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Cryptocurrency is the new gamble in the world of finance. It has been into the industry for quite some time now and has many followers from the investment block. Speaking about a block, it works on the blockchain technology and is considered safe in its actions. Cryptocurrency is not limited to one company or one currency and has a whole gamut of coins and tokens under different naming conventions. Simply put together, it is a digital currency which is encrypted to give you safety in your transactions. This is done using cryptography. If you have been in this business for long, there is no need to repeat what you know. But for others, it is a great way to multiply their investment within a short span of time. As per the latest update, there are 1375 cryptocurrencies in the market. This boom happened only when Bitcoin went out of hand in the world of cryptocurrencies. Let us deep dive a little more into this crazy game of investments.

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CPChain Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

CPChain is a Chinese blockchain company that as of late finished its private sale. Find out everything you have to know about the platform today in our review.

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Blox Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Blox Business is at present tracking and helping organizations oversee over $2B in different crypto resources and is on track to oversee over 10% of all crypto resources before the finish of 2018.

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Banca Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Banca is the name of another cryptocurrency investment bank community which will use artificial intelligence and big data to work in the greater part of the world.

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YOYOW Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Yoyow, which implies You Own Your Own Words, is another new business went for content makers. This company knows that substance makers, regardless of whether they work with videos, content or some other type of media

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Triggers Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Blocksafe, the company behind the Token Triggers Coin, exhibits the first block chain answer for Smartgun security.

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MobileGo Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

MobileGo is the first mobile gaming platform and store took into account the crypto world. Find out everything you have to know about MobileGo today in our review.

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Datum Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Datum, discovered online at, is a blockchain-based marketplace and data administration framework that intends to transform data into a safe, tradeable ware.

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Wagerr Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

The idea of betting on the result of sporting occasions has been around as long as the sporting occasions themselves.

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Tokencard Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

TokenCard, a project made by Monolith Ventures which is seeking to make VISA payments conceivable at the Ethereum network, is only a store less crypto-based, token debit card.

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QunQun Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

QunQun is a social community platform that depends on blockchain technology. Users can make their subject community and get tokens from the reward pool by activity or submitting content to the community.

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