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Bunny Token Review – Cryptocurrency Guide

The BunnyToken has been outlined as a standard payment answer for the adult industry. This token, which depends on the blockchain technology, is going to unify the online adult entertainment world. The point of this project is to make a protected and solid payment alternative for all businesses that are involved in the adult entertainment division.

The engineers of the project imagine a future where a gigantic part of the adult industry uses a unified token known as Bunny for each transaction. The different businesses involved in this area will prompt the formation of a one of a kind ecosystem with a huge number of businesses all working as one. The outcome is that the estimation of this token will continually rise. The final goal is to have this token supplant fiat cash in a segment that is worth billions of dollars.

What is Bunny Token?

Bunny Token upsets the adult industry with the formation of a blockchain powered payment framework, which encourages a wide range of adult businesses a sheltered and solid payment arrangement.

The ecosystem ensures security and decreases dismissals that individuals working in adult industry need to confront when they need to make any financial transactions or open another ledger.

To make financial transactions simple and to dispose of the traditional payment techniques, the company introduces its Bunny token, which makes every single financial transaction workable for business identified with the adult industry.

With the introduction of its Ethereum Token based Bunny Token, the company not simply wishes for its token to end up one of the leading cryptocurrency, but it likewise needs to supplant fiat monetary standards with its own cryptocurrency in the multi-billion dollar adult industry.

Hence, the Bunny Token is intended to essentially fill in as an answer for a noteworthy issue, becoming a profitable token and highly used for many businesses and individuals.

bunny token homepage

BunnyToken BUNNY Coin For Adult Entertainment

The adult industry existed even before the appearance of print. However, its extension in the most recent decade has been made conceivable by mechanical headways, for example, pay per see, the internet, and mainstream TV. Today, there are a huge number of magazines, adult destinations, studios, and even mainstream reality appears. However, the industry continues to be an underground industry.

It frequently faces open feedback and even has various financial constraints impeding its development. These restrictions ordinarily have suggestions for the two users and the makers. When users can get to adult substance with simply the snap of a button, deciding to pay for substance is normally influenced by security and namelessness. However, these are relatively difficult to accomplish with the present payment alternatives.

That is the place the BunnyToken comes in. This token will allow the production of a tremendous ecosystem that obliges everybody in the adult industry. The payment framework will likewise be very sheltered and simple to get to. To ensure that this will be the case, the makers of the token have used the blockchain.

Issues for business in adult industry

A portion of the regular issues that each business in the adult industry needs to confront are as follows

Restricted from payment suppliers

The majority of the financial institutions and payment suppliers totally deny openness to their banking or financial offices to the businesses identified with the adult industry. They are totally prohibited because they work in an adult industry.

No certifications

Ledgers of adult industry related businesses are terminated when there is any adjustment in a bank’s terms and conditions. Besides, sometimes, it is seen that they are not by any means informed about these progressions.

No secrecy

A wide range of regular and customary payment techniques request your full close to home points of interest and bills any payments under the name of the item/service and the player.

What arrangements Bunny Token offers

Not at all like other ICO tokens, for example, Lympo (LYM), Current (CRNC), Cryptomon Token, Onyx, JOYSO, FRIENDZ, Ponder, Pitch and significantly more, Bunny Token offers a dependable payment arrangement in the following ways:

Full ownership of cash

Digital monetary forms are free from the intervention of any intermediary or outsider. Transactions by means of the blockchain are independent from customary and regular standards, no government disregards them, and just the owner of the tokens can have power over their cash.

Low fees

Where payment suppliers charge absurdly high fees for opening a ledger or for some other financial transactions, Bunny Token makes it too simple for its users by charging a low expense when any adult industry related businesses or consumers do banking or financial exercises. Along these lines, it allows businesses to procure more benefits while consumers spend less.


At the point when any platform is assembled using blockchain technology, security what it stresses more. What’s more, when it identifies with the banking segment of any industry, it conveys a great deal of advantages for the segment.

Blockchain helps in storing all data of transaction crosswise over tremendous networks of PCs that continue checking and verifying information. In this manner, even the most brilliant digital minds find themselves completely incapacitated with regards to hacking a framework based on blockchain technology. When contrasted with different frameworks based on different technology, a blockchain-powered framework can’t be impenetrated using any and all means.

Ensured secrecy

On account of the Ethereum-empowered blockchain platform, digital cash transactions guarantee ensured obscurity. Any individual who isn’t happy with a billing explanation identified with an adult items or substance remains unknown while buying through Bunny Token.

A unified cash

The Bunny is a unified cash, which helps in eliminating the gigantic transaction costs.

Helping individual entertainers

Bunny allows entertainers to keep their account in charge and get their payments specifically, safely without paying expansive fees. It ensures full obscurity towards the paying end.

How does Bunny Token capacity?

Assume there is a site, which allows Bunny Token for making payments.

You visit the site, and find some substance interesting and need to buy premium video content.

The video cost is 100 Bunny.

You pick Bunny Token as a payment strategy and achieve the payment page.

Presently, you enter the measure of Bunny Tokens you need to pay.

You make use of your crypto wallet, for instance; BunnyWallet, and pays 100 Bunny.

The site gets 100 Bunny in its crypto wallet and opens the exceptional substance that you needed.

The transaction is finished.

In this way, you saw that you didn’t need to unveil any of your own points of interest or financial information all through the procedure.

That way, neither you nor the site is in danger of having the account close down and lose its benefits.

What is Bunny Token?

Bunny Token is a digital money, which goes for improving one of the greatest industries on the planet. The digital cash unifies all segments of the adult industry making financial transactions less expensive, protected and consistent. It is the mainstream approach to buy and get paid for adult-related substance. It works as a payment route for opening accounts. Bunny Token allows for a simple and open payment framework for the adult industry. It offers opportunity to adult substance makers and consumers to be imaginative without being judged and exploited because of the idea of their business. The Bunny Token goes about as a substitute to customary payment techniques.

How to buy Bunny Token

The Bunny token is available to buy during pre-Initial Token Sale (ITS) and ITS stages or later by means of an exchange. The payment framework is electronic based while the delivery can be made by means of the BunnyToken wallet. You can buy Bunny Token from YoBit.

The Bunny is an ERC20 token. Like other ICO tokens, for example, Enlte, Adblurb, BlockFood, ECOS, World Wifi, PumaPay, ShopIn, Phoneum and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, it is an utility token that you can use to appreciate the Bunny Token’s services. The company has chosen to make an aggregate supply of 1,000,000,000 Bunny Tokens, and has no plans to make any further issuance of the Bunny Tokens after ITS. The company will obliterate those tokens which are not sold during the ITS sale. In addition, it has chosen to bolt tokens held for team until 1 January 2019.

One Bunny Token will be proportionate to 0.1 ETH or 0.009 BTC. You should have no less than 1000 Bunny tokens to make withdrawals conceivable. During the pre-ITS and ITS stage, the company chooses to increase the estimation of the money by 1 percent for every day.

bunny token wallet

A Close Look At The Porn Sector

The adult industry possesses 37 percent of the internet. However, other than all the free substance, there is paid substance out there worth billions of dollars. There are immense generation organizations out there that make and offer adult substance. Also, there are locales, which offer access to high-end content, paid live cam appears, apps, dating destinations, and significantly more.

You might be shocked to learn that the adult area makes incomes that would easily rival a portion of the greatest organizations on earth. According to a 2017 review, the industry was esteemed at around 97 billion dollars.

The research depended on more than 10 thousand sources, for example, locales and reports from international media houses. Truth be told, the industry has an association called the Free Speech Coalition. The Adult Film Association of America went before this association.

Indeed, a portion of the greatest adult sites show improvement over some best brands on the planet. There are around three adult substance locales on the planet’s best ten destinations. This equitable demonstrates to you how tremendous the adult entertainment division really is.

The Bunny Token bounty program

Bunny Token has saved (30%) of tokens for the bounty program appropriate from the specific beginning of the project.

Bunny Token Referral program

The Bunny referral program works on a smooth tweaked link that will be sent to the individual account of every one of the individuals who register to Bunny Token. The registered users can share this link on other web-based social networking networks or sites when they need to invite new individuals to register for BunnyToken.

For each referral who buys a token will be granted with a reward having an expansion of tokens to the owner’s account that adds up to 10 percent of the invested tokens purchased by his/her referrals.


Bunny Token additionally plans to make a dispatch of an airdrop during quarter 3 of 2018. The airdrop encourages additional tokens to each one of those have kept their tokens accumulated in a wallet. The airdrop depends on how a few tokens will be spent on the referral program at the time of pre-ITS and ITS. If there remains a bigger than foreseen measure of tokens, the company may likewise anticipate make a dispatch of a second airdrop.

How useful is Bunny Token CRM

Any online business owner who allows for Bunny Token as a payment strategy on its online business platform will have the capacity to get to a business account on the Bunny CRM. The CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) contains insights everything being equal, current parity and settings.

Bunny Token Media

Following are the functionalities the CRM will offer:

Transaction list

The CRM can undoubtedly store and rundown all transactions subtle elements. It additionally helps in sorting and filtering transactions by transactions compose or day. It likewise allows exporting all transactions points of interest as CSV records to different spots. It additionally allows clicking each transaction and revealing full information about a specific transaction comprising blockchain related points of interest.

Payment page

Vendors use this payment page for making exchanges and withdrawals between each other to some other account. The page helps in making exchanges between a shipper and its payees who perform on webcam locales.


The Bunny CRM allows creating different categories for different users. Administrators can get to it to produce new users under different categories according to worker jobs: admin, finance, engineer.

Customization settings

The payment page is completely modified to suit the brand of every business. It allows engineers to share their very own CSS record with their own plan. Each business specifies a postback URL to obtain affirmation on payments.

bunny token features

Bunny Token Team

Bunny Software is a team of specialists who have foundations in the adult industry business, payment frameworks and blockchain authorities who make Bunny Token the mainstream digital cash for the adult industry. A portion of the key individuals from the team are as follows:

Alexander Maslov: prime supporter CEO

Vasilisa Yakubo: prime supporter COO

Andrei Kazarin: prime supporter CTO

Bunny Token Wallet

The Bunny Wallet is for everybody who is registered with the platform and needs to pull back tokens. This is an Ethereum-based secure wallet, which allows users to make and get payments however Bunny Tokens can likewise be stored on any wallet that offers bolster for ERC20, for example, Ethereum Wallet, MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Mist, Parity, imToken, Trust and Cipher.

Users can get to the Bunny Token wallet through the Ethereum network. Since the company ensures full security to your tokens, subsequently the wallet is a dependable and safe unit for cryptographic cash. The Wallet is a work area application and is available as an app in local Android and iOS.

Final Remarks

Bunny Token offers a down to earth and fundamental arrangement; it goes for an industry, which completes million-dollar business, and is as of now prospering with a huge number of members. However, it is innovative and demonstrates a lot of possibilities to increase.

If you too trust the Bunny Token is one of a kind and may get you profited financially if actualized appropriately, at that point agree to accept the token sale by means of its official site, buy tokens by means of its safe individual accounts. Pre-enlistment is as of now open.

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