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Cryptopia Cryptocurrency Exchange Review

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With the whole internet being flooded with opinionated people giving bits of advice over legit platforms for Virtual currency exchange and transfer these days, it gets tough to conclude which one is worth your investment and which one to give a shot. One such digital currency exchange is Cryptopia Cryptocurrency Exchange, which has been able to bag its position in the list of top 50’s currency exchange of the Virtual currency world. Considering a potential popularity of Cryptopia, every single day millions of people get involved in the currency trading through virtual currency. On the other hand, a good fraction of people has to say completely opposite about Cryptopia Cryptocurrency Exchange. A couple of finance amateurs also consider this currency trading to be a wasteful expenditure while others consider it potentially profitable for the long term. With such an ambiguity, it is important to go through the roots of the website’s exchange and dig out an unbiased the website review. Through this content, we will delve into various other information related to the website such as its accessibility, fees etc. to clear out the concepts related to The website Virtual currency piece by piece. Let’s head over!

What is Cryptopia?

Created and developed by a New Zealand based corporation, Cryptopia is a kind of solution to digital currency exchange that also has been listed as one of the top trending currency exchange assets over the internet. The rewards of trusting this website for your investments is its huge marketplace where you can sell/purchase anything in exchange for the virtual currencies. Additionally, you can also consider starting an auction and put your purchased Virtual currency to good use. Briefly, the marketplace at the website is quite huge which let you have a good experience and usage of your crypto-currency.

Another focus of the website has always been to its easy interface to connect with investment beginners. If you are a newbie, you can totally access the easy UI of the website as it consists of fully functional features. With that being said, it is also important to note that the website’s feedback section also hosts dozens of negative feedback by their users, which cannot be totally ignored when we are reviewing the website. Additionally, a couple of comments also raised a complaint regarding the unethical hacking (on a small scale) at the website which has left many of their customers and users disappointed.

What is Cryptocurrency Exchange?

The name being self-explanatory, Cryptocurrency Exchange is the exchange of the virtual currencies for any product or services between different traders over the website marketplace. Other than this, a number of digital currencies are available over the website such as USDT, NZDT, LTC, and of course Bitcoin to ease you with the options for exchange and trading. The exchange of virtual currency against real commodity and services has also been well reviewed by the users, as over the website marketplace you can never miss number of options for online stores and versatility. At The website, you will find it extremely easy to perform any kind of exchange.

Paying bills is also possible through the easy interfaces of the website. You can settle your pending DTH, water, electricity, landline bills and also can quickly top-up your mobile phone in exchange for The website Virtual currency just within a couple of clicks. Cryptocurrency exchange can be used even for paying for your utilities.

Another exciting benefit of being associated with the website is its lottery. Cryptopia organizes a lottery on a daily basis with which it rewards their first, second, and thirds position baggers with remuneration in terms of virtual currencies. Talking about the amount, we aren’t very much pleased with the prizes of lottery awarded to the winners. Overall, we can conclude that the easy interface and wide marketplace of the website are tremendous.


With large-scale reviews at extremes about the website, giving a final verdict without having researched its pros and cons would be unfair. To help ourselves, let us pay our heed to its different pointers before jumping to conclusions.

Starting with professionalism and customer support, the website has been able to build quite a good reputation in the Virtual currency exchange marketplace. There are several great review posts in that context. They know how to connect with their users and revert with possible solutions to their problems. The website gets all the brownie points for being user-friendly as well. Starting from the UI, applications, website, customer-manager relationship, everything is well organized and dedicated at the website.

Parallel to this, Cryptopia keeps fixing their bugs, launches their updates to different functionalities, and update their user in their news column. The in house currency at the website, which is also called as DOT, makes the transactions and exchanges at the marketplace even simpler and convenient. While writing the review, the news section of Cryptopia is to be considered as an added advantage.

However, the security issues at The website which includes minor hacking and hampering of funds is quite a major drawback to the overall platform and gives a bad experience to their users.

How to Login at Cryptopia – Login Page:

The first step to getting started with Cryptopia is to sign up which is followed by logging in to their website which is easy. Simply follow the link Cryptopia to get to their login page and get started with your Cryptopia Virtual currency experience. On the same page, below the login box, you will find a link to “Register” where you can sign up at Cryptopia. All you would need to do is to enter your email address, preferred username, strong password, and a pin to remember – you will be good to go after that.

Due to security reasons, it is important for everyone using Cryptopia to logout after being done scrolling through the website and making exchanges, especially if you are surfing at a shared computer. To log out, you need to go to the top right corner of the webpage and click the “logout button”.

You must know that you are automatically logged out of a Cryptopia session if you remain inactive for more than 8 hours on their website. It is one of their basic security features to prevent unethical hacking and fund access.

Cryptopia login

How much does Cryptopia Charge? – Fees

Virtual currency exchange and trading is obviously the main motive of investment in the Cryptopia Virtual currency. The website charges nominal fees for such services. In fact, it is true of any digital currency trading. As mentioned in the review, the marketplace at the website is quite huge and it allows altcoin exchanges very smoothly without even charging fees for it. It is worthwhile asking the fees (the amount it charges for a transaction). This can be considered as one of the main rewards of the website Virtual currency to add in the website review. Let us check the full-fledged description of the website fees and other charges.

Generally, the fees that the website charges (fees) can be categorized into two major parts that are as follows:

  1. Cryptocurrency Exchange Fees: The Virtual currency exchange can be explained as the transfer of Virtual currency from one person’s wallet to the wallet of another person who is at the receiving end. The website charges different amounts for different currencies that are being exchanged between two parties. Some other factors and constraints might also affect the total charges of the transaction.
  2. Withdrawal Fees: Cryptopia only allows the withdrawal of Virtual currencies in New Zealand Dollars i.e. NZD. Since an amount (or Virtual currency) is being deducted from the wallet of the website and is withdrawal into real money, the transaction charges are bit higher as compared to the charges (fees) in the Virtual currency Exchange process.

You must note that the website doesn’t charge any penny for the exchange of altcoins from one wallet to another which is an added benefit to the consideration of fees.

Video Tutorial

Exchange Review:

Review summarization is based on its facilities provided against the fee taken with the consideration of the honest reviews given by their users. To write an Exchange review, the Virtual currency Exchange at The website is safe and secure, as the website has set up standards in order to protect the personal and other information about a person who is making a transfer or transaction which is much needed at trading platforms like Cryptopia.

Apart from this, your identity verification is always considered a priority at Cryptopia in order to secure the safety measures and in order to prevent unethical fund access by hackers, which is an added benefit to mention in Exchange Review.

Having said that, a couple of other reviews in the feedback section stated the cases of unexpected loss of fund, which is actually keeping the reputation of Cryptopia at stake! It is no surprise that a large base of people uses the website on a daily basis and a few of such cases cannot question the security measures at Cryptopia.

The altcoin Exchange at Cryptopia is another added advantage of using the website as it allows the trading and exchange of over 500 altcoins at Cryptopia. Once you get your account verified, you can easily access and use Cryptopia. You can also make preferred transfers and withdraws which are also quick as compared to other Virtual currency exchange platforms. Overall, to sum up the Exchange Review, we can safely say that the transactions are fast and secured.

All that you need to know about Exchange:

Buying, selling, exchanging, and trading are pretty well at Cryptopia, especially with their good value for money offers. You will always be updated about everything which is related to Virtual currencies if you are quite frequent with the news tab at the website. You can purchase alt coins at fair prices (at general competitive prices you would get to see at other platforms/sites as well) and take a call for the price of alt coins you wish to sell. Establishing an auction is also incredibly easy and effective at Cryptopia which makes the overall experience of a user even more useful.

Virtual currencies can also be exchanged as Exchange at the marketplace of Cryptopia. Even the Paytopia, a separate unit of Cryptopia, which sells goods and services in their own name, is exceptionally useful for many users who would like to use the promotional tools provided at Exchange marketplace.

Generally, a Virtual currency transfer takes a few minutes and doesn’t keep you waiting. However, the transfer of Virtual currency to real money would take several days as it involves the role of banks as well. A major disadvantage associated with Cryptopia is that the transfer can only be done to NZD flat currency. To the non New-Zealand residents, this is quite a major disadvantage to bear.

Also, there are various levels of verification which also influence the speed of transfer. Cryptopia website and interfaces are extremely user friendly and self-informative that they would let you discover the entire set of functionalities really quickly.

Cryptopia Exchange Fees:

In a nutshell, we can safely say in our review that low fees is one of the major advantages of Cryptopia. The trading fees that the website charges is about 0.2%, which is quite a good figure for Exchange fees when compared with other Virtual currency trading websites.

Altcoins exchange at Cryptopia is free of cost as Virtual currencies are only being exchanged from one wallet to another and remain the total volume of Cryptopia’s transactional volume.

With our research, we were able to find out that although, Cryptopia has a huge user base across the world still the exchange transactional volume at the website is quite low as compared to other Virtual currency exchange websites. The exchange fees of Virtual currencies (Exchange fees) are highly polarizing. For some currencies, Cryptopia offers nominal Exchange fees, which are way much lower when compared with other websites. On the other hand, for some currencies like BTC (Bitcoins) and Litecoin, the fee charged by Cryptopia is exceptionally high when compared with Bittrex.

A proper range of exchange fees is ambiguous and unclear at Cryptopia which is quite a bummer and un-useful for most of their customers who would prefer to be more informed.

exchange cryptopia


A wallet transaction is considered as the easiest form of a transaction at every Virtual currency exchange website. The wallet is yet another useful, functional, and user friendly wallet to exchange and trade virtual currencies from.

To elaborate the Virtual currency exchange review using their wallets, some customers have faced a crash when high volumes of altcoins or virtual currencies are being exchanged through wallet which eventually leads to a bitter experience.

Overall, the deposits and withdrawals at the wallet are easy, fast, and secured through various security features provided by Cryptopia. Additionally, there are various coins for which the wallet charges 0 cents for their exchange which gives an upper hand to the users of the wallet. You can make your preferred exchanges in a couple of minutes as per your level of verification at Cryptopia.

For a quick and effortless trading using the wallet, one can easily go far without any hassle or whatsoever. The only major disadvantage is associated with their load balancing when it comes to large trading volume which makes the experience of trading a bit worthless. Nevertheless, other security features are quite sturdy and effective.

How to access Cryptopia through Mobile Phone? – App:

cryptopia appA fast and steady access to anything is quite crucial and handy these days. People always prefer application interfaces to surfing websites to get their things done. The app or Cryptopia application interface is quite easy to use and is multi-functional. One can easily understand the functionality of Cryptopia app in nickel dime.

However, some people and other experts say that the app has much less information when it comes to online trading of virtual currencies and altcoins. One can see a full description over the website of Cryptopia which is being hidden (or is not completely informative) when accessed through the app.

When compared to apps like PoloTracker, the app of Cryptopia is barely good enough and usable. However, if the app interface is improved, it can come in very handy for people who log in to Cryptopia every single day and participate in trading.

When the term “Cryptopia app” is searched on the search bar of Android Play Store, the mentioned link takes us through the installation of the application. However, there aren’t many users who have downloaded this application yet so the legitimacy can’t be promised. This link might take you to a 3rd Party App interface which might be dangerous in terms of the security context. Also, the application let you accept to their access to permissions before letting you install the app which would definitely let them have the privilege of accessing your accounts as well (in worst cases).

How good is Cryptopia app? – App Review:

A good application interface is supposed to let us access different functionalities at once hassle free. However, with the case of app, it is not quite possible to do so as their application interface is not fully functional. Honestly, to give a brief App Review, we would suggest you switch to Cryptopia usage instead of using an Android application.

When you go to the Play Store and try searching an android app for Cryptopia, you will get to see various other apps which are basically third party application interfaces. Honestly, while writing the App Review, we would suggest you not installing and accessing any third party applications if you wish to access your Cryptopia account through an application. While we are stating pros and cons about the app, it is important to let you know that these third party applications make you accept their privilege to access your account. If you stick to the app, you might face a loss of a number of security advantages that you anyway get at the website. In a nutshell, using a third party application isn’t safe for your funds.

Cryptopia App IOS:

All the iPhone users might face even more problems if they wish to get their access to The website through the application as till now, there is no legitimate or “secured” App IOS available on apple store. One might get to see a number of other IOS based applications, which all are again, the third party apps and installing them, wouldn’t be a good idea for accessing your Cryptopia account.

While we were researching, we got to know through one of the threads of the forum of The website that the application developers are building an application for IOS users or in other words, they are developing a App IOS. Being one of the largest traders of Virtual currency and altcoins, Cryptopia app is not up to the mark. We must also tell you that the IOS application that is to be built is most suitable for short term purpose and wouldn’t be suitable for long term use which is again a bummer for all the iPhone users.

It is being predicted that the application is going to be multi-functional and greatly informative which is pretty good news to consider when we are writing the app review.

App iPhone:

Just as bitcoiners have a great IOS app to access their account on a frequent basis; it is quite a bummer for the App iPhone. The forum at the website is filled with negative comments from their iPhone users saying that there is no way to access the application through an iPhone. However, the developers at the website have notified their users that they are still in the process of making one fully functional application for App iPhone. Again, the application is going to be fulfilling a short term goal and they haven’t planned anything for long term yet.

Except for Bitcoiners, other users of the website have to still access their accounts through The website as the third party applications cannot be trusted. Even at the forums, you will get to see some “warning comments” from people at the website that they discourage the use of third party applications as they can’t guarantee all the security features at any of the third party applications for the website.

Although, if you are a bitcoiner, you have a fantastic IOS app to access your account, participate in trading and stay updated about any Bitcoin related news, which is not the case with Cryptopia App IOS.

What is Arbitrage?

One of the excellent platforms at Cryptopia where you can actually put your investment to a great use and earn a great profit on a daily basis is at the Arbitrage. However, just like other trading platforms and conditions, the results are polarizing and are definitely subject to loss – but that’s true of anything related to Virtual currency, right?

The Arbitrage allows you to earn gigantic profitable numbers such as “a profit of about 40%” in a single day. We would suggest our readers to plan your investment after consulting your financial advisors or other experts and don’t ever invest a huge number which makes it beyond your scope to recover.

If you are wise enough to analyze the current trends and do a little math yourself, you can turn great profits for yourself at the Arbitrage. You can also couple different altcoins and Virtual currency altogether to trade. However, we must let you know that you must be prepared for any loss that might occur as it is part of the game.

In addition, going with sheer luck and gut feeling at the arbitrage of the website is never advised. You need to be wise enough to see the trends and analyze the difficulties by yourself. In addition, the Arbitrage is considered one of the finest ways of making a profit at Crypto.

cryptopia arbitrage

Trading at Cryptopia – Bitcoin:

Apart from Bitcoin, you will get to see a number of other virtual currencies and altcoins to trade at Cryptopia. Being one of the highest trading platforms in terms of volume of trading per day, Cryptopia Bitcoin bags quite a fine reputation in the market.

Bitcoin exchanges at Cryptopia are easy and occur in a large volume of Bitcoin every single day. Even the marketplace at the website accepts Bitcoin as a Virtual currency in exchange for numerous products and services. Cryptopia is an entire world for trading in itself and you will enjoy trading on this platform.

Cryptopia charges a fee of 0.20% for the exchange of the Bitcoin which is quite huge when compared to other trading websites. However, trading is easy and fast at the website so the fee can be justified with that. However, if you are looking for some affordable fee charging websites, Cryptopia is not one as of now at least for Bitcoin trading. The arbitrage feature at Cryptopia comes in very handy for easy trading.

Bitcoin Gold at Cryptopia – Bitcoin Gold:

Cryptopia is one platform which is specially made for Virtual currency traders who like to trade different virtual currencies and altcoins altogether. One such altcoin is Bitcoin gold which is often abbreviated as BTG. If you are a newbie at trading and exchanging virtual currencies, Bitcoin Gold is one such altcoin which will surely fascinate you towards itself.

Bitcoin gold is a new altcoin whose forking has been supported much recently at the website. Earlier, one of the ways to trade with Bitcoin Gold was to convert it through Bitcoin BTC and hold it in the personal wallet of your account. Forking a Bitcoin BTC is not easy as it is associated with a number of security concerns, which are definitely needed to be addressed at all times. Currently, Cryptopia is supporting the fork of Bitcoin Gold which a wonderful news for those who would love to trade with Bitcoin gold.

Until October 2017, the community and support of Bitcoin gold weren’t very active which is one of the reasons for Cryptopia to not support the fork earlier.


From having its own marketplace to supporting a decent platform for BTC exchange, the website is a trusted and appropriate solution to all such needs of a Virtual currency trader. As the application of Cryptopia is not fully functional and “secured” on both Android and IOS based mobile phones, it is recommended to use and access your account through Cryptopia. For BTC trading, you would be asked to log in to your account and have the access to the entire scene where you will be well informed about everything from the exchange rates to the comparison between the rates on different websites – it is easy like that.

Another big advantage of using the website is that you can get verification to your account very easily with just a couple of steps done right. After which, you will be able to complete the transactions and exchanges in a much shorter span of time. BTC exchange is one of the most voluminous trading patterns which are found on Cryptopia on a daily basis. To talk about the cons, you cannot possibly indulge in the BTC-FIAT trade as Cryptopia doesn’t support it at all.

What all you need to know about Bitcoin Cash?

Whenever you are at a trading marketplace, one of the most important things, in order to make, a good profit is that you must be able to analyze trends and act accordingly. The news section at the website let you have all the necessary information which is needed in order to know where to put your stakes on. In addition, staying in the same boat on a market like the exchange can be very dangerous therefore; you need to know where to invest and when to withdraw.

Keeping in mind the same, Cryptopia helps you withdraw your BTC (Bitcoin) to Bitcoin cash in a feasible duration. In the month of July of the year 2017, the community people at Cryptopia made it further simpler for the bitcoiners. It stated that from August 2017 onwards, the bitcoiners will be able to access the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) at the website itself. This particular forking has been received really well by all the customers of Cryptopia and the team hasn’t faced any major security issue till yet which is again good in the context of security and development – a very important factor to consider.


In the feedback section of Cryptopia, we can highly notice that the coin trading at the website is quite tremendous. One of the reasons is credited to Cryptopia for being a fantastic host for all the new coin and other coins. Whenever the market is introduced with a new coin, you can find it in the coin list soon after some days of the launch.

However, some experts suggest not holding a huge amount of coin for exchange as the “coin data” might get completely lost due to security issues. Overall, Cryptopia is known for its safety functionalities in order to keep the coin safe with or without the exchange process and thus most of the frequent Virtual currency traders prefer to keep their coins safe with Cryptopia.

Some review states that there had been a couple of cases of slight hacking and loss of coins during the hack which has made a couple of users of the website unhappy with the security firewall systems ensured at Cryptopia. None of the cases were huge but even a slight incidence can put the reputation of a platform like to at stake.

To self ensure the security; one is advised to log out each time when they are done with trading, analyzing, and surfing.

Coin List:

Before we start mentioning different coins and the Coin list, you must know that there are 450+ altcoins that can be traded over Cryptopia. More than that, the website also hosts a couple of exclusive coins that can be only found at Coin list and nowhere else.

Some experts say that those coins suffer much lesser fluctuations in the market when compared with other coins that are universally available in the Virtual currency market. Flashcoin is one such coin which is only available at Cryptopia and nowhere else. Coins like LUXCoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Electroneum, and other such hundreds of coins are available to trade at Cryptopia.

Trading and exchanging of coins are much easier on platforms. When you login to their website, you are shown a complete list along with the current trend and trading scene for you to best judge which coin to buy and which one to sell. It is always advised to analyze the pattern and ask for expert advice. Also, you must not go with a huge number of coins to trade without analyzing the current trends.

cryptopia coin info


When we talk about altcoins and its trading, we have to talk about the reputation of the website. Over Cryptopia, you can get the access to exchange over 400+ altcoins very easily and conveniently. Altcoins can also be secured and held in the wallets of the website which is again a benefit for those who like to analyze the market before getting indulged in any kind of trading or whatsoever. Apart from this, if you are looking for an active discussion box, you can head over to Cryptopia as the traders keep on suggesting others. The suggestions include the current updates about the market, which coins to stick with for trading, which coins have shown good results recently and other such more discussions.

For a novice, platforms like these help them to stay connected and know better how the market works. Under the category 44 at Cryptopia, you will be able to see the discussion board and pins related to altcoins. Everything is sorted and organized which makes it much easier for the users to take participate in trading and to participate in the altcoin related discussion pins. You will also be able to see posts like “Best alt crypto’s – Rules of Selecting” which keeps you informed and updated.


Graphical interfaces and charts always help in analyzing the current as well as past trends in a glimpse. Charts are one such USPs of the website. The clear and concise way of representing exchange charts is also a great way to portray the information needed.

Cryptopia is more than exchanging and trading; the super active community at Cryptopia will always keep you entertained of anything related to Virtual currency, exchange, and trading. Charts also let one know about the last trading details, the volume of trading, the conversion price, and active bids for a particular exchange. It therefore becomes very clear to analyze the current trends, do a little math and finally choose which coin to go for.

The website has also done a couple of amendments to their fee charging structure and they would charge much lesser fees on new exchanges. The updates come through the news column of Cryptopia. If you are an active user of Cryptopia, you should frequently check the news column of the website. Also, you should keep checking the discussion boards as to your surprise; you will get to find various new kinds of information there.

cryptopia chart

Confirmation Time – How much time it takes to confirm your deposits?

In the ever changing and super active markets like of Virtual currency, a fast turnaround time is very much needed. To talk about the Confirmation Time, you can expect a good review. Since a huge volume of trading and exchanges keep happening every single minute over Cryptopia, it is hard to say about the exact time which would be taken in order to provide you a final message of confirmation.

However, for any coin which you are interested in, you can click on it and locate the settings on the right panel. After which, you will be able to see the live connections that are associated with that coin. If the network is relatively free for a particular coin, you can expect your confirmation message of deposit or exchange very soon. However, if a good number of active connections are associated with a particular coin, it can take a considerable amount of  confirmation time to show you a confirmation message finally.

In a nutshell, the website has no control over the time that it would take in order to confirm you. It all depends on the traffic and active connections for a particular coin.

Deposits – Deposits at Cryptopia:

Easy + hassle free deposits is one quality of the website which attracts a number of users towards it on a daily basis. To give you an idea, if there is about a 12-block wait then it might take about 30-40 minutes at Cryptopia to process your request and generate your funds. However, other transactions and deposits might take much lesser time due to “no block wait” which is fantastic in terms of the turnaround time of Cryptopia.

If you are facing a problem related to your deposit then you should head over to the deposit category of the discussion board at the website. If you give out the details of your issue, your thread will be responded by the community members of Cryptopia and they will take action to resolve your issues related to deposits as soon as possible.

The time to deposit funds is quite considerable over Cryptopias and it might take 4-6 confirmations altogether before processing your funds. Overall, as from the analysis of reviews of the current customers at the website, it can be said that the deposit is fast and easy on Cryptopia.

crypopia deposit

How much time would it take? –Deposit time:

Cryptopia is fairly fast and active in terms of turnaround time and time it takes for confirmation. To let you know, for a particular deposit, the website may generate about 5-6 confirmations and might roughly take an hour to fund your deposit.

The overall Cryptopia deposit time also depends upon the active connections and the network speed for a particular coin exchange. If your deposit is stuck and doesn’t respond you for days, you can call for action and let the community people know through your message about your problem. Generally, it takes about 24 hours for the community people at Cryptopia to acknowledge your issue and take some action about it. However, it all depends upon the volume, active threads, and of course, the blocks wait that is assigned to you to calculate the estimated deposit time.

Most recently in December, Cryptopia was bugged and a number of people were facing issues of “slow deposit time” at the website. There are numerous threads addressing the same problem over Cryptopia’s discussion box. Usually, a deposit takes about 30-40 minutes to process.

Deposit Methods:

When it comes to the deposit options at Cryptopia, the website doesn’t give us much of a choice in terms of flat currency deposits. One of the easiest ways to deposit your coins at Cryptopia is to use the New Zealand dollars NZD as the flat currency. Optionally, you can also fund your account using your electronic money such as Bitcoin BTC, which is one alternative for Deposit Methods. You can use your wallet and exchange your bitcoins to fund some coins in your account, which is a much easier option for those who don’t live in New Zealand.

In addition, another one of deposit methods is applicable if you are not a New Zealand resident, you need to first find ways in order to exchange your flat currency and then use it for funding your account with altcoins. All you need to do on the website is to search for the coin you need to fund in the search box and click on the download icon to get the deposit window shown.


As soon as the market reaches a level where you wish to withdraw your funds and invest over, Withdrawal mechanism is much powerful to support fast track withdrawals. In order to make your withdrawal for a specific coin say Bitcoin BTC, you need to search that coin in the search box on the top right corner of Cryptopia and click on the second icon of the row on left. After which, you will be asked to fill details like your amount, address book information, and address.

Once you are done filling this information, you need to wait for about 2-3 hours before your funds get withdrawn. Withdrawal at Cryptopia is a fairly easy and fast process, which takes much lesser fees when compared with other trading platforms. Also, once you are done filling your information and click on the withdraw button, you need to check your email address to find other details send by the website about your withdrawal. following this link, you will be able to spot a detailed description on “how to withdraw your funds at Cryptopia” just in case if you’re looking for more help.

How to withdraw on Cryptopia? – Withdrawal Time:

Coming to the duration that it takes in order to process your withdrawal at Cryptopia or withdrawal time, it is one of the fastest platforms in terms of withdrawal time for many altcoins and virtual currencies. As per the reviews and other discussion pins at the website Withdraw, it takes about 1 hour’s time tops for the BTC withdrawal. On the other hand, some other coins may take a heck lot of time which is disappointing for many of Cryptopia users.

Other networking issues in the main server might also affect the overall withdraw time, especially if the volume of withdrawal is more. However, the community people at Cryptopia keep updating all the latest news, bugs, and other updates related to their websites just to inform their users. If you are too an avid member of the website, you should check their news section regularly and if possible their social media handles as well. In worst cases, some people found their withdrawal to be stuck for about 10-12 days which is again a networking issue. Overall, such delays in withdrawal are disappointing for both users and community of Cryptopia.

On an average, the general the Withdraw request takes about 2-3 hours to get cleared.

Methods to Withdraw – Withdrawal Methods:

Since the only flat currency, which is accepted at Cryptopia, is the New Zealand Dollars, it sometimes gets tough to select which method to adopt for your withdrawal. However, the Withdrawal methods are really, fast, transparent, and cheap that more and more people get attracted to it in no time and trust the website for their fund withdrawal.

When you go to the “Security” tab on Cryptopia, you will find the link to “Withdrawal address book” which you need to click n order to redirect the page to the correct link. Also, for security purposes, you should encrypt your wallet as soon as possible as it serves you a safer option afterward. Once you enter your address and other information asked respectively, you will get an alert on your verified email address. Check that email in order to get further information about the withdrawal and wait for some time for Cryptopia to process your withdrawal request.

Although there are no diverse, ways for Withdrawal methods but the ones that are there are fast enough to be given a shot. In addition, you will be charged a fair amount for your withdrawal request.

cryptopia withdrawal

Daily Limits at Cryptopia – Daily Limit:

One of the major drawbacks of using the website is that it restricts you to a daily limit which is not favorable for high profile traders who would like to trade and withdraw on a heavy amount on a daily basis.

The daily basis limit is restricted to the withdrawal amount and is not imposed on trading and exchange. As per the rules of Cryptopia, you are allowed to withdraw the max amount of about 5000 NZD at tops every single day. You must also know that there is no restriction imposed on the deposits of funds and you can deposit as much as you can even on a daily basis.

Some people who would even want to withdraw half a Bitcoin on any single day are not allowed due to the obvious restrictions (Daily Limit) plus high fees. People who trade for such high and voluminous amount, therefore, don’t prefer Cryptopia and its wallet. On the discussion thread of the website, you will find many pins and posts related to this complaint and urge to Cryptopia for increasing the daily restrictions to at least a fair amount.

Minimum Deposit

Another benefit of using Cryptopia is the null restriction imposed on the funding at the website related to the minimum deposits at Cryptopia or minimum deposit. In short, there are no restrictions on the minimum deposit and you can start your fund with as lesser funding amount as you wish. Moreover, the faster deposits at Cryptopia are another plus of using the website for trading purposes.

The payment options for the deposits are Bitcoins plus other supported Virtual currencies which become easy for traders in terms of exchange of their virtual currencies. Although, the flat currency deposit is possible only with New Zealand Dollars which is quite a disappointment. Cryptopia is supported worldwide and a plethora of people indulge in trading, exchanges, deposits, and withdrawal at this platform on a daily basis.

One of the best benefits of sticking with Cryptopia is that you can start your deposit with the amount of your choice i.e. no restrictions or minimum deposit constraints at all. Apart from this, you can speed up your deposit and withdrawal duration by increasing your verification level at the website. The support counter at Cryptopia is also very active and will assist you in case of any queries, glitches, and other website related issues + complaints.

Is Cryptopia a Scam?

When it comes to legitimacy and trust related queries for any hyped trading website, different mouths generate different opinions. Further, a single minor bad experience or personal loss at this trading platform can’t possibly blame the whole platform and its working. The website is one of the leading trading platforms as per date of writing this post. The name of this platform has been listed in the top 50’s of the trading websites recently.

Every single day, over thousands of people, indulge in trading and exchanging at this website which says quite a lot about its popularity. Cryptopia, a New Zealand based corporation, is supported worldwide and has been hyped very recently for its quick features. When it comes to reviewing, the website bags positive reviews despite some of the major cons associated with Cryptopia.

The easy deposits, withdrawal and quick responses at the website make it quite favorable for most of the people who would prefer a hassle free trading. The marketplace at the website is quite huge and supports all kinds of exchanges for numerous services and products that it offers. You would even find it convenient to shop at their in-house stores using their exclusive coin called DOT. With such powerful advantages, the website is slowly becoming one of the top websites for Virtual currency trading and altcoin exchanges. Speaking of which, the website also hosts the trading of more than 400 altcoins which is quite great for most of the traders who are always looking for an option.

Although, there had been quite a few instances where people would have lost their funds due to small scale hacking but nothing has been done on a large scale to question their firewall security features. It is, therefore, safer to say that the website isn’t a scam.

Is Cryptopia Fraud?

Fraudulent platforms are everywhere over the internet. Especially, when it comes to trading in Virtual currency, only a few can be really trusted. Founded by Adam Clark and Rob Dawson, the platform has become quite a popular name in the Virtual currency exchange industry. With a market like of Virtual currency which is subject to huge losses and is super volatile, the bitter-sweet experiences and personal losses couldn’t be imposed on the reputation of the entire platform.

The website is a great platform which features their own advantages and naturally has quite a few disadvantages which is true for any platform on the whole. The website was launched back in the year 2014. Apart from buying and selling of altcoins, stopping over the marketplace to purchase anything from a pin to a car, The website stands out on almost everything.

The website also has its own arbitrage which is another advantage for traders who are looking for high pitched profits in a single day. Apart from this, the news section of the website has everything to keep you informed about the latest happenings related to Virtual currency, prices, trends, you name it. When you are just starting off with trading and exchanging, you need to be well informed about every bit and piece related to Virtual currency. After all, researching makes decisions better and is just a tool to empower decision-making.

Coming to the cons, the website doesn’t really support their own Android and IOS apps. All the Cryptopia named “long-term” applications that you find on Play Store and Apple Store are third party applications, which can’t be really trusted. This is one of the things which the website should really look into. Briefly, the website can be reviewed as – easy interface, faster platform, fair fee.

How to Sign up at Cryptopia? –Sign up:

If after reading this review and being fascinated by the pros of the website, you would like to sign up at their website and get started with your own trading, exchanging experience, it is time to Sign up right now. Registering at the website is a cakewalk and you can get there just with a couple of steps put right.

Cryptopia Website simply follow this quick link to get to the official page of the website where you can register yourself to be part of their community. Choose an easy username for yourself and enter your email address to get a confirmation email from the website. Afterwards, you need to set a straight and a hard to guess password, a quick pin, and click on the box which says that you accept their terms and conditions. By doing this, you would also be able to get your account level one verified. Easy, right?

You can always feel free to click on the link of “Terms and Conditions” in order to read the instructions and every detail about The website. When you are done, you will be successfully registered at The website.

Congratulations and a happy trading!

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