ICO - Initial Coin Offering

ICO – All You Need to Know About it

The world of cryptocurrency has a lot to offer to its investors. You need to know about almost everything before you step into cryptocurrency investment. It would be a good practice to ensure you do not incur losses in your first go. For any cryptocurrency to get a kickstart, it should go through the ICO.

What is an ICO?

This ICO is an abbreviation for Initial Coin Offering. It means crowdfunding in literal terms and has the power to raise capital for the company. It is the major source of capital for companies that are on their startup phase. The working of an ICO happens in such a manner that the quantity of crowdfunding cryptocurrency generates income for the company. This income is in the form of tokens which are sold to the investors in exchange of legal tender or even for cryptocurrencies which are already available in the market.
Some of the most prominent and stable cryptocurrencies in the market today are Bitcoins and Ethereum. Once the financial goal of the cryptocurrency is complete, the company launches the currency they have, to be used as functional units. These units can be exchanged for already existing cryptocurrency and make use of it for other digital transactions. ICOs are an initial offering for the company so that they can gather the working capital and get as much exposure to the market from the start.

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Homelend Review – ICO – Is It Safe? Is It Trustworthy?

Homelend is just as the name suggests i.e. lending for homes. A home is the only place where you can relax and enjoy the benefits of anything you desire without the thought of someone judging you. When such lending becomes a pain, you need to divert a little from the topic and give it a good thought. The makers of Homelend have done this and come up with some great workarounds to give you the liberty to make your home a little faster than the usual process.

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Stoxum Review – ICO – Is It Safe? Worth to Invest?

Stoxum has the power to handle 1 million transactions per second which ensures that there would be no delay in large amount of transactions. Anyone can launch the Stoxum as it is simple due to the master nodes. There are open client source codes and open master node source codes which would help the users at every step.

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Airforce Mining Review – ICO – Is It Safe? Is It Trustworthy?

The platform for Airforce Mining runs all its mining and other operations on a renewable energy source. This means that all the energy used would be generated back with some of the other methods. The profit output is also increased as the regular profits are shared and split between the new equipment and the holders of the tokens. This cycle keeps the ball rolling and increasing the profits.

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Ceek Review – ICO – Is It Safe? Is It Trustworthy?

CEEK is into world-class quality for entertainment. It works to create and curate the entertainment experience for users and distribute it as a VR for its partners across the globe. The content that is available on VR is from multiple channels and includes the professionally licensed content which is also originally created just for VR.

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8th Continent – ICO – Is It Trustworthy or Not?

8th Continent is the next generation social marketplace where one can purchase digital good and interact with other participants. See more…

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Peur Review – ICO – Revolutionary Marketplace

Peur is a platform for cryptocurrency which is also known as the marketplace for decentralized economy. It offers help in payroll integration and payment solutions which is a major ask by corporates and big business houses.

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Blockhive Review – ICO – Is It a Scam? Is it Trustworthy?

Blockhive is a practical and innovative solution where traditional companies come together in a partnership to help open new markets and make a new ambition to make a situation that is a success from all around.

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Unibright Review – ICO – Is It Trustworthy to Invest?

Unibright is the new entry in the cryptocurrency bandwagon. It has the power to help you get the best streamlined visual interface integrating your business work to reach the next level. Unibright has a goal in the mindset which needs to be achieved.

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Webcoin Review – ICO – Is It Trustworthy To Invest?

Webcoin is a unified token which can help in buying and selling of cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain. As we all know that digital currency is on its peak and that almost every currency holds a specific value which can be compared to most of the exchange options available online.

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HotNow Review – HoToKeN ICO

HotNow is an innovative and new platform for shops and promotions with integrated in-application promotional offers. The HotNow Company is based in Thailand and facilitates the merchants and brands to convey exciting and exclusive promotional offers to nearby shoppers and acts as a backup of Axion Ventures – a successful Asian PC and Mobile Games innovator and developers.

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How does an ICO work?

An ICO is the best way to get as much funding you wish to accumulate for your company so that you can achieve its goals. The reason investors would invest in an ICO is when they know what is coming their way. The workings of the company would justify the future of the ICO. This future would help the investors multiply their principal investment. These ICOs are sold at a discount at the start and once the cryptocurrency succeeds, it appreciates in value which is again based on the speculations of the market. The price at the start of the ICO determines its growth patterns as there is a standard approach at the start which determines the future of the ICOs. It is a simple approach where the company launches the ICO at a cost which is lesser than the actual value and the tokens are exchanged. These tokens can be exchanged later with the available cryptocurrency which is already established.
The name Initial Coin Offering suggests that the coins are available for sale before it hits the market for general investors when the price can go above the current cost and reduces the cushion available now. The risks of investing in an ICO or digital currency is high as it is not backed by any facts and figures like traditional stocks. However, it is just a motivation from the huge boom that happened in the past which led to more investment options from the investors’ groups.

ICOs – A Big Deal?

ICOs are as big as $2 billion in the market with over 140 ICOs for 2017. There are many arguments going on in the market about the success or failure of the ICOs. Some say that it is just like a thunderstorm; lighting up once in its life and then vanishing away every time a new ICO hits the market. Evolution is the rule of any investment and this evolution helps the company to appreciate its value. Each time the pre-sale is announced, the associates conduct a transaction personally, a post which the investors are asked to transact on the portals hereafter. ICOs can only succeed when there is a strong marketing backing by the company. This is always explained by the experts on our website. The main reason for the company to succeed in the market with an ICO is by using the Blockchain technology. This helps the ICO to showcase the positives that are otherwise difficult to judge. Most of the ICOs that have failed can be researched to the core. The outcome would be either of the above-mentioned reasons. It is no doubt the fastest way to raise money but also the hardest way.

Judge the ICO

ICOs are making their way up within no time globally and this is making investors think less before investing in it. However, any ICO investment is as good as its project only and you should have an in-depth knowledge about it. We ensure that all our investors make the right decision while choosing the ICOs initially. It is the basic job that we should and is doing since ages. We have all the details of all ICOs that are incoming in the market and this helps us to gauge the performance by comparing it with the other existing ICOs. You would need a lot of statistics and other data to prove it to be effective. There is a specific goal of each ICO and this is known by the company when they roll it out. When the investors invest in it, the goal is traced to be achieved. In case if this is not achieved, then the ICO is unsuccessful and the investors are returned the money. However, it is known that most of the ICOs are a scam. But this is not true in every step.

Scam or Legit?

ICOs are the fastest method to raise money and there is no doubt in it. This investment option has all the potential and due to its volatility, there are many risk takers for it. You should invest in an ICO only when you have done all the research about it and that you are sure about the returns. Usually, the ICO is as low as peanuts and when the project grows within a span of a year or so, it becomes huge making the investor gain almost multiple times of the initial investment. It is not that scams have never happened in an ICO. But the outcome is such that investors at times invest without any research. This causes them of their hard-earned money and makes people think twice before investing. If you follow our advice about cryptocurrencies and ICO, you would gradually know that our detailed research and analysis has helped in making the investors be sure about the ICO investment.

ICO Based Funding

ICO is created with a thought to the business world. There are many companies who have a very unique approach to their business idea and it clicks instantly as it is floored. This means that the concept has a lot of weight which helps the ICO to not only grow but multiply it numerous times to get the results. There are few concepts which would help you to decide which ICO is better for you as an investment. Let us look at one of the concept in detail.
A company that launched its ICO sometime back was in the wake of generating its own electricity through its workings. This would mean a lot of operational costs to be saved. It would save millions of dollars when mining as an activity would start for the ICO. This would generate not only profits but also save a lot of resources which would otherwise cost a huge amount to the company. A normal mining activity would consume electricity worth that of a city. The activity is that taxing and can waste electricity which can be used otherwise for other necessary requirements. This thought to the environment helps the companies to make progress instantly.

Image Management – Cryptocurrency

There have been many rumors doing rounds which show that cryptocurrency is a big risk and one should be careful before investing in it. Advertisements and marketing for ICOs have been stopped on social media websites by the order of governments in many countries. This would ensure fewer scams being done in any country. However, there are many countries that do not take this approach to be right and are still allowing the companies to get their ads rolled out on many websites and in many ways. Image management is an important part of any company and for the success of ICO, it is the most important piece. You should find all the details about an ICO and the company launching it so that you can work on the investment option.
We have a protocol to advertise and give details about an ICO only when it is genuine and would help the investors with their dreams and desires.

Technology Used for ICOs

As ICOs are sold as a digital currency, it would work on a technology driven platform. The base of any cryptocurrency should be blockchain technology. If this is not the case then the chances of the ICO being genuine are bleak. Blockchain technology helps the transactions to be recorded for future references and makes it unique and genuine. This is again important for an investor to trust the ICO and the company. When money is involved, some sort of guarantee is the least ask, the investors have and this is the backing we share with our investors at every step.

How to Buy ICO tokens?

Before you join an ICO by investing in it, you should get your facts cleared so that you do not regret the decision taken. ICO tokens are sold on the official website of the company and there is a detailed description given about it. The limit of tokens is already discussed and the investors are informed about the soft and hard caps of the investment. Each token has a sale value which is either in legal tender or through the popular cryptocurrencies. This would help the investors to get the ICOs. When the ICO is closed, the value of the tokens come back to the original amount which is higher than the initial ask price. This growth helps the investors to benefit out of the ICOs. You can buy them on the official website of the company and then start trading on different exchange platforms which accept the tokens or the exchanges currency. There are multiple exchange platforms which help the investors to transact with ease and safely.

Where to store ICO tokens?

ICO tokens are purchased digitally and are not in a physical form. So how would you store them? This is a big question for a new investor and it should be answered with precision. Tokens and cryptocurrencies can be stored in wallets which are designed as per the different cryptocurrencies. These wallets have the benefit of storing multiple currencies depending on the platform they are being used at. Each wallet needs to be registered first with the credentials of the user so that it is accessible to the user only. If you do not have a wallet or have a different wallet which is not integrated to work with the ICO then you would have to register the one which is compatible with it. We have a list of wallets which are available online and can be used for storing cryptocurrency. You can make use of this data and choose the wallet of your choice. Such wallets have unique benefits which can be used for your self-growth and to multiply the investment amount.

How do you know about an ICO?

ICOs used to be publicized by ads and marketing gimmicks. But now the world of marketing has changed. You get to know about the various ICOs through word of mouth or by the trading platforms which have numerous ICOs available with them. Most of the people who are linked to the ICO and other traditional investment market know in and out about what is new and how would it benefit the investor. They also know who would be interested in such a scheme and ask them to make an investment. Such traders and brokers also use the same trick to get the investors and companies on the same platform and leverage the opportunity. You can keep in touch constantly with such binary options brokers and traders so that you can make the most of an opportunity.

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