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CEEK: The Best Reality Experience

CEEK is a company which deals in the entertainment industry and offers quality products to the users. It is a revolution for the people who love virtual reality. People who wish to listen to music or watch live shows all the time, CEEK is perfect for them. CEEK VR (Virtual Reality) is a great product which would make the users experience music and live shows as if they are in the audience and enjoying it live. The company is a developer of hardware and software for a company called as omnichannel distribution for VR experiences. It has won multiple awards by doing what it is for ages.

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What is CEEK?

CEEK is into world-class quality for entertainment. It works to create and curate the entertainment experience for users and distribute it as a VR for its partners across the globe. The content that is available on VR is from multiple channels and includes the professionally licensed content which is also originally created just for VR.

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Performances at CEEK

CEEK as a platform has tie-ups with many great celebrities who keep on doing Live shows for the audiences and is a hit in the entertainment world. It can be anything from a concert to individual performances. It has a partnership with celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Megadeth, Katy Perry and U2. The newest partnership is done with World of Dance which is again a celebrity group. Apart from the celebrity concerts, it has access to many sporting events, charity fundraisers, classroom learning and VR commerce as well. Classroom training and learning is something which would help students located in the remote locations who have an urge to learn and grow in life but are unable to do so due to the limitations and challenges. These VR sessions and products would help in grooming them with the inborn skills and give them the power to dominate the world less explored. It would ensure that the youth which is not available in the metro cities and major countries to get an opportunity to make their future.

CEEK Headsets for VR

People who love the feel of virtual reality know what a VR headset means. It has a value for such users and they would purchase them for an ultimate experience. There are many blockchain projects that are ongoing in the market and CEEK is one of them. It has an appeal to the users also has a functional product which is not available with most of the blockchain platforms. They need to raise ICO for fundraising activity and then do a research and development for creating their products. But with CEEK you already have a product existing in the market. It is easily available on online platforms such as Amazon, BestBuy, Target and many other retail apps. The VR headset can be made available on your doorstep when you make an order for it. Once you get your hands on the VR headset, you would be given a gift card which is a sort of bonus and this is from iTunes for $10. Since the VR headsets and mobile ready, all you need to do is connect it to the smart phone and start exploring the world of virtual reality. For starters, you can visit the iTunes world and see all that is available for your favorite stars and celebrities. This is the reason the iTunes gift card is offered to get used to the experience and find your interest from a virtual reality standpoint.

Who Benefits from CEEK?

CEEK takes care of each user it is tied up with. This is from an artist as well as an audience perspective. You would be dying to go to a concert but are unable to do so due to some personal and professional commitments. But now with the help of CEEK you can do so without compromising on the quality which is of utmost importance in a Live setup.


Virtual reality is a 3D experience and should not be missed for things that appeal to you. Thanks to the partnership with various artists who stream their performances live on the CEEK platform. It is a good way to promote their work and increase the fan base. It is also lucrative as they get money for the services they are extending to the users. It improves their sales for albums as it is a paid partnership and everything you view would be paid in some of the other form. This would boost profits for the artists.


Whereas when it comes to the users there are many advantages which should be considered. Concerts and live shows happen at a venue which is not necessarily at your location only. It keeps on happening at various locations which would give an opportunity to all the fans to make the most of it. But if you wish to attend a concert which is not in your location, then you would have to bear the cost of travel, stay at the hotel nearby to the location of the venue and transportation to the venue along with food and other expenses. This is over and above the cost of the concert pass or ticket. This pass or ticket is a huge cost as compared to the general expenses. Also, you would have to take time off from your work to go to such an event. All this would be bear a huge cost which is not affordable for all. In fact, if it is in your own location, the cost of the ticket for the concert is so high that you may not be able to afford it. All this would make you drop the idea of attending the live concert.

CEEK Experience

But with CEEK you can attend the concert live with the tie-ups done with celebrities and artists. This way you can enjoy the concert live in action and that too from the comfort of your home. In fact, the cost of the concert on a CEEK VR is much affordable than all the costs mentioned above. So, practically, this is a better option for all concert lovers. Users with mobility impairments are always left behind in such a setup, but with this VR in place, it is a cake walk for them.

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CEEK Operating Systems

The technical and technological support is at ease with CEEK VR. The application is easily available on Google Play and Apple App Store which can be downloaded on your Android or Apple device. Since CEEK VR is compatible via smartphones it would not take much time for the headset to be attached to the handset. Once you have connected your headset to the mobile, just purchase the concerts and live shows available on the VR and enjoy it to the core. You would not at all feel like you are not in the concert and at home or any other place. You would be right there in the audience cheering for your favorite artist or celebrity.

CEEK Token and its Benefits

Just like every application has a special gateway for the users, similarly, CEEK has a special access for the users. All you need to do is buy CEEK tokens or CEEKERS as they call it, to get special and exclusive functionality access to the world of virtual reality and experience it in person. The immersive VR experiences are just not to be missed if you are a diehard fan of such setups. You would have the doors open to exclusive VR venues across the globe which are only enabled for CEEKERS and you may also use the tokenized rewards exchange program. As a CEEKER you would get exclusive rights to voting on the CEEK website which would enable you to get as much content on the website for better viewing. The chart related to the outlining process and proposal is listed on the CEEK website. There are two kinds of tokens that can be used by users.

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CEEK Smart Token

These CEEK tokens are easy to use and can be used in a multipurpose manner to earn and trade virtual goods to experience interactive entertainment of all sorts in a virtual reality platform which is famous across the globe.

ERC-20 enable CEEK Tokens

Ethereum Smart Contracts are an open source of the framework which governs CEEK and help its users to get flexible in-world interactions which are available only for the CEEK token holders. It includes virtual goods, rewards, contests and voting options for all CEEK token holders.

Blockchain Usage for CEEK

CEEK works on a blockchain environment so that it can be governed by the best in class technology and not be cheated for user’s trust. It helps to get the best possible user experience using the Ethereum Smart Contracts and improves the transactions done by adding security and transparency to the users. It also has an immutable record of every transaction done to keep a vigil for the past data.

The best part of using Blockchain technology is that the CEEKERS would be able to manage and access the digital assets to be exchanged with other users at the fraction of the cost which is not at all disturbing. The multi token transfer would help to reduce the gas cost to 1/10th of a cent only when you use the special standard offered by CEEK. Since this is the age of digitization, you would have access to multiple platforms and CEEK would help you to keep access to all those platforms and own multiple digital items depending on the requirements. These multiple digital items would have access to your CEEK VR headset.

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CEEK Token Sale Details

The main point of discussion for CEEKERS token sale is that it is open to non U.S. residents only. The first pre-sale week was from 26th March to 1st April and it attracted 30% bonus for all the users. The second week of pre-sale was between 2nd and 8th April. It had a 20% bonus attached to it. Week three had a 10% bonus from April 9th to 15th and the last part of the pre-sale was from 16th to 27th April with no bonus attached to it. The regular sale started from 28th April to 3rd May and had no bonus for it with a price of $0.50 USD for each token. The distribution of tokens would start from 1st June.

CEEK Coin Minting

You can mint your CEEK coins using the Virtual Mint. Here you can mint tokens and exchange virtual items and coins of merchandise for that matter at a gas cost which is less 10 times than the actual cost.  This can be done by using CEEK Coin Cast customized to help the entertainment industry groups to mint or rather create virtual tickets along with personal brand tokens and venue coins to make a great fortune of it. They can also use virtual merchandise to coin more profits and revenue from such a setup. All such steps would give you an opportunity to enhance your revenue using industry contacts and brand imaging using CEEK.


CEEK has made a mark in the blockchain technology by exploring the VR opportunities. It has already raised the bar high for anyone to reach it at least for a few years from now. It is the only platform which uses blockchain technology to give its users the ultimate experience in concerts and live shows irrespective of the location. It has a reasonable rate as compared to the actual cost of the ticket or passes for the concert which is the USP of the product. The potential is very high and the VR headsets make it a great investment for all. It is taking social interactions to the next level by creating a CEEK City in the CEEK venues which are only accessible to the CEEK users. It already has a concert arena with a sports complex and a hangout lounge which includes a theatre for all users. The world is coming closer and so are the CEEK users with all such breakthrough technological advancements.

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