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Coinfloor Review – Exchange Guide

Coinfloor is a prominent UK-based bitcoin exchange. The exchange makes it simple to buy bitcoins in minutes using a straightforward online interface. Read our Coinfloor review to find out if it’s the correct decision for you.

What is Coinfloor?

Coinfloor is a bitcoin exchange service discovered online at The service guarantees to make it simple to buy bitcoins in minutes. You visit the site, enter the measure of fiat money (in GBP) that you wish to spend on bitcoin, at that point buy your coveted sum. You can lead an ordinary buy for no fees, or direct an “Express Buy” buy for an extra expense.

Indeed, I just said “no fees”. Coinfloor stood out as truly newsworthy in January 2017 for announcing its “no charge” bitcoin trading arrangement. Clearly, that is abnormal in the bitcoin community. So how can it work?

Coinfloor – which was at that point one of the UK’s biggest bitcoin organizations before the “no expense” declaration – is embracing a pricing methodology we’ve seen on other extensive overall exchanges, including for the most part vast China-based exchanges. These Chinese exchanges withhold fees on bitcoin exchanges.

Coinfloor is a British-based cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to buy and offer bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). It was the first shared marketplace for bitcoin anyplace on the planet and brings together buyers and agents on a protected and solid platform.

It offers day in and day out trading access and works with a 100% cool stockpiling arrangement. All bitcoins are gotten, stored and conveyed from within different underground vaults that Coinfloor claims have indistinguishable security gauges from the Bank of England.

Coinfloor’s framework has been assembled with the goal that no single individual, server, vault area or gadget disappointment could trade off the integrity of a user’s bitcoins. English law sets strict data insurance principles for storing customers’ subtle elements, and suppliers should likewise use 2-factor confirmation for extra security.

coinfloor homepage

For what reason would they do that?

The reason is straightforward: they need to help liquidity on their exchange. China’s exchanges have a portion of the most grounded liquidities on the planet on account of this no charge structure.

In January, Coinfloor was conducting around 630 BTC of GBP/BTC exchanges every day, which was in front of significant competitors like GDAX and Kraken at the time.

At last, Coinfloor reported the no charge structure with an end goal to support trading action in the UK. At the season of writing, more than 90% of exchanges on the Coinfloor exchange were in the BTC/GBP match. The remaining exchanges were part between three sets, including BTC/EUR, BTC/USD, and BTC/PLN.

Clearly, Coinfloor needs to profit by one means or another. The company charges dealers for bitcoin withdrawals and additionally GBP deposits and withdrawals. Merchants who get to the Express Buy feature will likewise pay an extra charge.

Coinfloor Features

Coinfloor offers the majority of the following features:


Coinfloor is the UK’s longest running bitcoin exchange. The exchange likewise offers the best liquidity in the GBP/BTC combine. As proof, Coinfloor frequently distributes reviews to verify adjusts hung for the benefit of customers.

Unwavering quality:

Coinfloor has an exclusive exchange engine at the core of their framework intended to make the majority of their services conceivable. We’ll speak more about the Coinfloor trading technology down below.


All Coinfloor customer’s bitcoin deposits are stored securely offline and require different marks to be released. Customers can likewise get to two factor confirmation for extra security.

coinfloor features

How Does Coinfloor Work?

Coinfloor’s trading technology is portrayed as “special, strong and adaptable”. Here’s an essential diagram of the key features of Coinfloor’s trading framework:

Programming interface

Coinfloor’s offers HTTP and WebSockets APIs streamlined for ultra-low inertness associations. Access keys are available on the customer dashboard page. Furthermore, Coinfloor offers local libraries and test customers in prevalent programming dialects for your use, and in addition a suite of non-official outsider libraries.

Coinfloor Trader

The trading application itself is a straightforward program available for Windows, Mac, or Linux. It’s intended for informal investors who wish to appreciate a quick and dependable execution of exchanges.

Xchange Financial Trader API

Xchange is a financial merchant API based on a Java library to give a basic and consistent interface for interacting with over twelve bitcoin exchanges. Using Xchange, brokers can get to a consistent interface for trading and accessing market data.

Coinfloor Fees

Coinfloor stood out as truly newsworthy not long ago to receive a no charge trading structure. However, Coinfloor isn’t a philanthropy association, and the exchange still charges fees.

Creating a Coinfloor account is free. Storing bitcoins with Coinfloor is free. Bitcoin deposits are free, in spite of the fact that you’ll pay a nominal expense for bitcoin withdrawals (just to take care of the mining costs).

Trading on the Coinfloor exchange does not incur any fees. Beside the free services specified above, here are a portion of the fees you should know about:

Bitcoin Withdrawals: 0.0005 XBT (minimum measure of 0.0050 XBT)

GBP Deposits: 5 GBP (minimum deposit of 1000 GBP)

GBP Withdrawals: 10 GBP (minimum withdrawal of 15 GBP)

Euro Deposits: 1.50 EUR (minimum deposit of 1000 EUR)

Euro Withdrawals: 1.50 EUR (minimum withdrawal of 5 EUR)

Clean Zloty (PLN) Deposits: 0 PLN (minimum deposit of 1000 PLN)

PLN Withdrawals: 1.00 PLN (minimum withdrawal of 5 PLN)

USD Deposits: 10 USD (minimum deposit of 1000 USD)

USD Withdrawals: 15 USD (minimum withdrawal of 20 USD)

Express Buy:

The Express Buy expense fluctuates depending on your exchange. However, the charge is incorporated with the exchange. So the price you see when using the Express Buy service is the price you pay, including all fees.

The above fees are level deposit and withdrawal fees for bank and blockchain deposits/withdrawals.


Coinfloor offers its users just a single cryptocurrency to exchange. Other than Bitcoin, there are no altcoins that can be exchanged on the platform. There are, however, various (as of now four) fiat monetary forms against which Bitcoin can be exchanged. Notwithstanding the cash match the exchange fees are very high, with taker fees starting at 38 premise points for every exchange. The offer ask spread are additionally rather wide, hovering around 60 premise points for most cash sets with the exception of GBP/BTC on transactions worth $1,000 in BTC. In the last case the spread once in a while plunged below 20 premise points in an example taken for this review. Given that the exchange is situated in the UK this is not really surprising. It additionally offers help for the publicized liquidity on the GBP arrange book.

The platform does not offer much an incentive for cash in terms of trading functionalities. Aside from being ready to put either a market or a breaking point arrange there are no other available features, meaning that it isn’t conceivable to use propelled arrange sorts or short offer/exchange on margin.


Accounts can be funded with numerous monetary standards, for example, EUR, USD, GBP and even PLN, but it is important little for the processing time which is no less than one business day and may take up to four business days. In all cases, the minimum deposit is no less than 1000 units of the particular cash which appears to be fairly high. From the available options EUR deposits are no doubt the least expensive ones, as these can be made through SEPA exchanges (with low to zero extra expenses).

Different monetary standards require international wire exchanges that are probably going to be joined by extra exchange fees. For instance, (outside) outgoing in the US will cost $35 or more per transaction. Coinfloor itself likewise charges an extra expense of $10 for USD transactions. Along these lines the user can lose five percent before the cash even makes it to the exchange. The minimum withdrawal sum is significantly lower and approaches zero, but the fees charged by Coinfloor are higher than on deposits while the processing time is similarly slow or much slower.

Help and Support

Coinfloor offers a moderately broad FAQ regardless of the way that the exchange just has a constrained arrangement of available features. It even includes some nonexclusive information on Bitcoin. The main disadvantage is that a disclaimer on the dangers involved with trading cryptographic forms of money couldn’t be found. In the far-fetched occasion that the FAQ leaves an inquiry unanswered, or if some other specialized help is required, users can leave a ticket requesting support.

Trading Accounts

Coinfloor is one of the real players in the UK cryptocurrency space. The company allows generally simple access to Bitcoin, with trading specifically against GBP. This makes them an opponent to CryptoMate, despite the fact that a couple of specifics of their trading conditions make them not that beginner neighborly.

The company, security of funds

Coinfloor is situated in London, but given the idea of its service, the company isn’t under the administrative enthusiasm of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The company states it “maintains correspondence with the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the European Commission”, but we can’t make sure what this correspondence precisely involves.

Those of you who follow our other forex reviews presumably know the advantages of trading with a FCA-managed agent. This is a highly trustworthy office which screens the financial services part in Britain, but is yet to make definitive move in the crypto-space.

That being stated, with the 100% cool stockpiling strategy, Coinfloor is one of the most secure exchanges around. It isn’t surprising that they haven’t encountered a noteworthy hack yet, not at all like Biitfinex.

The user reviews on Coinfloor are for the most part negative. While a few customers appreciate the effortlessness offered by them and also the UK center, there are numerous complaints featuring different subjects.

The company apparently sends blockchain exchanges infrequently. This implies if you buy Bitcoin and you wish to send it to an outside wallet or another exchange, you might pause (a considerable measure according to a few users). Client bolster is additionally professedly non-responsive and the account verification process isn’t that smooth. We had our own particular involvement with the last mentioned.

When trying to register an account for the reasons for this review, we were not able pass the initial verification process. We just input the name and address points of interest of one of our editors and the account was suspended. This happen before taking a photo of an ID or a selfy, which are basic security necessities. This left us befouled.

Trading conditions

Trading instruments (cryptographic forms of money)

Coinfloor offers trading (fiat) monetary standards against a couple of coins. The main volume and liquidity is gathered in Bitcoin trading against the British pound. The full rundown of trading instruments includes XBT/GBP, XBT/EUR, XBT/USD, BCH/GBP, ETH/GBP, ETC/GBP, XRP/GBP, LTC/GBP.

Minimum initial deposit

Coinfloor has set a minimum fiat cash deposit of GBP/EUR/USD 1000. This is extremely unordinary for a crypto-exchange, as many individuals want to give things a shot with a littler investment. Also a 0.0050 XBT minimum level is applied for blockchain exchanges

As you may know we for the most part cover forex expedites (some of which do offer cryptocurrency CFDs). That being said the passage bar for the vast majority of them is $100, as requested by HYCM.


Trading on use isn’t bolstered by Coinfloor. While this may feel like a hindrance to a few, remember digital currencies are entirely unpredictable in its present condition. If you really need to outfit you can have a go at trading at another exchange, as Kraken.

Then again the forex representatives who bolster Bitcoin CFDs, as easyMarkets can be an option, if you are just looking to guess. That being stated, you may exchange a financial subordinate and not claim the genuine coins. This is the key specific, but there are a couple of others which we have portrayed here.


While CoinFloor professes to offer 0% fees for trading, there are fees when making a deposit and withdrawal. The charges, estimated in different monetary standards are extremely uncommon. The starting level in Euros is €1.5, while in dollar terms the minimum is $10. Above anything else, this is peculiar. Here is a screenshot of their full conditions (snap to zoom-in):

Trading platform

As we said above, we couldn’t register an account for the motivations behind this review. This abandons us with just the essential request book given by CoinFloor. This is a splendidly practical request book, but tragically we wouldn’t anything be able to it.

Methods of payment

Coinfloor acknowledges blockchain and bank exchanges. While a fiat option is available, the minimum deposit necessity makes this exchange not that beginner benevolent.

coinfloor trading


Coinfloor is a UK-based cryptocurrency exchange. While the company is one of the longest-running London-based players in the market there are a considerable measure of user complaints surrounding it. They cover every one of the territories you can imagine. Moreover volume and liquidity in the non-GBP sets is purportedly low. That being stated, security at this company is top-level.

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