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Darico: All You Need to Know about it

Darico is a new digital currency which has been introduced in the market recently. It is growing popular in the digital market ever since it was incepted on 30th January 2018. Darico works on the process of asset-backed investment where small investors can purchase cryptocurrency in a much safer and accessible environment so that it is purchasable to more investors. Let us know more about Darico in detail.

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What is Darico?

Darico is a cryptocurrency which is developed for a better empowerment of small investors who desire to purchase cryptocurrency but are unable to do so due to its vulnerability. It works on the ideology of decentralized, asset-backed, return focused and investment-oriented approach for the small investors to make more informed investment decisions related to cryptocurrency. It has a great combination of assets such as gold, Bitcoin, and Ethereum which qualify as asset base and get Darico at a unique position. The shortcomings and problems associated with the traditional economic systems are all effectively solved by Darico tokens which are helping to achieve the goals of the company.

The services of Darico are many which help the platform to function smoothly. Exchange services, index funds, liquidity pool, debit cards, wallet, and terminal are some of the cryptocurrency related services which can be used with Darico. Let us now look at how it works.

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How Darico works?

Darico works on the three-way model where the investors would get benefits from all the three bases of assets. It will have 35% of gold investments that would be physically available in the custodial vaults in Switzerland and the remaining share of DRC tokens would be broken down into ether and Bitcoins of 105 and 55% respectively. This would ensure that the investors would get the best of both worlds. The stability of gold would help the investors to trust the investment options and the high growth potential of Ethereum cryptocurrency would give the jump to the investments. The value of DRC tokens would be riding on both gold and cryptocurrency. The vision is to make the tokens reach the total supply of 240 million in value and until this happens on paper, it would continue to emit new tokens daily for the next 18 years through genesis accounts. The emission of the DRC tokens would be shared with the current holdings through the holders and it would be transferable as well.

The main aim of Darico is to give access to the huge potential of cryptocurrencies to all people. It can give exposure to high liquidity along with usage of different cryptocurrencies with one investment. Since the company is new, a messenger app would be launched in the first quarter of 2018 and a trading app would follow in the second quarter. The roadmap is all set in the third quarter to see index pools and investment funds for the project and finally, the last quarter would see the smart mortgage launch.

Review of Darico

Darico has become popular in no time and is gaining speed among small investors. It promises them of the exposure to the cryptocurrency market with the variation in investment. With the many Cryptocurrencies circulating in the market globally, Darico offers to provide the stability to the investors giving them a peace of mind. The small investors fear to put their hard-earned money in cryptocurrency coins as it is currently in its infancy stage. The volatility along with irregularity gives the investors jitters and increases the risk factor which is not the case for Darico. The vision of Darico is keeping the momentum going strong among users and this is the aim of the developers. The basic scare among investors is the lack of intrinsic value which is covered in Darico by the investment in gold. Irrespective of the gold investment, the DRC tokens are compatible with Blockchain technology giving it the exposure to transact online with other cryptocurrency coins. The check on scams related to the owners and makers of DRC is all clean as of now. The holders have legit LinkedIn profiles and this gives a sense of relief to the small investors. The coin supply is directly linked to the amount contributed during ICO sessions. As per the reviews, the potential of DRC in the coming months would enhance in value as more and more investors would interact with Darico.

Darico has made all the investors to get a glimpse of the market trends on all coins used in the digital market as it is an open source and can be developed by almost anyone who has a knowledge for it. It is a great platform for all investors new and matured to gain insights periodically. To make a good investment, the investors would need access to wallets, exchange services, tools and all other information to make the most of it as a good investment option. The project has a team of dedicated professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the market and its fundamentals making it a good short as well as long-term investment.

Darico Coins

The coins for Darico are all set to generate daily in the coming 18 years post the ICO is closed. They are all self-mined coins and the Genesis accounts would take care of the transfers internally. Darico coins are also called as Digital Radio Coins which have become a rage in the market with its robust features as compared to other coins.DRC coins can be stored in a Darico wallet or in any standard Ethereum wallet as well. The coin supply is expected to be growing daily for the next 18 years to a total supply of 24,000,000. You can convert the coins using a debit card issued through Darico platform.Darico coins can be bought and sold at floating exchange rates and the DRX account holders would have auto-mining rights for the tokens.You can also mine the tokens from genesis accounts automatically. Out of the total funds generated 90% are used to purchase assets to back up the DRC which would include Gold, Ether, and Bitcoin.The sale of ICO coins is limited to 60,000,000 only.


An ICO means Initial Coin Offering which helps to raise funds for a new project or for the continuation of an ongoing one. This ICO is sold in tokens of a cryptocurrency such as Darico and has a small percentage of the newly issued ones sold to the potential cryptocurrency investors.

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ICO Details for Darico

Darico has ICO going on currently from 30th January 2018 and would continue until 30th July 2018. This period of six months is to get maximum participation from the potential investors. The tokens of DRC would be sold to early investors at $1 for each token. Each investor would need to make a minimum investment of $10 and if you are exchanging Ethereum coin against the DRC Tokens then you would get 110 DRC tokens. These DRC tokens should be sold during the ICO is open and if this is not done then it would be destroyed by the end of it. The current price of one DRC Token is 0.5 USD using Ethereum platform.

DRC Token Sale

The DRC token sale is on and there are a few limitations to buy it on various platforms. Let us look at it in detail to get hands down information.

Signature, Blogging/YouTube to be at 25% with 3000 tokens as a limit while Facebook, Twitter and Translation Bounty with 15% sale limitation and 1800 Tokens and finally Telegram bounty at 5% with 600 tokens. To buy a DRC token you would need to pay money or exchange Ethereum for it. That is the best way to get your share of DRC tokens which can then be converted into coins. Out of the overall market share of 100%, 25% would be allocated to the public offerings in the ICO phase and 5% of the tokens would be reserved for the cost of operations including the team of advisors and founders and the rest of the share would be used to mine the tokens through genesis accounts.

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What people talk about it on Reddit?

Reddit is a great platform to know all about Cryptocurrencies. So, why do you miss out on such an opportunity through Reddit? Just find all the information about Darico and know what can be helpful to you on Reddit. Reddit always encourages the members of its website to keep on sharing information with the team so that more and more knowledge can be reached to a maximum crowd. Also, this way they can relate to the information and vet it as well to know what information is right and filter out the rumors from it. Reddit is one of the top websites when it comes to cryptocurrency and hence it has such value among users.

Safety with Darico

Darico is one of the safest options in cryptocurrency so far. It has the potential to give the small investors in the market a platform to put their money in cryptocurrency which is otherwise very difficult as the market is huge and requires a lot of money for investment. Darico has options to do an investment in Gold, Bitcoin and Ethereum which gives a balance to the investors. This balance is the need of the hour as cryptocurrency is very volatile. Darico is one currency which has come up with many options to help make investment robust. Ethereum exchange for Darico tokens is a great move by the developers so that people can exchange it for a safer option.

Darico is currently providing all the investors, a safety from volatility from the market. Where many investors swing between profits and losses each day, Darico would offer stability to such investors who have been running in losses due to the swing in market trends. The excess information being pushed down the investor’s throat each day is also the major player for risk. This is causing them to fall with losses. Darico offers great investment tools that would keep the investors updated about every news in the market and keep them educated for any sort of changing winds.

Why buy darico

Darico – Is it a Scam or is it legit?

Darico has been looked upon by many investors as a scam as it is too good to be true for such features. But so far there has been no news about any kind of scam happening in or around Darico tokens. But as the market leaders and consultants always say that investment is a matter of risk and you should know all the details and information before you take a step ahead. The ICO stands to be a great success and the future also look great for the company. All you need to do is set your first foot right before you take the other foot up so that you are at least safe from being hit unknowingly.

Darico- Is it safe?

The legitimacy of Darico is seen from the framework it has created. This has let the company to top the charts in its initial months itself. With its many options available with the investment, the gamble looks good to go for now. The paperwork is just perfect and so is the background check of all the makers and owners involved in the deal. This gives a sense of relief to all the investors to trust them on the hard-earned money. Cryptocurrency as a market was going through a rough path with some scams coming out in the open and this has stopped the investors believe in any new schemes and projects. But with the conviction Darico has stepped into the market, it has made the investors rethink their decision. Also, the exposure to small investors is a new ball game altogether, where new investors are being introduced to cryptocurrency market. Darico has left no stone unturned in this game and it is climbing new avenues with the focus on investor’s profit only. It is now easy to keep an eye on all the investment options and still make a profit with small investments each day. The transactions with multiple options give a new high to all the small as well as big investors.


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