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CoinPoker Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

What Is CoinPoker?

CoinPoker is an online poker room on the Ethereum blockchain with a local token, CHP(chips).

After a brilliant ascent in fame in the 00s, interest in online poker has chilled as of late. This can be attributed to varying degrees of administrative measures, non-adaptable payment suppliers and inside and out restriction of poker in a few wards.

Owing to a consequent diminishment in player numbers, past fame has bit by bit declined in the course of the most recent decade. There have additionally been different incidents of poker room embarrassments, extortion and security inadequacies which have harmed the general notoriety of the game.

Using straightforwardness offered by the blockchain and smart contracts, CoinPoker looks to address the previously mentioned issues that have tormented online poker as of late. The CHP token(poker chips) can likewise be acquired by players from anyplace on the planet, in this way bypassing administrative limitations. Decentralized processing of payments likewise loans to fast and simple withdrawals of winnings.

Traditional RNGs (Random Number Generator) are pseudorandom(PRNG). CoinPoker has built up a “bargained” blockchain RNG. This blockchain RNG has been engineered to use blockchain technology to enhance haphazardness, but still depends on some conventional RNG strategies to maintain speed. As technology enhances, it is likely that a full blockchain arrangement can be actualized to guarantee finish arbitrariness without compromising execution speed.

CoinPoker additionally has a fairplay security and misrepresentation framework to screen user activities, identify and eliminate deceptive/robot play on a for every account premise. CoinPoker preliminary can be found here

CoinPoker Team

René Boutestijn – Chief Development Officer

Justas Kregždė – CTO and Smart Contract Developer

Michael Josem – Head of Security

Paulius Mikaliūnas – Product Manager

CoinPoker ICO Details

With the ascent of Bitcoin and competing cryptographic forms of money, there has been an abundance of new online poker destinations attempting to use the arrangement to give a sheltered space to individuals to play online.

CoinPoker, which entered the market in late 2017, is extraordinary compared to other offerings in the space.

CoinPoker uses an exclusive coin called CHP, which depends on Ethereum. CHP is both a full-featured virtual coin notwithstanding being the in-game cash for CoinPoker. The product on CoinPoker runs using blockchain technology while the deposits and withdrawals are taken care of through smart contracts.

By avoiding banks through and through CoinPoker can process payments instantly without any fees. The poker room itself is an exercise in minimalism with almost no of the messiness that more often than not frequents online poker webpage.

In spite of the pared-down involvement, there are as yet various adored features for online poker destinations, for example, a four-shading deck, hand-replayer, and adaptable tables.

The industry is taking a keep a watch out approach to a large number of the new crypto-based online poker destinations but CoinPoker is certainly one of the additionally compelling choices.

How To Register a CoinPoker account

Registering for an account on CoinPoker is shockingly simple.

Not at all like other poker locales, you’ll never need to give a credit card or banking information.

Instead, you’ll need to download the product. It is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS . Once downloaded, you’ll at that point need to give an email address and a telephone number for content SMS verification.

You can even avoid the telephone number and use blockchain-based Civic, which gives safe character verification. You’ll likewise need to choose an epithet for yourself on CoinPoker. Once that is done you’re prepared to begin playing.

In many cases, the whole sign-up process should take under two minutes.

CoinPoker sign-up bonuses

At the present time, CoinPoker doesn’t offer customary sign-up bonuses. Because CoinPoker works using CHP there are no deposit coordinate write promotions, but the site offers various freerolls and even gives free passage to a portion of its greater tournaments, for example, Crypto Series of Poker (CSOP) occasions.

PokerScout has quite recently such an offer for you, but you need to act before May 27. If you sign up for Coin Poker, before at that point, you can get a free section in the first-since forever CSOP. The tournament is a 250 CHP buy-in occasion with a gigantic certification of 250,000 CHP. Exploit the appreciated offer while there is still time!

Free Tournament Entry

A significant number of CoinPoker’s tournaments offer free buy-in but a paid (CHP) rebuy. It’s an interesting organization to get new players an opportunity to get their feet wet on the site.

CoinPoker activity breakdown

In its reality, CoinPoker has relentlessly been building movement as new players sign on to experiment with cryptocurrency-based online poker. It’s still predominated by conventional online poker locales but it’s discovered a good place in the main 50 positioned poker destinations in terms of movement.

At present, the site tends to top around 120 players in a 24-hour time span. Anticipate that that number will move as mindfulness about the site develops however. Tournaments are more well known than money games on account of the various freerolls that CoinPoker runs.

It ought to be noticed that there are at present some delicate games on CoinPoker as new players blend it up with freerolls and little CHP deposits.

If the CHP coin begins to assemble some esteem, there will probably be a sudden uptick in the quantity of sharks pulled in to the site. For the present, it’s smooth sailing on CoinPoker.

coinpoker services

CoinPoker games

You’re not going to find a ton of game assortment on CoinPoker as the site as of now just offers No-Limit Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha.

This isn’t precisely exceptional for crypto destinations. They are trying to assemble player bases and NLHE and PLO are by a wide margin the most famous games. If activity continues to develop, it wouldn’t shock to see games like Omaha-8 and possibly Seven-Card Stud sneak into the turn.

For the time being, however, CoinPoker is focused solely on Hold’em and PLO.

Interestingly now, CoinPoker just offers 6-max and 4-max tables, which is awesome for activity players.

It’s a general pattern in the industry that less and less significance is being set on the slower-paced nine and 10-gave games. It’s likewise useful for CoinPoker’s constrained activity now.

CoinPoker multi-table tournaments

CoinPoker offers a surprisingly strong measure of multi-table tournaments with 300+ player occasions starting like clockwork or somewhere in the vicinity.

The explanation for CoinPoker’s solid tournament participation is that a significant number of the tournaments offer a free initial buy-in with a discretionary CHP re-buy. The freeroll tournaments, which CoinPoker calls “freebuy” occasions, offer a couple of advantages for the two players and the site. First off, they allow players to earn some free CHP to begin on the site. On CoinPoker’s side, the freerolls help construct a player base and help distribute CHP.

In numerous ways, the freebuy tournaments replace customary sign-up bonuses of outdated online poker destinations. It’s feasible that lone crypto poker locales that could offer such an advancement considering the generally low estimation of the coin now.

coinpoker about

Other poker offerings on CoinPoker

CoinPoker doesn’t run numerous Sit and Go’s but it’s as of now got a burgeoning online poker arrangement off the ground. The first-historically speaking Crypto Series of Online Poker will offer a sum of 17 different occasions with the Main Event guaranteeing a prize pool of 2.51 million CHP. It’s a surprising offering for a site as green as CoinPoker and will probably bring out various fresh out of the plastic new players to the site.

CoinPoker rewards program

The site doesn’t offer a conventional rewards program like VIP points or rakeback but has said that 15 percent of the aggregate ICO (initial coin offering) will be come back to the community by means of advancements and bonuses.

CoinPoker deposit/withdrawal choices

Likewise with most crypto poker destinations, players can sidestep the bank through and through and instead use a cryptocurrency wallet like the official Ethereum wallet, Mist, or

What’s more, the following Ethereum wallets are known to be perfect with CHP:

MetaMask (Desktop)

Equality (Desktop)

ImToken (iPhone)

ImToken (Android)

Obviously, likewise with most crypto poker destinations, you’ll have to buy the real coin on an exchange you trust. If you’ve just got Ethereum, it’s simple, as CoinPoker will change over ETH to CHP.

You can buy virtual cash with credit cards or bank exchanges depending where you live.


When you have Ethereum, it’s simple to get CHP. However, if you’re wading into cyptocurrencies out of the blue, at that point you’ll need to complete somewhat more research into exchanges before deciding where you need to get your coin. CoinPoker officially records the following exchanges as spots you can get their coin:


CHP tokens are instantly transferable, so withdrawing coin is incredibly simple. You essentially move the coin into your wallet and from that point you are allowed to change over them once more into ETH or Bitcoin or conventional hard money, depending on the exchange.

CoinPoker support

CoinPoker offers email support at There’s additionally an accommodating FAQ on the CoinPoker site.

Other CoinPoker advancements

CoinPoker in some cases offers passage into its huge Crypto Series of Online Poker, which is nothing to wheeze at. The site is set to offer new players passage into CSOP Event #1, which offers a gigantic 251,000 CHIP-GTD prize pool.

coinpoker partners

How To Buy CHP?

While reading this review, you must be wondering about how to buy CHP. Well, the process is quite simple and you will need to find the best exchanges where you will be able to buy CHP. This section will help you to know how to buy CHP. At the moment, you can make use of KuCoin and HitBTC to buy CHP.


For quite a long time online poker has battled with making games effectively open and safe for players around the globe.

CoinPoker is an intriguing passage that very well might tackle a portion of the inherent issues of the market. Cryptocurrency and poker appear like a match made in paradise but there’s no telling whether CoinPoker or any of its crypto will be effective.

Toward the day’s end, it’s tied in with making online poker less demanding to play and CoinPoker is a decent advance toward that path.

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