Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining

Cryptocurrency Mining

The Cryptocurrencies trading has opened a new world of financial opportunities to hundreds of people around the globe. The blockchain platform requires that hundreds of users allow interconnecting their hardware through the internet to make transactions of digital assets directly between them without any third-party intermediary. The amazing number of new transaction post every hour, requires that more providers join the blockchain platform to speed up the digital assets trading and maintain the ever-increasing forex cryptocurrencies market demand; in exchange for their services or collaborations those who facilitate the interconnection and let their hardware to identify and redirect the digital assets trading get a financial compensation, which depends on the number of trading operations or cryptocurrencies trades processed per day, week, or month.

Cloud Mining Cryptocurrency

FlyMining is relative new cloud mining provider, it claims to have the cheapest hashrate price on the market. FlyMining is propobly the best altenative for hashflare (hashflare stop bitcoin mining)

  • Minimum Hashrate TH/s1
  • Minimum contract period Year1
  • Maintenance Fee /24h 0.23$
  • Minimum investment 1THs175$

Hashflare is the best cloud mining company which was lounched in 2014, to date have millions of customers. Low fees!

  • Minimum Hashrate Mh/s1
  • Minimum contract period Year1
  • Maintenance Fee 1 MH/s0.005 $
  • Coins 5

Genesis Mining was Lounched in 2013, since then company get 1 million users, and its propobly one of the best cloud mining platform.
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  • Minimum Hashrate MH/s40
  • Minimum contract period Years2
  • Maintenance Fee %0
  • Coins ETH

Cryptominex company was launched in 2016, until now it have more than 3000 customers. Its Platform are protected for DDOS.

  • Minimum Investment $10
  • Minimum contract period Day1
  • Coins 1

Minergate is an mining pool created by group of crypto enthusiasts. You can mine with it 14 different coins.

  • Minimum Hashrate Gh/s20
  • Minimum contract period Day1
  • Maintenance Fee %1
  • Coins 14

NiceHash company was funded in 2014 its the largest cloud mining marketplace, where miners can trade their computer power. They have over 280 000 daily active miner users.

Eobot is probably one of the best mining companies in the USA. Platform was launched in 2013 and to this day have over 1.8 million users. It support mining of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Ripple, Dash, Golem, BitShares, CureCoin, NEM, Monero, Zcash, Factom, Bytecoin, STEEM, Lisk, MaidSafeCoin, USD, Gridcoin, and Ethereum Classic.

  • Minimum Hashrate Gh/s1
  • Minimum contract period hours24
  • Maintenance Fee Low
  • Coins 20

CCG Mining was Launched in 2016, since that company open branches in Poland, Great Britain, Russia, Latvia, Austria and Czech Republic. CCG Mining have more than 10 000 clients from around the world.

  • Minimum Hashrate GH/s50
  • Minimum contract period NOT LIMITED
  • Maintenance Fee $ per Gh/s0,00038
  • Coins 7

CryptoMining Farm is funded in 2014 and it delivery stable profit to their clients. Their platform have top security level. For new users there is also Investment bonus!

  • Minimum Hashrate Gh/s1000
  • Minimum contract period Months3
  • Maintenance Fee $ per Gh/s0
  • Coins BTC

What Is Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency Mining is the name given to the permanent update of the cryptocurrency trading in the blockchain. The Cryptocurrency ownerships, transfers, sales and buys are constantly recorded on each one of the powerful computers of the blockchain network to ensure the authenticity of each cryptocurrency and the proper ownership of them as well as the exchange registration is accurate.

Cryptocurrency Mining includes two essential functions:

·The first one is to add transaction or record cryptocurrencies transferring to the blockchain network, ensuring its legal status by verifying them. The transaction adding is done in a complex cryptography code which guarantees its safety and a high level of anonymity for both ends. The cryptocurrency seller and buyer.
·The second essential function is releasing new virtual coins into the blockchain platform by discovering or adding new blocks, the miners do it by processing thousands of complex mathematical formulas and computer algorithms which contains a proof of work or PoW, which certifies that the miner is the block discoverer.

How does a cryptocurrency miner got paid?

·Cryptocurrency miners receive a payment for their services after each transaction is done. The fees that traders pay for adding the transaction and registration of the cryptocurrencies trading, as well as the fee that they pay as incentives to prioritized their transaction are entirely shared between the miners who helping speed up the transaction.
·However, the jackpot is the discovery or the Bitcoin mining of a new cryptocurrency block, which releases more virtual coins into the blockchain platform. The payment for it varies from one blockchain platform to other. Currently, the Bitcoin platform pays 12.5 Bitcoins to the Bitcoin miner or the users of the Bitcoin blockchain platform who discover a new Bitcoin block. That payment at the current Bitcoin exchange rate is an extremely appealing reward and one of the main reason why are so much interest in Bitcoin mining on the Bitcoin platform.

What is needed to do cryptocurrency mining?

The entire cycle is designed to be rather simple and cost-effective as a way to attract more and more participants or miners every time, Since the entire blockchain process consists of cryptography codes which are shared inside a per to per environment or ecosystem and in digital form. It needs powerful processors’ capacity, a fast internet connection, and electricity to power up the hardware. The steps are:
1.Mining Hardware
In the beginning of the digital assets quest, it was possible and profitable to do the cryptocurrency mining with regular pc or graphics cards connected to the internet. However, the high competitivity of miners made that almost impossible today.
Anybody who wants to be a cryptocurrency miner required to get higher processors’ capacity that any pc or business computer. The regular cryptocurrency miner hardware has 100 times more processing capacity for miner’s operations than the last generation computer and consumes less electricity, which makes them the best option cost/benefit on the market.
Cryptocurrency Mining without an exclusive and ideal hardware can be so power consuming that all the possible profits from this activity might be insufficient to pay the electricity bill, moreover, the time required to process and register a trading might be too long and other miners will take away most transaction and the new cryptocurrency block discover. As a consequence, if you are intending to become a cryptocurrency miner, we highly recommend you to invest in proper hardware or perform the cryptocurrency cloud mining as the best alternative to increase your profits from it. After you set your hardware you are ready for the next step.
2.Cryptocurrency blockchain software
After you have acquired your hardware you are ready to select the blockchain platform in which you want to work as miner or be part of it, You will need to download its software from the blockchain platform and depending on your personal preferences you can add extra software to the one the hardware equipment provides, for you to monitor your activity and receive feedback about your operation speed, daily gains, equipment heat, electricity compositions etc. There are several software available with some pros and cons, however, the blockchain provides the basic setup needed to start cryptocurrency mining after installing it.
3.Open a Cryptocurrency wallet or e-wallets
Once you have joined a blockchain platform and are ready to start cryptocurrency mining, you need a place to store your digital assets, which is the main reason to do the job. Therefore, you must open an e-wallet and set it to receive your payments. This is a straightforward process and we highly recommend that you read our article about cryptocurrency wallet before choosing your virtual coin wallet.
4.Fast Internet connection
The internet bandwidth consumes by cryptocurrency mining will depend on how many nodes does your hardware process daily, even though the average size per node is only 1Mb there are some of them with sizes up to 10 times it. The internet speed is useful for network or platform updates that required to be done ASAP and the bandwidth can be troublesome for those who have an internet limited plan since a 24/7 activity can easily consume more than 400 GB per month with high-speed internet connections. Of course, you can set the bandwidth and establish some limitations, however, the internet cost has to be considered before you start any operation. The internet plan with data caps and the bandwidth that you provide to the hardware have to be carefully evaluated.
5.Mining in solitaire or join a mining pool
Similar to any business opportunity, the main reason to start it, is to get profits and obtain as many dividends as possible. Working in solitaire may demand so much time to become considerably profitable. For this reason, several miners’ pools have been created to increase profitability and reduce the time to receive payments. Selecting the miners’ pool which is legit and appropriate for you could be a challenging task, but the rewards are so worthy that it may become one of your best investment choices. Joining a cryptocurrency mining pool share the new blocks discovered among the members and the time to discover those are consistently reducing. Additionally, the transaction amount process by a pool is exponentially superior to a single miner.

Cryptocurrency cloud mining

Become a cryptocurrency miner can be quite expensive. Buying the required hardware and paying the electrical and the internet bill can be onerous. The upfront cost to start this activity can be prohibited for the newcomers who want to start investing in cryptocurrency mining as a way to generate extra income. Moreover, sometimes more than just a couple of mining hardware are required to be profitable and the waiting period to get the first dividends and cover the expenses can be too long to justify the investment in a small scale. It may discourage thousands of potential investors, as an answer to this increasing problem, the Cryptocurrency cloud mining was invented. The Cryptocurrency cloud mining simplifies the entire process, reducing the upfront cost and the period to become profitable and receive dividends from this activity to just days, making accessible this activity to any investor worldwide.

What is cloud mining

Cloud mining is the use of a remote data center to do the cryptocurrency mining. In other words, cloud mining is the lease of some of the world most sophisticated equipment with the highest processing power to use for your cryptocurrency mining remotely, without the hassle to supervise, set, maintenance, or operate them. The cloud mining user registers and buys a share of the data center processing power and receives payment or dividends for his share accordingly to its size. The cloud mining saves thousands of dollars in upfront cost for hardware and electricity, additionally, it saves hundreds of hours of system supervision and time learning complex computer algorithms needed to operate efficiently the mining hardware.
Cloud mining enables anybody to start getting profits, virtual coins or digital assets by taking advantages of the state of the art data centers with processor power similar to a military or researching facility, without any worries about the hidden cost of its operation or the staggering prices of each equipment. Cloud mining works similar to a hedge fund in which every investor buys a fund share or a participation of it, and the size of his share determines both the investment costs and the potential revenue of profits from it.
Nowadays, is common to use the cloud for storing important data and company files, which people need to get access remotely. Most forex trading platforms are cloud based with all its technical tools integrated on it to ensure traders can post their order from any place on the earth without any delay while they are traveling or on the go. The same applies to the digital assets, which can be mined on the cloud, making them more accessible to any investor who only needs to set the amount of money he wants to invest either by the investment cost or by the revenue levels of how many virtual coins he expects to get monthly from his cloud services.
There are various investment options to meet any budget and revenue level. The Investors can choose to lease the entire physical equipment for days or months to work for them or a fixed amount of data processing power called Hash rate or hashing power. The hash rate is numerical computes needed to complete a single operation inside the Bitcoin code. (The Bitcoin code is the standard of measurement for its popularity and widely used among digital assets traders) The higher the hash rate the better, since you can process more transaction and unblock or discover the new virtual coins block, which will pay off 12.5 BTC in the Bitcoin blockchain platform which today has a market value of more than 110.000 USD. Any cloud mining investor can use all the processing power to speed up the new virtual coins blocks discovers and get significant revenue from it.

Crypto Mining

Crypto mining is one of the safest and most profitable ways to get digital assets. Once the virtual coin miner starts his work, he receives a payment per any transaction he facilitates on the blockchain platform. if he has enough processing power he can discover new virtual currency blocks, which has a payout of up to 12.5 Bitcoins for the Bitcoin blockchains. The number of registered user in each of the blockchain available are increasing since every digital asset investor is looking for the amazing profits generation it may produce. The crypto mining can be done either by buying the mining hardware and operate it by himself, or leasing a data center equipment or a fraction of its processing power and do the entire operation on the cloud.

Best cloud mining

The best cloud mining service is a common topic of discussion among digital assets traders and cryptocurrency miners. There are several cryptocurrency cloud mining ads flooding the internet and self-proclaiming to be the best cloud mining company. However, before you even consider to invest any money on them, you have to go over their registered users’ feedbacks and reviews. Due to the fact, that the mining hardware, will be 100% of the time under their control and the cloud operators have to transfer the cryptocurrency into your cryptocurrency wallet is important that you choose a legit and trustworthy Cryptocurrency cloud mining service.

How to Choose a Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Service

a)Cloud Provider Reputation
There are various internet ads with fake advertising, which operates for a couple of weeks while they are taking new member money, and suddenly they disappear without a track. In any business is paramount to go over the partner record history and past customer reviews to avoid any possible fraudulent activity or being a scam victim. You must take some time to explore the business license, registration, operational records, etc.
b)Low Operational Cost:
The price per hash offered by the cloud service provider is one of the critical points to consider before selecting any Bitcoin cloud or cryptocurrencies cloud service. You have to go over the detail fees and the monthly expenses you will incur while using the cloud blockchain platform to rest or discount from any possible profit it might generate to get your potential or real revenue from it.
c)Business Facilities and Hardware
Unfortunately, it is not uncommon that scammers use fake pictures and fancy webpages layouts to attract investors, without even buying the most rudimentary hardware or equipment.
Since most of the time the cloud mining is physically located abroad, it is important that you can verify, the business is legit, the facilities are real, and the equipment and processing speed they offered exist and are available for your cryptocurrencies. Before any payment or leasing agreement, the business name and operational license must be verified as well as any reputable third party auditory or review about it.
d)Profits or Revenue Offered
Most financial products or investments opportunities disclosed the minimum expected revenue for the money invested and the time when the person must expect to receive it. Similar to any investment you need to ask to your cloud service, how much will you get from the investment you are planning to place on them. Notice that you have to discount the operational cost of the service to get the real revenue. Any legit business discloses the cost and the minimum expected revenue at the potential client request.
e)Convenience and Extra Services or Additional Investment Opportunities
After you are sure the cryptocurrency cloud provider is legit and it will deposit the cryptocurrencies you gain into your e-wallet on time and according to its offered plan. You need to see what are the other investing opportunities it may offer to increase the number of cryptocurrencies you may get and to get profits from the cryptocurrencies you already own in your e-wallet. The reinvestment plans are a pivotal factor in digital assets wealth generation.

Bitcoin Mining Online

Bitcoin mining online is already the cheapest and safest way to get Bitcoins. The Bitcoin mining online can be done from just two dollars per day using the best cloud miners’ services available worldwide, with a staggering hash rate of more than GH/s and this amazing Bitcoin online processing sped can increase. Investors who are doing Bitcoin mining online and forming part of successful miners’ pools increase the profitability of it exponentially by reducing the period to discover a new Bitcoin blocks and increase exponentially the number of Bitcoin operations processed daily.
Bitcoin Mining Online is currently generating income and wealth to thousand of bold investors around the globe. The opportunity to increase your revenue by taking part of the digital assets trend trading is at your fingertips for you to take it. The Bitcoin has created the first digital assets billionaires.

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