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DigiFinex Review – Exchange Guide

DigiFinex Review

It was established by blockchain lovers and the center team originate from surely understood technology organizations, for example, Xunlei, Tencent, Baidu and HP. DIGIFINEX LIMITED is a Seychelles company headquartered in Singapore. DigiFinex is resolved to give blockchain users sheltered, secure and helpful investment channels. Sheltered, steady and dependable technology gathering is a powerful certification for users’ advantage security and the service exactness:

1. Extend HDM wallet technology: adopting a single chilly wallet and a multi-layer hot wallet to create the accumulation address by numerous marks, which not just fulfills the security execution of the wallet, but likewise fulfills the development necessities of the wallet and address.

2. Intelligent exchange service arrangement: isolated CDN front-end group is embraced, and the physical layer is shielded from DDOS assault and downtime. The design of layered LVS and DB intermediary interfaces can without much of a stretch take care of the issue of front – and back-end extension.

3. Real-time accounting and transaction processing mechanism: real-time accounting and entire process transaction processing for users’ transactions. After the fulfillment of the transaction, the data will be delivered in real time. In the interim, repetitive reinforcement and store refresh will guarantee the exactness and dependability of each account.

digifniex homepage

General Information

Digifinex is a cryptocurrency that has its central command in Singapore but its registered office in the Seychelles. This exchange is one of the six exchanges registered in the Seychelles. The by a wide margin most well known one is the omnipotent BitMEX.

Digifinex is possessed by the company Digifinex Limited. It’s authors include individuals from surely understood organizations, for example, Xunlei, Tencent, Baidu and HP.

The exchange has an amazing liquidity, and it is frequently among the best 25 cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of market capitalization. At the day of writing this review, the 24 hour volume was USD 135 million.

Digifinex does not unequivocally express that US-investors are precluded from trading. Accordingly, we do trust that US-investors can exchange here. Any US-investors interested in trading here ought to in any occasion shape their very own opinion on any issues arising from their citizenship or residency.


Trading fees

Digifinex doesn’t charge different fees between takers and creators. Their expense model is instead a “level charge model”. Their level expense model is 0.20%. This is marginally below the worldwide industry normal sitting at 0.25%.

Withdrawal fees

Numerous exchanges have aggressive trading fees but then hit you in transit out with their withdrawal fees. Not Digifinex however.

Digifinex charges you 0.0003 BTC when you withdraw BTC. This is far below the worldwide industry normal.

Deposit Methods

Digifinex does not acknowledge any deposits of fiat money. This implies new cryptocurrency investors (i.e., investors with no past holdings of digital currencies) can’t exchange here. In order to buy your first digital forms of money, you require an alleged passage level exchange, which is an exchange accepting deposits of fiat cash. Find one by using our Exchange Finder!

Trading Accounts and Conditions

DigiFinex is a fairly new cryptocurency exchange, operating out of Singapore, but generally targeting Chinese customers. In this review, we will cover their services and attempt to check whether they are appropriate for customers frame different nations. We need to specify, as we don’t speak Chinese (and this is the main dialect as of now upheld), this review will take a touch of an untouchable’s viewpoint,

DigiFinex Advantages

Volumes are picking up

The thing which got our attetntion to DigiFinex in the first place is the reality the trading action is bit by bit increasing. They are as yet a long courses off the significant players in the field, but of the pattern continues, the company will be the highest point of the outlines.

Fiat (CNY) to USDT exchanges

DigiFinex offers a method for converting your Chinese Yuan into USD Tether. This is done by means of the prevalent (for China) C2C model, where you host to contact a third gathering supplier, recorded on the exchange’s framework. We don’t approach their framework, as full KYC is required.

In excess of thirty coins available

DigiFinex isn’t just an entryway to crypto. There are many coins exchanged on the platform, the most well known of which are BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, OMG and QUTU. They (and the plenty of altcoins) are exchanged aginst USDT, BTC and ETH.

Has a token (DFT)

DigiFinex has issued an Ethereum-based token, which can apparently be used for some reasons. At the season of writing, the FIFA World Cup is approaching, and it appears merchants can make wagers on the upcoming games with DFT. That being the case, the main thought behind the token is receiving a segment of the exchange’s income – 80% of the day by day fees will be distributed among token holders. We don’t have an opinion on this token as an investment, as more research (and ideally by someone who comprehends Chinese) will be essential.

Trading fees are decent

Market producers and salary a similar charge at DigiFinex – 0.20% of the transaction measure. This is the thing that one would consider the “standard” expense, which is charged by a dominant part of the crypto-to-crypto trading frameworks.

No charges on crypto deposits and withdrawals

Dissimilar to the past factor, this is a strong preferred standpoint over the opposition. While most exchanges don’t have deposit fees on incomming blockchain exchanges, many have withdrawal fees (over the mining ones).

Generally pleasant platform

The trading interface at DigiFinex will get the job done most crypto lovers. We have seen far and away superior charting and designs, but by the day’s end this appears to be consummately feasible and we have additionally observed may more terrible platforms. Western perusers might be astonished to see all the positive price changes hued in red (and declines in green) but this is average for Chinese trading settings, as red is considered a fortunate shading. Most likely our greatest issue with the platform, was the reality two or three the coin logos didn’t stack no make a difference to what extent you pause. Here is the means by which the platform looks:

digifinex trading

DigiFinex Disadvantages

Solid spotlight on China

We need to begin the drawbacks area with this, as a considerable measure of the perusers are most likely looking for this correct point. A few exchanges have a more worldwide methodology, while others just focus on the local market and there is nothing amiss with that. The absence of an interpreted form of the site, fiat bolster just for CNY and even the manner in which the platform is set up aren’t that appealing to nonnatives.

New company, very little info

The main snippet of information which we know about DigiFinex is they supposedly began operating in 2017 and are situated in Singapore. This sounds approve, but doesn’t inspire much validity. Indeed, all new projects are liable to in any event some level of hazard.

US and Singapore customers not acknowledged

As of right now US inhabitants are most likely used to not being acknowledged in a ton of trading scenes (because of the strictness of their legitimate framework). The absence of help for Singapore residents is somewhat odd, given DigiFinex is based there. In principle, this could mean a considerable measure of things, as not following a specific nearby enactment, but rather we can’t be certain.

No use

It shouldn’t amaze anyone who knows about the space. Just a couple of the extremely settled exchanges can bear the cost of the privilege to give margin trading, which is a fairly convoluted to execute.

Then again, some forex intermediaries are presently offering Bitcoin CFDs. These are subsidiary resources, which just follow the price developments of a given underlying resource. Trading such an instrument is altogether different from going to an exchange and buying the coins straightforwardly. Make certain to see our guide, if this interests you.

USDT upheld

DigiFinex is one of the numerous exchanges which use this token, which speaks to a US dollar. We want to remind you, there are bits of gossip, the company behind Tether might not have enough money to back each token they have ever made.


DigiFinex is a cryptocurrency exchange, most appropriate for Chinese customers. The trading condition gave is very pleasant, with aggressive fees and a generally decent interface. That being the case, a considerable measure of the usefulness may not be appropriate for individuals frame whatever remains of the world, essentially because of the dialect boundary.

A possibly considerably greater issue is the reality DigiFinex is fundamentally an unknown company. This sort of uncertainty is very normal in the realm of crypto. If the main thing which pulls in you to the field is the price unpredictability and you are a transient merchant, a forex representative might be a superior trading accomplice for you. The very much managed ones are very secure and solid.

The pros and cons of DigiFinex:


  • Volumes are picking up
  • Fiat (CNY) to USDT transfers
  • In excess of thirty coins available
  • Has a token (DFT)
  • Trading fees are decent
  • No charges on crypto deposits and withdrawals
  • Generally pleasant platform


  • Strong center around China
  • New company, very little info
  • US and Singapore customers not acknowledged
  • No use
  • USDT upheld



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