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Cryptonomos: An ultimate ICO platform for Crowdsales

Buying tokens are becoming easy day by day due to the adoption of innovative technology. There are many platforms which promise to make the process of buying and selling tokens and uplifting your business seamless and safer but, very few are able to live on their promises. With new and progressive ICO, more than half dozens of startups have raised over 500 millions of funds with these Initial Coin offerings (ICO). In the first half of 2017, organizations have fundraised around 1.27 billion. This phenomenal number is attracting more and more clients for fundraising using ICOs. In this new era of cryptocurrency, the small companies and ongoing projects can come up ICO to raise money by just expressing their idea and avoiding the tiresome traditional method of getting funded. Cryptonomos is a platform which can help you serve the purpose of both buying and selling various tokens in a safe and user-friendly environment.

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What is Cryptonomos?

Cryptonomos is an all in one solution for users to buy and sell a range of tokens safely and easily. Here, at Cryptonomos, both developers and investors experience a streamlined network where the investors can choose multiple altcoins and invest on it without going through the cumbersome process of visiting numerous websites and creating a number of wallets. Also, they can invest in the future ICOs with ease and less hassle. On the other hand, the developers can launch their own token, have their ICO and reach to a vast number of audiences aka investors with the simplified network of Cryptonomos. This hosting platform for selling ICO token can be made possible by buying Ether or Bitcoin.

The Company at Cryptonomos hosts a platform with highly curated token options and is considered as the most interesting ICO propositions in the Crypto world. It connects the ICOs with an investing community of more than 32,000 members to invest in your token. The offers are not just limited to bridging the gap between investors and developers but endow a full-service technicality, strategic, publicity and analytic support to the ICO companies. Cryptonomos was an initiative taken when there was a need for a platform for offering both ICO launches for startups and investors and a safe and straightforward environment for these startups to connect with these buyers.

Who is behind Cryptonomos?

The Cryptonomos team comprises of well-qualified experts in their niche with a decade of experience in developing innovative projects. This cutting edge technology drew the attention of many investors and developers since its inception in early 2017.  The CEO of the Company, Oleg Poskotin is the part of Blockchain since 2013 and is watching the Bitcoin payments for Xsolla gaming platform as their VP. Olesya Egozina, the CPO of the company has a deep experience in maintaining, protecting and assuring successful running of the business. Andrew kuzenny, Eduard Khaptakhaev, and Leonid Markin are the co-founders of this new and successful crowdsale platform. Leonid Markin is the Blockchain expert and professional with years of experience in running successful businesses and also the co-founder of a number of Peer-to-peer financial lending platforms called and Cityenrgo.

Daria Generalova, the PR manager, and marketing team of Cryptonomos is in the field of ICO and Bitcoin marketing for several years so does her co-mate Anar Babaev. The Cryptonomos team works with a motto of, “If you see it optimize it!” and from there they have always been involved in generating multi-user high-load services along with a special knack for making innovative user-interfaces and complex and sophisticated engines. Daria and Anar are the concrete support for the marketing at Cryptonomos. Without them, this crowd sale projects for bridging the gap between investors and startups would not have materialized.

 How is Cryptonomos a turnkey solution to ICOs?

Cryptonomos claims itself to be the ‘Blockchain solution for crowd sale.’ Their service is not just limited to help startups but anyone who is looking to capitalize on ICOs with a single and easy platform. Cryptonomos cannot just be used to launch new token crowd sales but also help in servicing existing tokens. Cryptonomos endow services which cover everything from structuring the tokens, posting plans, white papers, book building and launching tokens as well as maintaining and managing smart contracts. At the moment, the crowd sale platform offers a turnkey solution to whatever you need for ICO and for buyers to invest in it. They are working on a unique book building and listing key, which can be later utilized as the main tool or in addition to the own resources of a startup. It has managed to create a versatile platform for token sales making it a one-stop solution for ICO and its management.

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How can you participate in the crowd sale?

The process for investors to invest in ICO token is extremely easy and can be done in just a few minutes. This is the objective of Cryptonomos, to optimize the crowdsale process and make it more efficient, safe and easy. For participating in Cryptonomos, you have to first create an account which will not take longer than a couple of minutes. After creating the account, you will make a small deposit to your wallet or choose the particular ICO which you want to buy the tokens of. You can choose more than one ICOs at a time. After purchasing the ICO tokens, they will appear on the same wallet in which you deposit that small amount.

How to set up Crowdsales?

Cryptonomos is a smooth and instinctive solution for all those start-ups who want to fundraise and for buyers who want to invest in something fruitful. The best thing for the start-ups is that Cryptonomos is one of the simplest platforms so you don’t need any prior experience in making account, wallet or setting up crowd sales. For setting up a crowdsale on the Cryptonomos platform, you have to start with filling out an application form. After that, you have to agree to terms and conditions. After agreeing and proceeding from the last step, you would have created a token offer strategy.  From there, you have to work on marketing and legal details prior creating a smart contract. After publicity and finalizing the legal details, you can launch the sale of your token on the Cryptonomos platform. The ICO will start and will be there according to your secret market cap or for a particular period. Finally, you will be able to collect the funds as they are transferred from the Cryptonomos platform to the startup or Escrow agent. Not just setting up crowdsales, the company also helps in issuing and managing tokens. The agent or the start-up can choose to take advantage of all these services from Cryptonomos depending on their preference.

What ICO services are offered by Cryptonomos?

The services which are offered n the platform encompass the entire procedure of the crowdsale and is not just limited to token generation. Before launching your token, you can get helped with their team on legal analysis, the ICO website design, marketing, token economies and many more things. It assists with the Blockchain technology of securely collecting funds, creating a secure wallet, developing tokens. With the ICO, the Cryptonomos helps in PR, early backer management, escrow management and community channel management.  All services are divided into three phases of ICO which are pre- ICO services, technology and during ICO.  In pre-ICO, you can take care of token holder agreements and disclosures and create an appealing ICO website and customization. In technology, you can create and manage the account, wallet, collect funds, manage smart contracts and get services on token distribution and token development. In ICO, you can host marketing and PR campaigns and manage Escrow and community channel.

How to Buy Tokens on the Cryptonomos Platform?

If you want to know how to buy tokens on Cryptonomos, then you can be assured that the platform serves buyers the similar way as ICO token holder. For buying tokens, you can log in to and log in with a valid email ID. After login, you will be able to see a list of available ICO and the description of the tokens. If the token sale is finished, the date of the sale end will be listed on the token’s card. If the token sale is ongoing, you will be able to see ending date and you will be able to buy the tokens. Click on any token which you want to purchase and click on “buy” button at the right of the plate.   After clicking, you will be prompted a pop-up window which considers the information about the purchase. In the first part of the pop-up, you will be able to see the budget for the purchase. In the next box, select the number of tokens and the bonus offered by the token holder on that date will be displayed next to it. Note that this bonus box can be blank because not every ICO offers bonus or discount. You must go through the whitepaper and all other documents of the project before investing on any tokens.  After that bonus, there would be a warning by Cryptonomos where you have to accept the token purchase agreement. Make sure you read the documents completely before clicking on Buy. Once you click on Buy, the tokens will arrive in your Cryptonomos wallet.

Which ICO sales has Cryptonomos worked on?

cryptonomos done ico

Cryptonomos have worked on the sale of different and popular ICOs which are as follows:

Giga Watt (WTT)

The first ICO under Cryptonomos belt was Giga Watt and its token (WTT). Giga watt offers all in one mining services with custom packages for the users to choose from. The wide range of services includes equipment sales, maintenance, and repair along with their private and secure Blockchain. The complete transparent Giga Watt platform and unique goal made many investors to buy their WTT token.  The Giga Watt is on its own a technological advancement in the digital currency sector and mining industry where the investors in the services of Giga Watt can use their processing power for 50 years. Owners can use it for their own sake or rent it for some good money.

Horizon State

Horizon state is decentralized governance and voting platform which gives equal influence to the users and the miners. With the top-notch Blockchain technology, there is high security and trust level and allowance of decision making on the token based Blockchain network. This Token has raised a high amount for its ICO token on Cryptonomos.

Play Key

The ICO for Play key which began on Nov 1 attracted a lot of investors because of its credibility and uniqueness. The cryptocurrency platform helps the gamers to play AAA games on low specification PC or other low-end devices with other gaming services.


This is another ICO which began in November and raised a lot of funs on the Cryptonomos platform.  Neuromation is a distributed computing project which can help users in creating incredibly large datasets with its deep learning applications. The ICO of Neuromation token ended on recently on February 15, 2018, and managed to raise high funds.


HKN or Hacken ecosystem is a decentralized token for the business community and Cybersecurity professionals which is built on top of Ethereum Blockchain. The ICO commenced on 31st October and raised around 7 million USD.


This decentralized platform creates a fully functional virtual marketplace for the users which not even ask for a single penny from the users for security, maintenance, infrastructure and payment processing.


Well, mostly everyone will know of this popular cryptocurrency as it was a lot of buzz in the crypto space. Rentberry, a solution for leveraging Blockchain technology and helping tenants by crowdsourcing raised around 30 million USD with the ICO token on Cryptonomos.


Along with above mentioned ICOs, INS and ICOS are other companies which worked with Cryptonomos for their ICO sale. In short, Cryptonomos have worked for many ICO sales and is a legitimate and effective platform for both buyers and token holders.  Cryptonomos offers a one-stop solution for startups who want to get recognized and raise funds and investors who are looking for new and pioneering ideas in the crypto world.


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