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Change (Crypto Bank) Review

As new and advanced technologies are spreading in the finance sector, many changes are occurring constantly to boost the ease of transactions, speed, and security. Many small-scale and medium-scale businesses are looking for emerging ICOs for fundraising and growing its share in the market rapidly. With the concept of digital currency being so popular and diverse, many shrewd startups are aiming for growing currencies for ICOs.  Initial coin offering (ICO) is a sophisticated and lucrative way to exchange cryptocurrency for funds which can be used for future development of the company. Change is a user-friendly and comprehensive decentralized currency based Crypto bank which endows a wide range of financial services and investment opportunities. Here is a didactic Change review which explains its credibility and uniqueness while highlighting the cons.

change homepage

What is Change?

Change is a new and innovative banking solution which offers transactions using cryptocurrency by creating a decentralized network based crypto bank and marketplace. This global crypto bank was founded in March 2016 and is based in Singapore. Change is a pioneering financial proposition that would provide an impetus to the finance sector without restricting the users on borders or any other hurdles. The company received a lump sum of $200,000 in June 2016 in Angel investing. They had an ICO which was launched on 16th September 2017 and was targeted by many startups for fundraising.  With an objective of engendering global investment marketplace using Cryptocurrencies, it made a strong and lasting impact on investors who want a one-stop solution for managing their personal finance. The scope of this Cryptobank is not just limited to managing their funds, but making transactions, payments and enjoying a series of financial services and benefits.

Change Bank team and Partners

Change consists of a consortium of people from Fintech companies in Singapore which includes many Blockchain developers, website developers, partners, experts, and marketers. It includes Kristjan Kangro, the CEO of the banking company, Artur Luhaar, Francisco Bernardo, Jordan Valdma and many more. Roger Crook, the Former CEO of DHL, Lesly Goh, the financial services head at Microsoft and Miguel Soriano are the Main advisers of this network. It includes Blockchain developers and experts like Andras Kristof, Henry Kehlmann, Dragos Giugula and Edgars Simanovskis. The company is diverse with its financial solutions and has a dedicated and experienced team for each work. This crypto bank delivers complete financial service worldwide through cryptocurrency by allowing users to access their services from a wide range of partners. The company partners include Kyber network, Bit property, ETH Lend, Smartly, Danabijak, ZILLA, E-residency, and Mothership. The partnership with e-residency is a strategic decision which will help both sides. Change will be able to diversify and expand its scope by providing its services to more than 27000 nomads globally who are e-residents.

Features of Change Crypto Bank

After the proliferation and expansion of Cryptocurrencies, it was evident that the idea of digital currency in finance and banking sector will bring revolutionary transformation in the prospects and viewpoint of users.  Instead of adopting traditional banking algorithms and mechanism, this company tried to focus on new innovations with its peer to peer service network.

  • Change Crypto wallet – A sleek and straightforward cryptocurrency wallet which can be used to store all your funds and digital assets. With this wallet, you can easily transfer the digital currency and funds, manage it and enjoy other wallet privileges.
  • Global Onboarding -The best thing about Crypto Bank is that it does not any limitation on its regional coverage. With Change mobile app, you can simply complete the Know your customer (KYC0 process and get onboard with the transactions and third-party services irrespective of your location. To assist with the onboarding process, the Company has collaborated with Estonia’s e- residency program which allows the user to create the bank account and file taxes, directly from the mobile app.
  • One stop banking marketplace – This is a platform which offers all in one financial solution and services which comprises of stock investment, P2P loans, real estate, purchasing car or travel insurance and even taking a loan with digital assets. Also, you can manage your bank account, purchase products, file taxes, etc. with this cutting –edge idea.
  • Change Bankcard – The Company provides the users with a debit card to facilitate its use for various purchases online and offline using Cryptocurrency. The card is secure and uses highest standard protocol to ensure that the information and the funds are safe and away from hackers.
  • Optimum level of Security – With the advanced Blockchain technology, you can transact anonymously while keeping your personal information and data safe.With Blockchain, million of transactions can happen at a time without comprising any data of the users. Also, if the hacker gets your card details, you can lock the card directly within seconds from your Change app.
  • Transparent fee structure – Users are not charged even a dime for making a bank account on this platform, transferring funds to different wallets and making payments. All the fees are shown explicitly making it reliable choice. Also, as it is a digital bank, the hassles are way lesser than the traditional banks.
  • Cash back and rewards – It is not just easy to use the company card, but, the users get rewarded for any payment on third-party platforms by the card. For every cryptocurrency spend, the company rewards the user by sending a part of the transaction back to their wallet in the form of Change coins.So, transact with their card and get CAG coins which can also be later converted to Bitcoin or other altcoin.
change marketplace

You can find more information about the rewards, benefits, and company in their whitepaper

How does the Change works?

Change has an intuitive and sleek interface which allows the beginners to make an account on their platform and enjoy the entitlements received by them. With the easy Know your customer (KYC) process, you can take advantages of many privileges which are as follows.

  • Spend and trade on Cryptocurrencies globally – With this groundbreaking idea, you can use your Change card to pay for your purchases wherever any normal cards are accepted. You can deposit digital currency in the company wallet and transact with its card wherever you want. This banking solution makes it easy for the users to spend their money efficiently and smoothly.
  • Global trading options – Buying travel and car insurance will also be possible in the coming period on the app. With its smart API, you can expect many more innovations and features in the near future. Within few months, users will automatically have travel insurance with the card.
  • Use your investments wisely – Investing all your money on digital coins will not be a very wise decision when you have options for more. With Change, you can invest in real estate market in real time or indulge in peer to peer transactions on the platform.

Change coin price and charts

The change coin is the flagship altcoin provided on the platform to the users whenever there is any payment made. The Change ecosystem allows other major Cryptocurrencies as well, like Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, etc. on their platform. Whenever users make any payment with the bank card, they will receive a 0.05 percent rebate which will be in the form of CAG coin. Furthermore, the rebate doubles, if the payment is done through Change coin. This idea will facilitate user to make more and more purchase on the platform as they can benefit from the double rebate program. The CAG coin holders will also be rewarded from the platform marketplace.  On 9th of January 2018, the market Cap was highest at 68 million USD where the Change price per USD raised to 1.8451 while the price per Bitcoin was around 0.00012. Currently, the market capitalization of CAG is around $9.5 million. It has a circulating supply of around 37 million coins with a total volume exchange of around 84 Bitcoin. The price per Bitcoin is around 0.00002789 whereas per USD is around 0.2431.

Advanced and innovative benefits

Ever since its inception in March 2016, the company has managed to attract many investors in this innovative idea. Not just it received 200,000 USD from Angel Broking in its early stage but many FinTechs companies have also joined this Banking Company. The beta was released in Quarter 2 of 2017. The Beta version of the Mobile app shows various functions which include spending, storing and moving fiat currencies along with integrating APIs of its partners – smartly and Danabijak. Also, the smart API allows incorporating and building many more innovative functions on the platform. Now, you can also take a loan from the Bank and purchase various insurance policies according to your needs. With the peer to peer loan opportunities, automatic wealth management system and investing in startups, all are made feasible in just a few clicks. The Change card comes with government level security and can be used to convert your currencies effortlessly.  With the wallet, you can store your digital assets and keep track of the virtual and offline payments easily. Ordering a card is completely free and offers a lot of paying flexibility to its users.  The idea of bringing a revolution and reinventing the banking sector has created thousands of customers backing.

change card

How Change token holders make money?

Yes, you have heard it right. While using this banking solution, you can earn CAG token and real money.  By using the marketplace, you can get a portion of the revenue generated on the third party platform. The third-party service provider gives 20 percent of the revenue to Change where a significant part of it is given to the CAG holders. Now, around 16.67 percent of this revenue is distributed to the marketplace investors while 83.33 percent is distributed among the CAG holders. Also, you get 0.5% of the payment in Change coin which can be later used to do more purchases. If you use CAG coin for payment, you will get 1% cash back in form of CAG coin.  Apart from this, as the transactions and usage of the coins on the platform increases, the value of CAG coin will also increase.

Change ICO Details

The ICO sale was started on 16th September 2017 and ended on 16th October 2017. The company was raising a total of 250,000 Ethereum with a minimum investment rate of 0.5 ETH.  Investors can use ETH to enter the ICO where each ETH amounted to 500 CAG. The early investors were provided with premium Change Black card and exciting discounts of 30 percent. In addition to this, they got an exclusive chance to access Change maker status.

Opportunities and future benefits

As Change has a solid and experienced team who have worked in many FinTech companies including many legal advisors and visionary experts, the growth of this banking company seems evident. As the sovereign government, Estonia has signed an official partnership with Change, it will dwindle many problems of the banking company by putting the projects and ideas many steps further over other Blockchain projects.     Apart from this, the innovative thinking will surely boost its share in the market as it also offers all the benefits which a traditional banking system does.

Major concerns for the company

The biggest concern is a lot of local regulations which will come in their way slowing down the development of the platform. Although Change stated that there will not be any regulations, there will be some because it will include insurance providers and other services on their platform. For example, an insurance provider will require a License to sell its insurance products. As Change is only indulged in aggregating financial companies and is allowing referrals, it is acting like an affiliate to refer the business and its services. The investors can find cheaper options by going somewhere else other than accessing Change marketplace. Also, some prominent members are not a full-time worker on the platform by working on both Change and other startups. Apart from all these setbacks, the company has to face a lot of competitors as there are a number of similar Blockchain projects like Tenx, Tokencard, Xapo, Centra, Metal, Status, Pillar, etc.


Change looks like a very promising product with a great future and capability to solve real-world problems. As you can transact with your cryptocurrency anywhere in the world wherever Visa or MasterCard is available, it becomes a great option for the users. Also, you can use the cryptocurrency to invest in much more long-term and lucrative deals like stocks and real estate. The radical change in the financial sector will soon be adopted by many people in the world as the benefits are endless. Not just you can pay merchants in your fiat currencies but can also withdraw cash with the app calculating the exchange rates in real time.

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