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ColossusXT Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Relatively every cryptocurrency devotee who knows Colossus Coin is amped up for its prospects. As at now, the coin has been discharged – it was discharged in 24th of September 2017, and reviewing it months after it was added to CryptoBridge, a decentralized exchange, is great. But perhaps you are as yet wondering what this ColossusCoinXT is.

What is ColossusCoinXT?

ColossusCoin was made on 22 August 2013 to be an open-source shared, decentralized energy-productive (naturally amicable) computerized money. It was intended to encourage instant payments over the world at no fees, and it figures out how to do only that. What makes this project somewhat interesting is the way that no one claims it – its outline is open, and anybody is welcome to partake in it.

It is astoundingly resource amicable, lightning quick and 100% mysterious, much like ordinary crypto-coins. Its most recent form, called ColossusCoinXT depends on PIVX source code that has a settled PoS block reward. It is a swap from the original ColossusCoin whereby any individual who had two ColossusCoin2 (CV2) got 1 ColossusCoinXT (COLX) coin.

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More About ColossusCoinXT COLX – Pos Block Reward and Proof of Work Schedule

To start with, it depends on Quark calculation, a future-verification calculation and has a PIVX Source Code that has a settled Pos block reward. Staking coins is a simple 3-step process, however you require the wallet as of now downloaded and installed on your PC.

Block reward parts powerfully through an exceptional Seesaw Reward Balance technique between staking hubs and the ace hubs. For 1081 o 151,200 blocks, one gets 2500 COLX coins, and amassing increases the distance to at least 302,400, and it qualifies one to get 1000 COLX coins. Incredibly, there’s verification of stake, which makes the platform 100% genuine however 95% winds up at the stake wallet and ace hub while 5% cover recommendations.

In the main block, 12 million COLX coins pre-mined are set for a swap-over. 40 million COLX that were used during its initial run was demolished. In Block 2, there are 2500 coins and 60 seconds of retargeting each block.

Far from all these, however, each COLX staking coin is priced at a little more than a penny. The general supply is 13,000,000,000, which is fairly high, albeit one can get a stake inexpensively.

In 2018, there will be a specialized white paper, and the coin is required to be recorded in more prominent exchanges. Additionally, its designers will have made an Android Lite Mobile Wallet.

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Independent Reviews of ColossusCoinXT COLX

The pith of PIVX is – Improved confirmation of stake, Masternodes, instant transactions, unknown and instantly verifiable transactions and a ton that include coin control.

Trading at around 0.02 pennies for each coin and a market top of 10 million, COLX has enormous potential – it is PIVX fork coincidentally. At the present time, it exchanges on Coin markets and Tradesatoshi. 10 million coins for ace hub is still a ton less expensive. It has a sheltered, practical wallet, dynamic development team and guarantee of the price of coin rising later on. For the time being, however, ColossusCoinXT isn’t among the best for somebody looking to make a kill.

It is an exciting coin write given the potential it has. It is mutually possessed, and staking is a smidgen less demanding. The estimation of each coin is pitiful, which makes it somewhat ugly, however.

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ColossusXT (ticker: COLX) is a community-orientated, energy proficient coin with a solid spotlight on decentralization, security, and real-world usage. It uses an energy effective Proof of Stake 3.0 protocol and a second-level Masternode network for inclusive community-based administration alongside a blockchain based self-funding treasury framework ensuring its sustainability. Keeping in mind the end goal to achieve this level of convenience, ColossusXT is continually evolving.

The objective of COLX is to be a progressed computerized cash that is quick, secure, decentralized, private, and interfaces the majority of its users for a more prominent reason as a component of the Colossus Grid.

Proof of Stake 3.0 protocol, Masternodes, SwiftTX Instant Transactions, Private Instant Verified Transactions (full-time private transactions), Obfuscation Mixing Mechanism

Exchange your cash instantly with SwiftTX, ensured zero affirmation transactions. This allows the network to work at ideal proficiency and assurance unfaltering transaction processing.

Full protection is anchored by technology making the transactions untraceable. Mysterious transactions are accomplished by using the Obfuscation Mixing Mechanism.

“Monster Grid is an aspiring project that intends to reward individuals for willful framework contributions. With this, ColossusXT tries to contend in the worldwide market for distributed computing power and decentralized stockpiling all while riding on the foundation of a world class protection blockchain.”

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Because of the Technology Behind ColossusXT, COLX Presents Itself as One of the Best Privacy Coins with a Real Chance of Being Used in the Real World. Featuring the Proof of Stake 3.0 Protocol, Colossus Remains Energy Efficient and Reduces the Potential for 51% Attacks.

Transactions Are Private Due to the Obfuscation Mixing Mechanism, Making the Tracking of COLX Coins Incredibly Hard. We Usually See Privacy Coins Held Back by High Confirmation times but ColossusXT Manages to Keep an Instant Transaction Speed at the Same Time as Being Completely Private.

ColossusXT’s Website Contains a Vast Library of Information Including a Full Whitepaper and a Quick Explainer Video That Is Put Together Very Well. Official Wallets, Blockchain Explorers and a Wiki Are All Available. Everything Checks out, There Are Plenty of Resources Here for Potential Investors/Users.

Github Progress Is Very Consistent. With more than 10,000 Commits and more than 280+ Contributors at the Time of Writing (May 2018). It Is Pretty Obvious That ColossusXT Has an Incredible Development Community Behind It.

For a Coin That Has Been Listed on Coinmarketcap since October 2017, ColossusXT Has Made Some Serious Development Progress Without Attracting Much Attention. For Investors, This Is Extremely Good. Seeing a Team so Dedicated to a Project with Such an Extensive Roadmap, If Investors Are Looking for a Hidden Gem, ColossusXT Ticks All the Boxes.

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Team Members Are Hidden Behind Aliases. They May Be Well Known among the Cryptocurrency Community but for Regular Investors Looking to Delve into the Background of the Creators of ColossusXT, Research Is Pretty Hard. These Guys Don’t Have Public Linkedin’s Available but Considering ColossusXT Is All about Privacy, This Is Fitting. It Should Be Noted That The Team HAS Attended Events Such As the London Cryptocurrency Investors Show in 2018, Showing They’re Confident With Their Product.

A lot of Competition in the Privacy Coin Space. Projects like Verge, Monero, Dash, Nano, Etc, All Have Some Kind of “Point of Difference” Such as Privacy, Fee-less Transactions, Instant Transactions and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. ColossusXT Seems to Find a Great Mix of All of Those. We Do Not See Any Major Features Missing but the Competition Should Be Watched Carefully.

No Other Major Concerns for ColossusXT. The Exchanges They’ve Managed to List on Don’t Offer a Lot of Volume at the Time of Writing (May eighth, 2018) Which Looks to Be Keeping the Project Pretty under the Radar right now. We’ve Got No Doubt COLX Will Be a Great Hold for Investors in the Long Term.

Mammoth XT(COLX) has been a coin I have said great things in regards to in the past as a long haul hold. It, in the same way as other different coins, has endured incredibly in this bear market. However, that might change to a limited extent because the G20 summit has refused any further directions on the Cryptoworld and for the most part because ColX is going to get recorded on Cryptopia. The greatest market right now for ColX is Cryptobridge and the volume today is just $30,000 in absolute, which is little for a coin this way. Getting recorded on an exchange like Cryptopia which is 2 levels higher on my rundown than Cryptobridge can influence the price to go up a few times which is the reason in my opinion it is a decent buy for here and now gain. If the rally continues on into this week when this coin finally gets recorded in Cryptopia, at that point I can without much of a stretch see huge gains for this coin as its volume shoots straight up. Add to the way that this coin is nearly at an unequaled low, having dropped from 2 pennies to .2 pennies over the most recent couple of months and you have a tempest brewing for a lot of gains. Obviously, this isn’t ensured and you risk loosing a ton of cash should the market all of a sudden rotate toward the ground but for me throughout the following couple of days, it is certainly justified regardless of the hazard for the conceivable rewards.

How To Buy COLX?

While reading this article, you must be wondering about how to buy COLX. However, buying it isn’t hard but you will need to find the right exchange to buy this token. This section will be helpful for you to know how to buy COLX. At the moment, you can buy it from three exchanges and the most reputable exchange is Cryptopia.

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  1. I truly think this is an amazing project, very recent so still undervalued wich is great for present investors… I’ve followed and researched this project from the very beginning and I’m sure that with the Colossus Grid implementation it will be one of my best investments

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