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Cashaa Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

Cashaa, discovered online at, is aiming to construct the greatest payment platform on the planet. Find out how Cashaa plans to do that today in our review.

What Is Cashaa?

Cashaa plans to give financial items to saved money and unbanked individuals around the globe. Cashaa consists of advanced and straightforward financial services based on blockchain technology. It resembles a conventional bank – simply based on blockchain technology on account of advanced monetary standards and worldwide services.

Like other blockchain-based financial institutions, Cashaa plans to differentiate itself from customary banks by providing low-cost money exchanges far and wide, simple access to computerized monetary forms, better outside exchange rates, and lower fees because of lessened overhead costs.

Cashaa additionally has an investment feature where investors can partake in the economy in a decentralized manner. Cashaa claims that investors can exchange their cash crosswise over fringes, “allowing crafty portfolio diversification with higher yields.”

Cashaa likewise plans to offer platinum cards that will make your computerized coins as fluid as money. Cashaa offers the CASNext Wallet and CASNext Cards.

cashaa homepage

How Does Cashaa Work?

Cashaa is based over a blockchain called Auxledger. Auxledger is a venture review blockchain focused on security, execution, and adaptability.

The Cashaa platform has just been beta tried the world over. The company cases to have 12,000+ registered users in 141 nations around the globe, and the platform as of now supports around 100 monetary forms.

Auxledger uses Interplanetary File Storage (IPFS) to distribute documents over the network in a decentralized manner. Auxledger is presently seeking new associations with big business users – including organizations and government users. Auxledger specifically says government uses like for arrive registries, electronic health records, advantage distribution projects, and then some.

Cashaa Features

Here are a portion of the features that distinguish Cashaa from customary banks and from other blockchain-based financial institutions:

Directed Towards the Banked and Unbanked

Some blockchain-based financial institutions target clients who are now using banking services. Others target “unbanked” populaces who need customary identification or can’t get to banking infrastructure for different reasons. Cashaa, however, targets both of these groups of users. The official site states that 2.5 billion individuals worldwide are unbanked, while a further 1 billion are underbanked. Cashaa intends to make a platform “which can serve the whole populace.”

How it Works?

Cashaa is basically a platform that matches money senders and cryptocurrency dealers, depending on the demand. You would kind be able to of think of it as a robotized marketplace for the forex and cryptocurrency market.

We should investigate an exceptionally realistic situation. You are in the United States and you’re trying to send cash to your family in the Philippines, however your family is underbanked and don’t approach services like bank wires.

You open up the Cashaa platform and you initiate a demand to exchange your USD to PHP (Philippine Pesos) and send it to your family.

Stage 1:

Cashaa Platform finds a man that needs to exchange their Bitcoin into USD. The platform naturally executes the exchange of your USD for the Bitcoin.

Stage 2:

Cashaa at that point finds somebody in the Philippines that needs to buy your Bitcoin and pay for it in PHP. This exchange additionally consequently executes through Cashaa.

Stage 3:

The PHP you get from the last exchange is sent to your intended destination.


If completely embraced, what Cashaa can accomplish is HUGE. It will no ifs ands or buts be a game-changer given appropriate execution. According to Cashaa, there is about 2.5 billion individuals unbanked and an extra 1 billion underbanked. That is HALF of the world’s 7.5 billion populace. With 45% of the world unbanked/underbanked, it makes an issue for transferring cash crosswise over international fringes.

The motivation behind why I scored Cashaa so high in this segment is because it illuminates a real, major issue in this world. Individuals send vast entireties of cash everywhere throughout the world ordinary, with or without banks. This is known as the settlement industry, which is evaluated to be a $600 billion dollar industry.

The issue for those without banks is that they need to pay an irrationally high expense to exchange cash. Fees can go from 6% to more than 12%! For instance, if you needed to send $1000 from the U.S. to Africa, it’ll cost you an alarming $124 to do it. That is 12.4% of your cash going towards fees.

This is the reason Cashaa is striving to wind up an innovative cross-outskirt platform and answer for serve the whole worldwide populace. Instead of paying silly fees and waiting for your exchange to go through, Cashaa will do it for a level charge of $1 USD in a small amount of the time.


They are linked up with businesses and identities on Blockchain to the prevailing financial world in a scattered mode. They shape a platform which grasps the regionalized exchange, liquidity sponsor gadget, and advantage funded blockchain passage. Their financial knowledge is common with ordinary authorize which will allow real-time, distributed rate exchange and repayment offices all through all the Blockchain.


The framework is planned as a greatly anchored plot having inter-connection with blockchain structure. This aides in repayment and settlement. The consumptions of shielding contract worth are voiced to different chains in ways that unswervingly embrace the estimation of those chains.

Power and Protection

The world requires a money related stand which is administrated by AI and secured on Blockchain. Reasoning bots will do the data think about, price assess, hazard valuation and forex activity for them.

Biometric framework

The nonappearance of individuality is one of the premier causes in the mounting of economies which in this manner indirectly stops individuals to contribute to the financial association. Cashaa makes individualities for such administrators using their retina and thumb imprint with the private key, making it intolerable to counterfeit.

cashaa features

How CAS Tokens Can Increase in Value

First of all, CAS tokens are required to try and use the platform. By accumulating more CAS tokens, you open different premium services offered on the platform. This as of now gives an initial interest for CAS. But what happens after you’ve sufficiently gathered CAS to open all the top notch services? When I asked Cashaa CEO Kumar Gaurav, he disclosed to me that the necessities for registration and premium services will continue to go up as the platform continues growing.

You’ll likewise require CAS to initiate the smart contract for trading. When you initiate a demand, the platform should find buyers and vendors to finish your transaction. Both the buyers and vendors should put 100% and 10% into an escrow wallet, separately.

By replacing the buyer escrow with CAS tokens, it will allow for multi cryptocurrency exchanges by removing the reliance on the crypto which the brokers separately chose to exchange. Because of this mechanism, this will allow merchants to buy and offer for all intents and purposes any cryptocurrency and will help supply of coins in nations where exchanges don’t support them.

This means a substantial aggregate of CAS tokens will be bolted up to initiate these smart contract exchanges, making them much more uncommon, in this manner significant.

Low-Cost Currency Exchanges

A standout amongst the most clear advantages of cryptocurrency is that it’s anything but difficult to exchange worldwide with minimal exchange rate costs. Cashaa’s platform is powered by forex trading technology, which implies users appreciate lower outside exchange rates than they would get from conventional banking suppliers.

Investments In A Global Economy

Cashaa allows investors to take part in a worldwide economy. Cashaa’s individuals can invest in a diversified portfolio crosswise over international outskirts. You can pick whichever advanced token you like and transact in a consistent, low-cost way.

Open API

Cashaa urges designers to make cutting edge DApps on the Cashaa platform to understand financial difficulties. Cashaa has a SDK and Open API with integrated biometric and artificial intelligence services to quicken development on the platform.

Go through Anywhere With Your Wallet Or Cards

Cashaa will have a CASNext Wallet and cards that make your coins as fluid as money. Like other cryptocurrency financial institutions, this allows you to spend your digital forms of money anyplace VISA or MasterCard are acknowledged. The mobile wallet, in the interim, is a multi-cash wallet that allows users to get instant adjust updates, make transactions, or setup intelligent notifications.

How To Buy Cashaa

While reading this review you must be wondering about how to buy CAS. However, the process is quite simple and this section will help you to know how to buy CAS. First of all, you will need to find the exchanges where you will be able to buy CAS. At the moment, you can make use of HitBTC to buy CAS.

Who’s Behind Cashaa?

Cashaa was propelled on January 18, 2017 following quite a while of testing. During the platform’s beta testing, the platform pulled in 12,000+ users who exchanged over $2.5 million USD.

The company is situated in London. Key individuals from the team include Founder and CEO Kumar Gaurav, Co-Founder and Chairman Celestine Vettical, Chief Payments Officer Dominic Melo, Chief Investment Officer Francesco Zorgno, Co-Founder and CFO Felice N. Covelli, and Co-Founder and VP Marketing Janina Lowisz.

cashaa team

Cashaa Conclusion

Cashaa is a blockchain-construct financial institution worked with respect to big business level technology (specifically, the Auxledger blockchain). Cashaa expects to make a banking platform that is available to the whole populace of the world – including the unbanked and managed an account.

To learn more about Cashaa, or to stay updated on the ICO, visit today.

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