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Caviar Review: All you need to know about caviar ICO

One of the comments on Reddit states that according to Binance founder Chao Chengpeng, the crypto is 100% the future. With the explosive growth of Cryptocurrencies, the digital assets are drawing the attention of the biggest fund managers. Despite being the least volatile token, Bitcoin cannot guarantee regular profits and is susceptible to volatility. In order to reduce the volatility and improve the condition of digital assets, nowadays efforts are being made to combine the different digital coin or Cryptocurrencies with the various aspects of life. It would be surprising to hear that a company has launched its ICO token with the aim of combining the real estate with the cryptocurrency, but it is true. This token is created by the company Caviar and the investors can benefit by accessing the world of real estate by just holding a single token. The aim behind the creation of this token is to reduce the investment volatility and obtaining returns more than the average rates. You can get access to the basket through your investments which combine Cryptocurrencies and real estate that are diverse in nature and are also based on a proven algorithmic model. In this review, topics such as market news and stats, what is caviar, How to mine caviar and where to buy Caviar token will be discussed.

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What is Caviar?

Caviar is a successor of Caviar Capital LP, a real estate investment fund. Caviar has created a dual purpose ICO token and a crowd-funded platform built on Ethereum Blockchain which is investing in both Cryptocurrencies and real estate to guarantee profits on a quarterly and monthly basis in this extremely volatile market. The company has plans of allocating assets between the crypto assets and the real estate so that income can be produced for investors using a dual market approach. 75% of the total profits in a quarter is distributed among the token holders by the company. Also, Caviar has already started funding some real estate projects via the Smart Contract. Real estate investors from the US are showing interest and backing projects based on Caviar.

Who is behind Caviar?

Caviar is led by Kirill Bensonoff, a serial entrepreneur by profession and with several multiple million dollar exits. Other contributors to the team include Guy Neumann, a real estate entrepreneur having a good amount of experience in the real estate sector and Alex Shvayetsky who is a crypto trader and investor/entrepreneur. Also, the team consists of some strong legal advisors and there is also an administrative team.

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How does Caviar coin work?

The company is based on Blockchain technology in which the Blockchain acts as an intermediate medium between token holders and real estate developers. Token holders can earn interest by depositing funds on the platform, while real estate developers earn by raising funds through the platform. The company has been doing certain theoretical and technical analysis based on a proprietary framework and has planned to perform long-term cyclical investments in real estate with over $100 Million market cap. The company will also be investing in the new upcoming projects of real estate sector using its Intelligent Predictive Model. The Intelligent Predictive Model has proved its worth in the past and the algorithms of the system derive a linear equation based on the historical data which is then weighted by characteristic R values.

The linear equations are then combined with some patented logical elements to compare the growth of the ICO token in comparison with the Bitcoin. One more model known as BTC/USD model will also be accounted for independent of the Intelligent Predictive Model to predict the future trend of the BTC/USD ratio. The calculations from both the models will then be used together to predict the price of a cryptocurrency in USD on a particular date. Both the models are created in such a way that by extracting data from public sources, they can update the algorithms and the linear equations for the purpose of real-time judgments about the increment or decrement in the projected growth of cryptocurrency and risks involved. The BTC/USD model will employ the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the simulations of machine learning for predicting future trends.

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 Benefits of Caviar coin: Why to invest?

One of the biggest benefits of using Caviar is diversification, believed to be the biggest means of investing and protecting one’s assets in real estate, whether in fiat or cryptocurrency. Caviar takes this under consideration by combining the crypto assets with the real estate loans. The outcome of this is a portfolio that is significantly less sensitive to the risk than any other Cryptocurrencies. Also, investors make more money than any team member of the company because 75% of the total profit is distributed among the investors every quarter via the Smart Contract of Ethereum Blockchain.

The use of the Blockchain for transactions and investments maintains the transparency and trust among the investors. There is no minimum amount required in order to invest Caviar so anyone can invest in the ICO token irrespective of the fund he has for investment. The company also has a 5 year of valuable experience in the field of real estate and also the crypto market. A Reddit user commented that the team members of Caviar have many million dollar exits along with the crypto asset experience.

In order to ensure the growth in the token value, 20% of the profit is reinvested back in the funds and the remaining 5% of the net quarterly profit is used to buy back tokens and burn them. One of the best advantages of using Caviar token is that one can earn rewards by participating in a real estate community of peers, developers, service providers, and mentors. Even there is no minimum amount required to participate in the crowdsale. Also, the company has a very strong legal team and support, and the company follows all rules and regulations while doing investments and hence investments through Caviar are never questioned.

Token ICO, Market Stats, and News

The Caviar token is an ERC20 token and comes with a Smart Contract to divide quarterly profits among the investors in form of Ethereum. The presale for the token lasted from 28th November 2017 until 5th December 2017 with the crowdsale lasting from 12th December till 31st January 2018. The aim of the presale and crowdsale was to raise $25 Million and the cryptocurrency price was decided at $0.10. The maximum amount of token in supply accounted for 375 Million. Out of the total tokens, 85% were distributed during the token sale. The remaining amount distributed to the company and advisors which accounted for 12% and 3% was distributed as bounties. The minimum amount of the presale was $500, and there were also few discounts of 20 percent on investments of up to $9,999. This increased to a 25 percent for investments up to $24,999 and a whopping 30 percent on investments above $25,000. There were also bonuses introduced during the crowd sale depending on the day of the sale, with 15 percent for days 1 to 3, which rose to 12.5 percent for days 4 to 6 and 10 percent for 7 to 9 days, and 7.5 percent for 10 to 12.

A news article on the official site of the company states that the company is going to start the KYC process for the Bounty participants from the start of the month of April and is going to be completed at 7th April. The tokens are to be distributed just after the KYC completion of Bounties. The news article also read that the main goal of the company moving forward is to fully implement the vision and strategy best for the future, and to partner with and list the token on compliant exchanges. During the sales, Caviar accepted Cryptocurrencies like LTC, ETH, BTC, and Waves and fiat currencies like EUR and USD. According to a news article, out of the total proceeds, 80 percent will go to the portfolio, while 10 percent will be given to the administrative and legal team, and 5 percent will be distributed each to the reserve fund and technology development

How to mine Caviar coin?

As for now, no steps or instructions are given by the company related to the mining of the token. However, there are few ways by which one can have the Caviar tokens. There is a community of peers, mentors, service providers and developers on the platform of the company where one can earn rewards by participating. Also, real estate developers can raise funds for their projects on the platform.

Caviar coin Future Plans

According to the company, a portion of its assets will be used for lending to the real estate entrepreneurs having the intentions of purchasing or improving or selling real estate assets. Caviar already has been a topic for debate and has made its presence felt. The company also has good business networks and connections in the Northeastern US which is spread out to the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York and is planning to expand its regional network more if required. There were more than 1,400 foreclosures in the state of Connecticut in the month of June 2017, which is slightly more than last year’s 1,300.

The fact mentioned above open a huge market for the partners of Caviar who are always looking for foreclosed estates. Caviar is currently focusing on lending funds for single and two-family homes in the Northeastern states. The company has lent a total just below $500,000 to the real estate entrepreneurs in the United States while the company is also expanding to other areas in US and Europe, according to a Reddit user. This model and lending funds in the middle or low range of real estate have some benefits such as the properties in this range sell quickly in comparison with the high ranging estates. Also, the risk is lower in lending many small amount loans. Some rigid process is followed by Caviar to lend debts to its borrowers. Certain criteria are defined by the company to determine each applicant’s ability to receive funding:

1) The minimum CScore must be 800 to get the loan.

2) The after rehab value should be under 75%.

3) The loan to value ratio at purchase must be under 95%.

4) The market condition should be good and the property must be in favorable locations.

A personal guarantee from the borrower is needed to secure the real estate debt provided by Caviar.

Where to Buy Caviar coin?

Since Caviar is at the end of its ICO stage the answer to the question ‘Where to buy Caviar’ is yet to be received by the company’s team as the token has not been listed on any of the exchanges. But it is not long enough before the listing of the token on compliant exchanges. The only way to purchase Caviar was by participating in the token generation event and buying the token in advance using both fiat currency and Cryptocurrencies. However, in the near future, you will know where to buy caviar and get the best exchange for getting Caviar right into your wallet.  Though even to buy the token from the event, one needed an ERC20 complaint wallet to store the token after which a unique Ethereum address will be provided. Doing any transactions on the unique address will tell the Blockchain that it is you.


Even though the token of Caviar hasn’t been listed on any of the exchanges, still the company has gained a lot of fame and is quite in news right now. The company has lots of experience in the form of its predecessor. This cryptocurrency is the best option for the ones looking for diversification. For people curious about Caviar’s future, their official website offers a detailed roadmap including their future plans. Also, the tokenization approach reduces the cost of managing the funds and also it removes the illiquidity barrier that locks funds of investors for years. Caviar also takes the security of their platform and investments very seriously, which can bring peace to the minds of investors. Also, the setup of the token is up to the mark which ensures its growth. Some Reddit users claim that Caviar’s future is bright and is profitable for the investors. The thread on Reddit and BitcoinTalk by Reddit users clearly states that it is a great ICO to look for in 2018. Also being the first to enter the untapped market, there is a long period of time before any competitor enters the same field.


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