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Cove Identity Review – ICO Guide

What Is Cove Identity?

Identity theft has been a gigantic issue all around the globe. Criminals are getting increasingly inventive about scamming and retrieving your identity through different plans. If your identity has been stolen, you should state good bye to your ideal credit score and prepare for huge amounts of spam letters, calls, and messages. However, there is an answer in the making. Cove enables you to make a protected wallet where carefully verified duplicates of your most critical reports are stored. This wallet will allow you to verify your identity online or offline in a matter of seconds while maintaining absolute security.

The Cove framework will be based off of the Ethereum blockchain. Shells are the tokens which will be used all through the Cove framework as a micropayment mechanism. The Cove framework will keep close to 1 billion Shells in turn. Out of those billion shells, 100 million was  used during a pre-sale after the 21st of September, 2017, and 410 million will be sold during a gather sale around mid-October.

The possibility of a safe blockchain based record wallet is exceptionally appealing.

cove homepage

About Cove Identity

We should investigate a portion of the essential information about the Cove System.

Cove Research Started in June 2016

The Company Number in the UK is 10760166

Minimum Deposit: 0.025 BTC

Payment Method: Bitcoin and Ethereum

Official Website:

Cove Identity Investment Plans

There aren’t really any investment plans that are gotten under way with Cove. Instead, they are offering extra Shells for transactions that are higher in ETH. Your extra Shells sum begins at 1% when you pay 3 ETH and goes up the distance to 20% if you pay at least 3,000 ETH.

Also, there will be different stages during which shells will be distributed. The pre-sale began on September 21st, 2017 and will have four stages all through which the measure of shells you get per ETH will diminish from 5,000 Shells for each 1 ETH to 3,334 Shells for each 1 ETH in stage 4. This implies the brisk riser investors will get a larger number of Shells than others.

The crowdsale will be held in October, 2017, and the terms for it have not yet been determined. The team mentioned that the group sale “in no situation will be better than or advantage from the pre-sale terms.”


Every Cove Identity user stores their data in a one of a kind area making unified hacks and data ruptures a thing of the past. The best way to get to user data on Cove Identity is with the user’s fingerprint with his telephone’s biometric finger print scanner, adding an extra security layer.

The use of a distributed blockchain ledger on the CoveIdentity platform guarantees that their report approval process is legitimate, allowing users to securely and verify their identity. Each bit of data on Cove is stored with end-to-end encryption. Regardless of whether somebody found the user’s data store, Cove Identity asserts that it would take them various lifetimes to unscramble it.

cove identity tech

Cove encourages users take end-to-end control of their computerized identity and reports

Effectively make secure computerized reinforcements of your most imperative reports. Cove naturally outputs and cleans archives and uses content acknowledgment to propose labels, easily organizing the records.

The Cove Secure Wallet uses the end to-end-encryption to guarantee the user’s records are as secure as they can be.

The Cove Network offers various courses for users to verify the presence of their anchored records and the substance within them. A verification score will be collected with each fruitful verification making it increasingly likely for outsiders to acknowledge these records as substantial.

With all their essential records verified and safely stored in their safe wallet, users can without much of a stretch approve their identity with outsiders that are both on the Cove accomplice network and off it through numerous approval alternatives. Blockchain helps in both the verification and approval forms.

cove platform

Why invest in the Cove ICO

Cove has every one of the components set up to lead a solid ICO and build up an incredible item that gives genuine incentive to the user:

Cove as of now has a firm and powerful 15 part team set up

The item as of now exists and is gaining solid early footing

We will run an expert, reasonable and straightforward ICO

The opportunity is gigantic with incredible potential returns for investors


Kunal Nandwani – Co-Founder and CEO

Jon Bishop – Co-organizer and CPMO

Sarvpriye Soni – Co-organizer and VP of Tech

David Bailey – Advisor

NC Ramgopal – Advisor

Desigan Chinniah – Advisor

Easily verify your identity online and offline with carefully verified duplicates of your most critical records stored on a ultra secure wallet on your telephone.

Shells will be used within the Cove platform to incentivise community commitment as a micropayment mechanism. Our tokens are called Shells. Token sale will be the mechanism we use to distribute our Shells among the community. Token sale will be held in two phases the pre-sale and the crowdsale.

Cove Identity Benefits

There are a couple of reasons why somebody would need to invest into a blockchain identity insurance wallet framework:

  • Finish Security for Digital Documents
  • iPhone and Android Compatible
  • Effortlessly Digitize Any Document
  • Use Your Wallet To Verify Identity
  • Bounty Program
  • Referral Program

The most effective method to Reach Out

The Cove team is extremely dynamic via web-based networking media destinations. You can contact them on FaceBook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Furthermore, their site enables you to visit with an agent, and you should simply tap on the talk symbol at the base right of the screen.

cove workingcove working


June 2016

Cove Research Begins – Development work, research and testing begins on the Cove idea, encryption and blockchain. Sarvpriye and Kunal begin driving the RnD.

Jan 2017

Cove Implementation Starts – Cove Team grows to begin building the item.

May 2017

Incorporation – Hashcove Limited is registered in the UK and the founding individuals include CPMO, Jon Bishop.

August 2017

MVP dispatches – The completely functioning MVP is released in both the Android and iPhone app stores.

Token Sale Announced – Token Sale and pre-sale are declared to the contributors community.

September 2017

Pre sale begins on 21st September 2017

October 2017

Token Sale finishes – The Cove Token Sale (including swarm sale and pre-sale) will be finished.

Q1 2018

Enhanced capacity based features – UI changes and new features to make storing and sharing as simple and sheltered as could be allowed. OCR content acknowledgment, machine learning, web form, biometrics, secure sharing, record seek and so forth.8

Q3 2018

Verification framework – Full suite of verification services, engine and scoring framework set up. P2P, operator and association verifications will be available.

Q4 2018

Marketplace – Request and offer esteem added services to the Cove Network. Rewarded with Shells, Cove’s token.

Q2 2019

B2B Platform – A suite of services to enable associations to join, partake and make an incentive for the Cove Network users.

Cove Identity Conclusion

Because identity theft is a real issue the world over, we definitely can see potential in this startup. Ethereum is a standout amongst the most secure blockchains in the cryptocurrency world, and we are satisfied this was the blockchain decided for this project. You don’t need to contribute excessively to wind up an investor, as Cove is happy to take as meager as 0.3 ETH right now. This will certainly develop in esteem if it takes off. We think there is cash to be made here, so give it a shot.

Note: We need you to know we are a place of refuge for all bitcoin and cryptocurrency multipliers, tumblers, blenders, mining pools and HYIPs – if any bitcoin trick has happened regarding this program, if you don’t mind let us know in the remarks as our internal investigation is as yet ongoing.

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