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CopyTrack Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Copytrack, found online at, is a worldwide copyright register that intends to be the fate of decentralized copyright administration. Here’s our review.

What is Copytrack?

Copytrack is a blockchain-based copyright administration platform. The platform means to take care of issues with the present computerized content administration. Copytrack will give proof of responsibility for substance.

The goal is to take care of big issues in the realm of computerized content administration. Today, users frequently misconstrue the use of computerized content online, including the licensing choices available for use. In the meantime, rights holders have couple of techniques to demonstrate responsibility for substance and subordinate work.

Considering that, Copytrack intends to make a framework that gives a superior choice to rights holders and users.

The pre-sale for Copytrack tokens is in progress until January 10.

Not at all like different ICOs, Copytrack as of now has an existing business. The company professes to have developed to end up the leading company in the overall market of robotized copyright implementation. They began in Berlin and developed to offer a nearness in New York and Tokyo. Presently, with blockchain technology, the company expects to take that copyright framework to the following level.

copytrack homepage

How Does Copytrack Work?

Copytrack rotates around the use of Copytrack tokens, or CPY. These tokens are used to interact with the decentralized copyright register for computerized content. That register verifies users and links advanced intellectual property. This vault will likewise produce a special ecosystem for rights holders, consequently providing new e-customer marketplaces.

CPY tokens are used for licensing and payments on the Copytrack blockchain. They’re the local tokens of the blockchain, enabling mechanized payments to rights holders dependent on licenses they outline themselves. As an intellectual property proprietor, you can pick how users interact with your property, including the kinds of rights the permit gives.

Right currently, Copytrack’s business consists of a robotized framework that tracks pictures over the internet. At the point when the platform finds a picture for customers, it pushes ahead with requirement and licensing. Later on, the company plans to grow to include registering pictures by means of the blockchain while providing another marketplace for craftsmen and buyers.

The true objective is to set a point of reference for a worldwide, straightforward, and decentralized register for computerized content copyrights. Copytrack likewise plans to make the first use case for their ledger: that use case will be known as the Global Copyright Register for Images. This will be followed by a straightforward, decentralized Image Marketplace where picture proprietors can impart licenses to an open market.

copytrack platform

The Copytrack Token Sale

Of the aggregate supply of 100,000,000 tokens, 40 million (40%) are devoted to the ICO, with an extra 20% available during three pre-sale stages. The remaining tokens are held for counselors and organizers (20%) and blockchain development (20%).

Who’s Behind Copytrack?

Copytrack is driven by Marcus Schmitt (CEO), a sequential business visionary with 20+ years of administration encounter. Before launching Copytrack, Schmitt scaled the business of “Flightright” as CEO. Today, Flightright drives the market of lawful implementation of cases arising from flight deferrals and cancelations.

Other key individuals from the team include Stefan Bar (Chief Technology Officer), who already established PIXRAY GmbH in 2009. There’s likewise Sandro Mader (Head of Operations) and Marie Slowioczek-Mannsfeld (Head of Legal).

The company was established in 2015. By 2016, they were serving copyright in 140 nations. Development of a blockchain-based copyright framework – the Global Copytrack Register – occurred all through 2017. The company is headquartered in Berlin and has a nearness in New York and Tokyo.

Copytrack Services in Detail:

Post-licensing in more than 140 nations

Lawful counsel by qualified legal advisors

“A single tick” case administration

Individual client service

Advantages for Rights-holders Are:

Free use of platform

Zero dangers of lawful implementation

Center: “post”- licensing

Reasonable approach for the two gatherings

The way toward using Copytrack can be separated into three straightforward advances. First, a right holder can transfer a picture specifically by means of an API, can make accumulations and select categories. The alleged “crawler” (“a program that deliberately peruses the internet in request to make an index of data”) begins consequently and runs constantly.

If the user gets an outcome (meaning the framework finds one of their pictures being used by an outsider), they can choose and stamp them as being used wrongfully. If the right-holder currently needs to make a move, they can present the case to Copytrack and the post-licensing procedure can begin.

This purported “computerized implementation” should be possible in numerous ways:


  1. Post-Licensing. Conceivably violating gathering consequently gets a letter explaining that Copytrack found the use of a customer’s picture, requesting that they give a permit proof.
  2. Business Collection. The violating gathering will get an invoice. If this isn’t working, the case continues to Step 3 and is given to the lawful division.
  3. Legitimate Letter. The lawful division distributes the cases to the legitimate accomplices in every nation, who will compose a lawful letter to the violating party. If there is no response or the rival refuses, the case is made to Stride 4.
  4. Lawful Enforcement. A legal counselor makes a case in court and will uphold the rights.
copytrack monitor

CopyTrack CPY ICO Token Details

All of what Copytrack as of now offers is planned to be extended to include the registered pictures to sit on a blockchain. The goal is to execute the first use-case for the decentralized ledger: “The Global Copyright Register for Images” and in addition a straightforward Image Marketplace.

The token sale is ending February ninth, 2018 at 23:59 UTC. 60% of all tokens will be available for open sale. 20% is saved for business development, the final 20% for authors and counselors. The Copytrack token (CPY) depends on the ERC20 protocol.

Token Details:

Tokeprice: 740 CPY = 1 ETH

Hard Cap: 60m CPY

Minimum Investment: 0.1 ETH

Most extreme Investment: 2 500 ETH

Released tokens: 100.000.000 preceding Token Swap, 130.000.00 after token swap

After the token sale, remaining tokens will be singed.


An open beta has been released that gives a programmed settlement entry and an open API, and that is professed to be operational in 140 nations (however which nations specifically isn’t said). There is NO GITHUB REPO to be found or accommodated. The main focal point of the team at the current stage is to finished the ICO and after that to dispatch the worldwide COPYTRACK register and token swap. The core of the project won’t be produced until after the ICO and the decentralized COPYTRACK market won’t be released until mid-2019.

The item has appeal and a decent target user base given the incredible measure of copyright infringment that has occurred since the introduction of the internet.

Use of Blockchain

The project offers some contribution to blockchain development as it intends to build up its own copyright resource marketplace and to in the end make it completely decentralized. There is a problematic favorable position as it would empower resource proprietors to submit their copyrights to the blockchain and allow for independent oversight of those copyrights. There is some requirement for a custom token as the platform is an independent marketplace, however in principle ETH alone could achieve this too. The framework plans to be completely decentralized later on, however it isn’t clear how it intends to achieve full decentralization as in its current shape it is totally brought together. Pontentially troublesome since there is a great deal of copyright infringment that at present happens.

copytrack research


Roadmap begins in 2015 with the establishment of COPYTRACK. The guide is outlined on a month to month to quarterly premise and gives exceptionally dubious general points of reference. The guide demonstrates a readiness procedure all through 2017 including the beta service and settlement gateway, culminating in an open ICO in 2018. The turning points are dubiously expressed, for instance: “token swap”, “dispatch open programming interface for different media enrollment”, and “Dispatch COPYTRACK-market”. There is no GITHUB REPO for the ICO smart contract or main project. Main center is to use ERC-20 tokens to direct the ICO and to additionally build up the goals of the project. There is a beta set up that is professed to be used in 140 nations but the nations are not specified. A great deal of work time still required for the project to be finished. Scored a (4) on ‘Conditions’ since the project will be based on the Ethereum network.

CopyTrack Conclusion

CopyTrack is one of a few organizations seeking to bring copyright administration to the blockchain. In contrast to different organizations, however, Copytrack has an existing business set up: the company was established in 2015 and gives copyright services around the world. Presently, they’re seeking to extend their copyright administration framework to the blockchain, creating a single platform that oversees blockchain around the world.

To learn more about Copytrack and how it works, visit online today at The ICO for CPY tokens is in progress all through December and January.

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