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Cryptoping Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

CryptoPing is an altcoin intelligence bot. Find out everything you have to know about CryptoPing and the advantages of their new tokens today in our review.

What is CryptoPing?

CryptoPing, found online at, is an altcoin intelligence service that enables traders to amplify the estimation of their trades. CryptoPing guarantees to spot pumps and caution you before qualities drop. It screens significant exchanges like Poloniex and Bittrex. In exchange for a month to month membership charge of 0.01 BTC, you get altcoin signals from significant exchanges.

cryptoping homepage

How Does CryptoPing Work?

CryptoPing is an elective cryptocurrency (altcoin) intelligence bot that constantly screens altcoin markets. The bot creates trading signals and notifies endorsers by means of Telegram.

The project entered open beta-testing in March 2017. At the time, approximately 700 users had agreed to accept the beta.

The designers behind CryptoPing have a more goal-oriented goal, however: their goal is to make a platform where experienced traders can share nuanced trading signals freely or namelessly, at that point make a learning domain for their followers.

Using this platform, you can achieve designers effectively, keep dynamic visits, and share insights about the project.

cryptoping working

The Solution

This is the incentive how it’s portrayed on the Cryptoping site:

“Users can without much of a stretch join and actuate the bot and begin to get signals from exchanges immediately. Being experienced or new trader, no user gets any favorable position over other bot users, because all users get constantly. It’s up to traders to gauge the market in signs’ specific situation and settle on all trading choices independent from anyone else.”

Who’s Behind CryptoPing?

CryptoPing was propelled by a gathering of fruitful cryptocurrency traders with 5+ years of experience. Those traders have remained mysterious, and there’s no extra information about the team.

How What Can You Use CryptoPing Tokens For?

CryptoPing tokens will be used to get to CryptoPing’s services. At dispatch, it will be the main way you can get to the company’s services. However, payments through Bitcoin and altcoins will be available later on.

CryptoPing plans to add its tokens to a few exchanges. The company trusts that the estimation of the tokens will constantly increase because of constrained supply and the expanding user base. One of the key goals of the development team is to ensure the token price remains high. One way they’re doing that is by burning 75% of membership fees paid in tokens. Furthermore, if a membership charge is paid in Bitcoin or altcoins, at that point half of the membership fees will be coordinated to buy tokens back off exchanges and consume them too.

CryptoPing Pricing

A CryptoPing month to month membership charge is at present 0.01BTC or its equal in tokens and altcoins.

If you pay for your membership with tokens, you get a 25% rebate on your fees.

An open log of membership transactions, buybacks, and consumed tokens is available to each investor to guarantee operational straightforwardness.

CryptoPing Features and Benefits

For what reason would it be a good idea for you to consider a CryptoPing membership? Here are a portion of the key features and advantages of CryptoPing:

Works with significant exchanges, including Poloniex, Bittrex, and Cryptopia, with more exchanges being included after the general population release

Signs are sent for all cryptographic forms of money so not a single beneficial trade will be remembered fondly

Allowed to attempt; you can attempt the bot with the expectation of complimentary today, and memberships will be introduced with general society release

Fire and overlook; you simply dispatch CryptoPing and begin to get flags promptly

cryptoping features

Would it be a good idea for you to Use CryptoPing?

CryptoPing is a membership based service right now in beta. The service tracks altcoin motions on real exchanges – including Poloniex and Bittrex. During the CryptoPing ICO, you’ll have the capacity to buy tokens that you can use for your CryptoPing membership. A restricted supply of tokens and a growing number of CryptoPing users will guarantee that the estimation of the cash is constantly rising.

Dissimilar to other ongoing ICOs, CryptoPing’s ICO will be followed very quickly by the release of the product. The platform as of now has a working beta. You can get to that beta with the expectation of complimentary today. When the platform goes open, the membership fees will kick into impact.

At last, CryptoPing is anything but a silver slug. It’s likewise not a trading bot. It’s only a source of information you can use to monitor signals. It’s priced at 0.01 BTC every month, despite the fact that you can get a 25% markdown if you use CryptoPing tokens.

cryptoping sub

CryptoPing featured

CryptoPing offers a wide assortment of features to its supporters. In the first place, every single bought in user get the chance to get flags quickly, as soon an adjustment in the market is spotted by the bot and the circumstance watched is affirmed. There ought to be no significant postponements between real market changes and flags.

Supporters likewise get a wealth of information in the signs, including social media makes reference to, nearest buy/offer dividers, and changes in trade recurrence. They can channel coins by market top edge, exchanges, and other criteria and add them to whitelists and boycotts.

CryptoPing allows its users to appreciate the advantages of flag affectability and flag recurrence personalization. Flag investigation are available on the dashboard, including the historical backdrop of signs and price execution for all digital forms of money.

CryptoPing endorsers additionally get early access to new flags that will be introduced later on. They are conceded selective access to the upcoming Social Trading platform that we have made reference to before in this CryptoPing review and may get considerably more profitable information from different users, perhaps even offer/buy signals.


The CryptoPing team has chosen to make CryptoPing services available both for nothing and with a membership. There is just a single membership plan with full access to the majority of the features we have made reference to above. The price of the membership is 0.01 BTC in PING for every month. However, in case of any extreme changes in the price of BTC, the price might be modified accordingly.

The complementary plan is available to everybody who needs to test the service, but it accompanies various impediments. Free users get flags simply after they are delivered to the paying users. They just approach the fundamental information in the Signal Analytics area of the dashboard, with no recorded data. No extra features available with the membership are available for nothing.

cryptoping roadmap


CryptoPing is a new and innovative trading signal service that is definitely got a great deal of possibilities. The nonattendance of offer/buy signs might be a major issue for a few traders, but in a way, this reality makes us unusually energized and idealistic. It is one of the uncommon trading signal services composed by experienced traders for experienced traders and it is a service that guarantees to bring experienced traders together. The complementary plan is a good thought and an incredible opportunity for users to experiment with the service. The price of the membership is somewhat sensible. We are looking forward to the introduction of new flags and features and we have a good feeling about the fate of CryptoPing. If you are an accomplished trader yourself, make sure to give it a look.

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