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Crypterium Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Crypterium portrays itself as a “cryptobank for cryptopeople”. Find out how it functions today in our review.

What Is Crypterium?

Crypterium, discovered online at, means to make a crypto-bank available to anybody. The platform is being intended to offer comparative administrations to conventional financial institutions – but took into account the universe of digital forms of money.

By and large, Crypterium expects to be a “leading cryptobank for the cryptoeconomy.” The objective, according to the official site, “is to give a total vertically integrated administration that envelops the best thoughts from the whole community of the world’s best blockchain fans.”

The Crypterium ICO begins on October 31 and continues all through November.

crypterium homepage

Crypterium Products And Services

Crypterium intends to give bank-like administrations to cryptocurrency clients. A portion of those items and administrations include:

Versatile Cryptobank:

Crypterium will give instant cryptocurrency payments, reliability programs and cashback, contactless payments by means of NFC, QR, ApplePay, and AndroidPay, and other banking administrations.

Cryptocurrency Acquisition:

Crypterium guarantees to create “solutions for each circle of retail exchange and administrations”, including local integrations with PoS programming and crypto-to-fiat settlements.

OpenAPI Platform:

Crypterium offers an application store for retail cryptocurrency programming and solutions. It will likewise have its own decentralized server infrastructure and outsider integrations.

Credit Token Exchange:

Crypterium offers no fringes in financial operations, local integrations with current credits scoring systems, and a marketplace where you can exchange and exchange subsidiaries.

As should be obvious, the platform expects to offer comparable support of the present banks. At the point when the cryptoeconomy takes off, we’re going to require financial institutions that give bank-like administrations to cryptocurrency clients. Crypterium is positioning itself as one such platform.

crypterium payments

Crypterium Features

  • Smart contract wallet
  • PSI-DSS certification
  • Reasonable day by day constrains
  • Multi-sig wallet
  • Ongoing misrepresentation monitoring
  • Specialized and financial auditing
  • Contactless payment cards available at 42 million shops around the world
  • No requirement for currency exchanges – instant payments are available in fiat cash or cryptocurrency anyplace on the planet
  • The chance to issue a virtual card on various charge card networks, including American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Union Pay
  • Integrations with payment platforms like PayPal, WeChat, Gyft, and others
  • An accentuation on contactless payments, including ApplePay, SamsungPay, AndroidPay, and QR code instruments, among others
  • Crypterium OpenAPI, which is a banking platform that empowers developer solutions for a decentralized economy

How Do Crypterium Tokens Work?

Crypterium has two tokens, including CRPT and CRED tokens. CRPT tokens are the main tokens available to be purchased during the ICO, while CRED tokens are a subtoken.

CRED Tokens

CRED tokens are considered credit subtokens (CRPT:CRED). These tokens give clients the chance to make undeniable banking structures and interest interactions in light of the Crypterium blockchain.

Consumers can obtain a Crypterium credit currency advance called CRPT:CRED that is underpinned by a smart contract. That smart contract assesses the client’s exceptional FICO score, at that point applies a client specific interest rate and conditions (including security, for instance). The client at that point changes over the credit into a currency of his or her decision. Liquidity is ensured by Crypterium, which will utilize its funding to diminish instability and alter interest rates.

Toward the finish of the advance time frame, the borrower must reimburse in CRPT:CRED, including interest, by purchasing the cryptocurrency from the CRPT:CRED token exchange. The borrower has finished his or her repayment obligations, and his or her financial assessment will be revised for future credit demands.

By and large, Crypterium’s credit subtoken guarantees to be the main subtoken with secured liquidity. Proprietors of credit subtokens can get income significantly higher than the normal market. CRPT:CRED tokens could likewise be utilized by different banks and financial administrations.

CRPT Tokens

CRPT token holders get a cut of each client payment made on the Crypterium Cryptobank. Each transaction is charged a rate of 0.5%, which is in turn consequently used to buy CRPT from the open market and hence consumed. This is required to prompt a constant interest for tokens.

30% of transaction income (vendor commissions) will be utilized to compensate CRPT token holders and the most dynamic clients on the platform. The more tokens you possess, the higher your participation level will be. The individuals who hold 25,000+ tokens will hold a “Platinum” stake, for instance, and get half of the cut of transaction income, while those with at least 1 CRPT tokens will be at the Silver level, which gives them 10% of the cut.

crypterium token

The Crypterium Token Sale

The Crypterium token sale begins on October 31 at 10:00 UTC-4. Tokenholder account registration opens on October 24. Rewards are available from October 31 to November 27. From November 28 to January 13, tokens are as yet available to be purchased – in spite of the fact that with no rewards.

1 CRPT token is priced at 0.0001 BTC. There’s an aggregate most extreme supply of 300,000,000 CRPT tokens. The team is accepting payments in BTC, ETH, and fiat.

Who’s Behind Crypterium?

Crypterium is driven by Steven Polyak (Managing Director and Co-Founder), Austin Kimm (IR Director and Co-Founder), Gleb Markov (COO and Co-Founder), Vladimir Gorbunov (CCO and Co-Founder), Pavel Rasputin (CMO), and Dimitriy Fomin (CTO).

The company is situated in Cyprus and Estonia, with the greater part of the development team coming from Russia.

Crypterium is based upon a decentralized banking platform and means to be the #1 cryptobank on the planet. It is contained 4 main components: portable cryptobank, cryptolending system, cryptoacquiring for shippers, and open API for developers. With Crypterium’s amazing objectives, aiming to accomplish something that has never been done this way, they make it an incredibly interesting project to get involved in and be a piece of. On October 24th, they opened up for token holder registration. At that point, their initial sale for the ICO was October 31st through November 6. November seventh through the 25th of December is their Bonus Sale lastly, they will have the last chance to buy in at the ICO arrange (with no rewards) from December 26, 2017, to January 13th, 2018.

crypterium promise


All things considered, as we as a whole know, cryptocurrency is a booming industry, but we are looked with numerous difficulties on how we can spend it and where. In a few nations, it is illicit to spend any kind of currency for payment other than the nearby fiat currency, that implies it is unlawful for dealers to get Bitcoin, Ethereum, or different cryptographic forms of money as a payment. Crypterium will probably have the capacity to pay with the greater part of the digital forms of money. They have created more than 20 sorts of payment strategies making paying with cryptocurrency a genuine reality. They have possessed the capacity to integrate their systems to line up with POS programming. This will change the payment system as we probably am aware it.

There are numerous different projects out there right now integrating payment forms for cryptocurrency and having this turned into a more adequate method. A few illustrations are Bitpay, TenX, Monaco, and numerous others.

Crypterium’s platform isn’t available yet or potentially still a work in progress. They have been developing their platform for more than 5 years and plan to discharge their platform late Q4 2017 or early Q1 2018. In spite of the fact that they have not discharged their official working platform yet, they do show on their promotional video how a few parts of the Crypterium platform will work.

During its ICO organize, they have a sum of 210,000,000 CRPT available at the initial market estimation of 0.0001 BTC per token, in which they will have an aggregate supply of 300,000,000 CRPT. They have a mincap of $3 million USD(in which all funds will be returned if not met) and a hardcap $47 million USD according to their white paper.

Crypterium plans to use more than 20 kinds of payment procedures to integrate with their platform buy using NFC Protocol. Some of them include: Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay.

Starting at now, their plans for its clients are to have the capacity to pay for anything using their platform including: 42 million retail stores(online and offline); anyplace that acknowledges VISA, MasterCard, or UnionPay; service bills; and open administrations.

crypterium loyalty


Their team is incredibly differing and balanced with a decent measure of fitting expertise to execute their project. The main executives of Crypterium are Austin Kimm, Steven Polyak, Gleb Markov, and Vladimir Gorbunov. They each have fruitful projects in advance and more than 10 years involvement in this industry.

Austin Kimm is additionally the CEO of two others organizations (Workle and Renaissance Insurance). He has a decent measure of involvement in directing businesses in an extensive variety of industries, which demonstrates that he has a decent foundation and can adjust to different fields and industries. That is an absolute necessity for the universe of cryptocurrency, since the majority of what we are experiencing in the realm of crypto has never been finished. Austin Kimm is a fitting part to have on this team.

Vladimir Gorbunov (one of the main speakers in the promotional video) is an IT business person that has over 10 long stretches of involvement and established 5 organizations with an aggregate capitalization with over $150 million USD. He likewise has involvement with payment platforms and procedures. He was involved in the organizations Workle and PayQR. Crypterium is his next big advance and accomplishment to come.


Everything about their site is quite spotless and strong. It is somewhat overwhelming with so much information, however. The client experience could be taken a shot at, as it might dismiss a few people if it is excessively to get a handle on the double. They do have a 6-minute video on their landing page, but you need to look down. Their whitepaper is 35 pages and an awesome breakdown of the company infrastructure and plans. They have a pleasant online networking nearness on: Bitcointalk, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, and Telegram.

Crypterium Roadmap

During the late final quarter of 2017 to the early first quarter of 2018 Crypterium is planning on releasing their platform. This will likewise include the portable bank development. Starting from December 2017, they will build up their OpenAPI platform too.

Their biggest plans will truly be in 2018, as that will truly be the dispatch of this project to the general population and begin its utilization. Starting in January 2018 they will build up the credit token protocol, integrating scoring platforms, and furthermore working on their calculation for regulating token exchange. In right on time to mid-2018, from March to June, they will execute their crypto-acquiring solutions and developing their “CrypteriumSX” tech. In May to June, they mentioned the AppStore for their product in view of OpenAPI they are developing. The last refresh they right now have on their guide is from June to September. During this day and age, they will take a shot at Grants for OpenAPI item development.


Crypterium is currently working to build up a Cryptobank that can acknowledge ALL digital currencies in some shape or frame. They will clearly be using the best 5 cryptographic forms of money, but they will probably have the capacity to acknowledge every one of them and have the capacity to store, utilize, exchange, process payments, and furthermore manage advances. At the present time, they have not sufficiently discharged information on how precisely they will do the greater part of this, but in all likelihood they will give refreshes by means of web-based social networking once they have discharged their platform and just previously.

Pros and Cons


  • All around prepared, professional, and solid Team
  • Utilize all digital forms of money worldwide and simplifying the payment procedure
  • Cryptocurrency Credit/Loan System integrated into platform
  • Accomplices: BitGo, Bancor, Blockchain Law Group, and ICOBox


  • Platform/App not discharged yet
  • Existing contenders
  • Potential lawful issues and restrictions in different zones
  • Such a large number of objectives, could be overwhelming to integrate into one platform

General Analysis of Crypterium

This project appears to have the team and the ability to pull off their goal-oriented objective and it certainly wouldn’t astonish if they managed to be the #1 cryptobank on the planet. There will definitely be numerous contenders and in the long run, the one at the best may end up out of date multi day. That is the thing that makes Crypterium extremely exceptional. They offer open source API to outsider developers also. They comprehend the universe of crypto and how essential open source collaboration is for the achievement and transition of another innovative progression. It is profoundly likely that they will hit their hardcap at 43 million USD as they broke the softcap within 5 hours. They have at present raised more than 10 million USD.

crypterium in numbers

How To Buy Crypterium?

After reading this review, you must be thinking that Crypterium looks promising. You must be thinking about how to buy Crypterium. Well, if you are really thinking about how to buy it then it is simple. You just need to find the trustworthy and reputable exchange where you will be able to trade this crypto. However, we will still help you to choose the best exchange to buy Crypterium. You can buy it from HitBTC.

Crypterium Conclusion

Cryptobanks are going to assume a focal part in the upcoming cryptoeconomy. Crypterium intends to offer conventional banking administrations to cryptocurrency clients. A portion of the key objectives are the dispatch of a worldwide acknowledge platform along for the dispatch of contactless payment techniques. to take in more about Crypterium, visit the platform online today at The ICO is taking spot all through October and November.

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