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backBack to the list of Articles Review – Cryptocurrency Guide is a distributed VC ecosystem “for the distributed future”. Find out how the worldwide platform plans to interface new businesses and investors today.

What Is

Cofound is a platform that guarantees to associate excellent new businesses, specialists, and investors around the globe. It’s a distributed worldwide VC ecosystem “worked by the blockchain community for the blockchain community“. The company can be discovered online at

Fundamentally, it’s a startup quickening agent based around a token framework. Cofound.It tokens are called “CFI tokens”.

Cofound has been in headlines this previous week after it broke records for the greatest presale ever. The company brought $14.8 million up in its presale, during which all CFI tokens were snapped up by investors. Subsequently, the company dropped their ICO. The sum total of what coins had been sold within 60 long stretches of the presale’s dispatch.

The presale was only available to users holding the Priority Pass. Those users included the company’s “most drew in supporters”. Numerous are praising for their innovative Priority Pass framework, which could change the idea of ICOs later on.

The ICO was initially booked for later in June. The goal of the ICO was to raise $12.5 million. On account of the fiercely fruitful pre-sale, the ICO is never again required.

The following stage for is to continue developing its distributed funding platform that associates outstanding new companies with world-leading specialists and investors, explained CEO Jan Isakovic in an official statement.

“As moves into the following period of developing its distributed funding platform that associates excellent new businesses with world-leading specialists and investors, we might want to modestly thank our supporters and investors for helping us bring out our pre-deal to a close in such stupendous form. Together, we have set another benchmark and set of best practices for new businesses to dispatch high-volume crowdsales.”

cofound homepage

Cofound’s Goals For 2017 and 2018

With the funding from the presale, Cofound plans to accomplish the following goals in 2017:

Dispatch 10 projects

  • Build up the center establishment for the platform and define the included procedures
  • Define the initial components of the platform to crowdsource
  • Set up an establishment to installed project supporters that are new to the crypto space

For 2018, the company needs to dispatch 30 projects, continue developing and testing the functionalities introduced in 2017, and empower basic fund accumulation from project supporters new to the crypto space.

What Is The CFI Token?

The token (CFI token) will basically be used to pay for services on the platform – like project submission. Each project submission requires master assessment. The application will be paid for with a certain number of tokens that will be distributed among the assessment team.

Keeping in mind the end goal to register and be dynamic on, specialists and service suppliers need to hold a certain number of CFI tokens. When applying to play out a certain assignment, a certain number of CFI tokens will be placed bonded.

Those tokens won’t be released until the point that the assignment has been performed. This ensures the delivery and finish of the errand. A portion of the assignments include:

Assessment and project evaluators

Specific undertaking contributions, similar to video generation, outline, or content creation

Advancement and master help

Domain specialists and master help

Team project administration and coordination

Cofound Plans To Solve Crucial Problems In The Current Token Sale Industry

The overall goal of is to take care of enormous issues in the realm of token sales. Clearly, token sales have turned into a well known new path for organizations to fund-raise. We’ve seen a blast in the quantity of token sales taking spot around the world.

Numerous new companies perceive the advantages of a token sale – but are confused on the most proficient method to really actualize that token sale – or oversee investor desires after the token sale. In light of that, here are a portion of the key issues that would like to illuminate in the industry:

Absence Of Business Knowledge Among Projects

According to, bunches of new companies have a strong specialized establishment, but do not have the business experience to quicken development. will offer business experience to the individuals who as of now have top to bottom specialized knowledge, helping to develop fruitful businesses.

Members Have Trouble Separating Good Tokens From Bad Ones

Identifying quality items in the token sale marketplace can be difficult. will go about as a confided in channel of projects. Members may see that has sponsored a project, for instance, which gives the project extra apparent esteem and quality.

It’s Difficult To Manage Token Markets After The ICO

Managing post-token sale investor relations can be difficult. It’s another, highly fluid token market out there, which can all be new to tokenized new companies. Investors who take an interest in token sales frequently have different desires than, say, a conventional holy messenger investor. needs to enable new companies to explore these muddled waters.

cofound offers

Who’s Behind Cofound?

Cofound is driven by Jan Isakovic (Co-Founder, Platform and Operations). Before helping to establish Cofound, Jan put in 20 years working in the realm of software engineering and new companies. He holds twin degrees in Economics and Computer Science.

Different individuals from the team include Daniel Zakrisson (Co-Founder, Evaluations and Mentoring), a business person and technologist specializing in programming and business development. Daniel has likewise assumed a pivotal part in various different crowdsales, and is a regular counsel to crowdsale teams.

cofound team

Cofound. it Coin – The Cryptocurrency

At Cofound. it, users can sign in to change their vision into a real blockchain project.

The platform is bolstered by numerous specialists, but additionally investors who have faith in the thoughts of the originators or the individuals who need to end up one.

The purported teams ordinarily go through the following procedures: determination stage, training camp, ICO obtainment and progress stage.

In the determination stage, which keeps going around 1-2 weeks, ability evaluators survey the team’s vision and thoughts and determine which steps are as yet expected to make the team fruitful.

Straightforwardly after that follows the training camp, which endures around 8-12 weeks.

There, each team is appointed a trainer and a team of masters, matching the business thought, to work on their thoughts. If this was fruitful, the team should now obtain ICO to finance the business.

This is done through the Priority Pass program. Users of the platform who have a Priority Pass can bolster the teams as investors. Once the team has effectively finished this procedure, the change stage will continue for another 2 a month. The team continues to develop and form into a real blockchain company.

With the Cofound. it Coins you can gain access to the Priority Pass as a user.

If you claim it, you approach the platform’s elite extra material and are likewise involved ahead of time sales.

As an investor, this can be especially lucrative if a strong business model is displayed in which you might want to take an interest.

By and large, access to the platform is just conceivable with a certain number of coins. The cash is in this manner to be viewed as “oil” by Cofound. it.

Cofound. it Coin – The Company

One of the organizers of Cofound. it is Jan Isakovic.

He has a twofold association in financial matters and software engineering and worked for IBM and Microsoft. Over the span of his vocation, however, he directed numerous new businesses himself and was involved in a start-up process a few times.

The other originator of the company is Daniel Zakrisson. He is likewise an organizer and technologist himself. He has mainly been involved in programming development. He is likewise a follower of Ethereum.

Their vision is to help originators and new companies and give them a platform to construct a genuine business. They consider this to be a piece of a decentralized monetary framework and need a decentralized future. The best source of knowledge is involvement

As we learned new things we attempted different approaches to improve things. We introduced the Priority Pass™ whitelist. Preceding the crowdsale starting Ethereum addresses, meeting certain criteria, are gathered into a whitelist allowing the most drew in supporters early access to all our crowdsales. This approach has since been received by the dominant part of different crowdsales. While evaluating projects we found some brilliant new companies not yet prepared for a full crowdsale, but rather needing funding to get them to the following level. In Q4 we propelled the Seed program focusing exclusively on beginning time new businesses.

The pinnacle for our first Seed program accomplice was participating in the Playoffs. During the occasion we left a mark on the world by holding six “live” crowdsales immediately. All through these encounters we learned new things we can use to better this overcome new world we currently find ourselves in.

Supporting everything we do is our platform. Its extraordinary and innovative features are constantly evolving to keep pace with our new initiatives. As of late we included community assessments for projects and the subsequent stage will be to open it up to new companies or corporate clients to judge project development. The ongoing Playoffs occasion demonstrated it is powerful and adaptable to deal with various crowdsales in the meantime. But projects and a platform aren’t sufficient for success — you require individuals as well.

cofound playoff

Forging new associations to make another playing field

Our community has been an essential piece of our voyage and has shown us such a great amount over the previous year. It has given us important insights into each progression of the way toward taking a startup to crowdsale and past. Along the way we have likewise gone into two or three extremely significant associations: Ethfinex will increase the liquidity of tokens, and Jaxx, a standout amongst the most prevalent multi-asset advanced wallets to give quick access to hold, transmit, and swap a portion of the world’s best digital forms of money locally and safely. is continually looking for associations that will offer some benefit for the new businesses we work with and the more extensive blockchain community.

For us straightforwardness and accountability are mainstays of the blockchain so we have joined Project Transparency drove by our project Santiment. We completely bolster them in their goal of creating a self directed industry. Our lawful division is likewise developing prescribed procedures for blockchain new companies. This year it has been focusing on incorporation and funding in view of evolving control, token and funding modes.

During 2017 we likewise worked intimately with the government of Slovenia to make a conclusion to-end ICO administrative framework. DataFund was the first token crowdfunded project propelled for this present year with a company registered in the EU, leading the path for instance of blockchain use and administrative consistence. Through our endeavors we want to improve the entire blockchain ecosystem for everybody.

How To Buy CFI?

While reading this review, you must be wondering about how to buy CFI. This section will help you to know how to buy CFI. First of all, you will need to know the exchanges where you will be able to buy it. You can make use of exchanges like HitBTC to buy CFI.

Cofound Conclusion is an eager quickening agent platform provided food towards new businesses interested in tokenization. as of late stood out as truly newsworthy for selling out its aggregate supply of CFI tokens during its pre-sale. Therefore, the company’s coin sale never influenced it to the ICO to stage.

Plainly, investors are amped up for the fate of Search for the platform to continue growing over the coming months.

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