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DeepBrain Chain Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What is DeepBrain Chain?

DeepBrain Chain is offering a decentralized artificial intelligence computing network and stage for an assortment of artificial intelligence items.

It’s basically a stage made for information calculation and information trading to distribute save computing asset. This would at last make AI calculation requests considerably less expensive (the project assesses a 70% cost decrease in AI) by protecting against leakage of information, while additionally securing intellectual property for the items and the information.

Past that, another basic component is DeepBrain’s semantics library: a library that backings voice interaction applications (like Amazon’s Alexa). DeepBrain’s semantics library can likewise be utilized to make outsider applications that require voice, image, content, and different inputs

Most crypto platforms are leveraging the energy of the Blockchain technology, but DeepBrain Chain is doing it in a different manner. DeepBrain Chain is leveraging the Blockchain technology to build up a decentralized, private and minimal effort AI computing platform. They likewise utilize the innovation to give clients culminate fringe items. The DeepBrain Chain project in different terms is a decentralized neural network and an Artificial Intelligence blockchain driven computing platform. The vision of the project is to give a private, adaptable, ease, secure and decentralized artificial intelligence computing platform for AI items.

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DeepBrain Chain ICO Review

According to the site, DeepBrain Chain will be recorded after Christmas (December 25th, 2017) on Huobi, Kucoin, and Lbank.

Begin Date – ICO on December fourteenth (sold out within 60 minutes)

Trade Start Date – After December 25th, 2017

Token Symbol – DBC

Hard Cap – 1,500,000,000 tokens (1.5 billion)

Add up to tokens – 10,000,000,000 (10 billion)

Conversion scale – 1 NEO = 2200 DBC

Acknowledged Cryptocurrencies – NEO

Pre-Sale – 600,000,000 DBC Issued in Pre-Sale

DBC tokens

DeepBrain Chain Community

In spite of the fact that there isn’t much to be found on any “DeepBrain Chain” centered community pages, there are a few posts about the ICO on Reddit and Steem.

Highlights of DeepBrain Chain

Security insurance

Individuals who utilize the project are ensured of the security as the platform utilizes smart contracts to isolate information proprietorship and usage rights. The procedure encourages them guarantee the security of information exchanges by means of partition of instruments and crypto-calculations.


Miners’ main income will originate from them supplying computing asset to the network. In turn, they will get DBC token as remuneration after the hubs’ computing power is utilized. The framework furnishes clients and undertakings with bring down cost computational power.


The DeepBrain Chain hubs function admirably and there is no information leakage of any kind. The network ensures that AI processing plant’s task isn’t interrupted even by programmers.

Adaptable computing

DeepBrain Chain modifies itself automatically when computational requests crest by utilizing inert hubs.

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Advantages of using Deep brain Chain

There are numerous advantages of using the DeepBrain Chain. Some of them as recorded on the official site include:

Mode innovation:

Being the world’s first AI computing platform constructed using the blockchain innovation. It uses another innovation in the intersection of digital forms of money and AI.

Top Scientists:

The network was granted ahead of all comers in the finished up SMP2017 in the venture division. The finish had more than 30 takes part.

Item landing:

The DeepBrain Chain network made the DeepBrain Cloud Platform that demonstrations like amazon’s Alexa.

Deepbrain chain advantages

Who is behind DeepBrain Chain?

According to the official site, DeepBrain Chain network is driven by investment institutions. The investment institution includes the GSR Ventures Investment Institutions, GOBI Partners investment institutions, Collin star Capital Investment institutions, Strategic accomplices investment institutions and the Blockchain wanders investment institutions. The project has shaped an organization with different organizations in the blockchain innovation. The associations include NEO committee organization and the reviewed by Columbia blockchain lab association.

The DeepBrain Chain is a decentralized neural network with endless mining hubs over the world. The point of the platform is to supply computational power for AI use in an offer to take care of overall venture demand.


The founding team is convinced that DeepBrain Chain has just demonstrated an utilization case in the existing market, can possibly scale in a massive market, and will have the capacity to step by step develop around its center business of sharing storage and its instrument of calculation limit of mining.

Each DBC token compares to the calculation value of the administration. This implies the token is fixing to genuine value, and if the DeepBrain Chain can pull off this goal-oriented project, investors would have the capacity to see some entirely generous profits.

If DeepBrain Chain can build up itself as a pioneer in the blockchain-based AI space, it will have some considerable footing in a possibly trillion dollar industry. Specialists anticipate that the part of artificial intelligence will continue to increase with the coming of new AI applications.

The AI industry is right now worth around $20 billion a year, with most of the cost being spent on calculation processing. This is precisely where DeepBrain Chain hopes to fit in, as it leverages the blockchain to decrease expenses and increase the speed of transactions.

The Team

Situated in Shanghai, DeepBrain Chain gloats a genuinely stacked team.

President Feng He is viewed as a specialist in the artificial intelligence space and has been known and in the end turned into a very much regarded figure in the Chinese Bitcoin and blockchain innovation world since 2014. He once managed the development of the world’s first artifical intelligence sound box (Small Zhi), the development of China’s first billow of the brain framework (DeepBrain), and drove the innovative work of the principal Chinese voice partner (smart 360) with a userbase of more than 17 million.

CTO Shu Chang is viewed as a specialist in the AI, blockchain, and cryptography space because of his involvement as the Director of Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of Shanghai.

CMO Chuanfeng Lee is one of the first of a group of business people in the AI space in China, Bitcoin, and blockchain explore. He likewise drove the marketing for smart 360 and helped the project get to a userbase of more than 17 million.

A portion of the team’s eminent awards including winning ahead of everyone else in the undertaking area of SMP2017, a Chinese man-machine discourse assessment. The competition had more than 30 national best AI teams.

DeepBrain Chain Pros

Being banded together with the NEO Council and being one of the main outstanding ICOs to spring out of NEO’s stage. The NEO community has turned out to be exceptionally vocal and steady, and have the backing of this community will be an enormous resource. It’s likewise assessed that NEO already invested $6 million into the project.

The industry is worth $20 billion and is required to continue to develop as more AI-based innovations create. If DBC can assume a sigificant part in cost decrease, it will enable the industry to scale (while earning itself a pleasant benefit en route).

The DeepBrain Chain whitepaper guarantees there have just been 5,000 AI-based new businesses since 2012, earning over $22 billion. That puts the average earning of every startup at around $4.4 million. This number, however, doesn’t reflect undertaking investments in AI, which effectively helps the aggregate number of the industry to well finished $100 billion since 2012.

DeepBrain Chain Cons

One of the greatest cons of the project is that NEO is a Chinese project situated in Singapore, not just making it more distant for United States investors. The ICO had strict kyc/aml leads and didn’t enable any Chinese or Americans to invest.

With just 9% of the aggregate tokens going in the ICO, it’s a long way from a decentralized ICO that numerous investors are utilized to. However, half of tokens are produced through mining, in a similar something like Bitcoin’s supply inflates after some time from verification of work. Since anybody will approach this pool, the project still retains some decentralized segments. The unified part is that a large number of the tokens are held by the team and establishment, which will be discharged more than 10 years. Following 1 year, the organizers will just have 3.5% of the aggregate supply.

The destinations and marketing materials are surprisingly difficult to get past. I’m certain this can be credited to a slack in interpretation, which to be reasonable, it doesn’t appear like a simple push to decipher the striking AI-blockchain tech to basic terms and English without a couple of falters.


Computing stages are anything but shoddy or effectively open nowadays. Particularly with regards to versatile arrangements, there is a ton of progress to be made. DeepBrain Chain thinks they can have a major effect in such manner by providing a minimal effort and adaptable decentralized artificial intelligence computing stage. This new arrangement is mainly intended for AI items and administrations, as it appears that specific industry is firing on all cylinders starting at the present moment.

How Can It Work?

By leveraging blockchain innovation, DeepBrain Chain means to offer a decentralized and private AI computing stage. The company likewise gives fringe items. With a solid spotlight on building a decentralized neural network and secure information trading, the company certainly has left on an interesting mission up until this point. Expressly separating information proprietorship and information usage through blockchain innovation is one of the best needs for this team.

Because of this present project’s concentration, smart contract innovation is an outright should. Artificial intelligence is intended to help mechanize certain projects and errands, which requires extra innovation to encourage this level of mechanization. In the blockchain world, smart contracts are the approach in such manner. The greater part of the computing assets required for this AI neural network are given through hubs situated far and wide. In return for these assets, hub administrators will get DeepBrain Coin, otherwise called DBC.

Regardless of whether computational request were to top, the DeepBrain Chain ought to have the capacity to manage such vacillations. Sit out of gear hubs will be exchanged on at whatever point the request exceeds as of now shared computing assets. This implies clients who run hubs can choose to quit specific projects at to begin with, yet contribute to them later on if required. It’s an interesting business show which opens up a considerable measure of chances for individuals willing to supply computing assets.

The DeepBrain Coin Explained

There are different advantages to using the DeepBrain Coin as a feature of this ecosystem. It is the currency with which AI organizations and engineers may “buy” computing power, and the tokens are distributed to hub proprietors in return for supplying these assets. Keeping in mind that more than 100 corporate customers and 200,000 clients make utilization of the DeepBrain Chain as of now, it is normal that the interest for computing force will just increase as time progresses.

The Road Ahead For DeepBrain Chain

It is significant that this project has been in development for a long while now, and there is still a ton of work to be finished. The AI testnet is still being worked on, and clients will have the capacity to begin submitting AI training requests soon. In the not so distant future, we will see the finalization of the testnet, alpha and beta trial of the reward framework led, and collaboration with an outstanding college or association in the realm of blockchain or AI. The mining and reward framework ought to be prepared for utilize not long from now, despite the fact that timelines are constantly subject to change.

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How To Buy DBC?

There are various different exchanges available where you will be able to buy any coin. However, if you are looking forward to buy this coin and looking for the answer about how to buy DBC then you will surely need to read this review. This review will be helpful for you to know your needs. At the moment, you can buy this coin from following reputable exchanges:

Final Thoughts:

DeepBrain Chain is following some truly strict KYC controls and is offering a thin window for its ICO. The ICO itself is relied upon to gain a great deal of investments from NEO supporters and from the few individuals in the cryptocurrency industry that know about this Chinese and moderately under-the-radar project.

Being based on NEO, Ethereum’s Chinese competitor, DeepBrain Child is probably going to draw a great deal of consideration in the following months. It will be one project to take after if/when it hits significant trades after the ICO.


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