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Cointal Review

One of the major reasons why most players in this financial sector do not process many payments for crypto is that it is irreversible. However, it is one of the major reasons why many companies are working to resolve this issue. Therefore, crypto can finally gain more popularity.

The ecosystem of crypto has been growing widely during the last few months but still it has some major issues. Sadly, many fintechs have not been able to solve these issues. However, users still feel unsafe while working with crypto in many cases. Well, they have genuine concerns since there have been major scams happened. In few cases, users also encounter poor service and unknown fees that are charged by them without any notice. Besides that, the complete experience on some platforms can be chaotic. It discourages investors to take part in crypto.

In order to solve these issues, Cointal is working to eliminate fraud while ensuring safe, fast and efficient ways to get crypto. They have launched one of their latest services Cointal Unity which has a goal to achieve this.

Cointal Review

Cointal Exchange Review

They cryptocurrency sector needs systems that are able to protect the date of investors and the possible negative results regarding such leaks. However, many exchanges are unsuccessful in this matter. It has led to several exchanges that are being used for activities regarding money laundering. It puts the reputation of potential investors at risk while they are shuffled in such platforms. However, Cointal Unity aims to deal with such issues without affecting the user experience.

Cointal Unity enables users to sell and buy crypto assets with debit/credit cards. At this moment, this platform is accepting Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple. The company will also make sure that there will be no delays while users will make use of this service. This platform will allow fast transaction and the users will not encounter late payment issues.

Cointal first offered this service in 2017. They have put their focus to create a peer-to-peer exchange solution that will also handle Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin and Ethereum. The goal of this platform is to introduce a service that will be up and start running by the end of 2017.

With the help of this new platform, user will be able to sell or buy crypto that is available in this platform. However, users will be able to buy or sell crypto with the help of debit or credit card. Anyone will be able to convert their cryptocurrencies into fiat. The Cointal has a goal to make crypto available to as much people as possible. However, crypto has a great future which is hard to achieve without the help of companies like Cointal. It is good to support such companies that are having a good initiative.

In fact, many regulators wish that crypto would just go away. However, huge fraud is one of the reasons why China has banned cryptocurrencies in all its forms. Well, if companies like Cointal will help to come with systems that will work with investors and protect them. It will be helpful for the crypto world. However, regulators will be more willing to look positively at crypto.

What Is Cointal?

Cointal takes a new approach to the world of cryptocurrency exchanges by minimizing the cost of middleman and offering a peer-to-peer marketplace. However, this approach is so new that it is the very first peer-to-peer Ripple and Ethereum marketplace. The name of Cointal has been shortened from “Coin Portal”.  However, it is a logical name for such a platform.

The actual goal of this platform is to make it easy for the users to buy or sell crypto with a wide range of payment options. At the moment, trading options consist of Ehtereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple. It is expected to add more cryptocurrencies in the near future.

cointal pros

What Issues Does Cointal Improve over Other Exchanges?

The team members behind this platform take a look at several ways that users will be able to trade crypto and noticed some issues. However, they found that other platforms make use of tedious protocols and they have spent more time in verification that didn’t even enhance security. The team behind this venture also didn’t like the deposit and withdrawal limits that are imposed by several platforms. There are several platforms that charge high fees. Cointal is a platform that enhances on all of these as well as adding a healthy dose of transparency and security.

It is a peer-to-peer marketplace as an alternative of an inflexible cryptocurrency exchange. However, the platform has to follow less hard guidelines. It frees up the resources to focus on what matters a lot to users. Therefore, this platform focuses on security by providing a quick platform as well as developing new features that will be helpful for the users like the Unity Program.

Key Features Offered By Cointal

In order to help make it a popular crypto exchange as well as peer-to-peer marketplaces. However, Cointal makes it possible for the users to buy for free enjoy rapid transactions. Actually, you will need just five minutes or less to buy Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin or Ethereum. In order to make enough money to keep it running, this platform charges 1% fees from the sellers. However, this fee is less than other exchanges and platforms. The services offered by this platform are worldwide and there is also free insurance to provide your enough confidence regarding the safety of Cointal.

The users of this platform will also be happy with the fact that it is different from other platform as it offers 24/7 customer support through a live chat representative. However, representative will be a real person. You will also get support tickets as well as the choice to call the support phone number if you want to. However, this platform also offers affiliate program where users can refer people to join and the earn a small profit from each transaction that will be done by the referred person.

cointal exchange

How Does Cointal Work?

It is really easy to use Cointal, even for the people who don’t have much experience in this field. However, sellers will post coin offering just like they would in a peer-to-peer fiat exchange. Here the Buyers will be able to search the marketplace for the quantity and the crypto that they need to buy and find deals that will match their needs. Then, they will be able to pay by making use of a long list of options like their debit or credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, or even Western Union. However, both the parties will need to agree to the terms and the payment will be validated through an escrow process on this platform.

In order to make Cointal really available for everyone, it will support every major browser and operating system. However, users will be able to access Cointal through their tablet, smartphone, or desktop. You will be able to use this platform on browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

How Does Cointal Maintain Security?

Cointal offers free insurance on every single transaction. This platform offers protection for the users and preventing cyber hacking. However, it also offers third-party service that regulates and monitors the portal. It verifies the identity of every single user to protect stakeholders against activities like spam, fraud and phishing.

For such users who are looking for a secure wallet to store their crypto, Cointal is trying to partner with BitGo. This wallet supports quick transaction and it has a low fee of just 1% on every single sale.

cointal dashboard

What Is The Unity Program?

The Unity Program will make it possible for the users to buy or sell a wide range of cyrptocurrencies like Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and IOTA. Above all, this service will make it possible with the help of PayPal, ACH bank transfers and credit cards. However, with the help of Unity Program this platform will be able to increase its reach dramatically by getting new people interested in the world of crypto. It also allows Cointal to cut off speding limits and deliver faster transactions.

What About Cointal ICO?

The Cointal ICO will come up in the near future. However, the details regarding this matter are still limited and you can stay updated by keeping an eye on the official website. This ICO will be helpful for the platform to get funds that it needs to keep the venture running while maintaining low fees. It will also strengthen the way for a future service that will let the users to pay with Cointal. However, the service will enable the users to pay at ecommerce stores and third-party developers. Importantly, users will be able to spend their currency in a way that they want.

What are Fees on Cointal?

Cointal is a peer-to-peer exchange where trading is quite pricey. However, deposits and purchases on this platform are free. Well, if you want to sale or withdraw out of the exchange then you will need to pay only 1%. Therefore, the fees that are charged by the platform are quite low.

Deposits Methods

There are several different ways to deposits your funds on this exchange. However, this process isn’t hectic or long on this platform. It is quite simple and quicker as compared to other platforms. You will be able to deposit your funds on this exchange easily and quickly. It will take you less than 5 minutes to deposit your funds on this platform. However, you will be able to deposits funds on the platform without any need to pay fees for depositing your funds. You will be able to deposit your funds by making use of Bank Transfer, PayPal, and Credit/Debit Cards etc.

Withdrawal Methods

This platform is very easy to use even for the beginners. However, you won’t need to worry about high fees that are charged by other platforms. Cointal will charge 1% fees for the withdrawals that are fairly low as compared to other P2P marketplaces.

You will able to withdraw by making use of Credit or Debit Card or Bank Transfer.

Is Cointal A Scam?

Well, there are many different platforms that are working in the world of Crypto. There are many scams that happened in the past and this is the reason why everyone is curious to know if a platform is legit. However, according to our research, Cointal is a legit platform that offers security for the users and it doesn’t offer any irregular bonuses or offers to attract users.

Is It Safe?

Cointal is a safe platform to trade crypto. It offers all the necessary safety features that are required to process payments securely. This platform also offers Escrow service that is helpful for the sellers. It ensures all the security features to enable users to believe that it is a safe platform to trade crypto.

Cointal App

Smartphones play an important role in our lives. Today, we want to process everything on our phones and it is true for many of use. Nobody wants to make use of other gadgets like laptops or desktops to trade crypto. However, Cointal is an exchange that offers desktop based app to process your operations. It is available on different browsers and different operating systems.

Cointal pros

Future Plans Of Cointal

One of the biggest future plans of this platform is expanding the number of currencies that are available for trading on this platform. However, the team members hope to offer the ability to buy or sell each crypto. In the meantime, the current list of crypto is being expanded with as much as 10 cryptocurrencies.


Cointal has already proved it worth in the market with processing over $15 million worth of transactions within just two months after getting launched as of December 2017. It also offers pending launch of the Unity Program as well as the reach will also expand to those who are new to this crypto world and making it easier for the people who already own crypto assets to earn more. We can see that Cointal is offering great things in near future. It is the first peer-to-peer marketplace for currencies like Ripple and Ethereum and more currencies to join this list. Cointal is offering a great future for the crypto investors. It will be also be able to get ahead of other similar platforms that will try to copy the structure of Cointal in future.

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4 User Reviews

    • Agree with Yaqoob Jamal – I lost 46 Ethereum. Whatever You do – DON’T send any coin to
      You will just lose it! They WILL NOT let You widtdraw any of your coin.

  1. Cointal is a fraud exchange!!! Do NOT use it!!!
    They use my username and profile link to cheat people have trade with them, forgot to mention I’m a pro-trader in LocalBitcoins. I have heard about several poor guys lost their money because of that. Really sorry for them.
    Anyway, Cointal is a fraud exchange!!! Do NOT use it!!!
    Anyway, Cointal is a fraud exchange!!! Do NOT use it!!!
    Anyway, Cointal is a fraud exchange!!! Do NOT use it!!!

  2. How can we get these bastards from Cointal and get our money/coins back?
    I tried to send (withdraw) my Ripples to my Ledger wallet and it all it does is subtract Ripples from my Cointal account and nothing gets sent to my Ledger wallet or any other Ripple wallet. WTF. Why are people still trading in Cointal as I can see trades are still being made. Are people stupid??

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