAO is the Digix Decentralized Autonomous Organization, a decentralized gathering of members making choices about how to become the Digix Global Ecosystem. Members obtained DGD tokens in the “primary ever crowdsale on the Ethereum Blockchain.”

The DGD token holders will settle on choices identified with any recommendations submitted to DigixDAO. As a reward for voting and basic leadership in the development of Digix, DGD holders get rewards identified with DGX, a token that speaks to 1 gram of gold. Their tokenization of gold means to give soundness and store of significant worth in the cryptocurrency space. Bitcoin is regularly alluded to as advanced gold, but in this guide, we’ll take a gander at how DigixDAO digitizes your responsibility for gold.

DigixDAO Homepage

Verification of Asset

With a specific end goal to distribute DGX tokens representing 1g of gold, Digix uses Proof of Asset (PoA). The procedure involves recording ownership of an asset on the Ethereum blockchain and the formation of PoA Asset Cards. “The asset cards are certified using consecutive advanced marks from the substances in the chain of authority, specifically, the Vendor, Custodian, Auditor, which are additionally approved with evidence of procurement and vault receipts gave and transferred onto the InterPlanetary File System for changeless record.”

The Vendor, ValueMax Singapore, is an openly recorded company that offers London Bullion Market Associate certified gold bullion bars.

The independent Auditor, Bureau Veritas Inspectorate, checks the quality and amount of the gold each quarter.

The participating Custodian Vault, The Safe House, is situated in Singapore. Their vault can put away to 30 tons of gold, but later on, Digix will hope to open more vaults the world over for administrative repetition.

In all out the Proof of Asset Cards put away on the Ethereum blockchain contain:


  • Timestamp of card creation
  • SKU of the gold bar
  • Bar serial number
  • Chain of authority computerized marks (Vendor, Custodian, Auditor)
  • Buy receipt
  • Review documentation
  • Store receipt
  • Capacity Fees due

DGX Tokens

Since we know how the gold is secured, it’s an ideal opportunity to make the DGX tokens. DGX tokens are made by a smart get that gets PoA cards and produces DGX tokens for every gram of gold. For instance, if a 100g PoA card is sent to the smart contract, 100 DGX tokens are made and sent to an Ethereum wallet. This implies Digix doesn’t take part in fragmentary stores. Each DGX token dependably speaks to 1g of gold and is distinguishable to 0.001g.

The DGX tokens accompany two arrangements of charges related with storing and securing gold. There’s a demurrage charge that turns out to be 0.60% every year and furthermore a 0.13% transaction expense while transferring DGX with an Ethereum wallet. However, Digix will wave the capacity charges during the principal year of task.

We’ll talk about later how the DGX expenses are passed onto DGD holders.

Instead of using the PoA cards to create DGX tokens, the invert procedure is likewise accessible. Recasting DGX tokens into PoA cards and after that physical gold bars will cost you 1 DGX token. The gold bar you guarantee should likewise be a numerous of 100 grams and you can decide to either get your gold bar face to face or, depending on the nation, have it sent to you.

The DGX tokens are the essence of the DigixDAO and mean to take care of two issues. They need to make it simpler and less expensive to claim and sell gold assets while likewise providing truly necessary steadiness to cryptographic forms of money. While not accessible for buy yet, the DGX tokens are required to be discharged in the main quarter of 2018.

Holders of DGD can vote on how the DigixDAO funds are dispensed. DGD token holders can make “dynamic administrative choices to any proposition submitted to DigixDAO.”

However, there’s some perplexity about the prizes for DGD holders who vet and support project proposition. The Digix Global FAQ says “every token prizes you with a customized offer of DigixDAO’s transaction charge on Digix Gold, signified in DGX gold tokens.”

There are likewise plans to include the “demurrage expenses as a component of the discount structure to DGD token holders.”

The FAQ additionally says for “support on proposition, there will be a reward with DGX tokens.”

However, in February 2018 the Digix team posted on Medium “we might want to underline advance that DGD don’t give ‘easy revenue’, nor ‘profits’, ‘rights to benefits of the commission of DGX exchanged.'”

The post says instead you can get Digix rewards, for example, “DGX rebates or refunds.”

It’s misty right now how much the discounts will be worth as far as obtaining DGX. What is clear, paying little mind to what the prizes wind up being, is they are not gotten inactively and must be asserted quarterly. After the DGX tokens are propelled, there will be additional information on how DGD holders can begin voting in the DGD administration and get their prizes.

DGX Platform


Digix incorporated in Singapore in December 2014 and the DGD crowdsale occurred on March 30th, 2016. It was the main ever crowdsale and major Distributed Autonomous Organization facilitated on the Ethereum network. The sale intended to keep running for 30 days but met its 5.5 million dollars hard top in only 12 hours, selling 1.7 million DGD tokens and reserving 300,000 for the Digix team. Vows who sent more than 15,000 USD worth of Ether got an uncommon identification which will enable them to submit proposition to the DigixDAO.

Regardless, when you see the word DAO, you may think of hacking. In July 2017, more than 4000 DGD were indeed stolen because of a powerlessness in the crowdsale smart contract. The bug was in the long run settled and the tokens repaid to the 35 influenced addresses.

In 2018, Digix is approaching a basic crossroads in its history with the arrival of tokenized gold in the type of the DGX token. There’s a race to end up the most put stock in stable coin in cryptocurrency and as a Digix organizer stated, “if one were to extrapolate… over a more drawn out timeframe, the dependability of gold as a hedge against geopolitical and financial dangers is undisputed.”

Digix Global Team

The Digix team located in Singapore is driven by three authors: Kai C. Chng, Anthony Eufemio, and Shaun Djie. Kai C. Chng is an alum of the NYU School of Business a previous dealer for HSBC. He cleared out his activity trading securities because of his solid confidence in blockchain technology. Anthony Eufemio moved on from USC Viterbi and has worked in programming development for more than 18 years. Shaun Djie is the “lead coordinator of the biggest Ethereum Meetup amass in Asia” and a contributor to “Smart Nation Research” for the Singapore government.

Coin Supply and Sustainability

There are 2 million DGD tokens in presence with 15% assigned to engineers. However, if the DigixDAO requires all the more funding and the lion’s share of members concur, at that point another DGD token crowdsale can occur.

The supply of DGX tokens will rely upon the interest for gold and the span of their vaults. The main vault Digix is working with can hold around 2 billion USD worth of gold, so if the new DGX best quality level ends up well known, they should extend to more vaults.

If the DGX token effectively speaks to gold, at that point there are plans to make more tokens for silver and different valuable metals as well.

The 0.13% transaction charges and 33% of the demurrage expenses on DGX go into the prizes for the DigixDAO. To the extent the sustainability of the DAO and DGX token, if no less than 80% of DGD holders vote to sell the DAO, at that point DGX holders will be repaid either in gold bars, fiat, or a cryptocurrency.

Future Projects and Roadmap

The formation of DGX tokens is the perfect beginning for Digix Global. Once a steady coin is introduced to cryptocurrency, the potential outcomes are unfathomable.

Riches Inheritance

Digix intends to give a dead man’s change to enable riches to be passed on to an Ethereum address of your choosing. If you didn’t get to the Digix network for a certain timeframe, the smart contract would consequently send your DGX to a beneficiary’s wallet.


Instead of using Warcraft gold, Digix might want designers to have the capacity to utilize genuine gold as their in-diversion money.


“DGX tokens can give a superior and less unstable store of significant worth for Escrow benefits on the blockchain.”

Associations with Stable Coins

The Dai Stablecoin will be sponsored by DGX as guarantee. Dai is aiming to “make a decentralized stable coin that is pegged to 1 USD and upheld by diversified guarantee on-chain.”

Lending and Microfinance

The present unpredictability of digital forms of money makes them not as much as perfect for lending purposes. However, Digix accepts there could be another industry in view of the lending of a more steady DGX token.


Digix Global has two main rivals. There are the institutions as of now selling gold, for example, GoldMoney, the market pioneer in computerized gold stockpiling, holding 2 billion dollars in assets. They’re likewise on the Toronto Stock Exchange. GoldMoney gives a kind of platinum card that enables you to spend your gold. The Canadian based company has general and independent reviews of customer holdings but does not utilize any blockchain innovation to store information on individual holdings.

The other main rival is Tether, the most well known ‘stable’ coin regarding volume. However, with the current subpoena of Tether, there’s room in the market for contenders.

Trading History

In January 2018, most by far of the cryptocurrency market slammed. DGD was the main coin in the best 100 to ascend in an incentive in that time. Maybe this is an early indicator that individuals will look for gold as a place of refuge during times of market uncertainty. The ICO price of DGD was around 3 dollars, but in 2018, DGD achieved an unequaled high of more than 400 dollars. At the point when Digix finally conveys the DGX tokens and the prizes to DGD members begin rolling in, we may see a considerably higher interest for DigixDAO.

How To Buy DigixDAO?

Most by far of DGD volume happens on Binance and On Binance the DGD has both BTC and ETH sets. At the point when DGX goes live, it will be accessible for buy with Ether on the Digix marketplace.

Where would you be able to store it?

Any outsider wallets that permit custom Ethereum tokens can store DGD and DGX ERC20 tokens. You could utilize the imToken versatile application or MyEtherWallet.

What Is the Proof-of-Asset Protocol?

Created by Digix, the POA is another framework that demonstrates the presence of an asset and in addition its possession within the distributed ledger. At each progression of the procedure, confirmation records are distributed for all time with IPFS and Ethereum.

What Sets Digix Apart?

The greatest difference between Digix and other existing investment alternatives is the way that this framework issues the designated bullion quickly from a point of computerized reason. This makes customer possession the need, instead of the company all in all. Also, Digix figures out how to take the steadiness of gold but include liquidity. When you secure bullion, it is famously challenging to utilize and exchange. With Digix, however, the gold can progress toward becoming exchanged, letting investors utilize it in day by day life while as yet enjoying its physical security.

What Are Some Other Key Features of Digix?

Another key component of Digix is its physical gold bullion. By investing, clients buy bullion from the LBMA refineries, including the Assay Certificates from refiners like Nadir Bullion, PAMP Suisse, Valcambi, and others.

For security, Digix includes outsider auditing from Bureau Veritas. Each quarter, it reviews every gold asset within the safehouse vaults. This inspector has been in business since 1828 and is a world pioneer in certification, inspection, and testing administrations. With such a long reputation, investors ought to have the capacity to trust Bureau Veritas for their auditing administrations. Finally, Digix involves recast, which implies clients can take their DGX conveyance at the partnering custodial vault.

DGX Official Website

Final Thoughts

In 1971 America totally separated the link between USD and gold. Very nearly 50 years after the fact Digix intends to bring back the best quality level. A gold dollar cryptocurrency gives solidness as well as can prompt the tokenization different metals and products. With dependability and store of significant worth on a blockchain, a whole environment of uses is conceivable. However, it remains to be checked whether cryptographic forms of money can be viewed as the gold without bounds, or if gold is the gold without bounds.

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